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    Raney just punched his ticket to the World Championship finals match. He has knocked off the World Champ and World Silver medalist on his way to the finals. Gutsy performance with short time in the semis! Congrats! KY is pulling for you.
  2. Nike Man

    NCWA National Champions

    Can’t believe no one has posted about this yet. Congratulations to Bellarmine University for winning the NCWA National Championship. They had 4 individual champs including 2 Champs and a AA from right here in KY. Congratulations to Zac Cowan and Cole Nance on your National Championships. And congratulations to Alex Rivera on his 3rd place finish. Coach Shuck definitely has a great thing going. Can’t wait to see what he and his team will accomplish in the future. Great job guys!
  3. Nike Man

    NCWA National Champions

    Wow. A hater is gonna hate hate hate. You have had sour grapes against Shuck since he showed up. All he has done is followed the rules and wrestled whoever is put in front of him and his team. Oh yeah, and won while doing it. You were wanting Chertow to get the job. That would have been a great hire 20-25 years ago. I went to Chertow camps growing up, great guy, great Coach, but that was a long time ago. Since you probably are one of the people that you’re talking about that “know wrestling,” feel free to explain to us what is really going on. Or, go crack corn, I don’t care. Great job Knights. Keep knocking down whoever they put in front of you.
  4. Nike Man

    Va beach

    Congrats to Champion Lauren Walton. Pinned her way to the title. Very impressive.
  5. Nike Man

    Middle school state > high school

    I will wait. Still not the kid’s fault. Make new rules or bylaws or whatever the middle school follows at this point and I will gladly support the RULES or BY LAWS that are voted on. As of right now, the people that oversee the middle school have alot to look at in the off-season. You see, it’s like following laws. There are things you can legally do and things that you can’t. I hate driving 70mph on the interstate and really wish the speed limit was 80mph. Unfortunately, it’s 70mph and I have to abide by that. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.
  6. Nike Man

    Middle school state > high school

    I’ve seen crying on here and crying on Facebook. Don’t say a kid shouldn’t have been there or this is unfair. The rules clearly say what they say. You may not like it, but it is what it is. I have issues with some of the rules, but it’s not the kids fault. Dad or coach says wrestle, go out and wrestle. If the kid is within the rules, awesome job by kid, Dad and Coach. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but if a rule is a rule, I’ll stand by these kids (KIDS) all day long. You as an adult don’t like the rules, guess what, you have the power to change them. If you can’t change them, then quit crying. You got out voted. Little bad asses are going to continue kicking “lil” Johnny’s ass every year. Suck it up. Go to camp. Nobody pays attention to youth or middle school championships anyways. It’s a trophy for parents.
  7. Nike Man

    Where Was The Podium?

    Unfortunately, the work that Coach Wolf, his Franklin County team, and parents that were involved, were destroyed a few years back due to inadequate storing of those podiums. An “oversight” by the KHSAA. There were a lot of thankless hours put into those podiums. Thank you tiltfor3 for recognizing a man that not only made some podiums for the State Tournament, but also was a huge part in growing the sport of wrestling in KY. Proud to call him my Coach.
  8. Nike Man

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    I don’t believe that any of those 3 kids would dominate the other. Goss is a great wrestler. I think we will see the Andreoni vs Goss match in about 6 days. Should be a hell of a match. Former teammates, so they are familiar with each other. Should be fun.
  9. Nike Man

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    Your right, facts are facts, but your statements are opinions. And it’s ok to have opinions. I’m just saying both have been ranked number 1 this season. Both have similar records. And to my knowledge, they have not wrestled each other this season. Hate that Beane got hurt, but to say Andreoni got lucky….I’m not buying it. Coin flip of match really, but I would have put my money on Andreoni.
  10. Nike Man

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    Got lucky? How did he get lucky?
  11. Nike Man

    Next 4 time champs.

    No question that Cole Thomas is on his way to 4th title. Very impressive young man. The Raney’s will definitely hit that 4 timer status if they stay at Union Co. Not that KY can’t turn out top notch college recruits, but what’s the chances that the Raney’s move on to bigger national power house teams or prep teams?
  12. Nike Man

    Spencer Moore

    Good win over Duke’s Agin the other night. Big 3rd period and solid ride secured a the major. Nice job!
  13. Nike Man

    Individual lessons

    I sent you a PM
  14. Nike Man

    College all americans

    Awesome job by Ryan Moore this far. One more to go. Go get it man. Love seeing Trevor Lawson and Brandon Reed in the finals as well.
  15. Nike Man

    Super 32 pick em?

    I’ll be logged in and watching
  16. Nike Man

    Zeke Escelera

    Where is Zeke Escelera now? I tried to look up some info and couldn’t find too much. I found his named linked to a team in OK, but there wasn’t much info there. Has he graduated yet? Wrestling in college? Just curious. He was fun to watch and represented KY very well on the national scene.
  17. Nike Man

    Zeke Escelera

    Outstanding! That’s great news! Thanks Coach
  18. Nike Man

    New Flo Rankings

    Congratulations to Spencer Moore (7) and TyDarius Kelly (17) on their National Ranking. Very impressive guys!
  19. Nike Man

    Home work out?????

    Depending on the size of your athlete, I found that a 70lb MMA punching bag was very versatile when helping train my son. While it’s hanging you can do some footwork and punching/pummeling exercises. Take it down and do some throwing exercises. After a throw, 30-60 seconds of ground and pound. Bear hug it and run up and down the driveway. Hook it to a band around the waist and sprint. Same set up and bear crawl. Hook it over your head and bear crawl drag. Get creative. It was was a great tool at my house.
  20. Looks like a hammer of a tournament! Hope some KY teams throw their hat in the ring.
  21. Nike Man

    Cool Wrestling Names

    Storm Savage and Superman Barrows are 2 that I’ve always thought were pretty awesome wrestling names.
  22. Nike Man

    Takeaways from state

    Not a chance. Deck’s health was the most important thing. Making sure he was rested and ready for the State Tournament. We knew the possibility of catching Adams before finals. We also knew whether we saw Adams early or saw him in the finals, we were going to see him and have to beat him. Adams is one tough customer and definitely brought the fight to Deck. Much respect to him.
  23. Nike Man

    MOW ?

    Any kid that is an athlete and an academic stand out should be recognized. Being one or the other is tough enough, but to be both, they have my respect.