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  1. crazyotto

    David Carr

    Winning with class. Learned it from his dad.
  2. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz at WTT

  3. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz

    Outstanding career. Congratulations!
  4. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz

    Get after it!
  5. crazyotto

    Conference Championships

    Boston have a shot at an at-large bid?
  6. crazyotto

    Conference Championships

    Nathan lost in semis and will be wrestling for 3rd Barton in finals
  7. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz

  8. crazyotto

    Brandon Reed, CHAMP

    Congrats to Brandon and LW on a great season!
  9. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz

    ACC tourney tomorrow. Live via the
  10. crazyotto

    Conference Championships

    Those seeds are great!
  11. crazyotto

    Flo Rankings

    New rankings have Fausz outside the podium. He has not see much in the way of ranked competition. Hoping a big run through ACCs will earn him a nice seed at NCAAs.
  12. crazyotto

    Sean Fausz

    Nice shutout win over Louie Hayes, 6-1
  13. crazyotto

    Flo Rankings

  14. crazyotto

    Flo Rankings

    Fausz climbs to #9