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    A few weeks back there was a discussion that centered around wrestling being a team sport, specifically to duals. Yesterday, Anderson county Won the Frankfort Duals. Our 220 received a head injury in the semis and was out. We were already forfeiting two weight classes, with two girls in a starting line up. So my granddaughter had to be bumped up and go out on the mat at 182, against Klemmer Nicodemus. She is a 14 year old freshman. I told her she didn't have to, but if she didn't they could double forfeit 182, and we might lose 6 points. At the time we were way behind, with a forfeit, and and 3 freshmen wrestling in the next 5 matches. We in no way thought we had it locked up. She got pinned with 20 seconds to go in the 1st. But, when you say wrestling is not a team sport, you totally discount kids like her, that take one for the team. It happens in every dual. sometimes kids give up a tech fall, or fight to hang on to not give up points. When they do, it's for the team. In her case is was a real threat to be injured. As long as we wrestle duals, wrestling is a team sport. To say it's not, is to lesson the sacrifice younger kids make every week.
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    pissing matches are pointless but one guy is touting middle school tournament wins from more than a decade ago and the other is posting pictures of Silver medal at the World Championships from last year. call the match!! this is a knockout.
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    Nice article including results for Konner Kraeszig at the Black Knight Invitational. https://www.centredaily.com/sports/college/penn-state-university/psu-wrestling/article237459309.html
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    Please help me wish these girls good luck. They are heading to Budapest Hungary tomorrow to represent USA. Olivia Messerly is our KY girl on the team. Go shock the world girl.
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    We appreciate what you do man, thank you for giving the fans something to talk about.
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    In my tenure as a head coach, Track was used throughout the state early on and tournaments would use Track results for rankings during tournaments. SOme coaches would deliberately not put results in or push the button as GOO says, so their kid could get a higher seed. I know that's not the case here because Kentucky does not mandate Track results. Although wouldn't every one be the better for it. It makes seeding meetings go extremely fast because the computer does the calculating for you. This is an age of technology, might as well use it while we can.
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    Johnson Central needs to post their results to track. Ranger can't be in the stands everywhere. Results need posted, not just records stated on this website. Track is the modern day smart phone, old outdated wrestling tournament formats and results are the Motorola DynaTAC
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    Hard to rank someone who has only wrestled 4 matches and they are all out of state.
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    This Fuji kid could make some noise this year.
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    Everyone, The first rankings will come out Wednesday. If anyone has information to contribute to the rankings please send a private messages. Also, any information from out in the state, Southwest, southeast Kentucky would be appreciated. thanks
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    Hey guys about every two weeks rankings come out and that is about the same amount of time as last year. We will try to update them again on Wednesday. We always gather information from various parts of the state so it takes a while. Please be patient with the process. Also, please refrain from discussing issues on the thread, take your comments about kids to the private messages and move that somewhere else please.
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    Ryle kid (Trumble) 7th grade (True 7th Grader 12 years old no hold back) Is Bryant a true 4th grader ? If so he’s got a solid future... No offense but that seems to be the thing in east Ky
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    Wouldn’t really call Bryant under sized at 91lb when the kid that won from Ryle weighed in at 91lb
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    Fausz > Myers x 2
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    Not trying to have a pissing match. I've sat back biting my tongue for years while Sean was still in school reading a lot of incorrect info. Just pointing it out and now I'm done because you're right it's useless. I'd still like to see that career pin total though.
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    Guess I do have to post them.
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    Everyone, Thank you to all who have messaged me about ranking kids from across the state. It is difficult to get information if events or duels are not on trackwrestling so any information helps. Rankings should be considered something that is fun and for the kids, often times it can be like splitting hairs trying to decide who goes where. As you all know the rankings will change many times throughout the year and you never know what will happen. Keep sending private messages with updates and information on tournaments especially those not on track. Once again, keep it positive and thanks. Matt Brown Rankings 11.13.19.pdf
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    Small schools have always wrestled the big schools as far as I know none have backed down from a challenge. This year Union, Tilghman and Walton Verona should compete with the best big schools.
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    9 So. Spencer Moore Walton Verona KY HM Spencer had a great showing at Super 32 and Flo noticed.
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    It’s all worked out and we are good to go. Hopefully we can get a lot of people to log on and support this event. All profits will be given back to the state to help grow our sport. We have done finalist brackets, t-shirts, etc and the tradition will continue. My hope is that if you are in a reasonable driving distance you will show up. If not, you will log on knowing the money will be used for a great propose. We are going to showcase all the top kids that have worked their butts off to get to this level. We have had a ton of kids move on to college wrestling over the last 10 years and I know we can get more headed in that direction. However, it will take a lot of dedicated parents, coaches and wrestlers to make that happen. I have faith in our state and have had the pleasure of being around some awesome people during that process with my son Mason. Keep grinding and believe!! We are not a second rate state for wrestling and we are loaded with talent. Sky’s the limit for our Kentucky kids.
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    Maybe make up for it with bad ass medals and singlets?
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    An even worse thing would be to not have youth/ms state at all.
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    100% agreed. We all love this sport so much that we would love to see it grow and these kids receive the same recognition as other neighboring states. But our numbers are what they are for the moment so we should focus on quality wherever it’s at. No reason at all with a free venue we can’t have large cardboard brackets, singlets for finals, large medals, spot lights, music and excitement!!! As far as the youth state, put a large thoroughbred trophy out there like any Way does with the Eagle trophy and they will drive the distance to win. Parents want value and something to show for it. Also I’ve always believed that we should find a way to financially support the champions to be able to travel and represent Kentucky on the National Dual Teams. With a free venue maybe this could help!!
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    Central Kentucky United Wrestling Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00- 7:30 at Tates Creek High School in the cafeteria next to the gymnasium Our mission is to unite all wrestlers from Central Kentucky to improve the overall wrestling of our region. All ages, boys and girls. All you need is your USA wrestling card. Follow us on Facebook and instagram (@unitedwrestlingclub). If you have any questions, please contact Coach Scotty Teater- coachteater@yahoo.com or Coach Luke Rearic- lrearic125@gmail.com