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  2. Tito

    Oldham County MS Super Duals DEC 17

    Need one more team for duals; Please contact me if interested! Each team will get 5 matches against some really good competition! List of teams who have committed: Oldham County, Greater Crossing, Ryle, South Oldham, Madison (Indiana), Franklin Community (Indiana), Whiteland (Indiana), Mater Dei (Indiana), North Posey (Indiana)
  3. Cov cath enrollment number on khsaa is 545 students, this is below 750 limit set for 1A. They use boys enrollment numbers for football, so they are 5a in it.. For trinity, they were 2a by numbers, but agreed to be in 3a cause they are all guys. Cov cath was not caught as being all boys. Something we can look at. I think that would work as well, but travel overall would not change much, outside of West Jessamine, all are within about an hour. This was put out for a good amount of time. Everyone agreed and voted on it and it was never brought up. The alignment will change some next year once new numbers are released. We can look at making those changes then.
  4. Couple of simple questions. How does CovCath fall into 1A? They are 5A in football. 3A sections 2 and 3. Central Hardin, North Hardin have to travel through all of section 3 to get to Oldham and South Oldham. And vice versa. If drive time is a concern, wouldn't the following make better sense. Central Hardin, North Hardin, Meade Co., Bullitt Central, Bullitt East, North Bullitt, Southern. Oldham, South Oldham, Woodford, West Jessamine, Male, Seneca, Fern Creek.
  5. CUTiger184

    State duals predictions.

    1 A: Union/WV 2A: JC/PT and a dogfight for 3rd-8th place. 2A is pretty deep with JC, PT, Fairdale, Moore, Boyle, Christian, Taylor, and Harrison. 3A: I think Great Crossing is a legit contender here, picking up Birk was huge. Like WVhighlander said Trinity, Great Crossing, and Oldham all have a legitimate shot.
  6. Armstrong is also section duals for 2nd.
  7. 2A section 4 will be 1/7/23 at Bourbon County High School.
  8. Looks like Caldwell will wrestle then. That’s at least 1 more team than last year.
  9. 1A Section 1: Caldwell is hosting Dec. 17th
  10. Who's hosting sectionals and what section?
  11. lunaaanjelina

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  12. Last week
  13. That’s awesome. Seems like it helped going to two classes. Maybe another 20 teams in 10 years.
  14. grappler-of-old

    KYWCA wrestler hall of fame

    Yep I missed that one. I always think he was a 4 timer. lol.
  15. 2011-12 was the last year of 1 division, there were 104 teams Going into this season we have 130 teams
  16. I hope this works out to be a good thing. We will have at least one more team get recognized. Anyone know how many teams participated prior to two classes and how many after?
  17. FCA Wrestling KY

    KY FCA Wrestling Pre-Season Clinic

    Saturday is the day!!!! Don’t miss out. Link to register:
  18. Henderson is looking to host a girls tournament on 12/20/22. we will have round robin in brackets we cant fill.
  19. Thank You Ranger for everything you do! Looking forward to the all star classic.
  20. WVhighlander

    State duals predictions.

    I thought there was a post about this but I don’t see it now. Definitely worthy of its own thread. 1a Union 2a JC vs PT with JC winning 3a Trinity, Great Crossing, Oldham Co. Toss up but I think Great crossing might have the depth to get it done.
  21. I'll bite. What was the rationale behind separating to 3 divisions?
  22. At the fall clinic yesterday, there was a alternate proposal for sectional alignment. This alignment was to shortenen travel distance in the 1A division. Here is the final alignment, as voted on by the association. Also, here are the host sites. 3A is still to be determined. Good luck to everyone this year.
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