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  1. DrBaker

    Job opening- Hart co

    They are listed in 2.
  2. According to the football roster, all 3 Mooneys are repeating.
  3. Heard he tore his ACL, so he might be out.
  4. DrBaker

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Get well Coach!
  5. Love the stud list!
  6. True. Saw him on the roster.
  7. Can Adam’s wrestle right away?
  8. DrBaker

    Coming back or moving on?

    Any news on anyone not listed?
  9. DrBaker

    Will Raney do middle school state?

    Lol. To his brother?
  10. DrBaker

    Will Raney do middle school state?

    I don’t know if either one has ever lost in Ky.
  11. DrBaker

    Will Raney do middle school state?

    Jordyn was the first 7th grader to win state. 1st to go unbeaten too (obviously). Him and Jayden will probably both go for a 5th middle school titles.
  12. DrBaker

    Grand River Rumble.

  13. DrBaker

    Grand River Rumble.

    Lots of ky kids wrestling. A few middle schoolers are killing it. Jayden and Jordyn Raney dominated. Lucas Ricketts gets 2nd. Luke Thomas gets 2nd. Other Ky kids are spread out through the weights. 2 Ky Extreme teams compete tomo!!
  14. DrBaker


  15. I was told he’s going to Grundy.