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    super 32

    Lauren Walton takes 5th. Great job! What an awesome time to be a part of KY wrestling. Year after year we see our own homegrown kids achieve these amazing accomplishments. The ladies we have representing KY are coming up very quickly. Hopefully we get some more KY colleges supporting both men’s and women’s wrestling. Best sport on Earth, hands down.
  2. Nike Man

    super 32

    Messerly takes runner up. Got upset by a last second takedown. The New Jersey girl wrestled tough all match long. I would bet they will see each other again down the road.
  3. Nike Man

    super 32

    Spencer Moore with an impressive 6th place finish. Congrats! Lauren Walton to wrestle for 5th.
  4. Nike Man

    super 32

    Moore to wrestle for 5th. Walton is in consolation semi finals
  5. Nike Man

    super 32

    Olivia Messerly is in the finals!
  6. Nike Man

    super 32

    KY will have at least 3 All Americans coming home from the Super 32. Lauren Walton and Olivia Messerly are in the semi finals and Spencer Moore has battled through the wrestlebacks. Moore could place as high as 3rd but is guaranteed no less than 8th. Outstanding job by all. Addison Messerly and Brayden Fannin are still alive battling in the wrestlebacks. The ladies are tied for 6th place as a team right now.
  7. Nike Man

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Thanks man
  8. Nike Man

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Can someone post the results? Thanks
  9. Nike Man

    Currently Wrestling In College

    CJ Cardwell will be continuing his academic and athletic career at Midway University.
  10. Nike Man

    National Collegiate Open

    Mason Smith is in the semis. Looking very good so far. Ryan Moore wrestling tough as well. He is battling through wrestlebacks right now. Great showing by both guys! Keep it up. If you have a Flo Pro account you can watch it live.
  11. Nike Man

    National Collegiate Open

    Ryan Moore takes a tough loss in a barn burner OT match in the consi quarters. Represented KY very well today!
  12. Nike Man

    National Collegiate Open

    Nice!! Any thoughts on him transfering after this season?
  13. Nike Man

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    As a coach with Team KY last year, I can tell you guys that both teams will get all of the tough competition that they want. Last year Rusty really had to pull teams together rather quickly, and man, what a success we had. Those teams impressed! These 2 teams this year should really make some noise at Wabash. I expect to see another plaque come home home to KY! To Ranger and Dutch, I am a huge fan of the All Star dual. It is an awesome way to kick off the season. Now that my son is done with high school, I’d love to kick around some ideas with you guys about trying to make the All Star event even better. Give me a shout, I’d love to help.
  14. Nike Man

    Sean Fausz

    Your negative marks came directly from me, as they were posted.
  15. Nike Man

    Sean Fausz

    So sorry. Never meant to take your job/agenda away from you. This is your territory. Your only correct fact is that Sean is without a doubt, one of KY’s best. We “KY” have many great wrestlers, male and female that will AA in years to come. Nobody is fooled with your weak attempt at a compliment only to throw shade on the backside. Nice negative thumbs down on Jan 11th post that only complimented Sean. Wasn’t there 30 minutes ago. Hmmmmm. Agenda.
  16. Nike Man

    Sean Fausz

    Wow Wildcat. “Only shot at AA for years to come.” Damn, not much of a KY wrestling fan are you? No faith in our hometown boys. Maybe you should become a fan somewhere else. Obviously you aren’t getting what you need from our KY boys, so call yourself a Bearcat or a Nittany Lion, or maybe even a Buckeye, but definitely not a Wildcat. Oh! I get it. Maybe your from Arizona and have no idea what your talking about when it comes to KY wrestling. That must be it. I’m sure they have forums where you can find the hero that you have been looking for. Until then, best of luck to all of our D1 through NAIA KY wrestlers that according to Wildcat have no chance of becoming an AA for years to come. I believe in you.
  17. Nike Man

    State brackets

    The random draw and seeding will always come into question. The 32 man vs 16 man brackets will raise the same eyebrows. At the end of the day, there is not a parent or coach that has any real say on the outcome. It will be these young men making their own way. Some will battle through “unfavorable” draws. Some will fold to the pressure. Some will make excuses, some will rise to the challenge. Either way, this is the most exciting time of the year for any wrestler, coach, parent or fan. Best of luck to all you guys out there. Be grateful for every moment you have out on that mat. That goes for parents too. Be grateful for every second that you get to watch them compete, because one day, it’s all over. Unfortunately, sometimes a lot sooner than you think it will be. Just the nature of the sport I guess. I pray for everyone’s safe travels and safe tournament.
  18. Nike Man

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    Coaches, don’t let your wrestlers miss out on this opportunity! What a great way to pick up some new partners, friends, and family for life. We battle each other November thru February. After that, we should band together to show the rest of our country what we’ve got. Last year was so much fun. Placing 3rd as a team was amazing, but I know we can do better. Who’s ready to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP?
  19. Nike Man

    Kyle Ruschell

    Take the “interim” tag off! Kyle was just announced the Head Coach at UTC. Congrats!
  20. Nike Man

    MS Regions/Youth Regions

    I’ll stir pot. Here is the BIG WOODEN SPOON that everyone is waiting for. Quality over quantity? OR...... Quanity over quality?
  21. Nike Man

    JV State Location?

    Moore Traditional School in Louisville I believe
  22. Nike Man

    Large School State Duals

    I agree, why would you want to wrestle Union? Wrestling them proves that this Big School/Small School stuff is a joke. KY IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!! I’ve said that from the get go. There were some coaches that really pushed hard for that small school crap back in the day hoping they could win a trophy. Instead, Union County has dominated the State duals and the State Tournament for a while now. I respect the hell out of Union Co. Do I want to beat them, absolutely. Are they the best in KY? No question about it.
  23. Nike Man


    Appreciate that. He will be in the mix. We are just ate up with the injury bug right now.