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  1. ukpridewrestler11

    Anyone need a mat?

    Farnsley Middle School in Louisville is looking for a mat.
  2. ukpridewrestler11

    Region 1 preseason

    Season is around the corner. There is going to be some top notch matches within this region.
  3. ukpridewrestler11

    Team map

    101 - Union County. Only 3 numbers higher than the total state placers Robert Ervin has coached. Must've initially forgot Caldwell County lol!
  4. ukpridewrestler11

    Team map

    Click on "File" then go down to "Import". You will then click on the csv file (cg_samplefile.csv) to import. Then you can follow Chad's steps from there.
  5. ukpridewrestler11

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Wonder when that team from Morganfield will ever send someone to this?
  6. They looked like a bunch of “stars”. The sky is the future for these guys if they don't fall into the black hole of thinking they are the best in the Universe.
  7. The answer is easy on this one. The 2x defending state champ Matthias Ervin is projected at 285 now, and Matthew Mooney moved up in the weight classes from 220 to 285. The #1 and #7 ranked 220s were bumped up in the new rankings to 285.
  8. ukpridewrestler11

    Looking for tournaments on:

    Hop on over to Morganfield, Coach B. It's been a while since UC and CC have dualed.
  9. ukpridewrestler11

    Indianamat preseason open

    It's not fun picking the favorites every time. I won't go against Mendez in my picks, but if anyone can upset him, the youngest Manville would be my guess.
  10. ukpridewrestler11

    Looking for tournaments on:

    Posted on FB: "We are in need of one more team to attend our Bryce Sheffer Memorial Duals on January 18, 2020. If you are a team or knows other teams that would want to attend, please contact Robert Ervin."
  11. ukpridewrestler11

    Whitesville Trinity New Coach

    Saw this on FB. Couldn't keep him away from the wrestling world too long. Congrats buddy!
  12. I wouldn't think a rankings update would come before November. Nothing much right now to go off of. Once weight assessments start rolling in, then he will have a better idea of predicting where to place people. Still waiting to hear on who all is eligible this season after the moves as well. It has been a wild off-season.
  13. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

    Who knows really. Matthias was a huge 220 last year. He could be heavyweight, which would force Pike out of the lineup anyways. The season doesn't start for a few more months, so it's all speculation right now.
  14. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

    I think the most logical lineup would to keep Gabe at 132, insert Insko at 138, and the rest all bump up a weight class. No one loses a spot at all.
  15. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year