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  1. I come on here to keep up with KY Wrestling, but now I'm all about SeanR. Best content I've seen on here in 15 years!
  2. A college teammate of mine did a documentary on Larry Owings, the man who beat Gable. It's an interesting story, especially for us old, former wrestlers. Below is the trailer. It's supposed to be released on Amazon Prime after going through some film festivals. I'll update once it does.
  3. MLee

    State championship video reviews

    Really cool stuff! I might be able to dig up the Pat White vs Mike Lee match. I remember White treating my brother like the little boy he was the whole match UNTIL Mike threw him in a neck wrench that woke the crowd up. White was a man-child. I was glad I didn't have to wrestle him! That team was loaded too.
  4. MLee

    2022 State recap

    I agree its a huge commitment to wrestle, but it's not unlike other sports. Track events are filled with kids and spectators. The time waiting to time participating ratio is very similar to wrestling. Know of any travel baseball or select soccer families? You don't see them in the Spring/Summer. AAU Bball kids play games on Saturday's and Sunday's. During their off days, I'd say a similar % are getting additional skills training. Although HS games are on Friday night, most good HS Fball teams have film study and workouts Saturday mornings. My daughter does competitive cheer (unfortunately). She goes 6 days a week. Hell, nobody practices more than our local HS band! I don't think the commitment spooks kids. Poorly ran programs and events turn kids/parents off. I agree, we can reduce the time spent at the gyms, but I don't think that is the main issue with participation.
  5. MLee

    2022 State recap

    Why stop at nationally ranked HS kids? Why not compare NCAA AA's as an evaluator? I recall having a very similar discussion with a former college teammate from NE OH about this subject. I actually was bragging about the young talent we had at that time in KY (I believe you were one of them!) He then proceeded to tell me that his HS team had more NCAA AA's in the previous 5 (it may have been 10) years than our whole state has had ever. That really put things into perspective for me. We'll never have what they have. Might as well accept it and move on. It doesn't mean our elite cannot compete vs theirs. Ours have and will continue to do so. But we should spend more time marketing our sport and focusing on participation. It's a #'s game. The more athletes we get interested in our sport, the more that will end up at training centers like yours and learning from the best coaches our state has to offer. My 8th grader stopped wrestling and is now involved with travel football, travel basketball, and competitive track. I've seen firsthand 1000's of better than average KY athletes that has never sniffed a wrestling mat. We have the committed athletes. They're just choosing other sports.
  6. MLee

    You Make the Call

    Ha, another way of looking at it. During that 3:18 seconds where he got hit 5 times for stalling, he was scoring a point per 18 seconds. That scoring pace equates to 20 points per match. Maybe he was just tired from scoring all those points!
  7. MLee

    You Make the Call

    That match was a disaster. Red got hit w/ 5 stall calls in 3:18 seconds. During that time, he scored 11 points as well. He ended up w/ 15 points. Green didn’t score one takedown. The ref also called this out of bounds, which would have been another takedown by red.
  8. MLee

    You Make the Call

    In a 5 minute match no less! I still can’t get over that one. I was watching it live on Flo and switched over to watch another match w/ about 20 seconds left. Once I saw the DQ I assumed I missed a fight or something.
  9. MLee

    Not good KHSAA

    Great post. "Perfection is not demanded from officials. Competency is demanded from officials during the post season." Sums it up pretty well.
  10. MLee

    All time Goats

    Man, what an oversight on my part. How did I forget about him. I remember watching Sheffer rip through a tough Rumble bracket like hot butter one year. I believe he beat an undefeated kid from Elder in the finals. He was so poised and technical on his feet. Very fun to watch. I believe Cole was my towel boy that day!
  11. MLee

    All time Goats

    **Update** 125- Cole Thomas 135- John Fahy Sorry Barnes...
  12. MLee

    All time Goats

    Was in a discussion over the weekend. What other 4 X'ers went undefeated in KY? I know ATM never lost. Did anyone from KY beat Brock, Fahy, Courtney, Knable, Clarkston, or Harden? I don't think anyone touched Brock or Knable, but not 100%. Did Courtney ever lose from 9th-12th? No clue on Clarkston or Harden.
  13. MLee

    120 finals prayer

    Very cool. Congrats to both kids on great seasons. Takes a special kid to lose a match, but still be composed enough to participate in a prayer. Parents and coaches should be proud of both wrestlers!
  14. MLee

    Not good KHSAA

    Who determined it doesn’t need to be from a breakdown? The situations in the rule book are very specific by they’re not misinterpreted. For instance, stalling is different when your a top vs a bottom wrestler. It’s different in OT than during regulation. It’s different when you’re on the line vs being in the center of the mat. My point is, you shouldn’t use 2 different scenarios and say the rules should be applied the same. How that ankle got trapped to his butt is ENTIRELY different than the situation in the rule book you referenced.
  15. MLee

    Not good KHSAA

    I assume that is the situation Nathan B. referenced. If not, I’m sure he’ll correct me. If it is, I don’t see how that situation and the one we’re referencing are remotely similar.