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  1. Chris Duke

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Out of the Freshman brackets the toughest first round match up goes to Mr. Little. Martin Cosgrove is a NJ hold back.
  2. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    We have a tie, Lcalum and Cooka17 both have 78 points.
  3. Chris Duke


    I'm not here to bash the Ref's. I understand this is a paid position so they should be held accountable. I also understand they can't see everything. If the state is not going to seed this tournament at the very least there should be 2 ref's from the quarterfinals on. These kids should not be penalized in a scramble because the ref is either out of position or afraid to correct himself.
  4. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    It was Russelburg
  5. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    Your darkhorse is illegal. Has to be outside the top 10
  6. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    14 Brown 160 13 Pierce 285 12 Thomas Deck 126 11 Pye 113 10 Depriest 195 9 Thomas 106 8 Wheeler 145 7 Duke 182 My homer pick. His dad has been feeding me some good info. His work in the Woodshed is paying off. 6 Horton 120 5 Ervin 220 4 Jackson 170 3 Andreoni 152 2 Merritt 132 1 Insko 138 Darkhorse Mannie Murrer CovCath 138
  7. Chris Duke

    Prediction Game

    1-14 pts for each weight class. Your strongest pick gets 14 your weakest pick weight class you are least confident in gets a 1. Person with the most points wins. If your Darkhorse places you get 5 bonus points. If he makes the finals you get 14 bonus points. He has to be outside the Top 10
  8. Chris Duke

    Regional Weekend!!!

    Region 6 Noah Duke
  9. Chris Duke

    Regional Weekend!!!

    Tough weight class #2 and #13 beat him.
  10. Chris Duke

    Region brackets put out yet?

    6 is now up.
  11. Chris Duke


    It's hard to say how it will shake out. Ryle is at The Mustang and it has #7,10,12,14 and #4 at 170. If Duke gets through that who knows. It's a good thing Ranger has a good handle on things. Guess we will just go back to work in the "Woodshed" and let Ranger worry about where he should land.
  12. Chris Duke


    Ryle and Walton had a really good dual tonight in Union. Ryle wins 34-23. A couple key results are: 113-Cole Thomas Dec over Isham Peace 6-1 I think could be wrong no upset but bumped up. 160-Cody Foster Dec over Brandon Gibson 2-0 182-Noah Duke Dec over Daulton Mayer 3-1 in overtime
  13. Chris Duke

    Missed school extra pound?

    Back when you wrestled you had to walk 5 miles up hill both ways to and from school. See ya tonight.
  14. Chris Duke

    Missed school extra pound?

    Guess I have that rare kid that went from wrestling 105 in 5th grade to 182 as a freshman. The 2 pounds is there for kids who need it. Some will abuse it, that is the part that we have to live with. We can’t punish the ones who need growth for the ones who abuse it. Good luck this weekend to all the young wrestlers competing.
  15. Chris Duke

    Missed school extra pound?

    I agree with the 2 pounds in Middle School more than High School. These kids are growing like crazy. Some kids/areas do not have the resources as others to get workouts in. If their isn't any school give the kids their pound or two. This is middle school we need to keep our eye on the prize, keep the kids on the mat for High School and beyond.