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  1. Tbagnky

    State team race if format changes

    In looking at the minutes from BOC meeting from yesterday, https://khsaa.org/01-21-21-board-of-control-reviews-status-of-winter-and-spring-sports/ , I noticed that they limited the number of bowlers from regional competition, but not the State tournament. I realize it's an apples to oranges comparison, but perhaps this bodes well for the 32 man bracket. I guess we'll all find out together on Feb 17. I, for one, am going to stay cautiously optimistic.
  2. With the uncertainty surrounding the coming school year, has anyone heard anything about winter sports' start date being pushed back? I know many wrestlers also play football and can not wrestle until the football team plays their last game. I saw Mr Tackett's comments earlier and he said they may have a December finish for football.
  3. Tbagnky

    3/14 KWOA Spring Tournament

    I'm going to bring up the elephant in the room. Does the current state of emergency declared by the Governor affect the status of this tournament or any other event, camp etc? I'm hopeful that we can continue to compete, but not at the risk of anyone's health.
  4. Tbagnky

    Biggest Upset at State

    Elliston making it to the finals against Brown, Virzi and an undefeated Miller was a shock in our camp. Lehman had one hell of tournament also.
  5. Tbagnky

    2020 Ranger Report

    Ranger, thank you for recognizing Coop's "goofy" yet effective style. Your report was all the rage in our family tonight. We're proud of our boy and hope he has some magic left for tomorrow at 195.
  6. Tbagnky

    Fairfield Invitational

    Ron Masanek Fairfield Invitational Tournament Fairfield High School, Fairfield, OH January 10 - 11, 2020 Team Score 1. Upper Arlington 219.5 2. Fairfield 180.5 3. Campbell Co. 160.0 4. Princeton 148.5 5. Colerain 138.0 6. Harrison 129.5 7. Northwest 115.0 8. Conner 102.5 9. Edgewood 96.0 10. Ross 72.5 11. Westfall 70.5 12. Lak. West 69.0 13. Kings 50.0 14. Xenia 47.0 15. Sycamore 45.0 16. Winton Woods 28.0 17. Hamilton 16.0 18. Dixie Heights 14.0 Score First Place 106 Austin Hubbard (Fairfield) pin Frankie Mulligan (Upper Arlington) 3:49 113 Jake Thomas (Upper Arlington) pin Cameron Chaney (Edgewood) 3:35 120 Andrew Newkirk (Fairfield) dec. Daniel Beam (Upper Arlington) 11-4 126 Josue Dawson (Princeton) pin Chanston Moll (Westfall) 3:28 132 Antoine Allen (Princeton) maj. dec. Jacob Shanklin (Upper Arlington) md18-4 138 Jesse Bowers (Upper Arlington) pin Olathe Siegla (Edgewood) 4:46 145 Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Rylan Amend (Harrison) 1:07 152 Gage Starett (Northwest) dec. Nolan Boyle (Edgewood) 12-10 160 Miles Pearson (Upper Arlington) maj. dec. Zaine Brewer (Lak. West) md9-0 170 Brett McIntosh (Harrison) pin David Soghomonyan (Upper Arlington) 3:16 182 Isaiah Benson (Northwest) dec. Brandon Richmond (Campbell Co.) 12-6 195 Cooper Elliston (Conner) pin Iran Love (Princeton) 4:38 220 Brandon Smith (Fairfield) dec. Casey Rauch (Campbell Co.) 9-7 285 Alex Coleman (Ross) pin Luis Lobato (Fairfield) 1:18 Third Place 106 Mason Orth (Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Jaiden Earls (Ross) md11-2 113 Jaymar Brown (Colerain) pin Nate Maher (Fairfield) 4:26 120 Quinton Harris-Baird (Northwest) dec. Marquis Gamble (Princeton) 8-6 126 Jonah Bowers (Campbell Co.) dec. Kanden Pitman (Xenia) 8-6 132 Desmond Diggs (Xenia) dec. Micah Bowers (Campbell Co.) 6-4 138 Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) pin Samuel Grandstaff (Conner) 4:31 145 Jacob Grandstaff (Conner) dec. Maceo Powell (Princeton) 10-8 152 Mawuli Nevis (Colerain) dec. Logan Sowders (Harrison) 5-4 160 Donovan All (Fairfield) pin Bobby Green (Northwest) 4:29 170 Khamil Abdul (Colerain) dec. Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) 5-2 182 Starr Kelly (Westfall) dec. Trent Benson (Kings) 4-3 195 Xavier Legault (Kings) pin Tristin Noble (Fairfield) 2:34 220 Ace Ehrenschwender (Colerain) def. Jake Badgeley (Upper Arlington) Default 285 Vincent Munlin (Princeton) pin Cameron Carnes (Colerain) 0:43 Fifth Place 106 Evan Metzger (Harrison) pin Antony Hoty (Westfall) 0:26 113 Peyton Abbott (Harrison) pin Joshua Strong (Kings) 2:30 120 Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) dec. Gino Fiorino (Harrison) 7-3 126 George Orlando (Upper Arlington) def. Austin Sodemann (Northwest) Default 132 Dylan Berney (Conner) dec. Luke Adams (Fairfield) 5-1 138 Elijah Jackson (Princeton) forfeit Ben Breaker (Ross) Forfeit 145 Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) dec. Xander Began (Edgewood) 6-3 152 Stanley Crawley (Conner) dec. Ethan Boyle (Ross) 7-2 160 Logan Jones (Colerain) dec. Dominic Little (Harrison) 3-2 170 Ron Shackelford (Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) md14-3 182 Jamie Tommer (Lak. West) pin Jacob Reardon (Harrison) 2:18 195 Michael Leicht (Campbell Co.) dec. Corey Roberts (Hamilton) 5-3 220 Griffin Peacock (Ross) pin Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) 4:47 285 Simieon Salter (Northwest) pin Rafe Lynd (Upper Arlington) 0:31 Consolation Semifinal 106 Mason Orth (Campbell Co.) pin Antony Hoty (Westfall) 0:30 Jaiden Earls (Ross) dec. Evan Metzger (Harrison) 11-7 113 Nate Maher (Fairfield) dec. Peyton Abbott (Harrison) 11-7 Jaymar Brown (Colerain) pin Joshua Strong (Kings) 4:05 120 Quinton Harris-Baird (Northwest) dec. Gino Fiorino (Harrison) 6-3 Marquis Gamble (Princeton) pin Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) 5:08 126 Kanden Pitman (Xenia) def. George Orlando (Upper Arlington) Default Jonah Bowers (Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Austin Sodemann (Northwest) md11-0 132 Desmond Diggs (Xenia) maj. dec. Dylan Berney (Conner) md14-4 Micah Bowers (Campbell Co.) dec. Luke Adams (Fairfield) 5-0 138 Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) pin Ben Breaker (Ross) 2:57 Samuel Grandstaff (Conner) dec. Elijah Jackson (Princeton) 4-2 145 Maceo Powell (Princeton) maj. dec. Xander Began (Edgewood) md15-5 Jacob Grandstaff (Conner) dec. Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) 5-3 152 Logan Sowders (Harrison) maj. dec. Stanley Crawley (Conner) md13-3 Mawuli Nevis (Colerain) dec. Ethan Boyle (Ross) 6-0 160 Bobby Green (Northwest) pin Logan Jones (Colerain) 2:11 Donovan All (Fairfield) maj. dec. Dominic Little (Harrison) md14-3 170 Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) dec. Ron Shackelford (Campbell Co.) 5-4 Khamil Abdul (Colerain) dec. Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) 5-0 182 Starr Kelly (Westfall) dec. Jacob Reardon (Harrison) 12-5 Trent Benson (Kings) pin Jamie Tommer (Lak. West) 3:54 195 Tristin Noble (Fairfield) dec. Corey Roberts (Hamilton) 7-4 Xavier Legault (Kings) dec. Michael Leicht (Campbell Co.) 10-5 220 Ace Ehrenschwender (Colerain) pin Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) 2:29 Jake Badgeley (Upper Arlington) dec. Griffin Peacock (Ross) 8-5 285 Vincent Munlin (Princeton) pin Rafe Lynd (Upper Arlington) 1:34 Cameron Carnes (Colerain) pin Simieon Salter (Northwest) 1:21 Semifinal 106 Austin Hubbard (Fairfield) pin Jaiden Earls (Ross) 1:01 Frankie Mulligan (Upper Arlington) pin Mason Orth (Campbell Co.) 1:19 113 Jake Thomas (Upper Arlington) tech. fall Jaymar Brown (Colerain) tf19-4 Cameron Chaney (Edgewood) pin Peyton Abbott (Harrison) 3:23 120 Daniel Beam (Upper Arlington) dec. Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) 7-4 Andrew Newkirk (Fairfield) pin Quinton Harris-Baird (Northwest) 2:00 126 Josue Dawson (Princeton) maj. dec. Austin Sodemann (Northwest) md17-5 Chanston Moll (Westfall) Default George Orlando (Upper Arlington) Default 132 Antoine Allen (Princeton) maj. dec. Micah Bowers (Campbell Co.) md20-10 Jacob Shanklin (Upper Arlington) pin Desmond Diggs (Xenia) 5:19 138 Olathe Siegla (Edgewood) dec. Samuel Grandstaff (Conner) 4-2 Jesse Bowers (Upper Arlington) pin Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) 1:39 145 Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Jacob Grandstaff (Conner) 3:07 Rylan Amend (Harrison) dec. Maceo Powell (Princeton) 5-4 152 Nolan Boyle (Edgewood) dec. Mawuli Nevis (Colerain) 8-7 Gage Starett (Northwest) dec. Stanley Crawley (Conner) 7-5 160 Miles Pearson (Upper Arlington) dec. Donovan All (Fairfield) 16-14 Zaine Brewer (Lak. West) pin Bobby Green (Northwest) 4:48 170 Brett McIntosh (Harrison) pin Khamil Abdul (Colerain) 5:09 David Soghomonyan (Upper Arlington) dec. Ron Shackelford (Campbell Co.) 8-3 182 Brandon Richmond (Campbell Co.) dec. Jamie Tommer (Lak. West) 8-5 Isaiah Benson (Northwest) pin Starr Kelly (Westfall) 3:59 195 Iran Love (Princeton) dec. Michael Leicht (Campbell Co.) 7-4 Cooper Elliston (Conner) pin Corey Roberts (Hamilton) 2:30 220 Casey Rauch (Campbell Co.) dec. Griffin Peacock (Ross) 9-5 Brandon Smith (Fairfield) maj. dec. Ace Ehrenschwender (Colerain) md14-4 285 Alex Coleman (Ross) pin Cameron Carnes (Colerain) 0:06 Luis Lobato (Fairfield) dec. Rafe Lynd (Upper Arlington) 3-2 Consolation Quarterfinal 106 Antony Hoty (Westfall) maj. dec. Alonso Murakami Leon (Sycamore) md13-4 Evan Metzger (Harrison) pin Aiden Marquis (Conner) 0:47 113 Nate Maher (Fairfield) maj. dec. Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) md14-6 Joshua Strong (Kings) pin Nate Schneider (Campbell Co.) 2:18 120 Gino Fiorino (Harrison) dec. Jake Lange (Edgewood) 9-2 Marquis Gamble (Princeton) dec. John Doyle (Lak. West) 10-6 126 Kanden Pitman (Xenia) dec. Tyler Fraasman (Fairfield) 4-2 Jonah Bowers (Campbell Co.) dec. Austin Huff (Lak. West) 7-1 132 Dylan Berney (Conner) pin Andrew Killgore (Sycamore) 3:36 Luke Adams (Fairfield) dec. Dzhambulat Tckhovrebov (Kings) 5-3 138 Ben Breaker (Ross) tech. fall Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) tf17-2 Elijah Jackson (Princeton) maj. dec. Christain Sanders (Winton Woods) md12-3 145 Xander Began (Edgewood) pin Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) 0:37 Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) maj. dec. Lane Abrams (Fairfield) md12-1 152 Logan Sowders (Harrison) maj. dec. Kyle Richmond (Campbell Co.) md12-2 Ethan Boyle (Ross) dec. Jadan Hall (Westfall) 8-7 160 Logan Jones (Colerain) dec. Stepan Stepanyan (Sycamore) 6-1 Dominic Little (Harrison) forfeit Wyatt Dawn (Campbell Co.) Forfeit 170 Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) maj. dec. Kamarrei Harden (Northwest) md11-2 Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) dec. Glenn Keeton III (Westfall) 