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  1. Sounds like he is already playing football unless something changed.
  2. Time to put Paducah Tilghman in the conversation. With Slayton returning and the transfer of Adams they will be tough.
  3. Chris Duke

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    Will 16 man brackets keep us in a high school gym? 16 man brackets should keep us out of the dirty horse park thank goodness.
  4. No way. This is terrible if true.
  5. Cole Thomas at 126 Noah Duke at 170
  6. Chris Duke

    Expand Regions

    I don’t think there is a perfect solution to seeding. Use track and hope the state uses common sense with a little coach input. I know with the schedule Ryle has next year we will have some very good wrestlers with 10-12 losses and they will be bracket busters. We will spend most of our season in Ohio and Indiana challenging a lot of their states top teams.
  7. Boone County School’s sent the confirmation letters out today. Even though the kids have until June 30th to change their minds I officially have a sophomore and a junior. Projected weight classes 170&182.
  8. Sounds like Kenton Co and Boone Co approved it over the last couple days.
  9. Kids have to have their paperwork in by May 1st and the school board has until June 1st to decide. So right now it is just that rumors.
  10. So far how many school districts have approved this?
  11. Chris Duke

    MOW ?

    That’s not very Christian like. Spiral fracture on his left hand hasn’t been very much fun for him lately. Thank goodness for second opinions, opinion 1 wanted to shut him down and operate. Opinion 2 said it was his pain and how much he could handle.
  12. Ohio does it all the time. They just do it earlier. As long as they are under the age requirements they should be fine.
  13. Chris Duke

    2021 Ranger Report part 2

    Guess the cats out of the bag . Very nice write up thanks for putting in the time.
  14. Chris Duke

    Brackets are out

    In most matches I would think the 1 seed would get bonus points over the 8 seed. The teams with 1 seeds should not be at a disadvantage because the KHSAA has FUBAR'd this post season.
  15. Chris Duke

    Brackets are out

    Brayden Giannone is out of the bracket. His teammate is also out.