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    I really appreciate this ranking no matter what our feelings are on the order. I don’t think people can really imagine truthfully ranking thousands of wrestlers across an entire state. I also know it is a huge service that most every kid, parent , and coach love. It adds perspective and excitement to every match. So thank you for this service you provide.
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    Let me see if I understand the context here…Ranger has been around the world this year, has no kids in high school wrestling, 2 college seasons to follow; not to mention being a committed husband and girl dad. He puts hours of unnecessary work to release rankings (which are really guesses at this point save for a few) based on the NEW weight classes while not having a kid competing in KHSAA. But, we are complaining about rankings….in October? We are a bored group lol
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    Just for arguments sake try to consider this scenario from an entire cross section of the situation. 1) most of the time arguments like this are based on the assumption of a kid being what you would consider to old for the grade. Not fact. 2) for every kid that is winning matches in this scenario, there is at least 1 that isn't winning many matches at all even against what you would consider younger competitors. 3) some kids are just more athletic, more dedicated, better at learning and applying, more coordinated, better coached...the list goes on. 4) age doesn't directly translate to winning. Just the same as cutting weight or being ranked higher. Something to keep in mind when arguing this is no arguments are going to change your team or individual success. When my oldest son was a freshman high school, we were considering wrestling at college open tournaments starting in his sophomore year. After his freshman year, the NCAA banned competitors that were enrolled in high school or younger from competing in these open events. The reason for this is because a kid that was enrolled in the 8th grade won one of these open tournaments. That is fact. The moral to this story is that all wrestlers are NOT created equal. Some are just better. And age has less to do with it than you are comfortable admitting. Be careful stabbing into the dark. You may not hit what you think you are stabbing at.
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    Wanted to congratulate Nate Wheeler for being rank #1 in the nation at 157 in the NAIA coaches pole. Nice to see a Kentucky wrestler getting national respect.
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    Wait a minute they can see who we are? If I knew that I would have used my real name.
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    You should look at some results from the season before making moronic statements.
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    I agree! that is why we wrestled the majority our matches this year with Indiana schools! seeking out tougher matches for my wrestlers so they would be better prepared for when they wrestle the teams in Region 1 like Union!
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    I said this the other day and it still holds true I believe for a lot of us coaches and fans. I hated most things about the Horsepark from its to cold for kids to weigh in with doors open to dirt floors but regardless of what we call or don't call their tourney none of us like where we are I believe including KHSAA. So name it call it whatever you want but now that mask are gone or optional for all lets all just hope that money will get back where it should be and we can find a better place to host and get back to real normal next season or in the near future.
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    This only applies when vertical pairing is used. It has never applied to line bracketing.
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    Except for the fact that if it is truly part of the same tournament, team points would carry over. The fact that you can lose a match one week and win a state title the next week also suggests they are two very different tournaments. State champs don't lose a match in the state tournament, historically. Just because the KHSAA calls a potato an apple doesn't make it one.
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    Because I have way to much time on my hands. He is 20-0 with 9 of those being FF's. He beat #22 in his weight class and beat 1 kid at 190. Looks cut and dry to me. Great job Ranger. Keep grinding
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    Grateful for any support of the sport, but wow coming from another state the semi-state 1 exemplified a need to take a page from others. 244 wrestlers in a venue with 4 mats, wrestling to 8th place …. Goes past 9pm - so poor … especially folks coming from long drive in different time zone Randomized seeding - again so bad. is there really not a way to do a meaningful venue? Fairgrounds, convention center, any number of colleges? If it’s a money thing charge a little more for admission or just commit to supporting these athletes better. UC not at fault because they hosted it well as possible , but geez. 2023 - PLEASE consider one state tournament, a real venue that puts the athletes first, and take the time to seed these guys (they deserve it). great job wrestlers, refs, and people that made it work as best as possible…. But bad call KHSAA - shameful
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    hey Karen..... Go have a snickers. Chill out. #Fakenews
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    Thank you again, Ranger for putting this out. I'm looking forward to the Ranger Report, if you have the time. I'll get my popcorn out and wait for the, "Why is so and so ranked above so and so?" comments...wait, it already started.
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    There have been 7 4 timers in Ky. Cole Thomas looks to join the super exclusive club this month. Super impressive feet. The list of state champs he’s beating continues to grow. A couple other 9th graders are ranked really high and could be setting up to make a 4 year run. (not to mention Jayden, Jordyn, and Dalton Matney)
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    Who is this Thornton kid? Never heard of her.
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    Why?????? Moving pieces around helps the team. No one can force someone to drop buddy. It's a decision of the family/kids and coaches. Chill out karen
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    I think it would be nice to have rankings posted. Its good to know where to go to find good matches in state.
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    Ranger has been putting up with The Craziest of Dads for well over a decade.He has to be 9 ft tall, His skin is 3 ft thick, toughest Man in Ky wrestling!!! I would have lasted for my first ranking and then quit. !!! He’s has been more than a blessing to the Ky Wrestling community. That’s why I always try to support his efforts. Go Ranger!!!
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    We are a small school, I have a senior who came to us as an out of shape kid a few years back, was stuck behind better kids who were "ranked" the last couple season, this year he has come on strong and was very excited to "get on the board" (that's what our kids call it). He's down there in the 20s and this was exciting for him now he's focused on trying to climb that ladder!
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    No he didn’t. He said the Rainey’s are proof the younger kids can beat the hold backs. Now the Rainey’s are great kids and great wrestlers. But won’t they be 15 in 8th grade? Isn’t that what he’s complaining about?
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    That younger kids can beat older ones. He literally said it In the sentence before
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    I think he referring more kids that are 15 and half in middle school. The rule that a 15 year old is allowed wrestle in middle school is a stupid rule. There is zero legitimate reason for a kid to be in middle school at 15 and half and wrestling middle school kids. The physical differences between a 13 year old (the most kids are in 8th grade) and 15 year old for most people are stark. If your middle school team full of high school age kids and wins a championship it’s not much to be proud of.
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