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  1. halfhalfhalf

    Region 1 preseason

    I want to make sure my point isn’t being lost GOO. I think what the Ky coaches association does is WONDERFUL. I think my point maybe lost there. It’s what has been done before my time and I have zero problems with it. I’m thankful for it as we have been fortunate enough to qualify for it 4 times and attending 3 (missed once due to snow). I mean they could benefit from positive pub as they have dropped the ball numerous times in recent memory. Brocks 5 titles, Meyers 4 yr run without a lose in KY and Fahy’s run. But basically be a preview for the state tourney of what could be there. That’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t change anything that’s being done now and honestly I hope Lindsey is able to host duals for the long term future. LWC does a wonderful job and the atmosphere is electric and full of drama you would want. It also helps when you have fans lining the mats where it’s standing room only. The big gym being under the lights is exactly what is needed for this event. its been a great debate with you on this topic for sure.
  2. halfhalfhalf

    Region 1 preseason

    I’ll tell you now others don’t see it that way.... if that’s what determines the state dual champions it’s it. they are the state duals champion. Khsaa would benefit from adding duals but they choose not too. I know I’ve asked on multiple accounts.
  3. halfhalfhalf

    Region 1 preseason

    I disagree with you GOO. Region 1 teams weren’t complaining.... not too long ago it was two small schools going to state duals from region 1 when it was 1 division. We got our butts handed to us by JC and other large schools. Not one complaint about it from coaches or kids. the small school split actually was when union won the duals and larue won it the year prior. Personally, I am for whatever grows wrestling KY. So the split made sense to grow the sport, but I was against it because I personally liked wrestling the larger schools. But I can set aside personal opinions for growing the sport in KY. I do think large/small winners should wrestle. You’re there and why not test yourselves against the best. I had no issue with JC not wrestling Union last yr as it was my understanding they were banged up pretty good. Gotta do what’s best for your team, but if health isn’t an issue, then wrestle. just my opinion which isn’t worth much.
  4. halfhalfhalf

    Girls tournaments

    just sent it.
  5. halfhalfhalf

    Girls tournaments

    I sent you mine. did you get it?
  6. halfhalfhalf

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    dec 23rd.. Fort Campbell coachshingler@gmail.com
  7. halfhalfhalf

    Iowa preseason nationals

    I gotcha. I am going to hit you up.
  8. halfhalfhalf

    Iowa preseason nationals

    do you guys have anyone going?
  9. halfhalfhalf

    Anyone need a mat?

    Fairdale's in contact with them over it.
  10. halfhalfhalf

    Anyone need a mat?

    Springfield is located in TN just north of Nashville. Mat for Sale Springfield High School Best Offer-Must Pickup RSP600 Resilite Classic Mat 1" 40 x 40 Blue w/ Red Markings on it Practice Circles on one side, competition circle on the other Thanks, Dustin Wilson Head Football Coach/ Athletic Director Springfield High School 5240 Hwy 76 East Springfield, TN 37172 Office (615) 384-3516 x-2060 Twitter @dustinw45
  11. halfhalfhalf

    Team map

    Need to add 112. Todd co. From mine and other region 1 coaches knowledge they will have a team this year
  12. Interested! I coach Bardstown Middle School team. 

  13. halfhalfhalf

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Rossview (TN) High School in Clarksville TN is hosting two tournaments and need teams. Jan. 4th Girls Invitational (Rossview has won TN State Championship the last two years) Jan 20th JV and Varsity tournament. Rossview 2020 Girls tournament.pdf Rossview 2020 MLK Day Tournament.pdf
  14. halfhalfhalf

    youth/ middle school

    Coach I also emailed you too.