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  1. PPmothman

    Team Kentucky

    Any information about team Ky. (The team that competes at VA beach duals). Anyone know when and where they will be practicing?
  2. PPmothman

    2024 State Pick Em Game!!!!

    He will be 19 like a lot of the seniors here now. He’s a tough tough competitor. Kids focused and can flat out wrestle. 120 is a crazy weight this year.
  3. PPmothman

    2024 State Pick Em Game!!!!

    14 Jaydan Raney 13 Jordyn Raney 12 Landon Evans 11 Malachia Harris 10 Lane Kiser 9 Lucas Ricketts 8 Tj Meyer 7 Roman Valera 6 Dalton Matney 5 Hunter Jenkins 4 Carter Guilliaume 3 Christian Delos Santos 2 Ayden Lehman 1 Jack James
  4. Seeding the ones would fix it. If the second best wrestler in the state is in the same region as the one they go opposite side of the bracket. Then they can prove they’re the second best and we get the best finals. I get boring 1st and 2nd rounds. We are going to have some pins and techs in the finals instead. Not many but a couple brackets have cake walls to the finals with the top 3-4 guys being in the other side.
  5. PPmothman

    Most improved/ best newcomer?

    He had a good showing on team Kentucky last spring. I think he was on team 2
  6. PPmothman

    State brackets release?

    Their out
  7. PPmothman

    State brackets release?

    When do they release the brackets for state? Have they released the regional draws yet?
  8. PPmothman

    Region 1

    Union vs everyone else in the finals.
  9. PPmothman

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    I understand the issue with teams ducking out of matches for seeding. No one wants to go to a dual and see that. However, that’s a small amount of teams. Really you’re talking about Louisville, Lexington and Northern Ky. Right now Paducah, Union, Great crossing and Johnson Central are all wrestling the majority of their matches out of state. It’s not to avoid competition. It’s to get tougher matches. There is no reason for them to wrestle any instate tournaments. If they did seed the regional champs you might see those teams enter a couple in state tournaments to get criteria not avoid it.
  10. I would expect the bigger weight class to win. But a number 10 over a 2 is big. I went and looked and don’t think that kid should be a 10 anymore. Probably more of a 6 ifni was guessing but rankings will be interesting on the next round.
  11. The number 4 ranked 120 Dennis beat the number 2 ranked 126 Williams at state duals.
  12. PPmothman

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    All they need to do is seed the ones like middle school. The KHSAA just don’t care.
  13. PPmothman


    I’ve said all year Ricketts is the man. Talented and has out worked everyone. I know the number 1 got beat but I don’t think it surprised a lot of people. Kid is talented and had a great tournament last year but not on the same level as Ricketts and the other top kids. Hall got beat by Dingess. Strayer and Duke has battled injuries through the last couple years it seems. James looks really good. Depending on the draw should come down to Ricketts and James.
  14. PPmothman

    2A state duals

    I’m honestly surprised Boyle and Harrison was ok with it
  15. PPmothman

    3A State Duals

    Yes. Ryle is young but really a lot better than expected this year.