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    Congratulations to so many of the Kentucky girls that represented Kentucky in Texas!! Olivia Messerly is the 15U Champion at 50Kg. Lauren walton takes 3rd in the same bracket!! Addison Messerly, Olivia Messerly and Lauren Walton all won their brackets on Saturday and became All Americans. Great job girls!
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    I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my identity. I kinda like staying in the shadows.
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    Ranger, I can help. Olivia, Addison and Lauren won the 14u freestyle nationals on saturday. GREAT ACHIEVEMENT in itself. On Sunday the 15uww world team trials took place. Olivia won the 50kg and earned the spot to compete in Budapest. Lauren took 3rd. She will get to challenge the 2nd place finisher for a spot on the pan am team. This was the largest womens freestyle event in the world. AMAZING job to these 3 young ladies. All are 13 and wrestled up in age groups. Well Done.
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    That's incredible work, congrats to them!
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    They havent followed the 5 match rule for almost a decade GOO, get out from under your rock, lol. MS is lined up with USA wrestling, and therefore does not have a match limit.
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    A.gah.gah.gah .gah.gah. Just when you thought it was safe right . Popeye returns . The age old ? Of who's who ...to be honest some hide some do not the real ? Is if your hiding is there a reason . And if your attacking and knocking someone well ...theres a reason . God is good be happy enjoy your children and the sport .
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    I think we all know who this guy is.
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    We struggled to find Middle School events last season that weren't already full. With the extension to the season, can we post possible tournaments in one spot? Even if you know of out of state tournaments it would be extremely helpful. Attached is a running calendar I will update as events come in. Youth_Middle Tournaments 2019-2020.gdoc
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    Moore has a program that goes year round and has kids that age. North Bullitt has a high school program but not any youth.
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    fcawrestlingky We closing in on 150 wrestlers signed up with just one month away!!! Don’t miss out, Olympia Technicians, Some of best NAIA coaches in the country, 5 Live Dual matches , great food, awesome campus and the most awesome opportunity to better your relationship with Christ!!! This camp will get your wrestler in the right mental / spiritual mindset to succeed at all he attempts. Let this camp be a life changer for your young athlete. FCA2019!!!
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    some great talents at this one. Less than an 1 1/2 hours from the ville.
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    Invicta Camp Schedule Single Leg Camp June 20-21 9:30am – 3:00pm $80/$100 Youth Camp June 26-27 10:00-2:30 $80/$100 Mat King July 24-25 9:30am – 3:00pm $80/$100 Madison Cradle Camp July 27-28 9:00am-2:00pm $100 Address: Madison Consolidated High School 743 Clifty Dr Madison, IN 47250 http://invictawrestling.com/index.php/camps/
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    To pay via PayPal https://www.paypal.me/tcywrestling
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    @Ranger123 Will you be releasing the write up or is it on to next season? Thanks!
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    Madison Central High School has an opening for a Varsity Assistant Coach. This is a paid position. There will be many teaching job opportunities within the county. We have great support from our administration and we are a growing program! If you are interested please contact: Chad Fyffe 502-395-1038 chad.fyffe@madison.kyschools.us
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    If you would like to host a Cradle Camp please let me know. We currently host one at Madison High School in Indiana, and we also offer one at Invicta Wrestling Academy in New Albany, IN. We have been running the Cradle Camp for several years now and have had a great turn out and response from this camp. Coach Knable HardWorkStrongFaith 502-639-4989 invictawrestling@gmail.com
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    We just passed the “100” mark on signups!!! We are way ahead of last years numbers.Just under two months left, don’t miss out on one of the Best Camps of the summer. We have so much to offer, Olympians , Some of the top NAIA Coaches, National Champs, plenty of mats, some of the best food available, Soft Serve ice cream, opportunity to get to the Best Wrestlng Room in Heaven!!! We cover all Wrestlng and Spiritual Needs!!!! Be a Part!!!
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    Madison Central will host it’s first annual invitational dual tournament on Dec 7, 2019. We are very excited to host this tournament and are looking for 16 teams. Please make contact if your team is interested in attending. See attached flyer for details! 2019 Tomahawk Throwdown.pdf
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    Still looking to add a few teams Dec 7, 2019. Chad Fyffe 502-395-1038 chad.fyffe@madison.kyschools.us 2019 Tomahawk Throwdown (3).pdf