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    The girls needed something posted regardless of who it’s from I worked on this for hours on hours collecting information to put forth my best version of these rankings. They ladies all around the state work very hard and deserved recognition. Thanks to those who support this. I’m excited for what the next couple weeks and post season shows.
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    I want to take a moment to publicly thank the Kentucky Wrestling Coaches Association for a very generous donation to help differ travel cost for Jordyn Raney and myself to travel to Istanbul Türkiye for the U17 Greco World Championships. Their donation will help us represent Kentucky and the United Sates at the World Championships. The KWCA are great people doing great work! Thank You!
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    100 138 Team 1 Rialee Boyd Taylor Co 1 Sophia Walls Bullitt Central 1. Harrison County (83) 2 Sophia Moore HC 2 Jenny Fortner HC 2. Taylor County (78) 3 Emma Moore Walton Verona 3 Aanyah Betancur GRC 3. Ft. Campbell (36) 4 Sydney Chambers Henderson Co 4 Abbie Oliver- Taylor Co 4. North Hardin (33) 5 Kaylee Mckown Bardstown 5 Mayte Lopez Apollo 5. Lafayette (30) 6 Keira Good Bell Co 6 Kamilah Nana Butler 6. Union (24) 7 Mikhlyah Compton Madison Central 7. Bell Co (22) 8 107 1 Mia Green NH 2 Tanya Bacon Union 145 3 Lana Reeves Male 1 Jenny Ridley HC 4 Shelby Collins Bell Co 2 Mayte Lopez Apollo 5 Riece Laughlin SK 3 Eliza Adkins- NH 6 Lilly Nelson HC 4 Nastaja Cooper- Taylor 7 Zyler McMillen Scott Co 5 Aubryana Porter Montgomery Co 8 Haley Buckland Taylor Co 6 Velasco- Lafayette 7 Crouse- Great Crossing 114 8 1 Talynn Clark Ohio Co 2 Kayla Malsonka Ft. Campbell 152 3 Lyla Smith Boyle 1 Gabby Ocasio SK 4 Shelby Clayton Taylor 2 Sierra Young Madison Southern 5 Catherine Head Bardstown 3 Bralyn Maynard Pike Central 6 Allison Dye HC 4 Xochitl Martinez Fern Creek 7 Mackenzie Medley Lafayette 5 Emma Hood Highlands 8 Abby Mahon NH 6 Natasha Knight Newport 7 Lauren King HC 120 8 Nayeli Solis Great Crossing 1 Tatum Millet Oldham Co 2 Ava Sweet Taylor Co 165 3 Lexi Bowlin HC 1 Anna Ruiz Great Crossing 4 Lilli Dewitt Ft. Campbell 2 Makenna Hendricks- Trigg Co 5 Chloe Gallahue South Oldham 3 Naomi Santiago Henderson 6 Aaliyah Davis Lafayette 4 Brooke Arbic Ft Campbell 7 Natalee Smithson NH 5 Gabby Paloma NH 8 Bailey Fletcher GRC 6 Hailey Childers Boyle 9 7 Maddie Jones HC 8 126 1 Lacey Gilbert Woodford Co 185 2 Alexis Hollman Bell Co 1 Haley Jo Butts Mad Central 3 Thea McDonald Ft. Campbell 2 A'niyah Sullivan Western 4 Brailey Jackson Union Co 3 Erin Faulkner Apollo HS 5 Brooklyn Banfield Montgomery Co 4 Kayden Thompson MCC 6 Isabel Bryant- HC 5 Rhionna Baugman Central 7 Laila Pinkston- Highlands 6 Camila Velasco Lafayette 8 Jeanette Asukulu Lafayette 7 Mackenzie McGeorge Great Crossing 8 Alyssa Pinkston- Boyle Co 132 1 Sophie Anderson WV 235 2 Angelina Temprano- Lafayette 1 Layla Davis HC 3 Alyvia Cutler Taylor Co 2 Haley Young Madison Southern 4 Makayla Fowler Boyle County 3 Stevie Sigall Central 5 Drew Ann Sprague Union County 4 Kayln Lawson Taylor Co 6 Cassidy Herrington Ft Campbell 5 Elene Niyogushima Lafayette 7 Brooklin Clark- HC 6 Porter Tagarook Boyle 8 285 1 Gabby Wilson FC 2 Faith Allen Central 3 Alayna Venegas Taylor Co 4 Makayla Zumwalt HC 5 Sarah Hellman Male 6 Jasmine Beckham Henderson
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    No match vs raney will be close
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    We have done entrance music and use Ranger's rankings for our Duals. The kids really enjoy coming out to their choice, especially the extras that get a non-point scoring match. Also, we have had the pep band present. I would like to bring spotlights and cheerleading to make it an event that draws more than just parents. I announce and try to make it entertaining outside the competition. Also, there is nothing better than a dual coming down to the heavys, and everyone in the gym cheering for every point.
