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    In my tenure as a head coach, Track was used throughout the state early on and tournaments would use Track results for rankings during tournaments. SOme coaches would deliberately not put results in or push the button as GOO says, so their kid could get a higher seed. I know that's not the case here because Kentucky does not mandate Track results. Although wouldn't every one be the better for it. It makes seeding meetings go extremely fast because the computer does the calculating for you. This is an age of technology, might as well use it while we can.
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    Johnson Central needs to post their results to track. Ranger can't be in the stands everywhere. Results need posted, not just records stated on this website. Track is the modern day smart phone, old outdated wrestling tournament formats and results are the Motorola DynaTAC
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    Hard to rank someone who has only wrestled 4 matches and they are all out of state.
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    Has it ever been talked about to have separate tabs for middle and youth? I think for most, they are completely different tourneys and dates.
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    Bad take...when you are competing as a team, which we do at tournaments, seeding is very important. Records shouldn't be seeding criteria at all. I fight for the 6 seed all the time. Maybe you just haven't had a lot of success in seeding meetings?
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    How about separate State tournaments as well? At one time the MS and youth State tournaments were going to moved to the 2nd week of March. How about we keep MS state at its current date and move youth Region to the first week of March and make Youth State the 2nd week of March. I'll bet you would see an increase in participation. js.
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    exactly! wrestle the best to be the best. Well put wf3
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    Agreed ha ha ha. My only point was there are several small schools who also didn’t want the split and want there to be a “True” champion as there is at individual state. You can still have best small schools and best big school. To your other question, about union being big and challenging small schools. If you think the small schools would feel bullied, hell union has been beaten on us for several years as is. I truly believe the small schools who have finished 2nd over the last decade or so would welcome the opportunity to wrestle the best big school either way. Maybe I’m wrong. Ultimately we all want to see good hard wrestling and grow the sport. Competition and rivalries and all that just add to it.
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    I truly meant “calling out” in a respectful manner. I didn’t mean to sound like UC’s coaches or kids were being disrespectful. If it came across that way, I apologize. Just used the term in the general since. Moving on, as a spectator, I get it. You want to see who is really the overall #1. And we achieved this for many years before this whole big school/small school divide. People like to attribute the growing numbers in our sport to things like the big school/small school split, they like to believe it is because we made the KHSAA boat loads of money by having a 32 man state tournament. Truth of the matter, we got lucky and just happened to make those changes as the UFC and MMA were becoming extremely popular. I believe our growth would have happened without making 2 divisions and watering down our state tournament. We weren’t and aren’t big enough to keep this up. If a school doesn’t have but 7-8 kids, train up those kids the best you can and go for individual titles, your clearly not a dual team. Why make a separate division so people can feel good about themselves? It was ridiculous years ago and it’s ridiculous now. The real world doesn’t operate this way and neither should we. Oh, I can’t promote to a higher position, let’s force the boss to create a new position just for me. It’s just nonsense. Wow. I got a bit off topic, but it’s still relevant to the conversation. Jumping off the soapbox now. Lol
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    There was no distinction between small and big school until 2001. In the early years i believe LaRue was one of if not the smallest school with a wrestling program. Since 2001 more small schools have won than large. The distinction between small school and big school is just a list starting with the biggest school by enrollment down to the smallest school by enrollment cut directly in half. The biggest growth in the sport with new programs has been at the small school level so you can’t just compare those old days when there were probably only 10 small schools with teams. With woodford being on the smaller end of large schools back then they very likely would have been in the bottom half of schools by enrollment at around 1200 when you had schools with 2000 students back then and LaRue sitting at 750. Those numbers get real bad if woodford is a small school In the 90’s. Simply staTing you can’t just take the schools that are now considered big and just apply that list to what happened 30 years ago. to your point that what’s best for the sport is best for everyone, i agree. But it’s always implied that big schools did a favor for the small schools or that the small schools wanted to be separated so they “had a chance” and that simply isn’t true. The campfire stories in some areas of the state are that it was the big schools who pushed to separate state duals. Either way there were several small schools (whom you’ve named above) that did not want it to be separated. Since 2001 when there was a designation of big vs small i believe the tally would be something to the effect of 12 wins for small and 5 for big (if my memory of Unions success since the split is correct). I sure do wish we could have seen who would have won those two years there was bad weather. I guess we can only speculate. my opinion which means very little to most and even less to others is that small school champ wrestling the big school champ at the end of the day is good for the sport and would like to see that be part of the event instead of just an option.
