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  1. CUTiger184

    State championship video reviews

    He's doing a great job. What a great way to honor those champs!
  2. CUTiger184

    Open Jobs

    Harrison County Wrestling is looking to add a few assistants for next year. We have an established youth, middle, and varsity womens/mens teams. If you are looking for a coaching job shoot me an email at : We have multiple job openings in the district as well. Thanks,
  3. CUTiger184

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    Gotta start somewhere, I'm sure we will see exponential growth now that the tournament is reinstated. Again thanks to all who helped promote and run the tournament.
  4. CUTiger184

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    What are our pre-registration numbers looking like for this weekend? Thanks to everyone who have worked hard to bring back FS/GR state.
  5. CUTiger184

    2022 State recap

    Pendleton County should be starting next year.
  6. CUTiger184

    2022 College Commitments

    Looks like Eckman is headed to Bellarmine. Congrats.
  7. CUTiger184

    2022 College Commitments

    He will be with former Ky boy Blaine Frazier.
  8. CUTiger184

    2022 College Commitments

    We had several top notch guys come out of the 2022 class. Post the commitments and signings below. Jeremiah Baird: UofCky Cole Thomas: UTC Noah Duke: Thomas More
  9. CUTiger184

    Coaching Changes for next season

    Best wishes to Coach Burrell, he has done very well at Larue.
  10. Has anyone heard of any coaching changes/additions coming for next season?
  11. CUTiger184

    All time Goats

    The KYWCA has approved a KYWCA Wrestler HOF. All of this information will be helpful in inducting the first class. We still have a few criteria to line out but I think this will be a cool way to honor the guys of the past for sure.
  12. CUTiger184

    All time Goats

    John Wolsiefer was as tough as they come. I almost talked him into coming out of retirement to join me at Campbellsville. He would have been a multiple time AA for sure.
  13. CUTiger184

    Where Was The Podium?

    I have stored the podium for the last 4-5 years, it is being well taken care of and is ready to go when we are allowed to have it again. I believe a few coaches I cant recall their names built a new one after the old one was destroyed. I want to say maybe Coach Riordan from Oldham helped build the new one.
  14. CUTiger184

    All time Goats

    I agree, I bet they would scrap it out for bragging rights.
  15. CUTiger184

    Girls State Tournament

    MOW 100-138: Olivia Messerly MOW 145-HWT: Trinity Gottlier 1st place: Harrison County 2nd place: Taylor County 3rd place: North Hardin 4th place: Madison Southern 5th place: Knox Central