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  1. Rankings are somewhat subjective, unless we have head to heads. To say # so and so has so and so doesn’t hold much weight. They have to go compete, my boys have been on both sides of the random draw so I get it. It’s go time, as parents it only last for a short period of time enjoy it.
  2. Make them wait another day
  3. Chris Duke

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    That was their semi state finish.
  4. Chris Duke

    2022 Ranger Report Part 1

    It’s already finished. Track wrestling has all the results.
  5. Chris Duke

    Not good KHSAA

    At SS#2 I have a complaint. This falls on the shoulders of the tournament director. When you contact him the day before and his best choice for a local place to grab breakfast is First Watch that is an issue. Jnv858 has a lot to learn about running a tournament.
  6. You didn’t miss a thing. Just some Karen bellyaching about how tough the other semi state is at 150.
  7. Chris Duke

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    #23 Seth Davis at 150 finishing 3rd #27 Kolton Adkins at Hwt finishing 7th
  8. Cinderella lost her shoe. #no ball for you.
  9. Chris Duke

    State first round?

    Relax, Ryle runs a great tournament. Kickemout runs a better tournament than the KHSAA with fewer people. We have a few dads we have to keep a close eye on, 44Dad and Ranchy have the attention span of a field mouse and need help from our youth wrestlers just to make sure the ref knows the time. Gameface is on the sound system some good some bad and we can not forget the voice of the Raiders who traveled with Kickemout to Simon Kenton last week to run the regional tournament.
  10. Chris Duke

    State first round?

    I feel the same way about Ryle’s ability to handle this tournament next year. It will be a complete mess.
  11. Chris Duke

    Semi state seeding

    The issue is if you have hands down the top 2 kids in the state wrestle in the semifinals at semi state they could end up on the same side at state. The track seeding though not perfect is a lot better than this garbage.
  12. Chris Duke

    Semi state seeding

    It does matter. Depending on where you finish could decide what side of the bracket you are on.
  13. Chris Duke

    Semi state seeding

    If we know how the bracket will play out for state we could see kids forfeit to 4th or 5th place to get opposite side of the bracket. It all depends on how khsaa seeds it.
  14. Chris Duke

    Semi state seeding

    Depends on if they use The Who follows who method or if they use track to seed it. I would say if they meet in the finals they would be opposite if they meet earlier who knows what will happen.
  15. Chris Duke

    Semi state seeding

    Random draw is terrible. Kinley and Giannone on the same side