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  1. I am completely unbiased as I have no affiliation with either kid or team, but it is my opinion that the two should be switched as Aubrey has 3 wins in a row over July now dating back to last season.
  2. 385

    Early Season Upsets

    Joel is going to be GOOD. Aubrey has now what I want to say is 3 straight wins over July but I know for a fact this makes 2 in a row as Aubrey beat July at regionals last year. Rankings should have been switched imo.
  3. 385

    Saying hello, and an early goodbye

    Thank you for all that you have done for us! We are sad to see you go but you always have a place here. Please dont be a stranger to the forums!
  4. These forums were getting boring without Mr. Myers anyways.
  5. 385

    Rankings 11-7-18

    Jude is an 8th grader, home schooled, made the move to River City. Simon is a junior this year.
  6. 385


    I dont see Nolf on the flyer anywhere. Am I missing something?
  7. An almost 60 lb difference between two weight classes (which coaches are allowed to bump their kids up) 172-230
  8. 385

    Bryce Sheffer

    Heartbroken for him, and his community. Praying for them all.
  9. 385

    David Carr

    Congrats to David on a wonderful career, we are blessed to have had him here in KY.
  10. There are tons of freshmen throughout the state that were always too small to be able to compete in any other sport and a high school coach told them they could compete to be varsity right away because they need a 106, and then wrestling changes that kid’s life. This is exactly how I got involved in the sport, and it has changed my life and continues to do so. Robbing smaller kids of an opportunity is far from the answer to any problems we as a wrestling community may have.
  11. 385

    KY wrestlers getting some props.

    Thats amazing! Great job to both young men.
  12. 385

    State recap

    Can't just dismiss two points in a state finals match. I dont remember the exact score when this happened, but we all on this thread know that 2 points can change the entire landscape of a match. Again I dont remember the exact score, but if its 3-1 and he doesnt get his 2 in the second period, Saul gets an escape to start the third now its 4-1 and Chase has to start going crazy and expose himself. These things do matter. *disclaimer im from Louisville and have zero dog in the fight*
  13. 385

    KY wrestlers getting some props.

    Does that mean that Micah Ervin got honorable mention as well?
  14. 385


    Theres already one pinned