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  1. Travis Baney


    Western Hills is looking for something Feb 3rd. Please feel free to contact me at with any information.
  2. Travis Baney

    State Duals 2024- who ya got?

    1A - Union Co over LaRue Co 2A - Boyle Co over Johnson Central 3A - Great Crossing over Oldham Co Should be a LOT of exciting matches and good wrestling.
  3. Western Hills is looking to fill these dates: 1/6/2023 - Host duals TBD format - still have space and format will depend on the amount of teams. Current Teams: Western Hills McCreary Tates Creek Madison Central Thomas Nelson Thanks! Look forward to seeing y'all throughout the season
  4. Western Hills is looking to fill these dates: 1/6/2023 - Host duals TBD format 1/27/2023 - Attend any format Thanks! Look forward to seeing y'all throughout the season.
  5. WCHS is looking to fill this position.
  6. WCMS is looking to fill this position.
  7. WCHS is looking to fill this position.
  8. WCMS is looking to fill this position.
  9. Travis Baney

    Walker Terhune- Woodford Co Trainer

    He is out of surgery and new kidney is already working. All good things! Now to a speedy recovery!
  10. Travis Baney

    Team Needed 1/30

    We got a team. Thanks!
  11. Woodford County Middle School is looking for a new middle school head coach. The job should be posted on the district website tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 15th. The main contact will be the middle school AD If you have any questions, I am available as well
  12. Travis Baney

    BEST OF????

    Kyle Ruschell - Head Coach at UTC Ruschell has twice competed in the World Team trials in Fargo, N.D., most recently in 2018. He made the U.S. National Team in 2014. He placed third in the U.S. Open and third in Phase II of the World Team Trials after beating two-time national champion Kellen Russell from Michigan and national team member Frank Mollinaro, who was a national champion for Penn State. In the fight to "Save Olympic Wrestling", Ruschell was asked to be a representative for the sport at the Kentucky state capital as they passed a state bylaw to keep wrestling in the Olympics. The Crittenden, Ky. native was a four-time NCAA championship qualifier for the Badgers, earning All-America honors twice at 149 lbs. The four-year letter winner served as team captain his junior and senior seasons. Ruschell is the only two-time All-American from Kentucky and the state's highest placer in the NCAA Division I championships. At Ryle High School, Ruschell was a two-time state and four-time conference champion.
  13. Travis Baney

    12-11-14 Tri

    In search of a team to compete Wednesday at Woodford County High School. Right now it is Woodford and Connor. Please email me if interested. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the putting in the work! Always fun to look at. Let's have a safe season everyone!
  15. Travis Baney

    Yellow Jacket Duals

    Thank you to everyone that came out and made Saturday great. Great showing for the ladies, we had 42 compete! Good luck this season!