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  1. Coaches- I am looking for a tourney next season that's a boy/girl Dec. 7th. Email me at coachshingler@gmail.com with info. Thanks!
  2. halfhalfhalf

    Old state brackets

    I think you're right... I just need the back half to fill in that. Also, team scores for 1965 Probably need to go revisit it to make sure I didn't miss something.
  3. halfhalfhalf

    Old state brackets

    That's what I am using. 145 is missing 1/2 the bracket from 1987
  4. halfhalfhalf

    Old state brackets

    Emailed him and send him a msg here. I was hoping he would comment. I actually have quite a few things missing.
  5. halfhalfhalf

    Old state brackets

    I am working on a historical log for my team. Does anyone have the 145 to Hwt 1987 brackets? If so can you scan them and email them to me at coachshingler@gmail.com please
  6. Do you have the 1968 state brackets? 

  7. halfhalfhalf

    Girls Rankings

    Next week
  8. halfhalfhalf

    Girls State Brackets

    Probably released next week when they release the boys.
  9. halfhalfhalf

    Girls Ranking 12/17/23

    already sent to them.
  10. halfhalfhalf

    Girls Ranking 12/17/23

    100 138 Team 1 Rialee Boyd Taylor Co 1 Sophia Walls Bullitt Central 1. Harrison County (83) 2 Sophia Moore HC 2 Jenny Fortner HC 2. Taylor County (78) 3 Emma Moore Walton Verona 3 Aanyah Betancur GRC 3. Ft. Campbell (36) 4 Sydney Chambers Henderson Co 4 Abbie Oliver- Taylor Co 4. North Hardin (33) 5 Kaylee Mckown Bardstown 5 Mayte Lopez Apollo 5. Lafayette (30) 6 Keira Good Bell Co 6 Kamilah Nana Butler 6. Union (24) 7 Mikhlyah Compton Madison Central 7. Bell Co (22) 8 107 1 Mia Green NH 2 Tanya Bacon Union 145 3 Lana Reeves Male 1 Jenny Ridley HC 4 Shelby Collins Bell Co 2 Mayte Lopez Apollo 5 Riece Laughlin SK 3 Eliza Adkins- NH 6 Lilly Nelson HC 4 Nastaja Cooper- Taylor 7 Zyler McMillen Scott Co 5 Aubryana Porter Montgomery Co 8 Haley Buckland Taylor Co 6 Velasco- Lafayette 7 Crouse- Great Crossing 114 8 1 Talynn Clark Ohio Co 2 Kayla Malsonka Ft. Campbell 152 3 Lyla Smith Boyle 1 Gabby Ocasio SK 4 Shelby Clayton Taylor 2 Sierra Young Madison Southern 5 Catherine Head Bardstown 3 Bralyn Maynard Pike Central 6 Allison Dye HC 4 Xochitl Martinez Fern Creek 7 Mackenzie Medley Lafayette 5 Emma Hood Highlands 8 Abby Mahon NH 6 Natasha Knight Newport 7 Lauren King HC 120 8 Nayeli Solis Great Crossing 1 Tatum Millet Oldham Co 2 Ava Sweet Taylor Co 165 3 Lexi Bowlin HC 1 Anna Ruiz Great Crossing 4 Lilli Dewitt Ft. Campbell 2 Makenna Hendricks- Trigg Co 5 Chloe Gallahue South Oldham 3 Naomi Santiago Henderson 6 Aaliyah Davis Lafayette 4 Brooke Arbic Ft Campbell 7 Natalee Smithson NH 5 Gabby Paloma NH 8 Bailey Fletcher GRC 6 Hailey Childers Boyle 9 7 Maddie Jones HC 8 126 1 Lacey Gilbert Woodford Co 185 2 Alexis Hollman Bell Co 1 Haley Jo Butts Mad Central 3 Thea McDonald Ft. Campbell 2 A'niyah Sullivan Western 4 Brailey Jackson Union Co 3 Erin Faulkner Apollo HS 5 Brooklyn Banfield Montgomery Co 4 Kayden Thompson MCC 6 Isabel Bryant- HC 5 Rhionna Baugman Central 7 Laila Pinkston- Highlands 6 Camila Velasco Lafayette 8 Jeanette Asukulu Lafayette 7 Mackenzie McGeorge Great Crossing 8 Alyssa Pinkston- Boyle Co 132 1 Sophie Anderson WV 235 2 Angelina Temprano- Lafayette 1 Layla Davis HC 3 Alyvia Cutler Taylor Co 2 Haley Young Madison Southern 4 Makayla Fowler Boyle County 3 Stevie Sigall Central 5 Drew Ann Sprague Union County 4 Kayln Lawson Taylor Co 6 Cassidy Herrington Ft Campbell 5 Elene Niyogushima Lafayette 7 Brooklin Clark- HC 6 Porter Tagarook Boyle 8 285 1 Gabby Wilson FC 2 Faith Allen Central 3 Alayna Venegas Taylor Co 4 Makayla Zumwalt HC 5 Sarah Hellman Male 6 Jasmine Beckham Henderson
