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    I normally like to watch conversations and generally get info from this forum, but I now feel the need to sign up and post when I normally wouldn't. i have reviewed the old posts related to this feud and from what I see, Tech, you generally have a problem with Ranger because you feel that he slighted you in some of his reports. I have looked at them and they don't seem to be directed at you specifically, rather you seem to think that everyone is out to get you. I have news for you bud, not everybody thinks about you as much as you think about yourself. Ranger calls things how he sees them, throughout the season and after, with his rankings and reports. You have a problem with him and you bad mouthed his kid - who is good - for no reason. You literally said "He will break" and cheered for his competition. So it's no wonder he got fired up. Ryan is a stud, and he showed it this weekend. Ranger may not have won state as you did, but if I fall correctly, he placed 3rd while SEVERELY sick with the flu against some super tough competition. On top of that, he is, from everything I have seen, a great coach of young wrestlers. Instead of getting heated with him over petty issues, why don't you recognize the time and effort that he puts in giving us periodic rankings and let his kid be. He will likely be a 2 time state champ, which you weren't, so keep him out of it. You wrestled tough and had a good high school career. Don't spoil it by being a jackass on the forum that a lot of people read. Focus on you college career and help bring some honor to KY at the next level, but leave these HS kids alone over your petty beefs. Good luck to you and wrestle hard.
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    I never had any experience with wrestling prior to ten years ago when my sons started in the sport. Although there were plenty of things to dislike about the sport (getting up at 5 a.m.; sitting in a gym for 14 hours; endless delays while coaches lounged in the hospitality room; ring worm; hungry nights), it was a truly amazing experience. I would like to thank all of the wonderful coaches that coached my sons, as well as the coaches on the other teams that showed great kindness for my children. I will always appreciate Coach Randy Miller, Kevin Case, Pat Wilkinson, Brian Sivenski, Eric and Rick Dingus, Johnny Stout, Benji French as well as all of the other guys who came in to help our team get better. I also appreciate the guys who worked with my kids on the offseason. Woodford County coaches always welcomed my kids just like their own. They were also welcomed at Harrison County and Scott County too. There are so many great coaches that I got to know along the way, I wish I could name them all. Another thing I loved about the sport was they relationships the boys developed with the wrestlers on their team, and the wrestlers on the other teams. At the State Tournament every year, I saw competitors vying for precious state medals laughing and warming up together before they wrestled, and then hugging each other after the match and while waiting on their medals. I have been around sports my entire life, and there is no other sport where a group of guys tries to break each other in half, and then hang out eating nachos together and laughing. (Particularly heavyweights! Those are the happiest hugriest people I have ever had the pleasure to know.) After one of the favorites to win the tournament in my son's weight class was beaten in the quarters, I was telling my son how he was rooting for him in the semis. Class and character! I got to know many parents of children during my experiences with this sport. From best friends to acquaintances that I will never forget, I made many relationships that changed my life. I was touched time and time again when a parent from some random school would ask me about how my son was doing in college, or would comment about my sons character. A few other people I would like to thank are the refs and Ranger. I know the referees take abuse every week from coaches, parents and occasionally ill behaved competitors, but I always felt like they worked hard to maintain the integrity of the sport and to ensure the safety of the competitors. I would also like to thank Ranger, for his rankings. Parents, kids and coaches (even though they deny it) wait anxiously for each release during the season of the ranking updates. There are few kids on the mat that don't know their ranking or don't covet a ranking. Finally, I loved to watch the way the sport changed so many young men, including my own sons. I watched them get stronger, fitter, tougher and smarter. I saw them set goals and achieve them. My sons developed a confidence in themselves that they would not have developed in other sports. There was no quarterback to throw a pass, or a linebacker to make a trackle. These kids grew because there was no one between their back and the mat, besides themselves. I cannot express my gratitude enough for everyone who made my time a great experience for my family and I. I will do everything I can to continue to encourage the growth of the sport. My son's last match was yesterday, and I already offered to buy a friends' preschool son a pair of wrestling shoes if she would put him in the sport. Thank you all!
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    Gee... Way to turn a wrestling forum into Topix! He said, she said, they said, we said, call me names, call you names, all while supposed to be the adults?!?!
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    Hello all! What a great tournament this year! Personally, it was the most well run state tournament I have been to, thus far. I wanted to share my video collection with the wrestling community. Congratulations to the finalists and the champions. I have seen quite a few of these boys grow up over the years and can attest to the wonderful things that wrestling does for them as they become men. The below is a playlist of all 14 matches and should be available in 4K if you can play it. Enjoy!
