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    It’s all worked out and we are good to go. Hopefully we can get a lot of people to log on and support this event. All profits will be given back to the state to help grow our sport. We have done finalist brackets, t-shirts, etc and the tradition will continue. My hope is that if you are in a reasonable driving distance you will show up. If not, you will log on knowing the money will be used for a great propose. We are going to showcase all the top kids that have worked their butts off to get to this level. We have had a ton of kids move on to college wrestling over the last 10 years and I know we can get more headed in that direction. However, it will take a lot of dedicated parents, coaches and wrestlers to make that happen. I have faith in our state and have had the pleasure of being around some awesome people during that process with my son Mason. Keep grinding and believe!! We are not a second rate state for wrestling and we are loaded with talent. Sky’s the limit for our Kentucky kids.
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    No one should get upset over where kids sit. All does not matter till end of season where they stand/if they are standing on podium.
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    Link to results https://www.trackwrestling.com/teamtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1570553521870&pageName=
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    Thanks ukpridewrestler11! I was going to send GOO some images and steps if he needed them. I also find it funny that my phone has an alter ego. I'm not sure where the name WesternSiseStep came from! Lol!
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    Everyone, I wanted to take a minute to thank Chris Duke and Mike Harrod for taking the time to create middle school rankings for the state of Kentucky. After volunteering to keep them going, several of us from the Oldham County area have realized the amount of time to research and create the rankings is no small task. The rankings should serve as a fun opportunity for the kids to receive some recognition throughout the wrestling season. We completely understand that some kids will change weights, move weight classes, wrestle for high school teams, this upcoming season. Please share results, match into, etc. via email throughout the season and we as a group will update the rankings accordingly. We were able to throw together a top 5/6ish list for all classes from 70-105. Classes 113 and above become challenging considering many in the upper weight classes were 8th graders. So, for classes 113 and above there is a listing of kids in various weights that we can eventually put in order when the tournaments begin. We hope to gather information from across the state via email for tournaments and duals(duels) that are not on trackwrestling for the upcoming season. If you would like to share information please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com or Brent Dunn at williambrentdunn@att.net. We will try to add a team ranking component as we get into the season. Please remember we are doing the best we can and want to provide recognition to the kids and want to be as unbiased as possible. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get started and here's to a great 2019.20 wrestling season. Thanks Matt Brown Preseason Rankings 2019.pdf
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    I wonder why they have not started a wrestling program? Does anyone know why Clark County/ Winchester doesn't have a program? They are good in just about everything sport.. I'm just surprised they haven't picked up the sport of wrestling? Any idea why? I think they could have a solid program. . They have the athletes! Someone should start a program up at that school!
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    You might recognize a few names from the wrestling rankings. https://www.thegleaner.com/story/sports/2019/09/27/union-countys-defense-turns-back-every-crittenden-county-threat/2418928001/?fbclid=IwAR0x4KM2AmI4p7yCp1mykZxhXSH_iLwUV5cv0mB_i0DjbRz9_sjdTbL6GEc
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    North Hardin is in the process of reviving our middle school team. We are still in need of events on the following dates: 12/7 12/14 1/11 Our team will primarily be young/first year wrestlers from the looks of it, but may have a couple of experienced wrestlers. If you have openings please email me at nate.paden@hardin.kyschools.us. THANKS! ~Coach Paden
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    We appreciate the invite, thanks to all of the people that have dedicated their time to this event.
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    Looks like you still have jokes. We need to thank Jon Carr for getting this set up and helping to support this event. There are so many good people in the wrestling community, even you Darren.
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    Cole Thomas, Carter Messerly, Rusty Craddock, Madison Messerly and Olivia Messerly all from Ryle. Spencer Moore from Walton Verona and Lauren Walton from Carr wrestling academy. Are the only names that I had seen signed up.
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    I might be able to Facebook live it while doing the announcing. Let me look into it!!