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  1. At a minimum it has to be... Distant cousins?
  2. My 126 is ranked 6th, my backup 126 is ranked 102, but beat him in one of our 30 second live goes twice in practice on Tuesday. I'm thinking Ranger will rank my #2 at least 7th now... A win is a win and a loss is a loss, you can't count the would'a, could'a, should'a, in practice this, and in practice that...
  3. Hey Ranger, Rowen Bailey at 106 #17 is Western Hills, not Western
  4. January 28, 2023, Frankfort KY. Western Hills HS Wrestling is going to host their 1ST Annual Not So State Duals. Don’t leave an open weekend on your schedule. Small team and missed out on State Duals, large team and finished 3rd in your Sectional, come wrestle with us on January 28th, 2023. We are looking at 10/12 teams, 3 mats, 4 referees, fast paced day of 5 matches. Here are the instructions: We will make a list of the teams based on who responds first, if any team drops out or can’t attend because they qualify for State Duals, everyone will be rolled up. To register and get on the list email:, tell me your School name, Coach name, your name if you are an assistant/manager/other, ALL contact information for who is sending the email and the coach. We will finalize the list as soon as Sectionals are completed. 2022_2023_WHHS_NotSoStateDuals.pdf
  5. chad.greenwell

    ATTENTION Wrestling fans! All Star Classic is back!

    Let me know if you want a lineup image created like we did in 2019
  6. chad.greenwell

    Bluegras State Games- July 23rd

    Did all of the ETC guys get signed up? I didn't go back and look at the call outs and who made the call outs, but was wondering if any are happening?
  7. chad.greenwell

    Bluegrass State Games

    Coach Teater runs the BGSG extremely fast and pre-Covid the competition level kept increasing. About every off-season wrestler shows up and it's a good end of summer event. Looking forward to sending quite a few kids again this year.
  8. chad.greenwell

    2022 State recap

    That was my point also. Saying we have a lack of depth is not relative. We shouldn't be comparing ourselves to other states as much as we should be trying to build programs and numbers.
  9. chad.greenwell

    2022 State recap

    Depth is a relative statement. The level, style, experience, number of participants may be different between states but depth is depth. Is a #32 in Iowa/Pennsylvania/etc... better than our KY kids? Maybe? Who knows. Is that #32 way behind the #1 in that State? Of course! Just like our #32s are way behind our #1 kids
  10. chad.greenwell

    All time Goats

    Travis Sullivan could be up on that list
  11. chad.greenwell

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    Beane got beat in the first round by the Southern kid before withdrawing...
  12. chad.greenwell

    Semi state seeding

    I just like the data and true percentages you can see on RankWrestlers. Track seems to blindly look at records and factor that too high in seeding. We've all been in a seeding meeting where it goes like this: Why do you have the 2 seed? What's your record? 12-0 How many are forfeits? 9... Lol.
  13. chad.greenwell

    Semi state seeding

    I agree that RankWrestlers is better at giving a data driven seeding/ranking than Track. Track Wrestling seeding semi-state last year based on records and past qualifiers was really messed up. I don't know what the best answer or solution is but I would like to see KHSAA at least have a discussion with the Coaches Association.
  14. chad.greenwell

    Dropping weight classes cause your scared!

    This guy is still mad... If weight assessments say they can drop, they still wrestle good after dropping, so be it.
  15. chad.greenwell 2021-22 Rankings - January 12

    We are a small school, I have a senior who came to us as an out of shape kid a few years back, was stuck behind better kids who were "ranked" the last couple season, this year he has come on strong and was very excited to "get on the board" (that's what our kids call it). He's down there in the 20s and this was exciting for him now he's focused on trying to climb that ladder!