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    Raney just punched his ticket to the World Championship finals match. He has knocked off the World Champ and World Silver medalist on his way to the finals. Gutsy performance with short time in the semis! Congrats! KY is pulling for you.
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    Cadet Micah Thompson 2nd Owen Lamer 3rd Parker Maynard 3rd Cayden Thompson 8th Elite TJ Meyer 1st Leland Reeves 3rd Reagan Bollinger 6th Marcus James 7th HS Girls Bailey Emery 4th Junior Thomas Brauer 1st School Boy Kaygen Roberts 1st Chase Gillum 3rd Cameron Burnside 4th Maclain Wilson 5th Maximus Baxter 8th Carter Gillum 8th CKWA 11th Place 3-3 in Duals Winning records of Individuals for TOC Duals Ian Tucker of Wayne 3-2 Kaygen Roberts of Boyle 4-1 Micah Thompson of Boyle 5-0 Leland Reeves of Taylor 4-1 Jacob McDonald of Taylor 3-2 Jaimen Carey of Boyle 3-2 Dalton Matney of Johnson Central 3-0 Keenan Shively of Taylor County 1-1 Marcus James of Taylor County 5-0 Reagan Bollinger of North Hardin 3-1
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    Updated rankings. Heads up to coaches across the state, your wrestlers records will need to be updated by your Region seed meeting. If it is not in track at that time, it did not happen. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this set of rankings. January Rankings.pdf
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    Ricketts wins 175 this year in my opinion. He’s put in the work, and he’ s a man child !!!
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    First I want to say thank you to all that came and wrestled in our tourney this past Saturday. Our final number was 127 young ladies who wrestled a very tough tourney. Congrats to the medalist and the Champions on a very well deserved accomplishment. As I said it was tough with some of the best girls in the state in attendance. I would like everyone to take a minute and say a prayer for the two young ladies who were taken out during the day. One from J. Hardin with a broke leg and another from Caldwell Co with a broken back and to the others with shoulder, head or other injuries on the day you are in my prayers and I am sure many more. Again thanks for coming and to all my help for a great day of wrestling.
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    Jeremy Ray had great matches with Lehman (win) and Trumble (loss). Cornwell beat Valera and looked great all day. 106 and 150 are gonna be exciting at state.