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    it's not about crying!!!!! It's what could really be good for wrestling in the state of KY. Everyone loves good competition. It would bring excitement. But, your coach does what he feels is the best choice for his kids. He knows his athletes better than anyone. So I see both sides of the coin.
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    I just hope I get to see the big school champ vs the small school champ!
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    This is all I could find. Pretty wide open and up to interpretation. Nothing specific about minimum weigh ins or matches. It does however state that wrestler is considered a member of the team the first time they practice with that particular school or club. Not sure if any of this helps. Hope the kid gets to wrestle.
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    Yes, the last few years the Middle School division of the Youth State Tournament received the 2lb allowance.
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    Thread to keep up with any and all discussion of this current D-1 season. Some recent results of KY kids: Tuesday, January 7 Kent State 25, SIUE 15 141: Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) dec Cory Simpson (Kent State), 5-3) Clarion 30, SIUE 13 141: Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) maj dec Alex Blake (Clarion), 15-6 Buffalo 26, SIUE 12 141: Marcus Robinson (Buffalo) over Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) (Dec 11-5) Penn State 22, Illinois 16 165: Dan Braunagel (Illinois) over Konner Kraeszig (Penn State) (MD 12-3)
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    Me as well but Doubt that will happen!
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    This was sent to me in a private message and I don't know all the rules. If anyone can educate us it would be appreciated. I have been trying to find the wrestling rules for middle school. I have only been able to locate high school. My son has spent the majority of his season out and I am trying to find out what he needs to be able to qualify to wrestle at regionals.
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    I will help get through some results Sunday. It's been a busy High School holiday wrestling season.
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    Yea, I'm sure some people dont mind it just sucks for my daughter as we don't have any women tournaments in our area so the state tournament is it as far as women only wrestling goes during the season. Kentucky girls definitely coming on strong and I hope it continues as I still have a few of my own girls coming up
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    Then your kid should win easily, move on to next weekend, keep the ball rolling. You can’t point the finger at anybody. I remember a few years ago a team showed up on the second day of the WCI ready to wrestle. They did not attend day 1 at all (he was completely lost). Also had a few coaches contact me at the last second saying we will not be there. It was time for weigh ins (and yes they did confirm they would be there previously). The lack of communication does not help at all.
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    WCI is the longest running tournament in Kentucky (47 or 48 years). Some years we have seen AMAZING competition, some years not so much. Like last year (Yost vs Merritt- OT match) was on the best matches I’ve ever witnessed. But there is HUGE list of memorable matches from WCI which had the best of the best wrestling each other. I can easily name about 25 state champs who competed at WCI (some of them never won WCI!) If it were full 32 man brackets people would complain then too about it being too big. One thing that doesn’t help our SPORT is when the surrounding counties won’t even attend the historic WCI. (yes they all are invited). Where are all the Lexington schools, the frankfort schools, the jessamine schools? They flat out say their wrestlers aren’t ready for that kind of competition. How do you expect to get better? And trust me I’ve heard that response from many coaches in my coaching career. There will always be unhappy people/parents/spectators especially when their kids/teams aren’t winning. Contracts need to be made and this would illuminate all of the schools backing out at the last second. It happens every weekend. Hold them accountable and make them forfeit a fee if they do not attend after committing verbally. I used to tell my kids all the time, no matter what tournament you’re in, you’re in it to win it. Maybe you should tell your kids the same thing. It’s not about the size of the tournament or how many people are in your bracket, it’s about getting better and learning something new each day. Maybe meet some new friends or something in your free time.
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    I believe you’ve missed the fact that it’s the only facility suitable for the number of kids that we serve, given the time restraints of trying to find this kind of venue in a short timeframe. For instance NKU has a program coming up and we really wanted to go there, bad news was that there arena is booked for 4 years in the window of time we need. There is no argument that the location is out there, but it’s a venue and it’s sponsored. Not to mention that it is located in region 4 which is the largest in the state if you want to use your Charleston South Carolina argument. I stand by my previous post, it beats canceling. We need to pull together and make the best of what we have, division only hurts kids and the sport.
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    I can make it there from my house in Maryland quicker than @DrBaker can from Ervinland. That is unfortunate. Guess we should have HS state in Murray to counteract this.