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  1. 120 was exciting, Wells, De Los Santos, Valera, and Mayberry was a tough bracket.
  2. CUTiger184

    New programs in 2024

    Rowan County
  3. CUTiger184

    1/14/24 Girls Rankings

    We are working on them. Hopefully have them out by mid week.
  4. CUTiger184

    2A state duals

    The seedable teams had a common sense approach and voted PT to the 3. They were going to automatically be the 6 and would have met 3 seed JC in pool play if they didn’t vote.
  5. CUTiger184

    2A state duals

    Head to Head Common Opponent Win % Teams have to have at least 7 duals to be seeded, PT only had 6 due to snow/cancellations. Boyle and HC undefeated JC had one loss
  6. CUTiger184

    3A State Duals

    Pool C is a tough one.
  7. CUTiger184

    State Duals 2024- who ya got?

    2A is deep: I think it’ll come down to how well each team matches up against one another. Top 6 seeds, in no order. JC Paducah Tilghman Taylor Co Boyle Co Harrison Co Moore Anderson, North Oldham, Boyd, and Ohio/Christian are tough as well.
  8. Certification cut off for boys is 1/27, and girls is 1/20.
  9. CUTiger184

    1/14/24 Girls Rankings

    Updated rankings. Heads up to coaches across the state, your wrestlers records will need to be updated by your Region seed meeting. If it is not in track at that time, it did not happen. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this set of rankings. January Rankings.pdf
  10. CUTiger184

    Girls Ranking 12/17/23

    The committee has been working on them. Should be out around MLK day.
  11. CUTiger184

    Pre-season girls rankings 11/17/2023

    The committee will begin working on them this week.
  12. CUTiger184

    KYWCA Fall Coaches Clinic

    32 coaches signed up so far. Spread the word!
  13. CUTiger184

    KYWCA Fall Coaches Clinic

    Coaches, remember to sign up before 9/13/23 to receive a free clinic shirt.
  14. CUTiger184

    Ladies Tournaments

    @coachteater is a moderator.
  15. CUTiger184

    3 All-State Brothers

    Matt Shotwell (Conner) and Korey Shotwell (Campbell)