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  1. DrBaker

    Region 1 Rankings 12/5/2022

    Did Johnson central not wrestle this weekend?
  2. DrBaker

    Region 1 Rankings 12/5/2022

    It was for most of the weekend. They are going 113 and 120 this coming weekend at Ironman.
  3. DrBaker

    Region 1 Rankings 12/5/2022

    1st draft with the available info.
  4. Schweitzer over Kubwimana? Hunter Pogue over Lingle (Trinity)
  5. Lots of stuff going on this season!! Some wrestlers figuring out what class they will fall in. Some new names popping up. Gonna be a fun one!!
  6. You have to ask Josh where that money goes, but I’m sure it goes to the team for travel and other tourney fees.
  7. DrBaker

    Dead Lifts Essential In Wrestling?

    Deadlifts- yes
  8. DrBaker

    Essential Tips For Wrestlers

    Very informative. We’d love for parents to implement something like this to kids. Most need small changes into something like this. I’d like to add: add in 5mg of creatine, take a multi vitamin, and add in extra Vit D and Zinc.
  9. This is crazy. Is the money going towards prize money for the kids?
  10. High school wrestling is a different sport. It’s a tough balance between all the variables involved. You can never focus only on one aspect. It’s hard to manage a day off. It’s hard to get enough nutrition. Plus all the kids are sooo different. It’s a rough job for the coaches.
  11. What’s your prospective lineup?
  12. DrBaker

    New Teams?

    I thought Floyd Central was a mess up.
  13. Did the Nance boys move out?
  14. DrBaker

    New Teams?

    Scrolling through track and I’m seeing some teams no one has mentioned. Bethlehem? Butler? Floyd Central, Ky? Greenup County? Raceland? Wrestling is growing!