7-2 182 Jacob Reardon (Harrison) pin John Harris (Princeton) 4:18 Trent Benson (Kings) dec. Caz Pace (Fairfield) 7-1 195 Tristin Noble (Fairfield) maj. dec. Oliver Ogg (Lak. West) md12-3 Xavier Legault (Kings) pin Todd Watson (Colerain) 2:53 220 Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) dec. Jiaehr Short (Winton Woods) 9-3 Jake Badgeley (Upper Arlington) pin Bryent Shepherd (Xenia) 0:49 285 Vincent Munlin (Princeton) pin Andrew Thompson (Winton Woods) 0:15 Simieon Salter (Northwest) dec. Hunter Arthur (Campbell Co.) 6-3 Fourth Consolation 106 Antony Hoty (Westfall) pin Randy Cox (Northwest) 4:28 Evan Metzger (Harrison) pin Hector Yanez (Edgewood) 1:43 113 Nate Maher (Fairfield) pin Blake Roland (Conner) 2:33 Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) maj. dec. Christian Furniss (Westfall) md11-1 120 Jake Lange (Edgewood) dec. Jeremiah Thomas (Conner) 8-5 Gino Fiorino (Harrison) pin Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) 2:47 Marquis Gamble (Princeton) dec. Amir Isakov (Sycamore) 5-1 John Doyle (Lak. West) pin Bonifcio Gutierrez Lopez (Hamilton) 1:32 126 Tyler Fraasman (Fairfield) pin Brady Flick (Edgewood) 2:11 Kanden Pitman (Xenia) dec. Connor Seper (Sycamore) 8-1 Austin Huff (Lak. West) dec. Maddox Carter (Harrison) 10-8 Jonah Bowers (Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Johnny Hyunh (Conner) md16-3 132 Dylan Berney (Conner) pin Patrick Butler (Dixie Heights) 1:49 Andrew Killgore (Sycamore) pin Nathan Garrison (Lak. West) 2:18 Dzhambulat Tckhovrebov (Kings) pin Aiden Scleeba (Edgewood) 2:54 Luke Adams (Fairfield) pin Wayne Kitchen (Westfall) 1:34 138 Ben Breaker (Ross) dec. Caleb Harper (Fairfield) 15-11 Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Matthew Neal (Sycamore) 1:43 Elijah Jackson (Princeton) maj. dec. Seth Kroeger (Colerain) md14-0 Christain Sanders (Winton Woods) pin Isaac Dane (Hamilton) 1:18 145 Xander Began (Edgewood) dec. Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) 7-4 Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) dec. Wes Fox (Hamilton) 7-2 Lane Abrams (Fairfield) dec. Phillip Nared (Xenia) 7-6 Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) pin Gage Edwards (Northwest) 2:55 152 Kyle Richmond (Campbell Co.) pin Dalton Craft (Hamilton) 3:54 Logan Sowders (Harrison) maj. dec. Ethan Wilson (Dixie Heights) md17-4 Ethan Boyle (Ross) dec. Jake Gerding (Lak. West) 4-2 Jadan Hall (Westfall) pin Coby Sanders (Winton Woods) 1:50 160 Stepan Stepanyan (Sycamore) dec. Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) 9-6 Logan Jones (Colerain) pin Stephan Shampton (Xenia) 4:33 Wyatt Dawn (Campbell Co.) dec. Pierre Amegadzie (Princeton) 1-1 Dominic Little (Harrison) pin Kyle Chasteen (Edgewood) 3:37 170 Kamarrei Harden (Northwest) pin Aiden Rader (Edgewood) 2:47 Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) pin Mario Meadows (Hamilton) 1:31 Glenn Keeton III (Westfall) dec. Gavin Legault (Kings) 6-3 Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) dec. Cedric Martin (Fairfield) 6-2 182 John Harris (Princeton) pin Andrew Smith (Xenia) 1:49 Jacob Reardon (Harrison) pin Eddie Hartwig (Sycamore) 0:18 Caz Pace (Fairfield) pin Marcus Johnson (Winton Woods) 3:29 Trent Benson (Kings) pin Jack Hamburg (Conner) 1:27 195 Oliver Ogg (Lak. West) def. Nathan Allen (Westfall) Default Tristin Noble (Fairfield) pin Charlie Whapham (Sycamore) 1:19 Xavier Legault (Kings) pin Gage Tucker (Harrison) 1:34 Todd Watson (Colerain) pin Collin Ansel (Upper Arlington) 2:29 220 Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) pin Gabe Ramirez (Hamilton) 2:21 Jiaehr Short (Winton Woods) pin Caleb Barker (Conner) 3:20 Bryent Shepherd (Xenia) pin Dalton Pittman (Kings) 5:54OT Jake Badgeley (Upper Arlington) pin Ben Bobst (Sycamore) 3:45 285 Andrew Thompson (Winton Woods) pin Daniel Larkins (Harrison) 2:37 Simieon Salter (Northwest) pin Derek Shelton (Conner) 0:57 Hunter Arthur (Campbell Co.) pin Hunter Probasco (Westfall) 0:29 Quarterfinal 106 Austin Hubbard (Fairfield) pin* Alonso Murakami Leon (Sycamore) 1:08 Jaiden Earls (Ross) pin* Antony Hoty (Westfall) 3:17 Frankie Mulligan (Upper Arlington) pin* Aiden Marquis (Conner) 0:56 Mason Orth (Campbell Co.) maj. dec.* Evan Metzger (Harrison) md11-3 113 Jake Thomas (Upper Arlington) tech. fall* Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) tf17-1 Jaymar Brown (Colerain) pin* Nate Maher (Fairfield) 0:32 Peyton Abbott (Harrison) dec. Nate Schneider (Campbell Co.) 4-3 Cameron Chaney (Edgewood) maj. dec. Joshua Strong (Kings) md13-0 120 Daniel Beam (Upper Arlington) dec. Gino Fiorino (Harrison) 5-1 Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) dec.* Jeremiah Thomas (Conner) 8-5 Quinton Harris-Baird (Northwest) pin* John Doyle (Lak. West) 3:25 Andrew Newkirk (Fairfield) pin Marquis Gamble (Princeton) 4:17 126 Josue Dawson (Princeton) pin Kanden Pitman (Xenia) 0:52 Austin Sodemann (Northwest) pin Brady Flick (Edgewood) 3:26 George Orlando (Upper Arlington) dec. Jonah Bowers (Campbell Co.) 11-7 Chanston Moll (Westfall) maj. dec. Austin Huff (Lak. West) md10-0 132 Antoine Allen (Princeton) pin* Nathan Garrison (Lak. West) 0:29 Micah Bowers (Campbell Co.) dec.* Dylan Berney (Conner) 6-0 Jacob Shanklin (Upper Arlington) maj. dec. Luke Adams (Fairfield) md9-1 Desmond Diggs (Xenia) pin Aiden Scleeba (Edgewood) 0:49 138 Samuel Grandstaff (Conner) tech. fall* Matthew Neal (Sycamore) tf17-1 Olathe Siegla (Edgewood) maj. dec. Ben Breaker (Ross) md11-1 Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) pin Christain Sanders (Winton Woods) 1:20 Jesse Bowers (Upper Arlington) pin Seth Kroeger (Colerain) 1:02 145 Jacob Grandstaff (Conner) pin Wes Fox (Hamilton) 1:33 Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Xander Began (Edgewood) 1:24 Maceo Powell (Princeton) dec. Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) 5-4 Rylan Amend (Harrison) pin Phillip Nared (Xenia) 5:53 152 Nolan Boyle (Edgewood) dec. Logan Sowders (Harrison) 8-5 Mawuli Nevis (Colerain) maj. dec. Kyle Richmond (Campbell Co.) md15-4 Gage Starett (Northwest) pin Coby Sanders (Winton Woods) 3:37 Stanley Crawley (Conner) maj. dec. Ethan Boyle (Ross) md10-2 160 Miles Pearson (Upper Arlington) tech. fall Stephan Shampton (Xenia) tf17-1 Donovan All (Fairfield) pin Stepan Stepanyan (Sycamore) 4:32 Bobby Green (Northwest) dec. Dominic Little (Harrison) 11-4 Zaine Brewer (Lak. West) pin Pierre Amegadzie (Princeton) 2:49 170 Brett McIntosh (Harrison) dec. Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) 7-2 Khamil Abdul (Colerain) dec. Kamarrei Harden (Northwest) 8-6 David Soghomonyan (Upper Arlington) tech. fall Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) tf15-0 Ron Shackelford (Campbell Co.) pin Gavin Legault (Kings) 4:46 182 Brandon Richmond (Campbell Co.) pin Eddie Hartwig (Sycamore) 2:21 Jamie Tommer (Lak. West) pin John Harris (Princeton) 0:26 Isaiah Benson (Northwest) dec. Trent Benson (Kings) 8-3 Starr Kelly (Westfall) pin Marcus Johnson (Winton Woods) 0:54 195 Michael Leicht (Campbell Co.) pin Tristin Noble (Fairfield) 3:22 Iran Love (Princeton) Default Nathan Allen (Westfall) Default Corey Roberts (Hamilton) dec. Todd Watson (Colerain) 11-7 Cooper Elliston (Conner) pin Xavier Legault (Kings) 3:27 220 Casey Rauch (Campbell Co.) pin Caleb Barker (Conner) 2:52 Griffin Peacock (Ross) dec.* Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) 11-6 Ace Ehrenschwender (Colerain) dec. Jake Badgeley (Upper Arlington) 7-3 Brandon Smith (Fairfield) pin Dalton Pittman (Kings) 1:26 285 Alex Coleman (Ross) pin* Vincent Munlin (Princeton) 2:27 Cameron Carnes (Colerain) pin* Andrew Thompson (Winton Woods) 2:15 Rafe Lynd (Upper Arlington) maj. dec.* Hunter Arthur (Campbell Co.) md13-4 Luis Lobato (Fairfield) dec. Simieon Salter (Northwest) 5-2 Third Consolation 120 Jake Lange (Edgewood) pin Caleb Cline (Westfall) 0:29 132 Andrew Killgore (Sycamore) pin Nikolai Johnstone (Northwest) 2:41 138 Caleb Harper (Fairfield) pin Colin Cameron (Kings) 3:45 Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Jake Rivera (Harrison) 5:40 Elijah Jackson (Princeton) tech. fall Rex Brown (Westfall) tf18-1 Isaac Dane (Hamilton) Bye Bye Bye 145 Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) maj. dec. Jahiem Bouldin (Winton Woods) md14-2 Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) dec. Trenton Paige Plogher (Westfall) 9-4 Lane Abrams (Fairfield) pin Riley Meek (Lak. West) 4:34 Gage Edwards (Northwest) pin Caleb Bell (Kings) 2:14 152 Dalton Craft (Hamilton) dec. Mohammad Ahmadzai (Princeton) 8-1 Ethan Wilson (Dixie Heights) pin Ryan Foley (Fairfield) 2:00 Jake Gerding (Lak. West) pin Taylor Maxwell (Xenia) 3:21 Jadan Hall (Westfall) pin Tom Coyne (Sycamore) 1:32 160 Logan Jones (Colerain) dec. Wyatt Cooper (Westfall) 7-3 Kyle Chasteen (Edgewood) pin Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) 1:10 170 Aiden Rader (Edgewood) pin Jake Harris (Dixie Heights) 2:53 Mario Meadows (Hamilton) pin Noah Cupps (Conner) 4:24 Glenn Keeton III (Westfall) pin Mike Hollingshed (Xenia) 4:51 Cedric Martin (Fairfield) pin Hayduke Hess (Ross) 0:55 182 Andrew Smith (Xenia) pin Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) 2:35 Jacob Reardon (Harrison) dec. Jude Hess (Ross) 10-6 Caz Pace (Fairfield) pin Isaiah Montgomery (Colerain) 1:58 Jack Hamburg (Conner) pin Austin Hannahs (Hamilton) 0:38 195 Charlie Whapham (Sycamore) pin Jamell Smith (Xenia) 0:16 Gage Tucker (Harrison) pin Angel Soriano (Northwest) 2:58 220 Ben Bobst (Sycamore) pin Samuel Arledge (Westfall) 2:28 Second Consolation 138 Elijah Jackson (Princeton) dec. Benjamin Whatley (Lak. West) 9-5 182 Andrew Smith (Xenia) pin Landon Payne (Edgewood) 0:59 Jack Hamburg (Conner) pin Jason Ferola (Upper Arlington) 2:44 Second Round 106 Antony Hoty (Westfall) tech. fall Hector Yanez (Edgewood) tf21-6 Evan Metzger (Harrison) pin Randy Cox (Northwest) 0:24 113 Peyton Abbott (Harrison) pin Christian Furniss (Westfall) 1:59 Cameron Chaney (Edgewood) pin Blake Roland (Conner) 1:15 120 Daniel Beam (Upper Arlington) pin Bonifcio Gutierrez Lopez (Hamilton) 0:45 Jeremiah Thomas (Conner) pin Amir Isakov (Sycamore) 5:40 John Doyle (Lak. West) pin Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) 1:57 Marquis Gamble (Princeton) dec. Jake Lange (Edgewood) 12-8 Andrew Newkirk (Fairfield) pin Caleb Cline (Westfall) 0:36 126 Josue Dawson (Princeton) pin Johnny Hyunh (Conner) 5:34 Austin Sodemann (Northwest) maj. dec. Maddox Carter (Harrison) md9-1 George Orlando (Upper Arlington) pin Connor Seper (Sycamore) 0:43 Chanston Moll (Westfall) pin Tyler Fraasman (Fairfield) 1:02 132 Nathan Garrison (Lak. West) pin Wayne Kitchen (Westfall) 0:58 Dylan Berney (Conner) dec. Dzhambulat Tckhovrebov (Kings) 6-1 Jacob Shanklin (Upper Arlington) pin Nikolai Johnstone (Northwest) 3:40 Luke Adams (Fairfield) maj. dec. Andrew Killgore (Sycamore) md12-2 Desmond Diggs (Xenia) pin Patrick Butler (Dixie Heights) 2:25 138 Samuel Grandstaff (Conner) Bye* Bye Bye Matthew Neal (Sycamore) maj. dec.