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  1. halfhalfhalf

    Transportation for Virginia Beach Nationals

    i am not sure the rules on it.... You may want to check with someone who has one. I know Redbook has a lot of say so on it. I just do not know the rules. .
  2. halfhalfhalf

    Transportation for Virginia Beach Nationals

    Easy.... Jut tell your parents if you want to go I will meet you there. I am not sure, but if you have a booster club are you allowed to pay for it?
  3. halfhalfhalf

    Transportation for Virginia Beach Nationals

    If tom, richard and billy want to go with Jimmy's mom your district cannot tell you they cannot go. That's the parent's decisions, not your districts. It's up to the parents to fund and provide transportation. All you're doing is meeting them there. It's on your own dime. That's the argument I had with my school some years ago about it.
  4. halfhalfhalf

    Transportation for Virginia Beach Nationals

    our parents drive and pay for entry fees. I end up paying for myself to go, but I also have family in the area so I can stay for free. I am not sure what Campbell Co and union co does. they always take a big group every year.
  5. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    Ryan's seeding takes the Trackwrestling % and sometimes it is not accurate.
  6. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    spread former medalists out IF they win the region seed. If not randomly drawn in.
  7. halfhalfhalf

    Camps and Clinics

    Info please? I have the FCA info already
  8. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    I went to the TN state tournament this weekend and a few takeaways from what they are doing that need to be looked at. 1. When announcing each finals match give them a highlight. I.e. region champ, placed 4th at 120 last year and 2nd in 2018. 2. Use the video board to highlight the medalist. I have attached an example.
  9. halfhalfhalf

    Youth State being only youth

    I was at the TN State tournament and did not see the responses.... Naplesme hit the nail on the head. We need it to be split. Would be easier and save money in the long run from these stadiums.
  10. halfhalfhalf

    Youth State being only youth

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Separate dates too! Make middle school state a standalone event!
  11. halfhalfhalf

    Youth State-issue

    I still do not see the point. I thought the goal of youth wrestling was mat time.. So cutting the mat in 4 makes sense. Again, I don't see it as a safety issue like you say. Most referees have mat awareness to stop a match if the kids get too close to each other.
  12. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    I am very in tune with what other states do for their state tournaments. I am actually going to another states tournament this weekend. I have seen some of the BS they have done with other sports. Contracts are in play unfortunately regardless if they are good or crap. But it is also not fair to compare what smaller sports do to wrestling either. Personally, I don't think the no one cares about wrestling thing comes into play. Yes, we all say it... but at the end of the day KHSAA does this for all sports. I.e. Medals being different from Regions and State. Ribbons and etc.
  13. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    Agreed. I think they do a little more for wrestling IMO..... They purchased with KWOA and KYWCA finals mat which was something we have asked for for how long instead of the one mat which was always a crap shoot which color. Now we have a black mat with the 3 logos. KHSAA could do more, but they would have to do more across the board. It takes $$ to do that.
  14. halfhalfhalf

    Takeaways from state

    Let me see what I have and get with you