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    Would you say the primary issue is not having common sense/knowledgeable seeding meeting or not properly imputing data in track? We traveled in the off-season quite a bit last year, and I had a strong inclination who would be bracket busters based on what I saw at some national tournaments (too bad I’m not a betting man haha). I feel like the primary issue is common sense in the seeding meetings - not diminishing the value criteria in track can provide. But, when a Bryce Sheffer vs Trent Johnson match happens on a Friday afternoon in the quarters, I think adjustments need to be made. At the very least, we need to figure out how to prevent that from happening in the future, IMO.
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    This camp was great for the wrestlers. No doubt. But it was much needed for me as a coach as well. I’ve not always been outspoken about my faith, but the environment that was established allowed me to be free to talk about my Savior without regard. It was like I was living in an environment where the worst of me could be known and find I would be loved MORE not LESS in the revealing of it. If for just a weekend, I know it’s possible. I’m deeply grateful.
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    First and foremost, I want to thank Frankie James, Jacob Murton and all the Cville wrestlers for helping us to put on a sensational FCA camp. Big thanks to every wrestler, and all the amazing coaches that spent the last 3 days with us. Rusty Parks , Steve Jude and Brett Bradford raised the bar once again for our FCA 2021 camp. Too blessed to have these guys working for the Kingdom of our God, Thru the most amazing sport of wrestling. When u combine a bunch of wrestlers and coaches with the amazing Love of Jesus Christ, nothing but awesome great thing will come from it. That’s is exactly what took place this weekend. Lives were changed, new relationships were created and old relationships got so much stronger. FCA is Strong in Kentucky Wrestling. I praise God for my blessing of being able to continue to be a part of such an awesome event. Thanks Again to our Wrestling Community!!! Joe B
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    Great camp and atmosphere! Big thanks to all of the FCA guys and camp clinicians.