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    Just for arguments sake try to consider this scenario from an entire cross section of the situation. 1) most of the time arguments like this are based on the assumption of a kid being what you would consider to old for the grade. Not fact. 2) for every kid that is winning matches in this scenario, there is at least 1 that isn't winning many matches at all even against what you would consider younger competitors. 3) some kids are just more athletic, more dedicated, better at learning and applying, more coordinated, better coached...the list goes on. 4) age doesn't directly translate to winning. Just the same as cutting weight or being ranked higher. Something to keep in mind when arguing this is no arguments are going to change your team or individual success. When my oldest son was a freshman high school, we were considering wrestling at college open tournaments starting in his sophomore year. After his freshman year, the NCAA banned competitors that were enrolled in high school or younger from competing in these open events. The reason for this is because a kid that was enrolled in the 8th grade won one of these open tournaments. That is fact. The moral to this story is that all wrestlers are NOT created equal. Some are just better. And age has less to do with it than you are comfortable admitting. Be careful stabbing into the dark. You may not hit what you think you are stabbing at.
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    No he didn’t. He said the Rainey’s are proof the younger kids can beat the hold backs. Now the Rainey’s are great kids and great wrestlers. But won’t they be 15 in 8th grade? Isn’t that what he’s complaining about?
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    That younger kids can beat older ones. He literally said it In the sentence before
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    I think he referring more kids that are 15 and half in middle school. The rule that a 15 year old is allowed wrestle in middle school is a stupid rule. There is zero legitimate reason for a kid to be in middle school at 15 and half and wrestling middle school kids. The physical differences between a 13 year old (the most kids are in 8th grade) and 15 year old for most people are stark. If your middle school team full of high school age kids and wins a championship it’s not much to be proud of.
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    1) the Raney’s are an exception and comparing anyone in the state to what they’ve accomplished thus far is unintentionally downgrading the rest of the kids who aren’t national contenders. 2) The rules are the rules. If you have an issue with it, then present your case to policy makers. Some schools don’t care about academic eligibility (previous school I was associated with is a prime example). Then, there are others who have draconian policies in order for kids to just be able to practice. I know of a school who’s like that and people petitioned the SBDM council to change policy - which is the appropriate response, and it worked. 3) Calling someone’s team irrelevant may be intended to bash a coach, but I think it’s wise to at least be aware of the collateral damage done to those who are actually competing. This is an open forum, where kids can see what’s being said as well. 4) There are late bloomers in this state who, at the age of 16, are looking for their first pit hair under the best lighting they can find. Maturity/physique and age aren’t always the same. There are some 9 year olds who possess more muscle per body weight than some 8th graders. Most 8th graders (and even 7th graders) who are more mature are wrestling high school and not wasting time with a lack of competition in middle school (e.g. Matney from JC) 5) Wrestling is the only sport that goes based on age and weight. Whining about one kid being a year older than another doesn’t exactly help you arrive at the goal you’re trying to achieve. Then again, I’m probably just an ignorant fan. :-)
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    Who cares, you guys have a great program. Don't let people bait you into these topics. As long as you are playing within the rules good luck the rest of the year. I wish you guys no better than 2nd at state duals and 2nd at team state. As long as you are behind the Raiders it's all good.
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    I think I speak for the parents, coaches, and fans that do NOT want 3 2 day tourneys. That’s a lot of driving, hotels, and leaving work early. 16 man tourneys can easily finish in 1 day with 4 mats.
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    Hey Coaches, We want to invite you and your team again to our next home dual against our SOCON opponent Gardner Webb University this SUNDAY, Jan. 16th starting at 3:00.... for FREE. That's right, your wrestlers and your staff can get into our meet at Bellarmine University at Knights Hall, for FREE! All you need to do is email your list of names of all your youth, middle school, and/or high school wrestlers and your staff that will be able to attend to Beth Bowers at ebowers01@bellarmine.edu by Friday at 9:00 pm. Please copy me on the email as well (nshuck@bellarmine.edu). We had an awesome turnout for our tri-meet early in the year and we'd love to have you help us create an awesome environment again! We hope you can help be a part of the excitement! Go Knights! Ned Shuck Bellarmine University Head Coach (952) 221-7331 cell p.s. We are also working on finalizing an opportunity for your wrestlers to get a workout in lead by our staff on Sunday before our dual starting at 10:00 am at our wrestling room. (3408 Newburg Rd. Louisville, KY) Stay tuned for more details to follow.
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    Hate that for any kid but he has always been a respectful hard working young man. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
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    No one is getting weaker, slower, and less coordinated as they age from 13 to 15. Testosterone is a super drug, and it's flowing like a river at this age. The same kid will always be better at 15 than he was at 13. That's a fact. To admit this isn't taking away from anyone's hard work and dedication. But to deny it is silly. Yes, this is obviously true. That's why we don't have age limits ands weight classes, because they totally don't matter. If you want numbers, count how many 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders place at middle school states each year. When you buy a coffee at McDonald's, it has a warning that the contents inside are hot. They do this because some moron burned there mouth and then sued McDonalds, as though they didn't realize the coffee would be hot. In a sane world, McDonalds wouldn't have to put this on their cups. That's how I feel about the rule that you have to be 19 to participate in high school sports. In a sane world, this wouldn't have to be stated, it would be obviously understood. But alas, we have to put it in the rule book because teams would be rolling out 21 year olds and people on this forum would be saying "rules are rules, age doesn't matter, you're just a sore loser!"
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    I assure you pal, I’m not crying, just stated facts. I don’t agree with holding back kids to give them a better advantage in sports and I don’t agree with kids getting ready to drive competing against kids that just hit their teen years. Of course they’re going to win. I’m also not saying these younger kids can’t beat these hold backs, the Rainey’s are proof of that but kids like that are few and far between. The only people that get iffy by facts are the people that are doing the holding back Deputy. So before you attack my team and their hard work, ask yourself why my post bothered YOU so much?
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    Huge congratulations deserved to Spencer and the Moore family on the recent wrestle off. Not only winning the wrestle off but breaking him in the process!! Awesome to see the success early in his career. It's going to be fun watching his career for now on.
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    You guys have gone to tough tournaments and wrestled really good teams. Lots of teams will have better records because they haven't wrestled any good teams but that doesn't change the fact lots of your kids with many losses will still run through them.
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    December kinda makes complaining about October rankings a bit silly. It’ll be interesting to see who peaks at the right time on that specific weekend in February.
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    Agreed, until you beat them they are the favorites.
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    Best of luck to both of you, but Union isn't going quietly
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    Ryle hasn't had a chance to look great yet. We have 3 state placers with 8, 9, and 13 losses. Every kid on the team has at least 1 loss. Brutal start to the season.
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    So he is 15, but that doesn't take away the fact that he is still going up to highschool and showing those kids what great talent he has.
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    Caldwell looked great yesterday at the Woodford duals.
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    Happy 2 lbs to the kids that need it!
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    Thanks. We are from Louisville. Win or lose we have never had a bad day wrestling.