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  1. ukpridewrestler11

    Trackwrestling Rankings

    106: 14- Spencer Moore
  2. ukpridewrestler11

    Region 1

  3. ukpridewrestler11

    Jv wrestler in rankings?

    Interesting question. Maybe we should have a JV rankings or a top 10 P4P JV list.
  4. ukpridewrestler11

    Best Freshman

    Bryant Beane
  5. ukpridewrestler11


    Weight assessment will force the majority of the changes in the first in-season rankings I imagine.
  6. ukpridewrestler11


    The duals at St. X on Dec. 7th will include: St. X, Union, Cincinnati Moeller, and either Floyd Central (IN) or a West Virginia team (could be both but not certain). Ranked Wrestlers: 106: 113: #1 Trayce Eckman (Union), #2 Matthew Meyer (St. X) 120: #16 Gavin Ricketts (Union) 126: #5 Indiana Gavinn Alstott #2 Semi-State SS (Floyd Central), #10 Nathan Ohlmann (St. X), #20 Glenn Mayes (Union) 132: #2 Gabe Adams (Union), #6 Ryan Bellucci (St. X) 138: #2 Jake Insko (Union), #11 Indiana J Conway #4 SS (Floyd Central) 145: #2 Trevor Pogue (Union), #7 Zach Pledger (St. X) 152: #2 Payne Carr (Union), #2 Indiana Jonathan Kervin #1 SS (Floyd Central), #14 Kashiku Hutcheson (St. X), #14 Ohio D1 Kurt Thompson (Moeller) 160: #1 Dalton Russelburg (Union), #19 Jack Calvery (St. X) 170: #1 Stephen Little (Union), #2 Everett Marret (St. X) 182: #1 Micah Ervin (Union) 195: #10 Darius Moore (Union) 220: #14 Elijah Calloway (Union) 285: #1 Matthias Ervin (Union)
  7. ukpridewrestler11

    1st Rankings of the year

    Luke Thomas - in there twice at 70 and 75. Thanks for the rankings, MS can be tough.
  8. ukpridewrestler11

    New rankings

    Union has a 92 pound 6th grader who looked solid at KWOA, Ethan Christoffer. Not sure his status for the whole season as he is home schooled and it was his first match with the Junior Braves. @DrBaker can fill you in more on that.
  9. ukpridewrestler11

    Region 1 rankings

    If that was the case GOO, shouldn't it be mandatory that the winners of the large and small school divisions wrestle for the overall title instead of run from a challenge?
  10. ukpridewrestler11

    Woodford High School Wrestling Contact

    Welcome Travis. Take over for Rusty? Strange not seeing him as a coach there. Good luck this year!
  11. Any shocking weight assessments came through yet?
  12. ukpridewrestler11

    Region 4 Preseason Rankings

    Charlie McKune on there twice. Looks like Trinity would be the team to beat here.
  13. ukpridewrestler11

    super 32

    Ranger has spoken, looks like Walton Verona will have all the #1 ranked kids in the state! Just kidding buddy! Proud of Spencer and his awesome showing at Super 32. Proud of any kid who puts in the extra effort in the off season, giving up their weekends for a long road trip, and sacrifices their "fun time" to roll around on those mats and do the little extra things that for some will bring more wins and put them in a better opportunity come state tournament, and for others who have already shown on the preseason big stages that Kentucky wrestling is on the up! Iowa Preseason Nationals is the last big tournament on the list. Season is upon us. Hope for an injury free season, and wish everyone the best of luck.
  14. ukpridewrestler11

    Anyone need a mat?

    Farnsley Middle School in Louisville is looking for a mat.
  15. ukpridewrestler11

    Region 1 rankings

    Season is around the corner. There is going to be some top notch matches within this region.