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  1. DrBaker

    Any news?

    I’m see Valera transferred to Trinity. Anyone else? Any guys moving in?
  2. Jack James just had a 5td game. Willie Rodriguez is in the talks for Mr Football. Who else?
  3. DrBaker

    Team Kentucky Wrestle-Off Event

    This is great!
  4. DrBaker

    2023 NHSCA High School Nationals

    Any names?
  5. DrBaker

    Team Kentucky

    It’s nice to see the high school hammers from a few years ago are back to build the next generation.
  6. DrBaker

    2023 State Pick'em Form

    Its still asking for 1 choice per row.
  7. DrBaker

    2023 State Pick'em Form

    It looks like the last DNP column should be deleted.
  8. DrBaker

    Not looking forward to state.

    I can’t understand how basketball has them all tied up. It’s 2 days. Just play an away game that weekend or play Sunday.
  9. https://chng.it/Ttjz4dyLQL
  10. Last years middle school champs are in the mix this year. Blevins, Brown, Heady, Raneys, Wilson, Matney, and Lewis.
  11. DrBaker

    Not looking forward to state.

    Seems to me that a college could donate their arena and keep concessions or? Moorehead, Lindsay Wilson, Wesleyan, Bellarmine, Midway, Northern, Murray? Couldn’t those others free up one weekend? Didn’t Pikeville say they’d donate? It’s a long drive for West Ky, but it’s very nice.
  12. DrBaker

    Region 1 Watch List

    Dj Wilson, Jayven Williams, Cofy Walls, Jack James, Kshaun Brown, Cole Sherill, Logan Brown.
  13. DrBaker

    Not looking forward to state.

    It was pretty well the same at Atherton. Small concessions, packed bathrooms, etc. It had the feeling of a regular high school tourney.
  14. DrBaker

    Not looking forward to state.

    There are lots of college arenas. I bet someone could throw together a list of 50 places.