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  1. Nike Man

    Takeaways from state

    Not a chance. Deck’s health was the most important thing. Making sure he was rested and ready for the State Tournament. We knew the possibility of catching Adams before finals. We also knew whether we saw Adams early or saw him in the finals, we were going to see him and have to beat him. Adams is one tough customer and definitely brought the fight to Deck. Much respect to him.
  2. Nike Man

    MOW ?

    Any kid that is an athlete and an academic stand out should be recognized. Being one or the other is tough enough, but to be both, they have my respect.
  3. Nike Man

    Team Trophy Awards?

    Couldn’t agree more Coach B. I’ve always thought that if we HAVE TO split classes, and a small school wins overall, the coach’s association award should go to the big school, and if a big school wins overall, the coach’s association award should go to the small school. Seems pretty logical and the award shouldn’t need a name change if it’s something like, Coach’s Association School Class State Championship. To be honest, I believe I neither. People who will argue this will be people who truly believe we need 2 classes. I am not one of those fans. Nominations are due for new officers. I will absolutely back someone who will put an end to this 2 class madness and get us back to competing for one championship. From the beginning, I have felt that we are too small to have 2 classes. I think we are too small to have a 32 man state tournament. Some regions, a guy gets to State by weighing in, in other regions there are quality guys left out. That’s crap. You should earn your way to the big show. Districts, Regions and State. That’s the way it should be done. Do away with this dreadful 32 man bracket and 2 State dual titles. Quit giving away participation trophies at the high school level. Let these young MEN GROW UP!
  4. Nike Man

    Was State Seeded this year?

    Both equal the same thing. Terribly anticlimactic. I am a huge fan of all things wrestling, and I would not stick around to watch this silliness. You win or you lose...period. You get what you earn. A silver medal isn’t earned by a 2nd chance. At the end of the day, no one strives for 2nd place. Everyone wants to win. Nobody “wins” second place.
  5. Nike Man

    Pairings? When should they release?

    Thanks gatsby
  6. Nike Man

    Tournament Costs - Needs Improvement

    I went and watched Iowa wrestle Purdue last weekend. $5 per ticket. Just sayin’. Father of Four is right. We need to work together to keep this sport affordable for all.
  7. Nike Man

    State Duals 2020

    106 and 182
  8. Nike Man

    State Duals 2020

    Madison Central hasn’t been at full strength all season. Just can’t seem to get everyone healthy and on the mat at the same time. Hopefully we have everyone back for the post season.
  9. Nike Man

    Section 4 Duals

    They don’t have any holes. Solid up and down the line up. Jacob Cain is gonna cause problems for a lot of guys. I think he finishes top 4 at State.
  10. Nike Man

    Section 4 Duals

    I hear ya. Can’t believe a point made that strong was “muted.” Ridiculous. lol. Ooops.
  11. Nike Man

    Section 4 Duals

    Pretty official. Scores are a mute point. Johnson Central kicked the piss out of everyone.
  12. Just so everyone knows....Johnson Central is pretty damn good. I hate losing, but they have a good bunch of kids and great Coaching staff. Congrats on their win today. They should do very well next week and the weeks to come.
  13. Nike Man

    Region 2 Rankings 1-16

    I’d also like to talk to the ref that admitted that blocking and stalling wasn’t called in time. Lol. Just saying, have you ever seen Kinley wrestle? Lol. The kid is a goer. Once again, he and Fugi was a great match. I’m sure they will do it again.