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    Does anyone know the 1st girls in Kentucky to become All Americans of a National Tournament in High School? The Miracle girls come to mind but I’m not sure if they placed/AA’d at national tournaments and if they were at Taylor County at the time. With all the girls we have completing now, I’m sure we are going to hear a lot about this great growth and their success. I’ll put ours on the list. Olivia Messerly at 103lbs in the HS Woman’s Super 32. Places 3rd with All American Honors. 1st for the Ryle Raider Program!!
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    I am going to assume until proven wrong that the handicap is mental
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    It was amazing to see all the people and wrestling communities that was able to make it to his layout yesterday. As I was standing in line yesterday and seeing all the different wrestlers, teams, coaches and officials. I was thinking how we at times may not always agree with each other or have differences in opinions, but when you have a situation like this take place how we all put those things aside and come together as one big family. Bryce was a special kid. He wasn't a cocky kid or have an ego about himself, he just wasn't that kid. It wasn't in his makeup. He was humble, very respectful and always carried himself in classy way and took sportsmanship to whole different meaning. We lost a great wrestler but an even better young man. Prayers will continue for his family, friends, coaches and teammates. Love to see a tournament get started in his name in the future! God be with you! Coach Roth
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    In June our state will be making history. The first Kentucky female dual team will be going to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete at a national level. We are very proud of these young ladies who have worked very hard for this to happen. 100 106 Ashley Courtney 112 Victoria Powers 117 Hailey Watson 122 Jaine Stephens 127 Carley O'Neill 132 Savanna Bacon 138 Caitlyn Powers 144 Courtney Pittman 152 Aubrey Miller/Taneya Ramirez 164 180 200 MaQuoia Bernabe 225 There are a few openings left to fill and the line up will become more solid as it is filled and weights are adjusted. Look at this list and see if there are some wrestlers in your community that would like to be a part of this history. Congratulations ladies.
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    Congratulations to Lauren Walton of Carr Wrestling Academy on bringing home her second national championship this weekend. Way to represent! https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/March/25/Seven-repeat-as-USMC-Girls-Folkstyle-Nationals-champions-in-youth-division
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    My MOW award for our KY wrestlers at VA Beach goes to Trent Johnson. He took 4th losing 1-0 & 4-3 in 2 closely contested matches against Marshall Keller out of VA. For those that don't know, Keller is ranked #9 nationally at 138. He's also #17 on Flowrestling's Top 20 NCAA Prospect Ranking at 149 lbs and is also #92 in Flowrestling's Top 100 Class of 2018 Big Board. Super job Trent! Way to compete! Congrats to all the other KY wrestlers that are bringing hardware home as well as to those that fell short but were willing to go outside your comfort zone. It was exciting being able to follow so many of our wrestlers at a national tournament.
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    Bryce will always be remembered by the people in this state. It was amazing seeing all the people who attending his visitation today. Words can’t describe the heartache that we all feel for the Sheffer family. As I watched all the people with tears in their eyes it really made me understand how special Bryce was to his community and to this state. His humility was amazing to see on an off the mat. I know over the years we referenced Bryce's name in the wrestling room to our own kids on numerous occasions. He set the bar that most kids were chasing. What an amazing champion and person. Bryce will be missed and will never be forgotten.
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    There are tons of freshmen throughout the state that were always too small to be able to compete in any other sport and a high school coach told them they could compete to be varsity right away because they need a 106, and then wrestling changes that kid’s life. This is exactly how I got involved in the sport, and it has changed my life and continues to do so. Robbing smaller kids of an opportunity is far from the answer to any problems we as a wrestling community may have.
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    Huge congratulations to Olivia. That is an amazing accomplishment. I had the opportunity to watch her firsthand at the All Star Classic. Very impressive. I’m not sure who is/was the first high school All American for our ladies here in KY, but I know we are sure proud of Mequoia Bernabe here in Woodford County for becoming an All American this past year at Fargo. I am really excited about our future with womens wrestling in KY. Any time we are building the sport, we are heading in the right direction.
