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  1. Nike Man

    Sean Fausz

    Amazing! Way to go Sean!
  2. I love that the college season is here! Having Flo sure helps pass the time. Iowa and Penn State has once again emerged as the 2 powerhouse programs in the country. Ohio State is obviously still right there with them as well. Although Iowa pitched the shutout against Kent State winning 45-0, I thought Penn State looked more dominant with a 52-3 victory. I know it’s Kent State, but there are some solid kids in that lineup. Penn State is weak at 125 and might have to make an adjustment there. Iowa’s lineup was good the other night, but they left some big names at home (Kemerer and Stoll.) Here is my early, early, too dang early dual meet prediction based solely off of one duals. I’m a HUGE Hawkeyes fan, but this is gonna get ugly! Penn State is just absolutely amazing. 125 Lee tech Schnupp Iowa 5-0 133 Bravo-Young dec DeSanto Iowa 5-3 141 Lee dec Murin PSU 6-5 149 Verkleeren dec Lugo PSU 9-5 157 Nolf pin Young PSU 15-5 165 Joseph dec Marinelli PSU 18-5 174 Hall dec Kemerer PSU 21-5 184 Rasheed maj Wilcke PSU 25-5 197 Nickal pin Warner PSU 31-5 HWT Cassar dec Stoll PSU 34-5 Bravo-Young and Verkleeren will step right into this line up and AA, probably top 3 or 4 if not higher. Rasheed at 184 looked right at home. Nickal looked like he has filled in to 197 without any issue. And, I expect to see Cassar knock off Nevills for the starting spot. If Penn State was to insert Teasdale at 125, this could be a very scary team. They could possibly have 5 champs, again.....if not more.
  3. Didn’t mean to imply you did or didn’t. Just funny how things turn out.
  4. Nike Man

    Girls Wrestling in Kentucky

    Huge congratulations to Olivia. That is an amazing accomplishment. I had the opportunity to watch her firsthand at the All Star Classic. Very impressive. I’m not sure who is/was the first high school All American for our ladies here in KY, but I know we are sure proud of Mequoia Bernabe here in Woodford County for becoming an All American this past year at Fargo. I am really excited about our future with womens wrestling in KY. Any time we are building the sport, we are heading in the right direction.
  5. Nike Man

    State Podium

    Check your email Coach
  6. KY coming home with 3 Champs! Wheeler and the Deck bros. all pulled off wins in the finals. Great job by all that went and competed. We as a state had a very good showing.
  7. Nike Man

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    Great news. Like he never left!
  8. Nike Man

    Kyle Ruschell

    Great interview on Flo with Coach Ruschell. Bader and Kyle talk for about 25-30 minutes. Good stuff.
  9. Nike Man

    The Bo Jordan Wrestling Clinic

    Today’s camp was awesome! Bo Jordan is truly one of the classiest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. He was so down to earth, funny, and hands on with all of the kids. Loved the “claustrophobic” story! The most important part to his camp was his message. What a wonderful inspiration to our young people. He talks about faith and family above wrestling and success. He has truly learned the lesson that wrestling can provide for us all. This man may not have ever won an NCAA Championship, but he is a CHAMPION at life. Thank you Bo for your time today. We will see you again in the future!
  10. Nike Man

    Kyle Ruschell

    Take the “interim” tag off! Kyle was just announced the Head Coach at UTC. Congrats!
  11. Nike Man


    Does “Open” mean college level as well?
  12. Nike Man

    Bluegrass Games

    Still no results?