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  1. Scrambles

    2016-17 College Commitments/Signings

    Mikie Klein- St. Catharines
  2. Scrambles

    Training Opportunity- 502 Wrestling Club

    Great tone in the room, very welcoming.
  3. Scrambles

    2016 State Tournament Ranger Report follow-up

    It's funny that Rob was brought up during all of this reckless forum talk. As someone who has practiced in the same room as both of them for a while now, sometimes when both of them are at that practice, I can tell you guys that they are very similar in a bunch of ways. They are very good at what they do, but they have a hard time helping some people because of their mouths. There is no reason to take anything away from AJ just because he pops off with his mouth sometimes, it doesn't make him any less of a wrestler. Same with Rob, just because his mouths turns some people away it doesn't make his coaching any worse. I've talked to more coaches than any referee or coach, and trust me, I've heard all the stories, about AJ and Rob. I'm not going to lie, a bunch of them make me shake my head out of slight disappointment. But I also know first hand how great of people they can be if you get past their mouths. They have both helped me in every way they could for the past 2 1/2 years when I needed it most. You're not going to like, agree, or even be able stand everyone you meet, but that's life, so can we please just let all this bs go? AJ is a state champ, Rob is a great coach, they both have quite the mouths on them, and I'm tired of reading petty beef on a sports discussion forum.
  4. Scrambles

    2016 State Tournament Ranger Report follow-up

    I demand a recount for mow, my vote goes to either Nature Boy or the bear, I haven't decided yet
  5. He doesn't like the number 5
  6. Mike Klein should be ranked 26th
  7. Scrambles

    Region 3 Rankings 2/3/16

    He will be at 106 at regionals, he's had weight troubles this year so he decided to wait until regionals to make 108
  8. Scrambles

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I would just like to wish all my fellow weight cutters out there a Happy Turkey Day. The hardest holiday for the hardest part about the hardest sport. Get a good workout and get a "good" bite . Gobble gobble.
  9. I guess I'll have to step up and start doing the rankings.
  10. Scrambles

    Big Announcement is here

    my sources tell me that Mikie Klein From Fern Creek High School only had 1 order of nachos at that concert and is already down to weight
  11. Scrambles

    Big Announcement is here

    My only problem with the rankings is that Mikie Klein from Fern Creek High School is not ranked at 106lbs
  12. Mikie Klein from Fern Creek will be at 106 the whole year
  13. Agreed, I think wheeler will be a top 6. He's pretty rough and scrappy for his age!