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  1. Walton-Verona is looking to fill openings for its HS Boys Wrestling team (Asst Coach) and a Head Coach for its girls wrestling team. Please contact me at: for more information. Thanks Coach Roth
  2. Bearcats Coach


    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl is looking to add 1 team to this years dual tournament. We had a team drop out. Date is: DECEMBER 3, 2022 Cost: $200.00 If interested email Coach Roth at Thanks
  3. Bearcats Coach


    Still looking for a few more teams! Teams that have committed for this event: Walton-Verona, Boone County, Cooper, Highlands, Boyle County, Fern Creek, Henry Clay, Indian Hill OHIO, Walnut Hills OHIO Contact John Roth at if interested. Thanks
  4. Bearcats Coach


    Looking for 10-12 teams for next seasons WVHS Bearcat Brawl. Date: Saturday December 3, 2022 Cost per team: $200.00 Please email me if interested! Thanks J. Roth
  5. Bearcats Coach


    Thank for the updates (Chad.Greenwell)! Also if anyone has updates on any of these emails/contacts/schools/coaches, please shoot me a message either by text, email or on the forum and I will make the updates. Thanks John Roth
  6. Here is an email list of the Head Coaches. I put the teams in by Region/Semi-State and listed what sectional they are in and classification of school size (Big or Small). Please look it over, let me know if there are any updates/changes that need to be made. Still need several contact numbers, emails and actually who is the Head Coach of some teams. Hope this helps! J. Roth WRESTLING REGIONS.pdf
  7. Bearcats Coach


    Looking to add 1 more team to this years event. Teams listed for this year are: Walton-Verona Highlands Fairdale Dixie Heights Cooper Boyle County Boone County Henry Clay Lafayette Cincinnati Princeton OHIO Indian Hill OHIO Email me if your interested: Date is: December 4, 2021 Cost is $200 per team Coach Roth
  8. Bearcats Coach

    State team scores

    I'm not shocked that the KHSAA put that info out like that. Teams listed twice, the awards given out most of them not updated. That website will probably remain like that until someone actually "cares" to fix it and update it!
  9. Bearcats Coach


    Still looking to get a few more teams. Teams in at this time: Walton-Verona, Boyle County, Cooper, Dixie Heights, Fairdale, Highlands, Indian Hill (OHIO), Cincinnati Princeton (OHIO) Reach out to me if you want to get in. Thanks
  10. Bearcats Coach

    Welcome Coach Headley to Great Crossing Wrestling!

    Those are two great additions to that program. Great Crossing already has an outstanding coaching staff led by Sam Murdock and a well ran team with great kids. Great hires!
  11. Bearcats Coach


    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl is looking for teams for next years event. This will be a DUALS tournament! Date is: DECEMBER 4, 2021 COST: $200 per team. Contact Coach Roth if you're interested.
  12. Bearcats Coach

    State news

    This is exactly one of my points in my previous post. We are well ahead of the game in wrestling now vs 10-15 years ago. (Not big enough, not there yet, not enough schools). My argument is that the coaches can run this event. We shouldn't have a Semi-State than a State. One event, seed it, give all the kids the best opportunity/position, let them wrestle, and make the State Tournament what it should be! It's about the kids! We know how to run this event guys. I'd put Dave Johnson from Ryle up against anyone on the KHSAA board to run any State Tournament. I'm happy that we do have a season, but we are past that. This is the State tournament, where kids are being recruited, college coaches will be in attendance and KHSAA puts this type of an event out there. Amazing!
  13. Bearcats Coach

    State news

    If they are saying that the Semi-State and State are the "SAME" tournament just broken up in 2 different weekends. Then any kid that loses their first match at Semi-State should have the opportunity to keep wrestling back to get third, unless you go 0-2 early on, the kids should all stay in the tournament and have a shot to advance to the "STATE" tournament. If they are allowing the team points to carry over, well then let the wrestlers that are still in carry over to the next weekend also. Its not about the KHSAA, or the coaches. Its about giving these kids the best opportunity, the best State tournament experience they deserve. If we were at Alltech arena and had a 32 man bracket or even a 16 man bracket, any kid that loses can still try to come back to take third. This will never happen, too many egos at top. I think the KHSAA should build committees/BOC for each sport. Put the people that know their sport on these committees and let these people run their state tournaments. Softball does theirs, Tennis does theirs, Wrestling does theirs, etc... KHSAA can oversee it and be there as a resource, but let the wrestling coaches run the State tournaments. Give them a budget, let them decided on what the medals/trophies will be, or at least let them have some say on designs. Obviously they want to keep as much of this uniform as possible with all sports, but some things can be tweaked. The Football and Basketball trophies aren't the same as the rest of the sports. Let the coaches get the venue with some guidance from KHSAA. My point is that you don't take KHSAA out of the picture, but let the people/coaches that know their sport run the State Tournament. I hear it all the time, we aren't there yet or we aren't big enough yet or we don't have that many teams yet. I call BS on this. When Ranger and I were on the MS board as President and VP, we looked at that opportunity on how we could can make the MS State tournament better than it was. Always trying to improve things, from new podium, medals, bracket boards, state final singlets and many other things. If you haven't ever been, go to the last day of the Ohio State HS Wrestling Tournament. This is like seeing the ocean for the first time, its overwhelming. We aren't even on the same universe with them regarding what a State tournament is like or should be ran like. Its mind-boggling actually. We as coaches can run this event, we just need the KHSAA to trust that they have some really good wrestling coaches/people that can do this. Its so distasteful to see what these kids have worked for and now they have a tournament that just checks the box for them to say we did our part, there was a State tournament. You can bet that they would never cut out the first or second round of the Sweet 16. I just feel bad for these kids!
  14. Bearcats Coach

    Events for 2020-2021

    Anyone hosting anything on Feb. 27th or Mar. 6th?
  15. Bearcats Coach

    State team race if format changes

    The other issue is finding/getting a hotel. KHSAA is going to wait until the last minute to make a decision and every team that has to travel is going to fill up hotels, if they can even get one or even have enough hotels in those areas depending on where these sites will be.