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    This a great event to get everyone ready for the season. Cannot thank Ranger enough for his time and commitment to make this happen. Also, this event wouldn't be what it is today without the help from Dutch as well, not to forget my man Gameface for his help as well. Both Great men that have helped grow this event. THANK YOU. Coach Roth
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    What an amazing week for KY! We had men and women athletes representing our state to the highest standard. We had tons of All Americans these past few days. Not just at Fargo, but at National Tournaments all across our great nation. Congratulations to all those men and women who went and took on the challenge. But, to our 2 Fargo All Americans, a special congratulations. You have succeeded on the highest stage! The state of KY is proud of you. And you can bet your last dollar, the county of Woodford is proud as they can be! Safe travels home and we will see you soon! #WOFOCO
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    MaQuoia Bernabe of Woodford County is now ranked nationally. She came in 13th at 225lbs. Congratulations! Way to make a statement at Tulsa. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/July/03/National-Girls-High-School-rankings-for-July-3-released
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    Kentucky accomplished something recently that is awesome. Kentucky sent it's first all female duals team to a national competition. Great job ladies.
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    I'm not joining. I don't want anyone to know who I am.
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    That’s why I love this forum. We can agree to disagree. Wrestling is an amazing sport that I have been lucky to be a part of. It takes a special person to make thru the daily grind of this sport. The coolest part is watching these boys become men. This sport teaches them all life lessons that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. I don’t think I will ever be an Iowa fan but I appreciate the sacrifices that these kids go thru. Go Army!! And of course go Cornell!!
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    What you say with a statement like that just promotes and validates wildcats theory that his accomplishments are due to inferior competition.
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    Messerly girls went last year. This year Olivia decided to go with middle school Team Kentucky. I think she went 5-3 beating a state champ out of Illinois.
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    Heres what I’d tell ya. It sucks. Blue is a top 5 middle school wrestler in the state regardless of weight class. But you know what he got beat at state and that keeps him off the team. Give the kids that beat them a little hand clap and wish them luck they earned it that day. There’s kids that deserve to be on the team that will not be on it. That’s just the natural of the beast. Good luck team Ky.
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    Give me a couple days and I will try to get something out. The way Middle School kids grow who knows where they will land.
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    Bernabe is in She's at 200 now. I am looking for another heavyweight but I can always weight both girls in at 200 and bump if needed.
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    This past summer I took my son to a college combine in NJ. We met with several coaches that shared that they struggle to get front of large groups of good kids to recruit from. So Next Level Wrestling club and Invicta wrestling academy will be hosting a Wrestling College Combine April 14-15. "there is a misconception by by many kids that they need to be a state champion or a national placer to wrestle in college. We want kids that want to compete in college that we can develop. Good grades help we just coach-able kids that are willing to do the work". Once we confirm all of the colleges I will post a list. That should be available after the College Nationals Wrestling Combine Next Level Wrestling and INVICTA Wrestling clubs will be hosting a Wrestling combine April 14-15. Our goal is to have 20-25 different colleges D1 through NAIA and 40 wrestlers attend this event. This event is open to Incoming Freshman through Seniors. This will be an opportunity to meet with coaches from different colleges and for them to see you perform. The format will be two days with half the coaches each day. The sessions will consist of skill test, drilling and lots of live wrestling. Each wrestler will receive two t-shirts one for each day their name and weight will be on the back so coaches can identify them. The shirts will be color coordinated for their grade. There will be a bio sheet on each wrestler each coach will receive a folder with a copy of all the wrestler’s bio’s. In between each session coaches will have a chance to speak about their program and what their college has to offer. Location: 50 Vincennes St: New Albany, IN 47150 Time: Both days 9-3 Registration Sat 8:30 Cost: $120.00 Lunch and drinks will be provided each day. Each wrestler is required to have a USA card. The waiver, payment and the Bio sheet must be received two weeks prior to the event. Please send a (photo) head shot. There are 40 spots available See the attached for the required forms Wrestling Combine 2018.docx
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    Northern Iowa leaving and Central Michigan (whose coach is a Citadel grad btw) being down hurts the MAC. Ohio U and NIU are unusually weak also. Mizzou has too many issues within the athletic department. The wrestling team has fared pretty well but are being exposed right now. NC State is for real. Nice to see Tariq Wilson make the quarters. Fausz took a heartbreaker.
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    Chris: Is this a selfie of what you look like now? No, it can’t be. It looks like a college letter jacket!!!
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