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  1. thegreatgatsby

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    State was seeded in 2021. All 8 wrestlers were seeded regardless of their region finish. It can be done. Seed the 8 Region Champs and keep the standard draw format. The 1 seed will be on top of the bracket and face a 4th place finisher from a different region. 2 seed on the bottom, etc.. I could do it within a day of regions being completed.
  2. thegreatgatsby

    Allstar Classic

    Any word if there will be an Allstar Classic this year?
  3. thegreatgatsby

    6-matches a day

    Per the NFHS rule book…The modified rule change (1-4-4) to allow six matches in a day was for meet management during one-day tournaments only. This rule change is not to encourage more matches in a season.
  4. thegreatgatsby

    NAIA National Tournament

    Where did you read this?
  5. thegreatgatsby

    Not looking forward to state.

    Can’t wait for that
  6. thegreatgatsby

    Khsaa is horrible

    The on site healthcare professional has the final say. They ruled it was communicable and could not be covered. My question is, if the coach saw it and had a MD look at it, why not have the correct form filled out and brought to weigh ins?
  7. thegreatgatsby

    Schools with Their First Qualifiers

    Manual has had numerous state qualifiers as their program has been around since 01-02. I do believe Butler (1st year program) got their very first state qualifier on Saturday.
  8. thegreatgatsby

    State 1st round- semistate.

    From the KHSAA site: DRAWING OF THE BRACKETS State First Round Tournament brackets will be bracketed using a random draw table wherein the number four (4) wrestler from one region will be paired against the number one (1) wrestler from another region and the number two (2) wrestler from one region will be paired against the number three (3) wrestler from another region. A random draw will be conducted to pair the regions using the table below, where the draw will specify which region in each weight class represents regions A, B, C and D as listed below. • Region A - 1st Place vs. Region B - 4th Place • Region D - 2nd Place vs. Region C - 3rd Place • Region B - 1st Place vs. Region A - 4th Place • Region C - 2nd Place vs. Region D - 3rd Place • Region D - 1st Place vs. Region C - 4th Place • Region B - 2nd Place vs. Region A - 3rd Place • Region C - 1st Place vs. Region D - 4th Place • Region A - 2nd Place vs. Region B - 3rd Place Regions A, B, C, D will be assigned randomly for each weight class. Final Random Draw will be published following Region Tournament completion.
  9. thegreatgatsby


    Region 1 brackets are out. Region 2 is done but aren’t available yet.
  10. thegreatgatsby

    6 way duals at Bellarmine

    Madison Central is out, Fairdale is taking the 6th spot.
  11. thegreatgatsby


    Does anyone have a clue as to why there are no KY teams or schedules added to trackwrestling?
  12. thegreatgatsby

    Not good KHSAA Your books will be mailed to you. Pass the test when it opens and your licensed. Next step is joining the KWOA and being assigned to your local association as well as having a mentor assigned to you. KWOA has a training tournament in the fall, winter and spring for new officials. The above link is only to officiate high school with the KHSAA. High school wrestlers are encouraged to officiate youth events to get additional mat time.
  13. thegreatgatsby

    State first round?

    2023 First Round sites have already been selected. 1-4 will be at Louisville Central and 5-8 will be at Ryle.
  14. thegreatgatsby

    Semi state seeding

    That is noon central time. I believe for State at GRC, it will be East vs West; 1v8, 4v5, 3v6, 2v7. If that makes sense.
  15. thegreatgatsby

    Brackets are out

    Pins and forfeits are both 2 points in tournaments. At 170, Ryle received 2 championship advancement points, 2 bonus for the forfeit and 3 points for winning the quarterfinal round.