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  1. 385

    ETC starting back up

    somebody ban this guy for being rude
  2. I also do not have a dog in the fight but this is very incorrect. It means quite a bit to the boys and girls who compete.
  3. 385

    Not good KHSAA

    This was a travesty. How do you do that to a kid. Just horrible.
  4. 385

    Not good KHSAA

  5. 385

    All time Goats

    That’s insane. He was absolutely a machine to watch and one of the first people to make me love wrestling as is he is just a bit older than me. So many studs on those old fern creek youth teams
  6. 385

    All time Goats

    Surprised nobody has mentioned John Wolsiefer yet
  7. Start a go fund me to pay ranger for his time. That’s it. That’s my post.
  8. 385

    State first round?

  9. 385

    Jordyn Raney

    Congrats to Jordyn. What an accomplishment.
  10. Your boys have always represented you and Kentucky well. Cheering for them both.
  11. If you don’t mind me asking, was the reason for Spencer doing that just to go ahead and get a jump on college wrestling? Excited to watch him at the next level, but selfishly sad to miss out on another year of him here in Kentucky.
  12. 385

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    Interestingly enough I read a write up on Howard Schnellenberger at Flaget High School being recruited by Bear Bryant. I bet those were fun times.
  13. 385

    Brackets are out

    That would make sense. I wasn’t able to see that on the camera. Hope the best for Seth in the future.
  14. 385

    Brackets are out

    It was a close match and he got pinned in the third then threw his headgear and walked off without shaking hands. It wasn't terribly egregious but the officials looked justified to me. Unfortunate for Seth.