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    If the athlete in question is currently a 4th grader (the minimum grade allowable for participation in the Middle School state tournament series according to our by-laws), I see no reason to attack Wrestling Mom 4-2 for asking why he was eligible in years past. As a fourth grader who turned 10 years old in November of 2016, he is less than a year younger than my 6th grader...and considering that he won the 3rd grade Adidas/Brute National Championship last year, maybe he repeated an earlier grade or started school late. (And there are a number of legitimate reasons for a child doing so.) With that said, however, it does not explain his participation in the following... 2015 - 75 lbs Middle School State Championship Qualifier as a 1st grader 2016 - 75 lbs Middle School District 8 Champion as a 2nd grader 2017 - 86 lbs Middle School District 8 Runner-Up as a 3rd grader 2018 - 98 lbs Middle School Region 4 3rd place as a 4th grader This is not bad intel nor is it taking the word of a "___- hurt" parent as it is research that comes directly from TrackWrestling.
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    He's gone now. It looks like all the blanks are out. I'll redo the list. -Edit List Updated
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    Cole Thomas won’t be there. He’s got one more weekend to be a Middle schooler. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
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    I don't think Cole Thomas will be there. Isn't middle school state this weekend?
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    As long as a wrestler participated in the post season before the rule passed he would be grandfathered in. As far as repeating a grade guess it depends on when he repeated. I do not like this rule never have never will. As long as a wrestler is under the maximum age he should be allowed to compete.
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    When did the rule go into affect that you had to be in 4th grade to compete in middle school? My son “Blue” competed in middle school since he was in the 2nd grade. Maybe Dalton was grandfathered in. Why does everyone always look to the conspiracy theories?
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    Or maybe you just had bad intel...Hmmm? @Louden Swain I'm not sure how it could be bad intel. I am certain my son wrestled a Dalton Matney from JC at 86/88lbs last season in the Region 4 Tournament. It 's possible that he may not have been listed as a 4th grader in 2015. I may have seen that somewhere on this forum so you right, that may not be the best intel. Maybe it was a different wrestler with the same name from JC that competed in the District/Region/State Tournaments the past three years. However, if it is the same wrestler, I do not understand how he would be eligible to compete. If he is in 4th grade this year, he would have been competing as a 3rd grader in 2017, 2nd grade in 2016, & 1st grade in 2015. According to the by-laws a wrestler has to be in 4th grade to be eligible to compete in Middle School. If he repeated a grade or 2 for whatever reason, per the by-laws, repeating a grade renders the athlete ineligible as well. @Beefstew I am not really trying to get any "scoop" nor do I need to listen to a so-called "butt hurt" parent. I don't need to nor am here for all of that. We have a wrestler in our club that is the same birth year and was interested in wrestling MS as a 3rd grader but was told that he had to be in 4th grade in order to wrestle MS. Maybe you can provide some clarity because apparently we were either misinformed or misunderstood the eligibility requirements. Or maybe we just mistaken him for another wrestler from JC. I don't know. At any rate, it is what it is. This is a great sport & we have some pretty awesome talent across the state. We are going to enjoy my son's last MS State Tournament. Looking forward to HS. Best of luck to all the wrestlers competing for a spot on top of the podium this weekend.
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    LOL. Brayden is reminded every day at practice during live go’s pretty much any shot on Jo Jo is a bad idea! Good luck to everyone Saturday!
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    So...If he is in 4th grade this year, was he a 3rd grader last year or did he repeat 4th grade? Hmmm? He was listed as a 4th grader back in 2015 too? If so, how was he eligible to compete?
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    Lots of stuff to change after the Laker Inv.
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    Or maybe you just had bad intel...Hmmm?
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    Lower weights Moore Upper weights tough several candidate I am hopeful one of or 3 big guys will walk away with it as well as state champion. Long, Green and Stevenson are serious contenders.