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    I cried the first time my son stepped off the mat at the age of 7 and cried the very last time he stepped off the mat at 18. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the sport since his first tournament. Granted I’ve loved it more than hated it. This sport has helped shape my kid into the well-rounded, disciplined & humble man he is. Wrestling will always hold a huge place in my heart. For the past 11 years, we’ve planned our life around wrestling season. Vacation time has been used to go to tournaments, birthday parties scheduled for Sunday afternoons. I did Elementary State rosters from my hospital bed after having my youngest son who attended his first state tournament at the “Dungeon” when he was only 7 days old. I’m not going to lie, I’ve dreaded this past Saturday for the last 2 years. I knew in 6 minutes it was all going to be over. No more stinky practice clothes & eye watering knee pads to wash, no more “what did you weigh in & out” before supper. No more 5 am mornings, driving miles to sit on hard bleachers & hoping you’ve packed enough entertainment & snacks for your younger two. No more yelling “2” or “up and out”, my 2 signature phrases. No more victory, no more defeat. This is not his ending, it’s his beginning.
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    I love the sport of wrestling and wanted to share some thoughts on Kentucky Wrestling as a whole.
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    Great Topic. I love the older than dirt comment. That is great!!! My daughter tells me i'm half dead all the time. lol! But I'm not that old. Been involved in coaching at all levels for 15 plus years. However this is my 3rd season as HC with WV. But most of all the kids that have come through our HS program have come up with me through the MS Level. GOO,,, I think you have a few mud clots on me though. A lot of great coaches out there. Charger hit the nail on the head, ITS ALL PASSION. I agree. No one I know of coaches for the money. Its always about building a solid competitive team. Helping kids reach their potential and getting them to really believe in themselves. If you happen to grab a few stats along the way, so be it...My main goal has always been to touch these kids life and making them better people for our society.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Byron Bright and I am Ian's dad. I thought I'd send an update. Ian is continuing to improve. He's still dealing with some pain of course, but he's doing much better. His leg has been immobilized for a few weeks before he can start physical therapy to start walking again. He's got a pretty long road of recovery ahead of him but he's really in very good spirits. His biggest complaints have been about boredom more than anything. I also want to add that the young man from Male High School, who was also involved in the match, reached out to Ian and they're planning to meet soon. I know that this gentleman has been going through his own personal torture. However, him reaching out to Ian and wanting to meet and hang out with him is probably the greatest moment of sportsmanship and absolute class that I've ever witnessed. This young man has been suffering with the thoughts of what happened and to reach out and contact Ian, well, it meant the world to all of us, especially Ian. On behalf of our whole family, I want to say thank you to everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and concerns. If there's anything else I can answer, please don't hesitate to ask. We can't begin to express how much the support from everyone in the wrestling community has meant to us all. Thank you again.
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    I never said anything in my first post that he was sick all morning or the night before. I didn't even stay in the hotel with them the night before so my first contact with him was in the morning. He seemed fine before and after weigh ins and actually looked real good and like his normal self until he got up from the headlock and next thing we know he's in injury time and headed to the garbage can. Not sure where I contradict myself other than maybe my second post I did call it a stomach virus... I'm not a doctor, I could have called it a belly ache or whatever. I'm not a doctor and he never needed a doctor. He threw up, therfor he was dehydrated and needed fluids. First thing the trainer or medic on hand said was, could be something you ate. I've been coaching 7 or 8 years, I've been a referee for the last 5. I watched a kid puke his way all the way to states last year. They claimed he had food poisoning.... I'm not making claims, I don't know. I know in wrestling there's no next man up like football or other team sports. If you sit your team loses 6 points every round. In wrestling that's why we say wrestling is like life. I don't get a day off because my tummy hurts. You think he was the only one there wrestling that had any issues? You want to sit your kid at the first sign something is up and play doctor over an upset stomach at a state tournament? Maybe that's how you think it should be here in Kentucky but I'm not from here. I've watched kids break fingers, pull muscles, dislocate limbs and bleed all over the place in a regular duel meet that meant nothing and keep wrestling. I also have 9 kids, oldest two in the military and those girls are tuffer than some of these boys and when one kid comes home from school sick I get prepared for them all to get sick. I don't go crying to the school because someone must have sent their kid to school sick and got my kid sick. I apologise if my kids stomach ache,if it was a virus he apparently got from someone, got cought by anyone else but since he felt a little better Sunday with rest and felt completely great today and went to practice I'm going to assume it wasn't the plague and everyone will be alright. Good luck explaining to your team that your going to forfiet little Johnnie's weight class all day at the State Tournament because he doesn't feel 100%. Maybe that's why someone wasn't State Champs, maybe they sat every kid that didn't feel they could give it 100%. I'm just going to venture a guess that my kid wasn't the only one there out of all those wrestlers that didn't feel 100%. my wife is probably right, I shouldn't have said anything at all and shouldn't be on these forums because I have this thing where I say how I feel. I could maybe make up a name and start discussing things and pretend I'm not Sam Bacon's dad like some people do. That's just not me to make up some name, I like people to know who they are talking to. After all, I thought this was a wrestling forum but I always forget that not everyone sees wrestling as the sport I do and not everyone tries to raise their kids like I do. I'm not perfect but I won't apologize for me or my kid fighting through a little adversity. Maybe while they are checking weight and doing skin checks they can stick a thermometer up their but and have them fill out a survey on how they are feeling that day too and we can put a stop to athletes suck it up mentality and instead think about yourselves and not the team. I know I didn't stay away from my son, I hugged him and high fived him all day and I didn't get sick... So maybe it was something he ate. I feel better already. Guess no more forums for me, the wife says. I'll see you all in 3 weeks.
