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  2. Sounds like Kenton Co and Boone Co approved it over the last couple days.
  3. CAMPS !!! What's up, guys. My name is Brandon Reed, I am currently living in Louisville and would love to hit up some more high schools for camps, clinics, or privates. Hit me up and let's grow Kentucky/ Southern Indiana Wrestling! Willing to pay for room too.
  4. CAMPS !!! What's up, guys. My name is Brandon Reed, I am currently living in Louisville and would love to hit up some more high schools for camps, clinics, or privates. Hit me up and let's grow Kentucky/ Southern Indiana Wrestling!
  5. Ranger123

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Camp in June to support the cause and get some freestyle exposure. All are welcome. KY Xtreme camp 2021 FINAL.pdf
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  7. GentleBeard

    Scheduling requests

    Unfortunately, I will not be coaching at Taylor County next year. Please send your scheduling requests, if you have any, to Thanks, Ben Ellard
  8. Coldwater (OH) High School is looking for 1 more team to complete their 10 team 1-day tournament being held 1-15-2022. Coldwater is located approximately 2 hours north of Cincinnati. This will be the 20th season for this tournament. We are looking for full / close to full teams. It is a very well run tournament. Each team will get 5 matches. Current teams contracted include: Coldwater St. Marys Memorial Indian Lake Brookville Milton Union Bucyrus Dayton Christian Columbus Grove Cincinnati Madeira This would be a great opportunity to see some good competition and teams that you normal wouldn't have the opportunity to wrestle. If interested please contact Head Coach Aaron Alig or Athletic Director Eric Goodwin
  9. Western Hills: Richard Greenwell - Midway Jeffery Parker - Midway
  10. Flyer Attached Geared towards K-6, 1st & 2nd year wrestlers Capped to first 150 entrants Send Questions to: Youth Wrestling Tournament.docx
  11. KY/USA Admin

    Fargo Qualifying 2021

    To clarify, only participation is required. Placement is not required. If you participate, you are almost guaranteed to be eligible. The only way an athlete would not be eligible is if there were a very large amount of participants and not enough spot available. This has never happened in the past. So participate.
  12. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    Yeah same thoughts mine wold look more like this but they don't care about what we want someone has there own plans or they would have left it up to each state to make their own 12/13 or 14 weights 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 215, 240, HWT
  13. Coaches, We have gotten a lot of interest lately for MS and HS kids to join wrestling for next season. This is a big "if" but if we get enough MS and HS kids I would love to be able to have an official MS, JV, and Varsity team individually. With that said I would need enough coaches to do so in order for each of them to travel to separate tournaments any given weekend. We will be promoting/advertising on our end throughout the district to get some more coaches but I figured I'd throw this out to you all as well in case you have any recent HS/college graduates that would like to look for work in the Bowling Green area. All 3 teams will still practice together, but I'd like to have a different head coach for each level for tournaments. No problem if you don't have anyone in mind just figured I'd ask. Thanks, Thomas Carta -- Thomas Carta Warren County Wrestling: Head Coach Phone: 270-253-2554 Email: Facebook:
  14. grappler-of-old

    Weight class changes coming

    What I was trying to point out is that there are not that many wrestlers actually 270 and up. (Most who are this wt and above are probably not healthy) I worked with two 300+ this last season one made 285 the other has now reached it after the season. Both are now much more healthy than before. I understand what you are talking about. That is why the classes have changed from 12 in the 80's to 14 now. Problem is where do we cut it off? I have seen the problem of to many wrestlers in the upper weights before, but I believe that most teams don't have that problem. Most have problems with a multitude of middle weight wresters. I have always thought that there should be a 170,185, 200, 230, and Hwt class, and whatever you want for the other 9. that still maintains 5 upper wt classes but separated differently. I think if you went much higher that a 230 wt class there would be very few in the HWT class. I don't really have the numbers, this is just from observation.
  15. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    Again those are the great Athletes I spoke of but there are hundreds of them in mid 240-250 that just aren't great athletes. If we only care about the top 8 then it really don't matter what the weight classes are but if its about more kids then we shouldn't have 70 pounds between the possible kids weights. My hwt cut to 279 from 307 to start the season.
  16. grappler-of-old

