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    Henderson County will be hosting a camp July 22nd & 23rd that will be instructed by the Lindsey Wilson coaching staff.
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    Good luck to team Kentucky.
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    Really cool stuff! I might be able to dig up the Pat White vs Mike Lee match. I remember White treating my brother like the little boy he was the whole match UNTIL Mike threw him in a neck wrench that woke the crowd up. White was a man-child. I was glad I didn't have to wrestle him! That team was loaded too.
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    Hey everyone! I noticed on my Facebook as well as the message boards they are starting to push the Bluegrass state games pretty hard. This is a great tournament that I would love to see grow into something big for Kentucky wrestling. With that being said I talked with some of my guys after practice today and asked who they would like to wrestle/call out. Obviously we have no clue what some of these guys weigh so I will post the ETC guys weights to the right. This is what they came up with as a group. I hope this adds some fun, excitement, and competitiveness to the event! Christian Delos Santos is calling out Logan Brown and Brayden Blevins (Christian walks around at 108-111) Jonah McCloskey is calling out JaRi Campbell and Sebastian Vega (Jonah was 115.2 after practice) Amari Hardin is calling out Breyden Whorton and TJ Meyer (Amari walks around 126-130) Rider Trumble is calling out Miller Brown and TJ Meyer (Rider was 132.8 after practice) Malachi Harris is calling out Glenn Mayes, Jasitin Kubwimana, and Mason Schweitzer (Malachi walks around 154-160) *would have called out the entire world if I let him. Austin Silva is calling out Uriah Virzi (Silva walks around between 220-226) Coaches and parents, ask your kids who they would like to wrestle and lets call them out. I took the first step, whos got the guts to follow suit? (This is all fun and games. I do not know most of these guys being called out personally other than Blevins, Whorton, and Mason. These are the guys that they came up with between themselves having fun)
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    If there’s an open division. I’m calling out that wimp from a few years back, Harrison Courtney. He was way over rated and got lucky a couple of times.
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    I'm in! I am calling out Ayden Lehman and Owen Lamer.