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  1. DrBaker

    State finals location

    Murray also has the Racer Arena where they play volleyball. It seats 4000 and would be great.
  2. DrBaker

    State finals location

    I'm ready for a change. I really liked Broadbent's setup. Murray is a long drive for some, but could be nice.
  3. Who's in? Union is taking a few.
  4. DrBaker


  5. DrBaker

    Best Match @ State

    Best match I saw was Eckman v Moore in the 2nd round. Great match with both kids working hard and going at it.
  6. DrBaker

    Prediction Game

    I'm kicking myself for not picking Dalton Russellburg. I promise I will next year. lol
  7. DrBaker

    Streaming finals

    It's pretty pitiful. I just watched 1/2 of the Indiana state championships on Fox Sports and it was incredible. How can it be brought up that they can make money from it?
  8. DrBaker

    Streaming finals

    Why can't they be televised? I know hundreds of people that would pay to watch on track here in Union. I have people texting me all weekend and there were hundreds listening to the radio to try and follow along. On Trackwrestling, there isn't even the dashboard to follow scores on all the mats.
  9. DrBaker

    2019 state tournament firsts

    It wasn't special at all. They need to bring someone in.
  10. DrBaker

    2019 state tournament firsts

    First to have 2 girls? Team with 6 finalists? 8 in the top 3? Kid go from jv to state champ in 1 season ? 5 freshman in finals? 4 champs successfully defending titles? 4 finals the same as regional finals?
  11. DrBaker

    2018 132# class

    You can add Dalton Russellburg to this list, kinda. He was the 132/138 backup. What a tourney for Bates.
  12. DrBaker

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Apollo’s first Champ.
  13. DrBaker

    Tourney Pick 'Em

    106- Thomas over Moore, Eckman 3 113- Pye over Morgan, Fowler 3 120- Mattingly over Beane, Wells 3 126- Bacon over Deck, Andreoni 3 132- Adams over Merritt, Yost 3 138-Deck over Pogue, Insko 3 145- Carr over Wheeler, Lawrence 3 152- TKC over Andreoni, Russellburg 3 160-Little over Brown, Baber 3 170- Ervin over Slayton, Jackson 3 182- Stevens over Abren, Mayer 3 195- Deprest over Mulcahy, Horn 3 220- Ervin over Bussell, Horn 3 hwt - Pierce over Shelton, E Morris 3 MOW Bacon
  14. DrBaker

    Prediction Game

    Dang it. Gotta think for a bit to change it.
  15. DrBaker

    Prediction Game

    14- M Ervin 13- M Ervin 12- Pierce 11- Thomas 10- TKC 9- Stevens 8- Pye 7- Mattingly 6- Bacon 5- Carr 4- Deprest 3-Little 2- Adams 1- Pogue Darkhorse- Mathew Meyer 106