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  1. Tbagnky

    Former Conner wrestler passed

    If you would like to help contribute to Crawley's funeral as the expenses add up, you can call the Linnemann Funeral Homes & Cremation Center to make a donation. That number is (859) 727-1250.
  2. Tbagnky


    We have done entrance music and use Ranger's rankings for our Duals. The kids really enjoy coming out to their choice, especially the extras that get a non-point scoring match. Also, we have had the pep band present. I would like to bring spotlights and cheerleading to make it an event that draws more than just parents. I announce and try to make it entertaining outside the competition. Also, there is nothing better than a dual coming down to the heavys, and everyone in the gym cheering for every point.
  3. It's with a very heavy heart that we are sad to share the news of, Conner Cougar Wrestling class of 2020, Stanley Patrick Crawley's passing as a result of a motorcycle crash yesterday in Burlington. As a teammate of our boys, we got to know him as the funny kid who never backed down from a challenge. His smile and positive attitude permeated the entire team and wrestling family. We ask that you please pray for his mother, April, and brothers Nate, and James as they deal with this unthinkable loss. We will update, as soon as we know, with any information as to how to help the family with anything they may need. This sport allows us to become close to the athletes and their families like no other. I know the entire wrestling community grieves with us.
  4. But my kid beat this kid who beat that kid... So and so has been a beast on the summer tour... You obviously have bias against Harrison County... Did I miss any?
  5. Tbagnky

    3 All-State Brothers

    The Ervins are the obvious wrestling family in the state. Father/son(s)- Johnny Badida and his two sons Tristan and Clayton at Conner, with grandpaw Wayne as coach. Brothers- Recently the Dukes at Ryle. Elliston boys both qualified at Conner. Grandstaff twins at Conner.
  6. Tbagnky


    I, for one, believe that a kid should be able to transfer to whatever school he or she wishes without any penalty. The only argument against this is that only certain schools would get the best athletes. So what? The only reason you wouldn't want it is so that your school doesn't lose said athlete. If we are looking at the best interests of the kids, then they should be able to attend where they feel they have the best opportunity to succeed. Transfer rules only punish kids, athletes in particular. Not so in other scholastic activities. Example: Timmy is an excellent trumpet player. He really wants to get a music scholarship for college. The school he attends does not have the best band program and limits his ability to obtain that scholarship. Lafayette, however, has an amazing band program that regularly sends kids to college. Timmy transfers and is able to perform and compete (yes there are band competitions, both ensemble and solo) immediately, without sitting out a year. He then gets his coveted scholarship. We should be thankful for kids, like Caleb, coming to our state to compete and that more of our own kids don't move to Ohio, Indiana or Illinois to get more exposure. Ever wonder how many D1 coaches attend those State tournaments? I love the pride and passion that each school's fan base has in this state. It belies the sport itself. But the interests of the kids are hardly ever the 1st thing we think about when we discuss the transfer rules. We only worry about how it affects our respective team. Could this hurt certain teams and make others only stronger? Yes. But I believe the collective sport(s) will be better and force schools to get better.
  7. Tbagnky

    Podium pictures

    If anyone has podium pictures of all the placers, can you please post them here? Thank you.
  8. Tbagnky

    Not looking forward to state.

    Quote from Linknky: Connor Link, KHSAA Media Relations and Public Relations Director, released a statement Tuesday on behalf of KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett. “Many municipal facilities were shut down during the pandemic and not booking outside groups,” Tackett wrote. “Because of that, combined with some past problems on how our team representatives treated facilities that we were using, there were minimal options when setting up for post-pandemic events. We are extremely grateful that GRC made its multi-million dollar facility, likely one of the nicest facilities in the state, available for our regular use. The facilities are set for 2023 and we look forward to an outstanding event.” Tackett also wrote that many facilities, particularly those on college campuses, were not built for the KHSAA’s use, but for their students. “Each facility we have used has had pros and cons, and we continue to be very appreciative of those willing to host. Given the way many of our hosts are treated by some of those attending, we are fortunate to have options.” Wrestling is one of five sports contested at high school venues. The others: Volleyball at GRC; field hockey at Christian Academy-Louisville and boys and girls soccer at Frederick Douglass. What this tells me is that they can't find an arena to host this sport because we're disrespectful of the venue and dirty. My suggestion, everyone clean GRC so that it is spotless this weekend. Grab a mop, broom, window cleaner...whatever it takes to show Mr Tackett and crew that is just not true.
  9. Tbagnky

