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  1. Alien01

    CKWA Dual Team

    I see you got the 21 seed thats excellent for this tournament!
  2. Alien01

    Jordyn vs Jayden Raney

    I love seeing them warm up together prior to matches,flow wrestling at it's finest!
  3. For most tournaments thats your best bet
  4. 165 as well with Wojicki,Harris,Ray,Neal,Leader,McKune
  5. Freestyle State was fun this year, lots of ranked kids showed up with multiple Folkstyle State Champs in the mix!
  6. Alien01

    List of Offseason Meets in KY or near 2024

    KY/USA Freestyle/Greco-Roman State Tournament: 04/20/2024 Great Crossing High School 120 Betsy Way Georgetown, KY 40324 what time are weigh ins for this? Not many signed up,14u girls has a grand total of 8 Junior boys has 73 total in all weight classes with the most being 9 at the 138 weight class.
  7. Alien01

    Last day to register for Knights RTC Freestyle/Greco Tournament

    That was fun!
  8. Mainly Ryle that has produced them? Maybe Holmes as well?
  9. Thanks for all the hard work my man
  10. Whenever he does it we all should appreciate the work it takes to do any of this!
  11. Alien01

    off-season tournament schedule

    Same here LOL,get to see some towns all over the midwest we would normally have never experienced
  12. Yes he said he will put one more ranking out. Often does it on Wednesdays I have noticed
  13. Alien01


    Yes and having that many matches people can watch definitely reveals your main tendencies. Thats waaaaay more matches than College wrestlers get in,unbelievable.