* Isaac Dane (Hamilton) md14-3 Ben Breaker (Ross) pin* Rex Brown (Westfall) 4:14 Olathe Siegla (Edgewood) maj. dec.* Benjamin Whatley (Lak. West) md12-0 Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) pin Jake Rivera (Harrison) 3:58 Christain Sanders (Winton Woods) pin* Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) 5:55 Seth Kroeger (Colerain) pin* Colin Cameron (Kings) 2:20 Jesse Bowers (Upper Arlington) pin* Caleb Harper (Fairfield) 5:48 145 Jacob Grandstaff (Conner) pin Gage Edwards (Northwest) 0:33 Wes Fox (Hamilton) pin Caleb Bell (Kings) 3:30 Xander Began (Edgewood) pin Riley Meek (Lak. West) 4:48 Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Lane Abrams (Fairfield) 4:45 Mason McHugh (Upper Arlington) tech. fall Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) tf19-1 Maceo Powell (Princeton) pin Trenton Paige Plogher (Westfall) 3:51 Rylan Amend (Harrison) tech. fall Jahiem Bouldin (Winton Woods) tf17-0 Phillip Nared (Xenia) dec. Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) 13-7 152 Nolan Boyle (Edgewood) pin Tom Coyne (Sycamore) 1:43 Logan Sowders (Harrison) pin Jadan Hall (Westfall) 3:42 Mawuli Nevis (Colerain) dec. Jake Gerding (Lak. West) 6-4 Kyle Richmond (Campbell Co.) pin Taylor Maxwell (Xenia) 3:43 Gage Starett (Northwest) maj. dec. Ryan Foley (Fairfield) md19-8 Coby Sanders (Winton Woods) pin Ethan Wilson (Dixie Heights) 4:21 Ethan Boyle (Ross) dec. Dalton Craft (Hamilton) 9-6 Stanley Crawley (Conner) pin Mohammad Ahmadzai (Princeton) 2:55 160 Miles Pearson (Upper Arlington) pin Kyle Chasteen (Edgewood) 1:51 Stephan Shampton (Xenia) pin Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) 3:12 Donovan All (Fairfield) tech. fall Wyatt Dawn (Campbell Co.) tf19-3 Bobby Green (Northwest) pin Logan Jones (Colerain) 1:55 Dominic Little (Harrison) pin Wyatt Cooper (Westfall) 1:38 Zaine Brewer (Lak. West) pin Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) 3:24 170 Brett McIntosh (Harrison) pin Cedric Martin (Fairfield) 3:02 Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore) pin Hayduke Hess (Ross) 1:00 Khamil Abdul (Colerain) pin Mike Hollingshed (Xenia) 1:49 Kamarrei Harden (Northwest) pin Glenn Keeton III (Westfall) 3:24 David Soghomonyan (Upper Arlington) pin Mario Meadows (Hamilton) 0:30 Alexander Tommer (Lak. West) pin Noah Cupps (Conner) 1:59 Gavin Legault (Kings) dec. Aiden Rader (Edgewood) 5-2 Ron Shackelford (Campbell Co.) pin Jake Harris (Dixie Heights) 1:14 182 Brandon Richmond (Campbell Co.) pin* Jason Ferola (Upper Arlington) 4:51 Eddie Hartwig (Sycamore) pin Austin Hannahs (Hamilton) 0:35 Jamie Tommer (Lak. West) pin* Isaiah Montgomery (Colerain) 0:56 John Harris (Princeton) dec.* Caz Pace (Fairfield) 12-8 Isaiah Benson (Northwest) maj. dec.* Jacob Reardon (Harrison) md12-4 Trent Benson (Kings) maj. dec.* Jude Hess (Ross) md13-4 Marcus Johnson (Winton Woods) dec.