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  1. KY coming home with 3 Champs! Wheeler and the Deck bros. all pulled off wins in the finals. Great job by all that went and competed. We as a state had a very good showing.
  2. Nike Man

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    Great news. Like he never left!
  3. Nike Man

    Kyle Ruschell

    Great interview on Flo with Coach Ruschell. Bader and Kyle talk for about 25-30 minutes. Good stuff.
  4. Nike Man

    The Bo Jordan Wrestling Clinic

    Today’s camp was awesome! Bo Jordan is truly one of the classiest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. He was so down to earth, funny, and hands on with all of the kids. Loved the “claustrophobic” story! The most important part to his camp was his message. What a wonderful inspiration to our young people. He talks about faith and family above wrestling and success. He has truly learned the lesson that wrestling can provide for us all. This man may not have ever won an NCAA Championship, but he is a CHAMPION at life. Thank you Bo for your time today. We will see you again in the future!
  5. Nike Man

    Kyle Ruschell

    Take the “interim” tag off! Kyle was just announced the Head Coach at UTC. Congrats!
  6. Nike Man


    Does “Open” mean college level as well?
  7. Nike Man

    Bluegrass Games

    Still no results?
  8. Nike Man


    What an amazing week for KY! We had men and women athletes representing our state to the highest standard. We had tons of All Americans these past few days. Not just at Fargo, but at National Tournaments all across our great nation. Congratulations to all those men and women who went and took on the challenge. But, to our 2 Fargo All Americans, a special congratulations. You have succeeded on the highest stage! The state of KY is proud of you. And you can bet your last dollar, the county of Woodford is proud as they can be! Safe travels home and we will see you soon! #WOFOCO
  9. Nike Man

    National Ranking

    Awesome job Maquoia!! Keep it up lady! #woodfordcounty!!!
  10. Nike Man

    Central Region video

    Triston has been a monster this offseason. Definitely been hitting the road and putting in the time. I’m sure all his hard work will payoff when the season rolls around.
  11. Nike Man

    History Being Made Kentucky

    No Bernabe?
  12. Nike Man

    History Being Made Kentucky

    This is great! Great line up, so far. If Ramirez or Miller bumps up to 164, the team will only have 3 weights to fill. Would love to see Lauren Walton fill the spot at 100.
  13. Nike Man

    College Combine

    What an awesome day 1 at the combine!! KY and IN both showed up and performed very good in front of some college coaches. Everyone from NAIA to D1 was represented today. I love seeing our KY boys showing out! Thanks again to Coach Wheeler and Coach Knable for making this happen.
  14. Nike Man

    Team Kentucky

    Can’t say enough about this group of guys and the coaches! These young men went out and represented KY very admirably. It wouldn’t have mattered if we sent every State Champ from this year, we couldn’t have knocked off Illinois or Indiana. That’s just the cold hard facts. Those 2 states have their stuff together. We as a state have improved immensely on our feet, but our mat wrestling is still lagging WAY behind!! We told these guys to go back and ask their coaches for more mat wrestling training. Also, these other states are relentless from every position. We need to teach our kids to be just as relentless. This was an absolute awesomen experience. Team KY’s crowd was great! The kids were great! And the coaches were great as well! I had a blast coaching beside all of them. #HAILKY
  15. Nike Man


    You mean two people can disagree on this site and it’s ok??? Wow!! Just kidding... Best of luck to Mason at West Point. And being an Iowa fan isn’t all bad. Either way, black and gold will look good on ya!