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  1. Elite Training Center KY

    2023 NHSCA High School Nationals

    Lane Kiser took early loss and wrestled back to 4th going 7-2 on weekend.
  2. Elite Training Center KY


    Trevor is like a brother to me, but I think you mean Trevor and Kyle Lawson haha. Also I was born in Lexington and lived here for a while then came back to be fair. If anything I went and took some Indiana titles, poor kids. Lol
  3. Elite Training Center KY

    Post State Thoughts

    Looks like they let the KHSAA seed this bracket lol bottom heavy much?
  4. Elite Training Center KY


    Great example! What state do you think the 138 from Trinity lives in? Does honor come into play here or not because he has been going to school in Kentucky since elementary? If I was Mays and had the chance to go to PT and train with Malachi Rider and Frazier everyday throw a PT on my singlet we winning a team title lol. He did what is best for himself and It happened to help a team in the meantime.
  5. Elite Training Center KY


    I'm glad he came. I hope more Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and other states studs move in. Kentucky has a depth issue and more talent no matter where they are from is never a bad thing. He even beat my guy in the finals and I'm saying this lol
  6. Elite Training Center KY

    Post State Thoughts

    I saw a kid that was outmatched giving himself a chance to win. He hit multiple attacks and also stayed in very good position. Did he stall? Maybe some but he got called for It. He definitely didn't stall all 6 minutes. I'm glad he's only a sophomore. Many years of battles left and maybe another national caliber guy in KY!
  7. Elite Training Center KY

    Post State Thoughts

    I agree with this 99%. Most exciting finals I have seen in a long time in KY. As far as officiating it's a mess. It's bad for wrestlers and bad for fans and trying to grow the sport. Pretty sure I saw 10 different calls on out of bounds. Zero consistency on what a takedown was. Fraziers takedown in finals was called a takedown in 20 matches before but when a rule book was pulled out showing a takedown It wasn't all of a sudden. I have no dog in the fight so I didn't care either way but I still would like to know what a takedown is. As far as TJ Meyer match if you want to see something really crazy go back and watch the match in the third period. The ref was directly in front of them and Raney would stand up and try and touch hands to the mat to get locked hands call 3-4 times. From my understanding that is unsportsmanlike and 1 point but instead they gave locked hands which is a 2 point swing. It is clear in the video on flo if you would like to go watch for some entertainment! As far as the 1% I don't agree with is venue. Does It suck it's at a HS yes but it was done extremely well imo. The issue is the stands were not full for the finals which is pretty embarrassing. Even Union seemed drastically lighter than their normal crowd. I don't see KHSAA pushing for a venue until there is a safety concern. If you want to change venues, sell out the HS so they are forced to. All in all the depth seems to be growing and there were a ton of great matches. -Nathan Boston
  8. Elite Training Center KY

    ATTENTION Wrestling fans! All Star Classic is back!

    what you've just said... is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." — High School Principal, Billy Madison
  9. Elite Training Center KY

    Bluegras State Games- July 23rd

    Everyone was able to make It I just confirmed!
  10. Elite Training Center KY


    If these guys show they can exhibition. You can guarantee good matches if you just make It happen. It's not like the refs are doing It for big paydays, if anything they wanna watch good wrestling. Anyone that my guys called out, I will pay your entree fee if you show up. Just shoot me a text and once you show Ill Venmo It over.
  11. Elite Training Center KY


    Hey everyone! I noticed on my Facebook as well as the message boards they are starting to push the Bluegrass state games pretty hard. This is a great tournament that I would love to see grow into something big for Kentucky wrestling. With that being said I talked with some of my guys after practice today and asked who they would like to wrestle/call out. Obviously we have no clue what some of these guys weigh so I will post the ETC guys weights to the right. This is what they came up with as a group. I hope this adds some fun, excitement, and competitiveness to the event! Christian Delos Santos is calling out Logan Brown and Brayden Blevins (Christian walks around at 108-111) Jonah McCloskey is calling out JaRi Campbell and Sebastian Vega (Jonah was 115.2 after practice) Amari Hardin is calling out Breyden Whorton and TJ Meyer (Amari walks around 126-130) Rider Trumble is calling out Miller Brown and TJ Meyer (Rider was 132.8 after practice) Malachi Harris is calling out Glenn Mayes, Jasitin Kubwimana, and Mason Schweitzer (Malachi walks around 154-160) *would have called out the entire world if I let him. Austin Silva is calling out Uriah Virzi (Silva walks around between 220-226) Coaches and parents, ask your kids who they would like to wrestle and lets call them out. I took the first step, whos got the guts to follow suit? (This is all fun and games. I do not know most of these guys being called out personally other than Blevins, Whorton, and Mason. These are the guys that they came up with between themselves having fun)
  12. Elite Training Center KY

    ETC Camp June 4-5

    A week and a half until camp and we have a great group of guys attending! Casey Cornett and Hudson Heidorf have also volunteered to come and help out with instruction. As of now here are the guys in RANGERS latest HS Rankings that will be attending. We also have some graduates and young guys signed up. If you are interested in attending shoot me a text at 747-334-6325. Group deals available. 106 Roman Valera 106 Christian Delos Santos 113 JaRi Campbell 120 Breyden Whorton 120 Amari Hardin 120 Rider Trumble 126 Andrew Tarango 126 Alex Sauss 132 Nathaniel Goff 138 Ayden Lehman 138 Bryant Faucett 138 Berechiah Hatchett 144 Malachi Harris 150 Trintin Baker 165 Isaiah Murphy 175 Lane Kiser 190 Max Duncan
  13. Elite Training Center KY


  14. Elite Training Center KY


    There will be no ETC practice this Sunday with Memorial Day weekend. If anyone would like an at home workout (ETC member or not) just shoot me a text at 747-334-6325 and I can send one over!
  15. Elite Training Center KY

    ETC Camp June 4-5

    Hey everyone! ETC will be having a Camp June 4-5 at the Derby City Legends facility in Louisville Kentucky. We are trying to get a good group of guys together from as many schools as possible. We currently have about 15 guys committed from 7 different schools. If you would like to get on the list or have any questions text me at 747-334-6325! Flyer attached below