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    The next question is. If KHSAA truly cared about our sport, they would either reimburse officials for the license and /or supply officials, especially the new officials with everything needed / required to perform their duties. I just looked into it, the license is $60, to get the exact clothing required black and white striped shirt, grey and black striped shirt and KHSAA jacket is about $130 depending on the officially licensed supplier you by from. Tha does not include shoes if you do not have them proper shoe, Pants if you do not have a comfortable pair of black pants, Whistle, anklets, arm bands, red / green coin. Now that may not be a large sum of money to some, however if we are tyrying to get newer younger officials for them it may too much and we know that our officials don't get paid near what they should. So KHSAA expects new officials to pony up $200+ and because they are new and unproven they will get the the smaller lower paying assignments ( which is completely understandable). So they will be in the hole financially until they complete at least their firast 3 or 4 assignments. Then they bhave to deal with Attitudal, Complaining and in some cases down right A&&H*&E coaches ( which at some point all of us who have coached fell into 1 or all of those categories). So I say again if the KHSAA truly cared about our kids they would make it worth the officials time and effort. This is not just a Wrestling issue, we need good officials in all sports. Just one Old Man's Opinion.
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    Why would it even be voted on? Girls wrestling uses girls weight classes. It should be a given.
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    Cmon goo you know some of the top ten if not the #1 he comes from your own back yard.