  11. Rankings done by committee. 100 138 Team Mia Green NH Jenny Fortner HC 1. Harrison County (60) Tany Bacon Union Co Mayte Lopez Apollo 1. Taylor County (60) Sophia Moore HC Nastaja Cooper Taylor Co 3. Union County (36) Alexis Lagrone Ohio Co Aanyah Betancur GRC 4 (tie). Ft. Campbell (31) Symphony Sharp Spencer Co Allison Neely Corbin 4 (tie). North Hardin (31) Bailey Duh Montgomery Co Raleigh Stewart Valley 4. Central (31) Kamilah Nana Butler 5. Bell County (29) Eliza Adkins NH 107 Cassidy Harrington Ft. Campbell Catherine Head Bardstown Sutton Fuller Union Co 145 Shelby Clayton Taylor Co Gabby Ocasio- Simon Kenton Lana Reeves Male Milka Woodring Bell County Lilli Dewitt Ft. Campbell Jenny Ridley HC Alexis Warren Boyle Co Kali Nichols Daviess County Alyssa Privett Bullitt East Aubryana Porter Montgomery Co Lilly Nelson HC Rihanna Baughman Central Paetin Gustanis Spencer Co 114 Ella Sadler Danville Talynn Clark Ohio Co Shelby Collins Bell Co 152 Kayla Malsonka Ft. Campbell Sierra Young Madison Southern Keyonna Perry MCC Makenna Hendricks Trigg Co Angelina Tamprano Lafayette Gabby Paloma NH Haley Buckland Taylor Co Bralyn Maynard Pike Central Bailey Fletcher GRC Madyson Helton Bell County Allison Dye HC Xochitl Martinez Fern Creek Emma Hood Highlands 120 Lauren King HC Tatum Millet Oldham Co Ava Sweet Taylor Co 165 Lacey Gilbert Woodford Co Jayla Young Central Brooklyn Banfield Montgomery Co Aniyah Sullivan Western Lacey Doolin PRP Brooke Arbic Ft Campbell Braley Jackson Union Co Naomi Santiago Henderson Aubrey White Boyle Co Paityn Neace Greenup Co Acacia Bown Doss Ryleigh Maybrier HC Jahzana Johnson North Bullitt Liberty Koerner PRP Mckenzie Bush GRC 126 Sophie Anderson WV 185 Abbie Oliver Taylor Co Anna Ruiz Great Crossing Drew Spraque Union Co Haley Butts Mad Central Thea McDonald Ft. Campbell Erin Faulkner Apollo HS Rebecca McCray Boone Kayden Thompson MCC Natalie St. Louis Valley Victoria Emelianna Ryle Amber Mitchell HC Alayna Venegas Taylor Co Asyyonnah Ezzard Bryan Station Weather Bryant P-Burg Stevie Sigall Central 132 Lauren Walton Woodford Co 235 Marlie Bell East Carter Haley Young Mad South Alyvia Cutler Taylor Co Layla Davis HC Grace Clark Greenup county Kayln Lawson Taylor Co Sopha Walls Bullitt Central Destiny Jackson Boyd Co Makayla Fowler Boyle County Abby Allen NH Rose Thomas Conner Isabell Bryant HC 285 Gabby Wilson FC Faith Allen Central Sarah Hellman Male Ijahnae Hixon Scott Co Piper True HC Jazzmin Coulter Taylor
  12. Ashbrook, Scotty and I did last year's rankings.
  13. halfhalfhalf

    2023-2024 state tourney

    There is nothing to clarify.... It was voted on by the polls of the options sent to ADs.
  14. halfhalfhalf

    2023-2024 state tourney

    No. 32 man for guys and 16 for girls.
  15. halfhalfhalf

    2023-2024 state tourney

    It says BoC approves to return to Horse Park THROUGH 2024-2025. Which means we go back to the old way.