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  1. CUTiger184

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    We appreciate the invite, thanks to all of the people that have dedicated their time to this event.
  2. This event is filled. Thanks!
  3. HCIWT is sitting at 12 teams right now, would love to add 1-2 more teams. Contact Coach Ashbrook at Lynn Camp is in.
  4. Madison Southern's guys team has dropped due to a schedule change. Any guys teams out there looking for a competition on this date?
  5. Taylor County will be bringing ladies to fill some holes in lineups along with Tates Creek.
  6. Harrison County Invitational December 7th, 150.00.  you are welcome to come.  


    Shoot me an email at

  7. Simon Kenton is in.
  8. Woodford guys and girls are in. Girls side is full. Need one one more guys team.
  9. Still looking for 2 more guys teams and one more girls team.
  10. CUTiger184

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Can we update the list of KY boys represented at all collegiate levels? Harrison County: Campbellsville: Colin Coy Chase Blanton Midway: Brent Hudgins
  11. Still looking for 1-2 more teams. Thanks guys,
  12. CUTiger184

    Female Tournaments

    If I can get it approved I will make it down. Is Rossviews tournament late December, early January too?
  13. CUTiger184

    Female Tournaments

    We are hosting at Guys/Girls round robin tournament January 18th, 2020 at Harrison County. It's looking like that may be everyones sectional duals date, if that is the case we may modify the format.
  14. January 18th, 2020, Harrison County is hosting a round robin duals tournament for guys and girls. We would like to keep it at 6 teams (including HC) for each round robin pool. We need three more guys teams and two more girls teams. Contact Coach Josh Ashbrook at 1-859-588-1212 or at 150.00 each team. Guys: Harrison County Woodford County Simon Kenton Louisville Central Knox Central East Jessamine West Jessamine Bourbon county Girls: Harrison County Woodford County Madison Southern Knox Central Louisville Central Montgomery County Taylor County/Tates Creek will fill holes. EJ/WJ
  15. CUTiger184

    Football playing wrestlers

    Harrison County has several athletes who cross over from football to wrestling. JC is the perfect example of how football/wrestling compliment each other.