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  1. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    New rankings are out. Double check the dark horses.
  2. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    14 Spencer Moore 106 13 Cole Thomas 120 12 Payne Carr 152 11 Noah Duke 182 10 Mathias Ervin 285 9 Daulton Mayer 195 8 Niko Bussell 220 7 Dalton Russelburg 160 6 Gage Fowler 113 5 Gabe Adams 132 4 Jake Insko 138 3 Colin Stevens 170 2 Devon Herron 126 1 Ty Lehman 145 Dark Horse Gabe Savage Ryle 220
  3. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    1-14 pts for each weight class. Your strongest pick gets 14 all the way down to your least confident 1. Person with the most points wins. If your Darkhorse places you get 5 bonus points. If he makes the finals you get 14 bonus points. He has to be outside the Top 10
  4. Chris Duke

    Region Brackets

    Tom K-C is in the bracket at 160
  5. Chris Duke

    Region Brackets

    6 is up
  6. Chris Duke

    Best Clubs for Wrestling Youth?

    If you move to Northern KY there are plenty of places to train in Cincinnati.
  7. Chris Duke

    My guess 130-Hwt

    They had a great tournament. With the weights I worked on it was close. Maybe next year Johnson can help us with some results and maybe it can even be closer.
  8. Chris Duke

    Large School State Dual Pools

    If that’s true that’s the second time JC did that today. They also did that against SK in a upper weight.
  9. Chris Duke

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    They have started, 70 is built.
  10. Chris Duke

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    Regardless of his age he is in the 8th grade and eligible to compete. We should be concentrating on wrestling and not a kids age. This horse is dead.
  11. Chris Duke

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    No way Rider is the 5
  12. Chris Duke

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    According to track seeds have been saved.
  13. Chris Duke

    State Duals 2020

    I think it will come down to River City, Union, Johnson, and Ryle. Paducah and Carr have to many holes.
  14. Chris Duke

    State Duals 2020

    It’s all going to come down to bonus points. Ryle is young and will be chasing Woodford, St X, Christian, and Johnson.