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  1. Congrats to Jimmy Jones!
  2. DrBaker

    Jr National Duals

    Good luck to team Kentucky.
  3. DrBaker

    Wanted Female Coach!

    Heck yeah. Get a good coach for my girl. She will be there before long.
  4. DrBaker

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    I don’t understand why more aren’t signed up.
  5. DrBaker

    Va beach

    He is fun to watch.
  6. DrBaker

    Ms Duals at Crown Point, In?

    I’m sure Hall and Newman will split it.
  7. DrBaker

    Va beach

    Thornton, Peyton, Harvey, Campbell, Whorton, Rider, ms- Nance, Smith, Leavell, Matney.
  8. DrBaker

    Va beach

    Quit a few listed there.
  9. DrBaker

    Ms Duals at Crown Point, In?

    76 Max Nance 81 Josh Waufle 86 Zak Scott 92 Lucas Young 98 Kayson White 105 Brennin Clifford 112 Jayden Raney 120 Jordyn Raney 128 JD Morris 137 Cordion Abernathy 147 Abe Fletcher 157 Owen Lamer 167 D.J. Wilson 180 David Wright 195 Landon Newman / Ben Hall 215 275 Colton Lewis
  10. DrBaker

    Middle school state > high school

    Where did he come from? He wrestled at state for Carr Academy last year.
  11. DrBaker

    State final predictions

    Ok. 2 years ago was wrong too?
  12. DrBaker

    State final predictions

    Morris that was in 8th last year?