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  1. Bearcats Coach


    Looking for 10 teams for this years 2020 WVHS Bearcat Brawl. December 5, 2020. If interested, please email me at: Thanks Coach Roth
  2. Bearcats Coach

    tournament schedule for 2020-2021

    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl. December 5, 2020 If interested in getting in our event, please email me. Thanks Coach Roth
  3. Bearcats Coach


    Just like to give a big shout out to my former wrestler Isham Peace for winning the 113 lbs State Tile in South Carolina over this past weekend. Isham was with the Walton-Verona programs since he was in the first grade. Isham's family moved to South Carolina last season due to a job transfer. Isham has always been that type of kid to work hard and have a strong passion for the sport. The coaching staff and WVHS wrestling family is excited and very proud of Isham's big accomplishment. Great Job Isham! Coach Roth
  4. Bearcats Coach

    toughest schedule??????

    Walton-Verona, Ryle, and Simon Kenton compete in the SWOWCA Coaches Classic in Harrison Ohio that has many tough teams in this event, one being Mason Ohio. They also travel to Dayton Ohio for the GMVWA Holiday tournament that has Graham in it every year.
  5. Bearcats Coach


    Thank you to those teams that participated this year at the 2019 WVHS Bearcat Brawl. Nice small event to kick start the season. 8 teams and out of the gym by 3:30pm. Results: POOL A Walton 60 - Bardstown 12 Boyle Co 37 - Cooper 30 Walton 53 - Boyle Co 21 Cooper 66 - Bardstown 18 Walton 57 - Cooper 24 Boyle Co 42 - Bardstown 24 1: Walton 2: Boyle 3: Cooper 4: Bardstown POOL B Indian Hill 48 - Grant Co 28 Lafayette 54 - Boone Co 24 Indian Hill 60 - Boone Co 12 Lafayette 48 - Grant Co 28 Lafayette 36 - Indian Hill 35 Grant Co 53 - Boone Co 12 1: Lafayette 2: Indian Hill 3: Grant Co 4: Boone Co RD4: Indian Hill 45 - Walton 34 Lafayette 60 - Boyle Co 10 Cooper 54 - Boone Co 24 Grant Co 36 - Bardstown 21 RD5: Walton 44 - Lafayette 27 Indian Hill 54 - Boyle Co 20 Cooper 52 - Grant Co 36 Bardstown 48 - Boone Co 30 FINAL RESULTS 1: INDIAN HILL = 2: WALTON VERONA = 3: LAFAYETTE = 4: BOYLE CO = 5: COOPER = 6: GRANT CO = 7: BARDSTOWN = 8: BOONE CO
  6. Bearcats Coach


    If anyone looking to get into an event this up coming weekend DECEMBER 7, we are still looking for 1-2 more teams. Need to contact me asap. Thanks John Roth
  7. Bearcats Coach


    Still looking for two teams for this years WVHS Bearcat Brawl. Date: Dec. 7, 2019 Cost: $200 per team Teams for this Year: Walton-Verona, Boone Co., Cooper, Lafayette, Boyle Co., Bardstown, Grant Co., Indian Hill (OHIO) Contact me if your interested:
  8. Bearcats Coach


    Still need several teams. Let me know if your interested. Thanks
  9. We have an open paid assistant coaching position with the varsity/jv wrestling program at Walton-Verona HS. If interested, please email me at: Thanks John Roth
  10. Bearcats Coach


    WVHS BEARCAT BRAWL, still looking for teams for next season dual tournament. Date: 12/7/19 Cost: $200 per team Team Confirmed at this time: Bardstown, Boyle Co., Boone Co., Grant Co., Lafayette, Indian Hills (OHIO), Cooper, Walton-Verona. Please contact me if interested.
  11. Bearcats Coach

    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl

    Looking for 12 teams for next seasons HS Bearcat Brawl. Date: 12/7/19 Cost: $200.00 per team email Coach Roth at:
  12. New date for this years Walton-Verona MS Bearcat Brawl. Date: Nov. 16, 2019 If interested in getting in this, contact us at:
  13. Bearcats Coach

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl = Dec. 7, 2019 Walton-Verona MS Brawl = Nov. 16, 2019 If interested in getting in either of these events, please contact me at: Thanks
  14. Bearcats Coach


    Can someone post or send me a list of JV events? I have a few JV kids that I'd like to get some matches. Thanks Coach Roth
  15. Bearcats Coach


    Still needing 1 team! Any newer programs still looking to fill their schedule, our event is good duals tournament to get the season started.