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    Max Emerson Champions Find a Way Scholarship In loving memory of Max Emerson 1998-2023 Max Emerson began wrestling at the age of 6. Through his sixteen-year career, he excelled as a wrestler leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Max's accomplishments included winning an Individual State Championship, achieving an undefeated season (37-0), and being named the Courier Journal’s Kentuckiana Wrestler of the Year. At the University of the Cumberlands, he was a 2-time national qualifier for the NAIA and was recognized as an Academic All-American. In 2020, Max became a teacher at Oldham County High School, where he inspired countless students with his enthusiasm for education and his unwavering support for their success. Max’s dedication to wrestling continued as he served as an Assistant Wrestling Coach at his alma mater. The OCHS Wrestling room was his second home and the wrestlers his family. Max had a genuine love for his athletes, students, colleagues, and family, and he cherished the time spent with them. He will be remembered as a champion for the underdog and someone who brought joy and encouragement to all those around him. Max worked tirelessly every day to be a better wrestler, coach, Christian, and friend. He lived by the motto “champions find a way.” It is our honor to offer a scholarship in Max’s memory to a senior wrestler who embodies Max's spirit and has overcome adversity to find a way to succeed. Who is eligible? Senior wrestler (male or female) in the Commonwealth of Kentucky pursuing any type of higher education (proof of enrollment to be supplied in fall) Qualities of the Max Emerson Champions Find a Way Wrestling Scholarship Recipient: Hardworking Team centered Coachable Positive “can do” attitude Has overcome adversity of some kind Loves the sport of wrestling Never gives up Exemplifies the motto “Champions Find a Way” Amount: $1000 How to apply (must include both): Coach’s letter of recommendation https://forms.gle/TwP8URRHCBBMGfYM6 Self answered questions https://forms.gle/4vB1mjsgLtsEuf727 Deadline: January 30, 2024 at 12:00 am Winner will be presented with their award at KHSAA Wrestling State Tournament Questions? Please contact Chandra Emerson at championsfindawayfoundation1@gmail.com. Max Emerson Champions Find a Way Scholarship.pdf
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    The committee will begin working on them this week.
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    The next question is. If KHSAA truly cared about our sport, they would either reimburse officials for the license and /or supply officials, especially the new officials with everything needed / required to perform their duties. I just looked into it, the license is $60, to get the exact clothing required black and white striped shirt, grey and black striped shirt and KHSAA jacket is about $130 depending on the officially licensed supplier you by from. Tha does not include shoes if you do not have them proper shoe, Pants if you do not have a comfortable pair of black pants, Whistle, anklets, arm bands, red / green coin. Now that may not be a large sum of money to some, however if we are tyrying to get newer younger officials for them it may too much and we know that our officials don't get paid near what they should. So KHSAA expects new officials to pony up $200+ and because they are new and unproven they will get the the smaller lower paying assignments ( which is completely understandable). So they will be in the hole financially until they complete at least their firast 3 or 4 assignments. Then they bhave to deal with Attitudal, Complaining and in some cases down right A&&H*&E coaches ( which at some point all of us who have coached fell into 1 or all of those categories). So I say again if the KHSAA truly cared about our kids they would make it worth the officials time and effort. This is not just a Wrestling issue, we need good officials in all sports. Just one Old Man's Opinion.
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    Thanks for putting this together,we know it will shift as season starts and kids weigh in to their new weight classes,etc but appreciate the hard work regardless
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    Western Hills is looking to fill these dates: 1/6/2023 - Host duals TBD format - still have space and format will depend on the amount of teams. Current Teams: Western Hills McCreary Tates Creek Madison Central Thomas Nelson Thanks! Look forward to seeing y'all throughout the season
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    Good luck to the Kentucky wrestlers traveling to Fargo this weekend! https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2023/June/29/Fargo-rosters-AZ-FL-IL-KY
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    Kentucky white was the only team in the winners bracket after day one. Tough pool on day 2 for that team.
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    We have had an amazing 14 days of signups!!! We have hit the 220 mark, less that 100 spots left. Take heed to my warnings !!!! Sign up!!! This is one of the most amazing wrestling opportunities offered in this region !!! Don’t miss out ! It’s way more than a weekend wrestling camp, lives will be changed forever. Gives us that opportunity with u!!!
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    Big Camp Changes!!! Unfortunately NathanThomasello Is back on freestyle circuit and had conflicting events so he won’t be with us, but in exchange we are bringing in David Carr, 4 time NCAA AllAmerican and 1 time champ from Iowa State . Another added bonus of having Mark Munoz from Oklahoma State with us. Mark was NCAA Champ and two time All American status as well . FCA2023 just keeps getting better!!!! Don’t miss this awesome opportunity !!! We are filling up Quickly!!
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    We hit our first 100 campers early this morning!!! Don’t miss out , absolutely one of the very best Spiritual/Wrestling events available.We are the currently one if the Largest FCA Wrestling camps across the Nation. Rusty steps it up every years Too blessed KY FCA Wrestling!!! Come check it out!!!
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    This is Folkstyle, not to be confused with Team Kentucky Freestyle & Greco.