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  1. Tbagnky

    Venue for next year..

    So, then it it is possible. Who do we contact? Who is our voice? What do the possible facilities need? How do we go about doing these things? How do we make our championship something that makes other athletes want to wrestle? These are the questions that need to be asked and answered, then acted upon. We can bicker back and forth all day long on this forum, but until someone makes the moves/calls/emails that need to be made, nothing is going to change. I wish that I had the pull or contacts to do these things. I'm just a parent that absolutely loves the sport and what it has done for my boys, and I respect anyone who has influenced them, or any other kid that has put on the headgear.
  2. Tbagnky

    Venue for next year..

    I believe most programs showed their "flexibility" this season. With teams canceling events due to covid restrictions, the almost universally maligned post season format shoved down our throats and getting matches 1 day in advance to get the kids mat time, the coaches deserve an "atta boy" for their flexibility. I think it can be done at the bigger venues, in spite of D1 basketball being played there. Like the sport itself, it's all about effort. Do we take the easy way out and say, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?" Or, do we work together to make it work?
  3. Tbagnky

    Venue for next year..

    How about Memorial Coliseum? I realize it's more than just saying, "let's have it here", but this is the most centrally located and it's close to the KHSAA offices. If it’s a question of money to procure a venue, can we as a wrestling community raise the money through sponsors or private donations? Going back to a high school gym or keeping the format of this year needs to be categorically squashed. We aren't on a level comparable to Indiana or Ohio, but if the goal is to grow the sport, we have to collectively work to make it happen.
  4. Tbagnky

    Brackets are out

    Good Lord! I pray that this madness is over with as we roll into next year's season. This all feels like a bad dream. I, for one, am looking forward to off-season tournaments that do not have the restrictions or "oversight" of the KHSAA or the BOE looming in the background. The kids are the ones that suffer the most in all of this, and they deserve our (adults) best effort to ease that suffering. Too many athletes are missing that once in a lifetime experience of high school "glory." For some, it may be that State Championship, while others may want to qualify for the tournament or just compete week to week. Maybe one day we'll look back at this year and laugh at the craziness and it will be a footnote in one of GOO's lists. I hope that's the case, but some of these young men will have a bitter taste from it all.
  5. Tbagnky

    SB128 signed by the governor

    We can all agree that the past year has been challenging, to say the least. Kids doing work online, parents trying to help them with their work, teachers struggling to teach a curriculum to a bunch of faces/avatars on a screen and coaches of all sports stressing about the limits put on them have all made this a difficult time. Academically speaking, most kids do not have the tools to do what's being asked of them. Sure, there are some students that will always excel, but those are the top 2-5%. The rest need the guidance of the teachers and parents to understand the subject matter. We also have asked the teachers to do something that they were not trained to do. When they were student-teaching, they did so in a classroom setting. Our administration decided to keep the curriculum the same as usual and expected the staff to implement it. There are plenty of online education programs with the tools necessary for student success. Many kids in the state, from all grades, have suffered from this lack of planning. This bill is needed for this reason alone. Athletically, I personally noticed a lack of motivation in some kids. The constant dual/tri/quad meets took the individual motivation of "getting the gold" or standing on top the podium (that apparently, we're not allowed to have) away. It was great for team unity and bonding, but individual success doesn't always translate to team success. The ridiculous semi-state format with no wrestle-back, crazy seeding and limited attendance made the 1st and 2nd rounds of "State" the blood round. Many of these athletes were denied a true state tournament experience, especially seniors that qualified for the 1st time. We have some potential state placers ( I can think of three from one semi-state in one weight class) sitting at home this week due to that format. Coaches had to come up with events at the last minute due to cancellations or Covid restrictions. They also had to structure practice time, transportation, ticket allotment and/or streaming options to keep the program within the guidelines set by the all-knowing KHSAA. As a parent, I wish that my father could have watched his grand-son in person, at least once, this season. I want that "state" experience for my son and his brothers that qualified for the 1st time. I also want them to have a normal school day. The interaction between students with other students as well as teachers and administrators is vital in the development of all children. The faceless system that they've been operating under this past year is not cultivating that development. To answer your question, Chris, about 5-10% of the kids that I have asked said that they were seriously considering it. I selfishly want my son to do it, because he is our youngest of four children and I really am going to miss watching him compete and spending time in the stands with his teammates' families. But, I'm leaving it up to him.
  6. Tbagnky

    Prediction game.

    14- Meyer 113 13- Little 182 12- Thomas 126 11- Rodriguez 195 10- Herron 138 9- Virzi 220 8- Thorton 132 7- Nance 160 6- Russelburg 170 5- Moore 120 4- Kelly 285 3- Raney 106 2- Grandstaff 145 1- Carr 152
  7. Tbagnky

    Congrats to all that placed at state.

    9 of the top 5 last year did not place last year. Zero unranked. 4 ranked 20-25 6 ranked 15-19
  8. Tbagnky

    Semi-State and State Predictions

    Here's what I got based on web rankings, Ranger's current rankings and if the seeding plays out.
  9. Tbagnky

    Final pin leaders.

    Spencer Moore 18-0 13 pins 5 forfeits
  10. Okay, we've snarled and gnashed our teeth about seeding, format, the KHSAA...etc. Anybody have any predictions for the various brackets that have multiple ranked wrestlers given the format this year? Who qualifies? Who gets sent home early? More importantly will we get two Ranger Reports, one for Semi-State and one for State?
  11. Tbagnky

    semi state brackets

    The seeding process isn't really the big issue. Yes, some of the semi-state bracket seeds are jacked up, but the problem is that many wrestlers that would meet in the quarterfinals in a 32 man bracket are going to be eliminated. The 220 in the 5/6 bracket is just one of many examples of a bad system across the state. Going forward, I hope that the KHSAA doesn't see this as a money making opportunity and stick with it. It should always be about the kids and giving them a fair opportunity to succeed.
  12. Tbagnky

    semi state brackets

    I see 5 (Leicht, Brooksbank, Savage, Orneals, Elliston) kids that, in a normal year, should place at State. Unfortunately, only 2 will move on to the Championship matches.
  13. Tbagnky

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    I've been trying to get region 6 schools to band together and get all the bouts streamed somehow. Last I heard, they were in talks with Barren and the boys on how we could make that possible.
  14. Tbagnky

    State seeding and match length

    This is the scenario that I'm afraid could play out. It gets even more complicated if A & B are in the same region and C is from the region they pair with at semi state. It's the common opponents criteria that messes it up. A wins Regionals over B and C wins his region, but B and C have better common opponents record than A, then B is 1 seed after having finished 2nd at region and A is 3 seed. Or is it a cumulative where all the comparisons for one wreslter between all participants in one criteria are added up? I think I'm just confusing myself now.
  15. Tbagnky

    State seeding and match length

    Stupid question: wrestler A beats wrestler B. Wrestler B beats wrester C. Wrestler C beats wrestler A. All during the season. The head to head is tied. Do they move to next criteria between the 3 or just compare the AB AC BC individually and add the two criteria together?