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  1. Nike Man

    College all americans

    Awesome job by Ryan Moore this far. One more to go. Go get it man. Love seeing Trevor Lawson and Brandon Reed in the finals as well.
  2. Nike Man

    Super 32 pick em?

    I’ll be logged in and watching
  3. Nike Man

    Zeke Escelera

    Outstanding! That’s great news! Thanks Coach
  4. Nike Man

    Zeke Escelera

    Where is Zeke Escelera now? I tried to look up some info and couldn’t find too much. I found his named linked to a team in OK, but there wasn’t much info there. Has he graduated yet? Wrestling in college? Just curious. He was fun to watch and represented KY very well on the national scene.
  5. Nike Man

    New Flo Rankings

    Congratulations to Spencer Moore (7) and TyDarius Kelly (17) on their National Ranking. Very impressive guys!
  6. Nike Man

    Home work out?????

    Depending on the size of your athlete, I found that a 70lb MMA punching bag was very versatile when helping train my son. While it’s hanging you can do some footwork and punching/pummeling exercises. Take it down and do some throwing exercises. After a throw, 30-60 seconds of ground and pound. Bear hug it and run up and down the driveway. Hook it to a band around the waist and sprint. Same set up and bear crawl. Hook it over your head and bear crawl drag. Get creative. It was was a great tool at my house.
  7. Looks like a hammer of a tournament! Hope some KY teams throw their hat in the ring.
  8. Nike Man

    Cool Wrestling Names

    Storm Savage and Superman Barrows are 2 that I’ve always thought were pretty awesome wrestling names.
  9. Nike Man

    Takeaways from state

    Not a chance. Deck’s health was the most important thing. Making sure he was rested and ready for the State Tournament. We knew the possibility of catching Adams before finals. We also knew whether we saw Adams early or saw him in the finals, we were going to see him and have to beat him. Adams is one tough customer and definitely brought the fight to Deck. Much respect to him.
  10. Nike Man

    MOW ?

    Any kid that is an athlete and an academic stand out should be recognized. Being one or the other is tough enough, but to be both, they have my respect.
  11. Nike Man

    Team Trophy Awards?

    Couldn’t agree more Coach B. I’ve always thought that if we HAVE TO split classes, and a small school wins overall, the coach’s association award should go to the big school, and if a big school wins overall, the coach’s association award should go to the small school. Seems pretty logical and the award shouldn’t need a name change if it’s something like, Coach’s Association School Class State Championship. To be honest, I believe I neither. People who will argue this will be people who truly believe we need 2 classes. I am not one of those fans. Nominations are due for new officers. I will absolutely back someone who will put an end to this 2 class madness and get us back to competing for one championship. From the beginning, I have felt that we are too small to have 2 classes. I think we are too small to have a 32 man state tournament. Some regions, a guy gets to State by weighing in, in other regions there are quality guys left out. That’s crap. You should earn your way to the big show. Districts, Regions and State. That’s the way it should be done. Do away with this dreadful 32 man bracket and 2 State dual titles. Quit giving away participation trophies at the high school level. Let these young MEN GROW UP!
  12. Nike Man

    Was State Seeded this year?

    Both equal the same thing. Terribly anticlimactic. I am a huge fan of all things wrestling, and I would not stick around to watch this silliness. You win or you lose...period. You get what you earn. A silver medal isn’t earned by a 2nd chance. At the end of the day, no one strives for 2nd place. Everyone wants to win. Nobody “wins” second place.