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  1. Jordyn and Jayden Raney faced off in the 60 KG finals of U17 Freestyle WTT with Jordyn coming out on top. It got me thinking, was this the first time the 2 have competed against one another? Sorry if this is a dumb question and it has happened a lot in the previous years. I can't imagine the emotions that family must be dealing with. Silver lining is that Jayden won 55 KG in GR but im sure they would have loved to had both boys competing in both styles. As always hats off to that family and thanks to them for representing Kentucky wrestling to the highest degree.
  2. Agreed on all counts. I dont believe he is worrying about #8 guy as he believes he will win it all, im just commenting from an outsiders perspective. Gonna have to beat em all anyways though! I think he can do it.
  3. 138 #3 vs #8 First round as well. 4 of the top 8 wrestlers being in region 1 makes for a tough draw for Hunter Luttrell.
  4. Ahhh yes. Very well known to have never accomplished anything in Kentucky wrestling, Nathan Boston. /s
  5. 385

    3 All-State Brothers

    Powell brothers from Fairdale/Doss. Jude - 1st 175 2023, 2nd 165 2022, 6th 152 2021 Simon - 4th 170 2020 Max - 4th 160 2018, 8th 145 2016
  6. 385

    Post State Thoughts

    I remember little Nate Sawyer always looked so mean, but was such a nice kid. Did Nate give up wrestling in high school?
  7. 385

    Post State Thoughts

    I coached Jude in probably 4 matches against Cole before Cole was in high school. Cole was so tricky and technical. Back then Jude looked like a newborn pony, all length. He was able to get in on shots but Cole was so funky even in elementary school and usually able to defend. We never were able to get a win over Cole.
  8. 385

    Post State Thoughts

    Completely agreed. Was it stalling? Yes. Should that ever be called to decide a state championship? Absolutely not. I feel like most of our officials do a great job. Some are not perfect but try their honest best. And then there are a select 2 or 3 that look to involve themselves no matter what.
  9. 385

    Post State Thoughts

    I have the same picture! This tournament was the first time Jude ever beat Braedon. I think Braedon may have been 4-0 against Jude until this day. I remember watching braedon at maybe 7 years old and thinking he was the most technical small kid I have ever seen. So happy for him and what he accomplished this year.
  10. Just wanted to say congrats to all, and I feel like officials, coaches, etc. really did the best they could with the hand they were dealt. Having state finals in a high school gym is unforgivable, but those who could give effort for these kids did so. Is Paducah Tilghman on track to start a new mini dynasty? 4 state champions. That is Union County numbers. Hats off to them. I overheard their head coach speaking to his team, and other coaches a few times, and he seemed like a very good person.
  11. 385

    State Duals

    If you guys here want to take away from smaller schools for the sake of viewing pleasure then by all means go ahead. The people on this forum certainly have the power to do so. Not sure what stands to be gained from it though.
  12. 385

    State Duals

    Ohio state championships are 3 divisions…
  13. 385

    State Duals

    Let’s just cut the middle man and hand Union County 3 trophies while we are at it
  14. Kiser pinned Virzi I believe
  15. I love that ranger has been doing these rankings for around 20 years now and still to this day people will come on here and and try to dunk on him while inevitably being wrong themselves. Death, taxes, and wrestling parents talking crap to Ranger