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  1. DrBaker

    Michigan wearing masks

  2. Who’s your pick? I’m thinking Gabe Dean takes it.
  3. I know Ft Campbell isn't going to be able to wrestle. Any other schools shut down?
  4. DrBaker

    Michigan wearing masks

    They also have to start neutral position with their back foot on the 10' circle line.
  5. DrBaker


    Dalton Matney competed at 180 this weekend at Super 32 and finished 4th! No guarantees on what weight anyone shows up at.
  6. DrBaker

    Fort Campbell MS tourney

  7. Did you guys read any Michigan wrestling rules? They have to wear masks in practice and in matches. It's s a mess.
  8. DrBaker

    Super 32 pick em?

    4 for 14 not too good, but the seeders didn't do any better. What an awesome tourney.
  9. DrBaker

    Super 32 pick em?

    Titus had a rough couple of matches. Kid is unreal, but the ones that beat him shut him down. A bunch of my pics have let me down. We will see how it all finishes out.
  10. DrBaker

    Super 32 pick em?

    106-Valencia 113- Moore 120- Spratley 126- Ayala 132- Bouzakis 138- Almeyda 145- Brown 152- Gaynor 160- Manville 170- Rojas 182- Evans 195- Bates 220- Tabor hwt- Horne
  11. DrBaker

    Super 32 pick em?

    Anyone else watching this weekend?
  12. DrBaker

    Zeke Escelera

    He wrestled 5 matches for Moore, OK. He lost 1 match 4-2 to the kid that ended up being a state champ(for sure). (I've heard)He is planning to wrestle his senior year in Oklahoma. He did sign with Campbellsville, so he will be back in KY soon.
  13. He was fun to watch. This season can't start fast enough.
  14. Looking at rankings: What happened with Austin Hedges and Fujii? Gonna be a crazy competitive season. When Ryle, JC, Christian, and Tilghman get their full lineups set, they will all challenge Union.
  15. DrBaker

    National Club Duals and Super32

    Super 32- 10/24-25 Kentucky 113 Spencer Moore 12th 7 120 Adam Williams 12th 126 Cole Thomas 11th 138 Rusty Craddock 12th 145 Zac Cowan 12th 145 Nick Giompalo 10th 160 Cole Nance 12th 160 Brayden Giannone 11th 160 carter messerly 11th 182 Noah Duke 11th 195 Rodriguez Levid 11th