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  1. halfhalfhalf

    Rules clarification???

    I saw that too. I thought maybe it was oversight but I went and looked at other sports. It's all the same "adopted" for 2021-2022. That's why I pose the question.
  2. halfhalfhalf

    Rules clarification???

    It should be clearly defined not left open ended. Just like the 30 second break last yr. Left open ended and would be taken advantage of when teams were gassed but when they weren't they did not use it.....
  3. halfhalfhalf

    Rules clarification???

    Agreed! Hopefully someone can chime in and address this.
  4. halfhalfhalf

    Rules clarification???

    We are wrestling 1-2-2 still this year for regular season again??? Am I reading this wrong?
  5. halfhalfhalf

    UPike adding wrestling!

    was thinking the same thing.
  6. halfhalfhalf

    Semi state

    lol. They took the coaches association vote, which was public for head coaches. If you go back to search for the thread you will see PLENTY of chatter over it. But I guess this dead horse isn't getting hit with a stick enough. It's a done deal and is not going to change. Time to move on, get ready for the fire works of the east/west semi-states and enjoy it!
  7. halfhalfhalf

    Semi state

  8. halfhalfhalf

    Semi state

    good thing it isn't like last yr.
  9. we have 1 who will be on there but not until we get the results.
  10. I look forward to our many convos as well. I missed it last yr!!
  11. halfhalfhalf

    Fort Campbell MS tournament

    Coaches- If anyone is looking for a Middle School Tournament Fort Campbell is hosting our annual tournament on Dec. 22nd. We are looking to add more teams. Please email me at coachshingler@gmail.com for information.
  12. Email me coachshingler@gmail.com if you would like to come. Girls tourney will be TOUGH! jv region and girls flyer.docx
  13. halfhalfhalf

    Semi state

    Teater and I talk regularly about it. I said the magic # is also 150. I think over 140 would be better. My issue isn't the split, but some of the regions distance. I know out east you have some hauls. Before a split occurs girls need to be sanctioned first.
  14. halfhalfhalf

    Master Schedule

    Fort Campbell MS Tourney will be Dec. 22nd. email me @coachshingler@gmail.com for a flyer
  15. halfhalfhalf


    Fulton City hasn't competed in quite a few years. 3-4ish.