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    You'd think we could look at how other states have hosted tournaments throughout the summer and implement what works. I'm not entirely sure how requiring everyone to have their own personal ankle bands will mitigate the spread of COVID. Perhaps the biggest issue I have with some of these regulations is the fact that the essence of the sport is being stripped. It takes a special person to embrace a sport that is dependent on making weight in the middle of winter during the holiday season while being exposed to bacterial, fungal, and VIRAL infections every year. That same individual must go out on the mat in front of a crowd and try to compress their opponents' shoulders to the mat without them letting you. It's physical problem solving with serious consequences. The fastest way for a match to end is for someone to end up in their most vulnerable position - on their back, looking at the lights. At which point, they get up and immediately shake their opponent's hand. Upon shaking hands with their opponent, they humbly walk to the opponent's coach and shake their hand as well. All of this happening in front of a crowd, after defeat. On the other hand, the victor gets praise in the form of the oldest way to declare a winner - raising of the hand at the end of a match. Perhaps more than just the physicality of the sport, it's the life lessons (respect, dignity, discipline, humility, etc) that last longer than any championship. Seems to me, most of those physical expressions have been taken away this year.
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    Getting pushed off like I figured. Jan. 4th-Apr. 3rd. HOPEFULLY some of us who have been cancelled will be given an opportunity!
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    I don't see KHSAA shutting down sports. Football and Basketball are their bread winters and they can't afford to lose another season without having these sports participate. Football will be completed in the next few weeks and I don't think they will let basketball shut down. So if basketball continues to play, they will have to let wrestling. KHSAA doesn't want that fight from all those parents on their doorstep. However the school boards may decide to close up some districts/regions, that's a totally different can of worms and I feel for those kids and schools that decide to go that route. I just pray and hope that these kids, especially the seniors get the chance to have their seasons. Best of luck and stay safe to you all!
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    Union County Wrestling Club is putting together a U13 dual team for the Nuway “Bear” duals https://www.nuwaywrestling.com/bear in Gatlinburg TN on November 21. The following weights are available 76, 80, 115 and 150. All weights get a 3 pound allowance. This will be a very competitive team that is made up of athletes from the State of Kentucky. If you are interested in filling one of these weights please contact Scott Raney 270-804-2635.
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    80 pound spot filled. All Ky kids accept two from Virginia.
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    as of right now... It was moved from 11/14 to 12/5.
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    76 and 107 have been filled still need 80 and 150
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    Everyone, I have not been able to get things done like I have in the past. I jest recently learned that our middle school season has been cancelled by our local district so I haven't been as diligent with the rankings. Any word from other districts about cancellations? Also, any talk about moving the season to the spring.
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    The video Bryce Meredith did with track hit the point of them. I think we will see them more and more. Good for the future of wrestling that's for sure!!
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    Dalton Matney competed at 180 this weekend at Super 32 and finished 4th! No guarantees on what weight anyone shows up at.
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    Michigan and bad rules for wrestling season, name a more iconic duo
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    Calloway has shut down this week and next in favor of NTI - No extracurriculars allowed