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  1. Team1

    2024 State Pick Em Game!!!!

    Dennis should be good he's an 18 year old sophomore at 120
  2. Team1

    Region 1

    Region 1 champs, who ya got?
  3. Why isn't state tournament going to be seeded? So stupid.
  4. Team1

    2A state duals

    Don't feel bad UC gotta a 2 and when's the last time they lost a state dual?
  5. Team1

    Toughest weight class

    I'd say 120 or 138 after everyone runs from the raneys.
  6. Team1

    1/20- anyone still wrestling ?

    We find out at 2. UC
  7. Team1

    Most anticipated matchups at state.

    No match vs raney will be close
  8. Team1

    Most improved/ best newcomer?

    UC 106 is a dawg Braxton Corbett
  9. Luke Thomas & Colfy Walls
  10. Team1

    Not looking forward to state.

    Need to have state tournament in west Ky so UC don’t have to travel as far to win it.
  11. Team1

    Good matches from WCI

    Ricketts from union beat number 1 at 170