    NFHS Wrestling Survey

    I would love the college out of bounds rule, except that most gyms/tournaments do not have the space to allow for this. We saw this at SS2 with Ryle having mats against the wall. Larger tournaments would have to use less mats, resulting in longer days or fewer teams competing. Too often a ref will call the competitors out of bounds when one will be right there on a takedown or reversal. GOO, think about a 3 pt throw for the 1st TD then a 4 pt NF. The kid is up 7! It may make for an exciting 1st period, but after that, the match would consist of coasting to protect the lead.
  10. Tbagnky

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    Coach Teater and the coaches throughout the state have done an excellent job of promoting and growing girls wrestling. This format may not have been acceptable to everyone, but when you try to please everybody in this day and age, you'll just end up in a mental ward. That being said, the young lady that our school sent lost to one of the finalists in her 1st match. She then went on to win her consolation bracket. She was understandably upset and disappointed when she found out that she was not going to place. I'm sure that there are similar situations with other young ladies. Maybe GOO was right with the pool idea. However, that format makes for an extremely long day and can't be done with over 400 competitors and limited mat space. This all could be moot next year with sanctioning by the KHSAA. Maybe I'm biased because of my closeness with the kids on the team, specifically the family of this young lady. Thank you, Coach T, gator, Ashbrook, Che, and Spencer for trying to accomplish an impossible task with limited resources. The goal is to grow this sport and in having a State Championship for all of these girls to strive for is a major step in the right direction.
  11. Administrators, please remove if this is not allowed. Former Conner wrestler and 2020 160lb State Runner Up, Clayton Boyd needs our collective help. Two weeks ago, at the Conner Invitational, he was volunteering and had a seizure. As a result, his heart stopped and needed to be resuscitated and was subsequently transported to the hospital. Anyone who was there can tell you how scary that situation was. If you know Clayton or ever saw him wrestle, you know he is a relentless competitor, both on the mat and in life. He is currently not allowed to work, drive or be alone for fear that he will have another seizure. He is waiting to see a neurologist to determine the cause and a solution to this condition. The family is asking for donations to help with bills and living expenses until he can return to work. Those can be made here: Fundraiser by Sierra Smith : Clayton boyd (gofundme.com) Please share this link on any platform. Thank you.
  12. Tbagnky

    1A, 2A, 3A Section Results

    Never mind, Coach Teater beat me to it.
  13. SeanR, This thread has devolved from a question regarding pushing your son to focus on wrestling to you constantly giving out your resume and how successful you are. The short answer is you can't. The drive and determination to succeed in any endeavor is up to the individual. You are obviously, based on your many accomplishments listed above, a self-motivated man. However, your son's future in this sport is completely up to him. Both of our sons wrestled and played football in high school. Both succeeded in both sports. One was extremely driven and pushed himself daily, one was not, but knew his strengths and weaknesses and utilized both to his advantage on the mat. Both competed at a high level in and out of the state and defeated several kids that are currently competing at all levels of college. My advice is, don't treat your son like a client, unless he asks you to. This sport, much like boxing, MMA, BJJ...etc. is as much about learning lessons for life as it is about the physical benefits. The joy you feel as a father when your son wins a match is only comparable to the grief you feel when he loses. Enjoy the ride. Be a father. Embrace him in the victories and the defeats. Before long, he'll be out in the world.
  14. Tbagnky

    2022 State recap

    GOO, I was wondering the same thing. Looking back Elliston should have forfeited the 3rd place match at Semi-State. I don't know if the path would've been easier, but he wouldn't have seen Whitehead in the 2nd round who seems to just have his number. If this is the format going forward, you may see forfeits at Semi-State to avoid these scenarios.
  15. Tbagnky

    Not good KHSAA

    This thread was about inconsistent refereeing. I just pointed out another example. No excuses. As far as "humble bragging" goes, everything I have said on this forum was genuine. I am proud of my sons and all they have accomplished in this sport. I didn't lose anything. I have won many friends and extended family from their time competing on the mat.. You should be proud of Rocky as well. He did what he had to do to win and did so at a high level. Congratulations to him!