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    Someone is going out of their way to put on an even to showcase out sport and people want to complain its during football season? Who cares if it's during football season? It's a preseason wrestling event. It's wrestling preseason right now. If you don't think it's right, then shut up and put on your own event some other time. Every sport goes all year in some capacity, so why does wrestling have to worry about stepping on anyone's toes. This event says growth to me...putting it on in the spring so we don't interfere with anyone else says to me that wrestling isn't important.
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    This is a choice for wrestlers and their families. If you are selected to go, then you go. If it does not fit into your personal schedule you pass so the next available person is able to attend. You are trying to make this more than what it is if you feel Union is being shunned. They choose not to participate, so if you are upset and want t ask questions. You should probably direct those toward Union coaches so they can answer you, but you will probably get the same response as Ranger does: No thanks. Pretty simple
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    what you've just said... is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." — High School Principal, Billy Madison
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    For those of you who are too young to have seen it live, here is the interview with Alex Green. He does a great job of getting these old guys some recognition in today's format. Take a look and enjoy.
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    As far as the year round point, pretty much every high school sport has a percentage (which is growing) of those who participate on a year round basis. Wrestling is no different, and certainly isn't the worst. Football might be the worst of the all the sports, with a long season (July-November for everyone), spring ball, off season lifting programs, and June practices. Serious football only players get maybe December and a piece of January off. Ranger isn't pushing year round participation on anyone. He's simply there for those who want to take advantage of it. This event has always been fun, and for what it's worth, has always had a few football players participating. If a top wrestler is a football player, and they want to participate, they'll find a way to make it happen. The timing of the event is really perfect...close enough to the start of the season to generate interest and serve as a nice tune up to kick things off, but not so close that it doesn't interfere with anything. I will simply never understand the part of the wrestling community in this state that constantly find any and everything to complain about.
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    I think we should all just appreciate Rangers time and effort he puts into this whole thing. It’s not like he has to do the rankings or the all star but he still does. He’s doing the best he can and I think we should be grateful for what ranger is doing and has done for Kentucky wrestling.
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    They shouldn't have to schedule around 1 program.
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    So far we have 3 Ky kids signed up. Who all is planning on going?
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    Unbelievably Awesome Day in the Vault!!! Too Blessed to have the opportunity to share my love for Wrestling and Jesus at the same time on a wrestling mat. Thanks to LW staff, Jemeel and Coach BB. Thanks to my crew and awesome friends, Dee Leavell, Kyle Terry and Brett Bradford. Thanks to all the participants and the parents who hung out with us all day!!!! Jesus and Wrestling, how could it get any better!!!
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    Ranger, from a parent who has a kid competing in this event, thank you. We look forward to your rankings during the season and appreciate all of your hard work and energy.
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    Agreed! This event has always brought excitement before the beginning of the season. More people than not want this event to take place and are just fine with the timing of it. The matches are the top 5 ranked for each weight class so should make for an exciting dual. I for one appreciate everything that Ranger does and has done for this sport.
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    Maybe the All Star classic is an event to put on exciting matches before the start of the season. There are always people complaining around this time of year anyway. It never fails.
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    I only know of 2 that placed from Ky. List them here. TJ Meyer Ky. Extreme 3rd. 123 Mason Schweitzer Ky. Extreme 5/6th. 148
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    Are the members of the coaches association compensated for their time? I understand they’re a governing body and are elected officials, but I am unclear if they’re compensated for their time. Genuine question, I know text doesn’t always provide context. Regardless, this is a public message board and others are allowed to share conflicting views. The message board is filled with Ranger apologists, and while I appreciate his unparalleled dedication, it’s odd to me that we can openly blast certain elements of the Kentucky wrestling community, while other segments are off limits. If it’s because Ranger is not compensated for his time, I guess that makes more sense, but given the majority of this board relies on Rangers knowledge/insight to generate conversation, I fear this board will continue to lose interest if opposing thoughts are considered ‘silly’ or told to just be grateful.
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    TN is doing a Who's #1 in the middle of FB season too. Union hasn't participated in any of them if memory serves correctly.
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    I too am a little confused as to why we are unable to provide feedback. In fact, not too long ago, we had several people on this board call out the KHSAA, coaches association, etc. and that was infinitely more aggressive than this scenario. While I appreciate the effort Ranger has invested in to Kentucky wrestling, he is not immune to feedback.
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    Kind of silly to say you’re trying to put #1 versus #2 when Union Co isn’t involved isn’t it? Why have this literally in the middle of football season?
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    It’s not personal at all. Nothing deep to it. You passed on the two JC kids that were available Bc you have kids you feel are better. Nothing wrong with that at all. Definately was not taken personal. I was asking about Union. Is it the same situation. I’m just curious where a few of their kids are going to fall weight wise.
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    Dec-3 at Oldham County High School. Yes, 2 spots still open (maybe 3). We've picked up another IN school and possibly an Eastern Ky powerhouse! Please email me privately if you would like one of these spots. aaron.riordan@oldham.kyschools.us Thanks, Coach Riordan
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    Jayden Raney #2 at 106 Jordyn Raney #16 at 120
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    This is shaping up to be one heckuva camp! Coach Murton is bringing some college guys with him. Ryan and Tylan showing techniques that helped them compete with some of the best guys in the country. Alex Green is even coming down to interview some past state champs and do a couple other really cool videos. Maybe Alex will video some future state champs getting better while he is there! Sign up now the first 30 are guaranteed a t-shirt
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    https://fca.regfox.com/2023kywrestling Y Coaches and Wrestlers, KY FCA Wrestling is excited to announce our first pre-season clinic, featuring 4x All-American and National Champion, Nathan Tomasello from The Ohio State University. The clinic will be Saturday October 1, 2022 from 10am-4pm at Madison Central High School (Auxiliary Gym). T-shirts, Bibles and lunch will be provided. Price will be $65 per wrestler. See flyer attached above and registration link below. Open to the first 60 wrestlers.
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    Not only do you volunteer your hours, but you also made a post regarding the countless others that helped get this event done. Some people are just silly.
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    Nah. It’s still a free country. I’m just asking simple questions. What’s the beef Jason has with Union County and why have this match in the middle of football season?