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  1. CUTiger184

    10th annual KYWCA fall coaches clinic

    I spoke with Coach Teater today, we now have over 75 coaches registered. Keep the registrations coming in guys.
  2. CUTiger184

    10th annual KYWCA fall coaches clinic

    Coaches, get signed up asap to ensure that you get the shirt size you want. Thanks,
  3. CUTiger184

    Coming back or moving on?

    Bryce Zumwalt- Harrison Co, Thomas More
  4. CUTiger184

    Expand Regions

    I think as long as we have coaches input while utilizing track everything should be seeded accordingly.
  5. CUTiger184

    FCA 2021

    Great camp and atmosphere! Big thanks to all of the FCA guys and camp clinicians.
  6. CUTiger184

    Reshot Sportswear

    Coaches, I'm the new Reshot rep for KY. If you guys need singlets or team gear for the upcoming HS season or club season give me a call at 1859-588-1212 or email at I can outfit your team with high quality gear for a very reasonable price. Check out our website below. Attached are our most recent designs for Coach Dee Leavall at KY Stars Wrestling Academy/Christian County.
  7. CUTiger184

    Woodford County High School Head Coach Position

    Has anyone applied for this position locally?
  8. CUTiger184

    UWW Cadet

    Congrats! Way to represent KY.
  9. Bryce Zumwalt- Harrison County- Thomas More Chase Blanton- 2019 graduate will be at Midway with Brent Hudgins this year.
  10. CUTiger184

    Team State Qualifiers

    Thanks for this, I'm sure that took a lot of time.
  11. CUTiger184

    Full Teams

    Not as bad of a drop off as I would have thought. If Fort Campbell/Moore/Fort Knox would have been able to compete we would probably been close to 900 competitors.
  12. CUTiger184

    Full Teams

    Full Teams at the Regional Tournaments. Region 1: Union Region 2: Larue/Meade Region 3: Region 4: Trinity/St. X Region 5: South Oldham Region 6: Ryle/Campbell/Conner Region 7: Region 8: Harrison County
  13. CUTiger184

    Full Teams

    This is typically a post/converstation we have before Region. We all know participation was down this year due to COVID-19. I'm interested to see who all fielded full teams for the Regional Tournaments this year. I'd also be interested to see the participation numbers from this year compared to last year.
  14. CUTiger184


    Barton wins 8-7, Saul drops a close one in OT.
  15. CUTiger184


    Saul drops a close one 2-0 Barton loses to ASU 12-4 Hoping they can bounce back on the backside.