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    I wish they would have at least given some guidelines on what will be allowable competition sizes so we could go ahead and start scheduling. Its like we were an after thought. He talked for ten minutes about cheer and dance, while got like two sentences.
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    I am doing a little of all of them. I looked at the guidelines for football or what I thought it was anyways. With that being said I figured that meant my schedule will have to change as we travel out of state at least 3 times a year. Some as far away as Florida or Arkansas also for our district we was restricted to no over night stays or anything further than 2 hours away unless regional matches. With all that said it pretty much cleared out most of my trips and tourneys. So I started looking for stuff near us that if we have a season might workout. Now after hearing everything I just hope we get on the mat at all and will wait and see what we will have to do when they tell us. I for one am just glad the school is finally allowing me to bring the kids in to start conditioning.
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    I think we are in a tough spots with us who do not field full teams. I don't think there is a right answer.
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    You just proved my point. There aren’t many freshman ranked at the higher weights because they are competing against upperclassmen. The rankings at 106 are simply a ranking of freshman and sophomores. Change is coming to the weight class structure. Of course we need to enable our younger kids to compete. But to argue a 106 weight class is the best of the best is just lightweight bias and not accurate at all.
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    Nah. The top freshman and sophomores at 106 aren’t any more skilled wrestlers than the top frosh/sophomores at 126 or 152. The difference is the heavier weights are competing against upperclassmen while the top kids at 106 are dominating middle schoolers and freshman. It doesn’t make any sense to carve out a class for middle schoolers and 9th/10th graders. ...and don’t take it personally. I’m sure your kid is special. He just shouldn’t be called a high school state champion. Jealous? Nah. I’m way passed that and so are my boys. They’ve done pretty well for themselves and I’m happy, too. There aren’t 10 schools in Kentucky who can field an entire team. There are too many weight classes making for too many forfeits.