* Landon Payne (Edgewood) 6-3 Starr Kelly (Westfall) pin Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) 1:10 195 Michael Leicht (Campbell Co.) pin Collin Ansel (Upper Arlington) 1:32 Iran Love (Princeton) pin Gage Tucker (Harrison) 2:39 Nathan Allen (Westfall) pin Angel Soriano (Northwest) 3:51 Todd Watson (Colerain) dec. Jamell Smith (Xenia) 11-5 Corey Roberts (Hamilton) pin Charlie Whapham (Sycamore) 3:25 Cooper Elliston (Conner) pin Oliver Ogg (Lak. West) 1:20 220 Casey Rauch (Campbell Co.) pin Ben Bobst (Sycamore) 4:25 Caleb Barker (Conner) pin Samuel Arledge (Westfall) 1:32 Radical Rothermel (Edgewood) pin Bryent Shepherd (Xenia) 1:06 Ace Ehrenschwender (Colerain) pin Jiaehr Short (Winton Woods) 0:53 Brandon Smith (Fairfield) pin Gabe Ramirez (Hamilton) 3:01 285 Vincent Munlin (Princeton) pin Hunter Probasco (Westfall) 0:34 Andrew Thompson (Winton Woods) pin Derek Shelton (Conner) 1:19 Luis Lobato (Fairfield) pin Daniel Larkins (Harrison) 5:28 First Round 138 Owen Stacey (Campbell Co.) dec. Elijah Jackson (Princeton) 5-4 182 Eddie Hartwig (Sycamore) pin Andrew Smith (Xenia) 0:56 Starr Kelly (Westfall) pin Jack Hamburg (Conner) 2:55 TimeStamp: 01-11-2020 16:40:23 - Baumspage Wrestling App. (c)2014-2020
  7. I was once admonished for this a few years ago when my son noted that he pinned a kid that was ranked above him. I've also learned that the rankings really mean nothing come February. Yes, some are heads and shoulders above the rest, but once you get past the top 3 or 4, it's a matter of who they beat. There is no perfect system and I think Ranger does a great job considering all the time and effort it takes to go over the results and slot the kids accordingly. And by no means is this an official list recognized by any governing body, only by those that read it.
  8. Thanks for reply. I saw Chris's post after posting this. It was a great event with some outstanding matchups. Even with Union sending kids to Ironman, they still had a strong team. Ryle, St. X and Lebanon all had a great showing. Thanks for all you do. These rankings give us old guys a lot to discuss, and it gives some kids a little motivation when they know they're going to face another ranked wrestler.
  9. Ranger, any idea what teams are coming to the Rumble? I know it's always a great tournament, plus I'd like to see who my kids may get a chance to face.
  10. Tbagnky

    Most pins career

    Is there any way to find out the top 10 or a list of guys who have the most pins in their career?
  11. Looks like Duke is going to 182. If so, he's got to be top 3 at that weight.
  12. Hoping to see new rankings after this past weekend. Raider Rumble lived up to expectations. There were some great finals matches.
  13. Quick question. Does a referee have the ability to eject a coach from a meet? This happened at a meet I attended, and the coach said that the ref didn't have that power. It was a well-respected coach and I trust that he knows the rules. I was just confused as to who was in the right.
  14. Tbagnky

    Middle School and Youth State

    I completely agree. If growth is what we're looking for, then the experience of wrestling in Middle School State against the top kids in that weight class gives our young men and women the opportunity to grow. I think placing top 4 is a good cutoff for youth. My older son placed 6th in his 8th grade year at Middle School State, then went on to place 2nd at youth the next day. The entire weekend was an outstanding experience for him and his younger brother, who also placed 2nd at youth that year. The time they both got on the mat, against top competition, was invaluable to their growth, both as wrestlers and their character.