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  1. DrBaker

    super 32

    Moore wins again! He’s in top 6.
  2. DrBaker

    Region 1 preseason

    Could be the 3 best teams in the state all trying to take 14 kids to state.
  3. DrBaker

    super 32

    no middle school and only 1 elementary kid. Brayden Fannin 95 KY 5th Martin county cardinals
  4. DrBaker

    super 32

    Super 32 is up next. Just 4 Ky entries this year. Spencer Moore 106 KY Walton Verona High School 10th 2 Rusty Craddock 138 KY Ryle Wrestling 11th CARTER MESSERLY 160 KY Ryle High School 10th Cole Thomas 113 KY Ryle High School 10th
  5. DrBaker

    Team map

    Its so crazy to see the big gaps.
  6. DrBaker

    Team map

    Seems better than me going through the list and putting dots.
  7. DrBaker

    Team map

    Did anyone ever make a map with a dot for every team in the state? I feel like I've seen it, but can't find it.
  8. DrBaker

    Region 1 preseason

    I'll update with any input I get. Some teams have a good idea what weight everyone should be at.
  9. You might recognize a few names from the wrestling rankings. https://www.thegleaner.com/story/sports/2019/09/27/union-countys-defense-turns-back-every-crittenden-county-threat/2418928001/?fbclid=IwAR0x4KM2AmI4p7yCp1mykZxhXSH_iLwUV5cv0mB_i0DjbRz9_sjdTbL6GEc
  10. DrBaker

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    ** LIVE STREAM ON TRACK!!!! Awesome.
  11. DrBaker

    Looking for Tournaments

    Dec 7th is the Battle of the Brave in Union. Still has some openings. Contact Coach Walls at 270-952-5680
  12. DrBaker

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Could be a good money maker. I'd pay $10 to watch it.
  13. DrBaker

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    I'd bet a few #2s would want a shot at #1. Robert would say that those matches can wait until state finals.
  14. DrBaker

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    They have a camp that day.
  15. DrBaker

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    This is getting more and more exciting. Can someone facebook live or periscope it?