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  1. DrBaker

    region 1 rankings 1/18/22

    I'm not sure what to do at 138. We will see what happens this weekend.
  2. DrBaker

    2022 State Duals Info/ Qualifiers

    It means Tilghman is still in.
  3. I wanna see McKune vs Rider. Guaranteed blood and action. Duke vs Kiser rematch will be fun. Goss vs Andreoni Jenkins vs Meyer rematch.
  4. DrBaker

    Capital City Classic 1/22/22

    106- Birk- Henry Clay 113- Condi- Frederick Douglas 120- Johnson- Central Hardin 126- Cook- East Jassamine 132- Kelly- Mad South 138- Quintana- Owensboro 145- Fulkerson- Central Hardin 150- Polson- Central Hardin 157- Dingus- Harrison Co 165- Baungartner- Central Hardin 175- Bronson- Frederick Douglas 190- Clayton- Jeffersonville 215- Whitehead- Mad South hwt- Stevenson- Holmes
  5. DrBaker

    Capital City Classic 1/22/22

    Manual has a team?
  6. It’s an app and website. It uses all the matches on track to rank. It does cost money.
  7. DrBaker

    January 29th Looking for a tournament

    East Jessamine has one listed in the master schedule.
  8. DrBaker

    2022 State Duals Info/ Qualifiers

    Looks to be Union and Tilghman.
  9. Big weekend. Guys making some moves. At least 2 new number 1s.
  10. DrBaker

    P4P Rankings

    1. Stephen Little 2. Jordyn Raney 3. Jayden Raney 4. Cole Thomas 5. Devon Herron
  11. DrBaker

    region 1 rankings 1/18/22

    What did I miss?
  12. The guy asked a simple question and you bite his head off. You could have easily said: I’ll keep an eye on him. You can call me anytime.
  13. You are taking it way too personal. You get way to upset. The dad just said he should move up instead of Hyden moving down. That’s it.