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  1. Chris Duke

    Ryle Raider Rumble

    Started moving kids to their projected weights for this weekend. The Ohio kids are moved and a couple lower weights are finished. I will try to have it finished tomorrow morning.
  2. Chris Duke

    Ryle Raider Rumble

    wrestling starts around 9:30am and we should be walking out around 7pm.
  3. Chris Duke

    Ryle Raider Rumble

    I'm sure a lot of these kids will not be at these weights. We should still have some fireworks. Ranked kids at the Rumble Ohio 120-#4 William Doepker (Elder) 126-#9 Josue Dawson (Princeton), 10-Jack Collins (Elder) 132-#9 Maclain Morency (Cincinnati Anderson) 138-#5 @ 145 Luke Marsh (Lebanon) 145-#11 Bartley Thomas (Elder) 160--#10 @ 152 Seth Lambers (Elder) 170-#13 Ethan Marsh (Lebanon), #12 @ 160 Kurt Thompson (Moeller) 195-#10 Caleb Tackett (Lebanon) 220-#12 Colton Quantz (Lebanon), #19 Vincent Munlin (Princeton) 285-#9 Rowan Tolbert (Elder) Kentucky 106-#1 Spencer Moore (Walton), #4 Olivia Messerly (Ryle) 113-#1 Trayce Eckman(Union), #2 Jonathan Gilbert (Madison Central), #18 Mason Schweitzer (Walton), #19 Aiden Zinser (Scott) 120-#1 Cole Thomas (Ryle), #11 Jonah Bowers (Campbell), #14 Gavin Ricketts (Union)#16 @ 113 Jakari Speaks (Moore), Jason Holden SQ (Campbell), #7 Matthew Meyer @ 126 (St. X) 126- , #15 Harrison Turrey (Moore) 132-#1 Thomas Deck (Madison Central), #3 Seth Lutes (Scott), #7 Micah Bowers (Campbell), #11 Nathan Ohlmann (St X), #15 Charlie McKune (Moore), #3 Jeffrey Kinley @ 126 (Madison Central), 138-#2 Jake Insko (Union), #3 Anthony Pierce (South Oldham), #4 Zach Cowan (Madison Central), #5 Sam Grandstaff (Conner) 145-#2 Trevor Pogue (Union), #3 Tristen Spalding (Walton), #5 Jacob Grandstaff (Conner), #6 Ryan Bellucci (St X), #8 Chas Fudold (South Oldham), #12 Tyler Ritchie (Madison Central), #14 Trent Jackson (Moore) 152-#6 Zach Pledger (St X), #7 Sammy Elliston (Conner), #8 Walker McCubbin (Sout Oldham) 160-#4 Ron Shackleford (Campbell), #8 Nathen Wright (Moore), #17 Kashiku Hutcheson (St X), #18 Stanley Crawley (Conner) 170-#2 Everett Marrett (St X), #11 Carter Messerly (Ryle), #18 Nathan Zinser (Scott), #20 Trey Fleek (Ryle) at 195 182-#3 Noah Duke (Ryle), #4 Brandon Gibson (Walton), #10 Brandon Richmond (Campbell) 195-#1 Daulton Mayer (Walton), #7 Michael Leicht (Campbell), #9 Darius Moore (Union), #17 Jackson Rogers (Ryle) at 220 220-#2 Casey Rauch (Campbell), #18 Zach Watson (Walton) 285-#9 Derek Hager (Madsion Central), #19 Hunter Arthur (Campbell)
  4. Chris Duke


    Track has Union taking 6 kids. Who will be going to Ironman and who will be at the Rumble?
  5. Just found out they are missing 3 or 4 starters.
  6. We do not. I will edit my post later with the results.
  7. #13 Ryle travels to #4 Madison Central tonight. I think the raiders show big here winning by 25 plus. We started at 120. Ryle’s projected lineup Ryle Madison 120 C Thomas FF 6 126 J Smith wins by Fall over Nardelli 12 132 C Ross vs Jeffrey Kinley Fall 6 138 R Craddock vs Zac Cowan MDec 10 145 A Peace vs Tyler Ritchie Fall 16 152 C Kish wins by fall over Lucas Hutchinson 18 160 C Messerly wins by fall over Austin Ritchie 24 170 T Fleek wins by fall over Mason Campbell 30 182 N Duke wins by fall over Alex Igeslas 36 195 J Rogers vs Blake Allen Dec 19 220 G Savage wins by fall over John Marshall 42 285 T Marshall wins by fall over Deandrre Burnett 48 106 O Messerly FF 54 113 J Sander wins by fall over Vidit Rasaily 60 Final score 60-19
  8. Chris Duke

    Rankings #2

    Relax? No way Ranger! We want perfection.
  9. Chris Duke

    Region 1 rankings

    IMO it wouldn't do Walton any good to wrestle big school this year. They wouldn't get out of the region. They don't have enough fire power. 1. Campbell Co Ryle 3. Simon Kenton, Walton
  10. 9 So. Spencer Moore Walton Verona KY HM Spencer had a great showing at Super 32 and Flo noticed.
  11. Chris Duke

    super 32

    Spencer Moore is the only KY boy still alive. He has beat 2 ranked kids so far. He just beat the #6 kid on Flo's list.
  12. Chris Duke

    Football playing wrestlers

    Ryle has a few. Jameson Smith, Zach Straus, Trey Fleek, Jackson Belk, Blake Riffe, Noah Duke, Mo Sissoko, Jackson Rogers, Logan Orlando, Matthew Mason, Tayshaun Marshall plus a transfer from West Virginia
  13. Chris Duke

    U15 Team USA

    She is bringing home gold with a pin in the finals.
  14. Chris Duke

    U15 Team USA

    That girl doesn't need luck, she is tough as nails. Her hard work is paying off keep us updated and safe travels.
  15. Chris Duke

    Peoples real names

    I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my identity. I kinda like staying in the shadows.