    Weight class changes coming

    OK I looked it up. This is their last weigh in before post season. 1 Smith (Martin Co) 239.4 2. Pottle (Ohio Co) 268.8 3. Kelly (Christ Co) 259.0 4. Hughes (Simon Ken) 245.9 5. Marshall (Ryle) 247.6 6. Martin (Fern Cr) 263.0 7. May (Pike Co Cen) 282.0 8. Williams (Trinity) 272.4 That is an average of 259.7
  17. grappler-of-old

    Weight class changes coming

    Are there really that many kids who are 285? I would guess that most are around 250-260 What was the weight of the top 8 HWTs this year at state?
  18. Stunner Banditos are taking teams to the Great Crusade in the Wisconsin Dells. We have a full high school team and are in need of 15U weights. Our current 15U roster is made up of multiple Indiana Middle School state placers/champions and ISWA state placers and champions. If interested contact me, Coach Evan Smiley, at 3174022478 or The cost of the trip is $180, which includes custom t-shirt, shorts, and Danny DeVito singlet. 15U weighs in on Saturday, May 29th and wrestles on Sunday, May 30th. We need the following weights: 80 85 90 95 101 122 150
  19. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    That could be the case but I think its more like unless you are a freak athlete all the 235-255 kids quit because they either cant or wont cut to 222 or not 217 or don't want to give up 30 to 50 pounds. Yes I get it others do but most have limited success when given up weight like that.
  20. grappler-of-old

    Weight class changes coming

    I think that the idea is that there are many more high school kids that weigh in that core area 120-150 than there are bigger high school kids weighing over 200.
  21. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    I say if they was going to change it why not have a light heavy somewhere in the middle of 215 & 285 or 300. Maybe do away with like 138 and make 245 or 250. Then you would still have a 134 you would still have lower weights about 6-8 pounds apart and more for the bigger guys.
  22. jasonlocke

    Weights needed for National Duals

    Ragin Raisins Wrestling Club is looking for the following weights for the NHSCA Duals in VA Beach May 28-31 3-6 Grade 1# allowance - 2 Teams 80, 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, 150 6-8 Grade 2# allowance - 2 Teams 90, 95, 165, (2)180, 230 8-12 Grade 3# allowance - 8 Team 138, (2)195, (3)220, 285 If you are interested I can be reached at 814-490-2082 for more information
  23. The Kentucky Wrestling Officials Association (KWOA) will be co-hosting our annual middle school event with Great Crossing High School to host The Battle at Georgetown Dual tournament (formerly KWOA Fall Classic). The date will be Saturday November 20, 2021 at Great Crossing High School This will be a 20 team dual tournament guaranteeing each team 6 duals for the day. Teams currently committed are Birdsnest wrestling, Shamrock, Walton-Verona, Boyle Co., Carr Wrestling Academy, Union Co., Central Hardin, IN Smackdown, and Paducah Tilghman. The flyer is attached. Please email if interested in attending. Thanks, Garrett Pikul (Tournament Director) The Battle At Georgetown Duals 2021.pdf
  24. Coach East

    Middle School Bearcat Brawl

    MS Bearcat Brawl (Walton-Verona) November 13, 2021 Open to first 16 teams committed 16 man brackets - 1 per weight class until we’re able to allow extras. $250/Team Please reach out to the below if interested. Matt East: John Roth: Jason Moore: Flyer will be posted ASAP!
  25. Mc85

    Weight class changes coming

    If it's going to be changed why not take heavy weight on to 300lb
  26. MS Individual Tourney at Boyle County MS. See attached flyer for details. Contact Head Coash Seth Lucas for more details. 2021-2022 Boyle Brawl MS Tourney.pdf
  27. This will be our 9th Annual Big Brother Dual Tourney, we invite MS and HS Programs to compete as a team against other programs in Dual format eevnt. $300 for HS/MS teams combined, or $165 for individual HS or MS team. See flyer for more details. Contact Head Coach Seth Lucas for entry into the tourney. 2021-2022 Big Brother Duals.pdf
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