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    When I left the hospital today, Ian was in the process of being discharged. He was in great spirits and you would not have known that it was just 24 hrs. afterwards. He was looking to get home to his own bed. He will need to be non-weight bearing on that leg for 4 weeks. Surgeon was very pleased with the surgery, turned out to be more than just a dislocation. Thank you to all that got involved and helped Ian in that moment. I'd like to thank my fellow wrestling coaches who offered to help our team or took the time to offer kind words. Please continue to keep Ian and his family in your prayers. Coach Brutscher Atherton Wrestling
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    Saw this on facebook: When he woke up after they rotated his leg back around, one of the first things Ian asked about was where the Male "kid" (the one he was wrestling against when this happened) was. Ian said he wanted him to know that it wasn't his fault. So if anyone knows the other kid that was involved in this, we want you to know that we know you've been in as much pain mentally as Ian has physically. And we all hope that you're able to get through this as well. So much love out to Ian's coaches, team, all of the Atherton High School and fellow wrestlers throughout the county. We thank you all for your love, professionalism, and support.
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    Johnson might not be medically cleared to wrestle. His balls won't fit into a singlet.
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    It's funny that Rob was brought up during all of this reckless forum talk. As someone who has practiced in the same room as both of them for a while now, sometimes when both of them are at that practice, I can tell you guys that they are very similar in a bunch of ways. They are very good at what they do, but they have a hard time helping some people because of their mouths. There is no reason to take anything away from AJ just because he pops off with his mouth sometimes, it doesn't make him any less of a wrestler. Same with Rob, just because his mouths turns some people away it doesn't make his coaching any worse. I've talked to more coaches than any referee or coach, and trust me, I've heard all the stories, about AJ and Rob. I'm not going to lie, a bunch of them make me shake my head out of slight disappointment. But I also know first hand how great of people they can be if you get past their mouths. They have both helped me in every way they could for the past 2 1/2 years when I needed it most. You're not going to like, agree, or even be able stand everyone you meet, but that's life, so can we please just let all this bs go? AJ is a state champ, Rob is a great coach, they both have quite the mouths on them, and I'm tired of reading petty beef on a sports discussion forum.
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    For all of those that booed me out of the gym during the match and podium you should learn some class from angel. Never have i wrestled someone with so much class. For all that doubted, and booed me. I got the last laugh. Learn some class. On to college i go. And i wish the best of luck to angel what a stud!. Thanks to all of the coaches that habe helped to get me to where i am today. Your 138lb state champ, Aj bindner
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    Not sure I've ever seen a classier kid than Angel Vasquez
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    I took them down because YOU just don't get it!!!! I tried to be the voice of reason as an outsider who's only read and was told about what happened. I tried to post the rules as a NEUTRAL party, who knows what I'm talking about because when its said and done I have NO DOG in this fight, heck I live over 200 miles from where his happened. I spent over an hour reading all the post that you've made and everyone that replied to you and I can safely that 1. I'm older than you, 2. that I've been in this sport longer than you. I like most in here I wrestled in school, but in Ohio then wrestled in college and lastly wrestled in the Army 3. I've been a Wrestling Official for 29 YEARS in 5 different states and I KNOW THE RULES and have seen how the rules have changed since I first put a black and white strip shirt on in Ohio in 1987 (my first year officiating, what were you doing in 1987?)... 4. I've coached 3 different youth programs in two different states over the last 15 years. I am and have coached my sons who are 22, 17 and 7, so I have the father/coach area checked as well... I think that it is safe to say that I have a damn good resume' when it comes to the sport of wrestling and EVERYONE in here has and is telling you the same thing but you just don't want to hear it. I posted the RULES the truth and it is a fact we are the LAST LINE of defense when it comes to SKIN issues and safety of the kids. You WILL not change anything that we do when it comes to safety AND we do have the authority to over-rule that KHSAA form. Not 1 official did it, ALL 4 of them ruled against it. You asked questions, called people/officials names, accused officials of cheating. Insinuating that "they" did it out of spit because he was ranked #1 and that somehow the officials knew this and they knew that his first match was with a Ryle kid..... Gee 29 years of doing this and I don't ever remember officials seeing the brackets before during or after a tourn. You've pointed fingers at everyone and everything possible. You are not and have not accomplished a single thing with all of this...... AGAIN so you understand a TRAINER is not an on site medical professional. We are not playing part time Dr., we don't Dx anything, we just have the authority to protect all the kids... Checking the SKIN and ruling on it is our JOB. I bet before this day you never once cared about what we did when it came to skin did you? Now it's an issue? I got that 100% why it bothers you and we all must fight for our kids, but it's over and done with and it can't be changed. You post all these what IFS' and stuff you find on Google to support YOUR agenda. You're taking this as a personal attack against you, your son and your family and it was nothing of the sort. Again, have a wonderful day RamMan and best of luck to your fine student athlete I wish him the best in everything he does both on and off the mat, God speed to you and your family.
