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  1. I wouldn't think a rankings update would come before November. Nothing much right now to go off of. Once weight assessments start rolling in, then he will have a better idea of predicting where to place people. Still waiting to hear on who all is eligible this season after the moves as well. It has been a wild off-season.
  2. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

    Who knows really. Matthias was a huge 220 last year. He could be heavyweight, which would force Pike out of the lineup anyways. The season doesn't start for a few more months, so it's all speculation right now.
  3. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

    I think the most logical lineup would to keep Gabe at 132, insert Insko at 138, and the rest all bump up a weight class. No one loses a spot at all.
  4. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

  5. ukpridewrestler11

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I can make it there from my house in Maryland quicker than @DrBaker can from Ervinland. That is unfortunate. Guess we should have HS state in Murray to counteract this.
  6. ukpridewrestler11

    2019-2020 Middle School Team to Beat???

    One question. If they make the MS state duals finals, will they wrestle or or will they forfeit the final match and go home to be more prepared for an actual state title?
  7. ukpridewrestler11

    2019-2020 Middle School Team to Beat???

    Carr, Union, McCracken?, Ryle, Walton Verona. Any mixture of those teams.
  8. And news just broke he transferred due to “redistricting”. Whatever that is.
  9. And part of the dominoes are falling down.
  10. I predict Union will have their best team, points wise at state this next season. I also predict them to win the Mater Dei Holiday Classic if they have a healthy team for once. Some interesting developments in the middle school world there in Morganfield as well.
  11. Does that still count if they participated in a khsaa varsity sport the previous year for a different school?
  12. ukpridewrestler11

    Surprises for next year

  13. I’ll put this out there. McCracken won’t make top 30 next year. Edit: They will be down, but might have been an overreach. If what I heard was true, then my original statement wouldn't be that far-fetched.
  14. Wrestling independent in D1