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  1. Lawerance malala is wrestling 220, damoreon Travis is at 95
  2. BrandonReed

    Brandon Reed To LWC

    I will be continuing my Academic and Athletic Career at Lindsey Wilson College. Also I will not participate in the 2016-17 Wrestling Season do to personal reason. Although I will be getting prepared for the next level by competing at the toughest tournaments around in prep for another trip to Fargo, this time at HVY. I love all of KHSAA and I will miss seeing all the team's around, thanks for the all the support everyone!
  3. Head coach for IHS needed. All contact info for school can be googled. Thanks!
  4. BrandonReed


    Also Cory Knoth and Jared Branch. There may be a few more, once i confirm all the names ill update the list.
  5. BrandonReed


    502 Wrestling club members going: Brandon Reed Jacob Dodd Rawleigh Richardson Colton Lampe Austin Cook Isaiah Newberry Lawerance Malala Damoreon Travis Elijah Allgeier
  6. BrandonReed

    NCAA Bids.

    Yes sir. Ill Definitely be doing that.
  7. BrandonReed

    NCAA Bids.

    And believe me i know you always give the class props sir. Haha i was just respomding to wildcats post saying that 220 was just a joke of a class.
  8. BrandonReed

    NCAA Bids.

    That reply was about what wildcat said . not you.
  9. BrandonReed

    NCAA Bids.

    Haha no offense to anyone, but just cause the 220 class isent filled head to toe with studs like 138, does not make us a joke of a class, i think im just as dedicated as anyone, and that honestly my hard work is no joke, and that goes for more 220s i know like colby culver, damoreon travis, chance orr, etc... I am not here to argue with anyone, nor do i have the right to argue with anyone older than myself,but that hit my soft spot haha. Austin was a great high school wrestler. I dont really think anyone could have named five 220s better than him his senior year. But saying someone ran to ky for less comp is kind of sophomoric and ignorant. One because Austin wrestled a million off season tournaments and worked incredibly hard, which is the reason he was so good. Two, you cant really know what the myers reason is for moving to ky, and you shouldnt have to. Its their business and im just assuming it wasnt because of wrestling. I know austin dismantled me lol, but he's just on another level technique wise. I will never say anyone works harder than me, but i am humble, there are more people than i can count who could kill me at this weight. On the point of snyder, and austin. Thats again like comparing me and austin, well maybe not to that extreme, but who knows. Snyder works his butt off and most likely works just as hard as austin, he was just blessed with a better room to progress in, that being said he also trains at OTC on a regular, and some of his partners * hint hint* tervel, are other wordly. Not saying austin dosent have a great room to progress in, but snyder was blessed with the gift of higher oppurtunity and he took full advantage of it. Just as austin has taken full advantage of his own , and i have myself. Brandon, out..
  10. BrandonReed

    State Photos - Master Thread

    Thanks for the pics! My family and i appreciate more than we can say!
  11. BrandonReed

    Training Opportunity- 502 Wrestling Club

    These practice are great. And definitely well suited for learning new technique and sharpening the technique you already have. The Coaches are very well qualified, and they know how to work with everyone style. If anyones looking for a room that will educate your kids, and build great relationships within kentucky, and more prominently louisville, id suggest this club.
  12. Ok. So here we are again. Another season in which i find out that my school, Iroquois, will be coachless. This not i only means that we are coachless, but that this year there is a really high chance of our program being canceled. Our school will be getting a new ad in july and im not exactly sure how the hiring process works. But id really appreciate someone stepping up and helping us continue our program. I am not open to switching schools. Not until im 100% sure there will be no team. Also to me, and hopefully many others, i have built a strong bond with many in my school despite its reputation. I say this because i want my last year of high school to be great and honestly i want to stay where i am. So thank you to anyone who attempts to get the job and to the future coach hopeful. P.S i have observed that being a head coach takes lots of desication,training , and time , and that anyone who considers the job be willing to sacrifice their time to help grow our program. We are not StX,Trinity, or Union, but our school is filled with just as much raw talent as those. We just need a coach willing to push the wrestlers. Sorry for the long write up, and i dont mean to be redundant, but the season will be here before we know it just like last year and this problem needs to be solved. The earlier the better. Thank you...
  13. BrandonReed

    Confirmed Roster

    This is Brandon Reed. I would love to wrestle for team KY. My family is having financial problems right now which cant really be helped. So if anything changes soon, then i will message or email you. I am always down to wrestle though.
  14. Just posting this to let everyone know the team is slowly recovering and will have a few more experiences guys this year, thats all. Like aj said , good luck to all this season, REED out.
  15. Iroquois line up so far: this is only returning wrestlers: 106: Anthony Carter ( wrestled as an alternate at state) 132: Ansar Kurbonav( wrestled at state) 145: Darion Sheirfield( DNP in Region) 182/195( undecided): Bilal Mamedov( Wrestle to blood round in state) 220: Brandon Reed HVY: Shakiem Boyd and Laton Bray( both DNP in region) And a few more will show up after football, our new coaches name is Tom Mckenna