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    It's been awhile. I wanted to get these out before everyone starts moving. If it isn't on Track I do not get results. This is only possible when people help out. A small disclaimer there will be some 4th graders on here. If you get your feelings hurt seeing young studs get recognized you may not want to open this. 12-19-17.pdf
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    First- Big Thanks to Ryle, Coach Ruschell and his group for always putting on a great event. The competition of this event is awesome solid and the tournament is always ran very smoothly. Dave Johnson does a great job on keep this event running on time and is very organized. Walton had a good weekend. Although we were missing our 285/220 pounder due to ACT, we were able to be competitive and had a good showing. A lot of great teams this year at the Rumble and it was a battle all day. We were fortunate and lucky enough to come out on top. I can tell you this, our thoughts weren't going into this tournament as to "WIN IT", we have our kids focusing on getting better each day and let the results play out as they will. Too many good teams this year. We are just trying to keep these guys healthy and focusing on one day at a time! Once they start looking ahead, this is when you come up short. Now to close the IRONMAN talks: We had four kids invited: Moore, Roth, Smith and Mulcahy. We chose to keep the team together for every event this year. We have several seniors and a good group of kids and we want each week to be based on "TEAM" vs Individuals. You can disagree, but our kids wanted to stay together as a Team. That is what we have decided to do this year! Best of luck to everyone this season and stay safe! Coach Roth
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    Suprised no one has mentioned coach Knable yet. Though not the head coach at X, he is a young guy who has built up great wrestlers like the lampes and runs Invicta to help Louisville and Southern Indiana wrestling. Great motivated guy and inspiration and role model to the kids, any age.
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    Just wanted to give a shout out to Steve Kaiser and Simon Kenton. Great job winning a Regional Championship! He's one of the most underrated coaches in our state and has done a great job with this team. Good luck to you and your team down State!
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    I really do not understand why so many people think it is a good idea to limit the opportunity for youth wrestlers to compete in these events. In fact, I think we should do the exact opposite. We should be begging and doing everything we can to get our best youth kids to participate in our state events, regardless of their schedule or placements in MS state. I hear many people on this site claim that by eliminating MS state placers from participating in Youth State is for the "development of the youth kids". How does making a tournament easier help those kids? If anything, it hurts their development. Wrestlers at any level only get better going up against better competition. There is so much a wrestler can learn just from watching a stud warm up, compete, and conduct themselves in live competition. We've basically already eliminated our best and most experienced youth kids from our state tournament by eliminating those that place at MS state. Now we don't want our best youth kids to wrestle a MS schedule? I cannot fathom how that would help our state improve. There should be no rules eliminating kids the opportunity to wrestle if they want to wrestle at any level just because they are too good. That is really just a silly and ridiculous idea if you really think about it.
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    What is the reason for holding Districts? If we just held a Regional tournament you would see 16 man brackets and maybe a couple 32 man brackets with a lot of holes. We need to open up our season for one more week and let these wrestlers get some good out of state competition.
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    Ok. So here we are again. Another season in which i find out that my school, Iroquois, will be coachless. This not i only means that we are coachless, but that this year there is a really high chance of our program being canceled. Our school will be getting a new ad in july and im not exactly sure how the hiring process works. But id really appreciate someone stepping up and helping us continue our program. I am not open to switching schools. Not until im 100% sure there will be no team. Also to me, and hopefully many others, i have built a strong bond with many in my school despite its reputation. I say this because i want my last year of high school to be great and honestly i want to stay where i am. So thank you to anyone who attempts to get the job and to the future coach hopeful. P.S i have observed that being a head coach takes lots of desication,training , and time , and that anyone who considers the job be willing to sacrifice their time to help grow our program. We are not StX,Trinity, or Union, but our school is filled with just as much raw talent as those. We just need a coach willing to push the wrestlers. Sorry for the long write up, and i dont mean to be redundant, but the season will be here before we know it just like last year and this problem needs to be solved. The earlier the better. Thank you...
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    If Johnson can't host on Saturday, we need to consider changing venues. Sunday isn't a viable option.