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  1. Heard that several weeks ago.
  2. ukpridewrestler11

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    I am highly in favor of combining four regions to make two semi states if having a semi state is the route decided to go. Prefer the 32 man brackets, but semistates of two regions gives those louisville schools chances to place when other kids are left out. If there are two semi states, there will be plenty of regions that send all four kids through to the final round in certain weight classes by placing top 8 at semi state, and some regions maybe not send a single kid through in certain weight classes.
  3. ukpridewrestler11

    Will Raney do middle school state?

    I bet both Raney's do. Compete with high school all year and wrestle in select few middle school matches until post season. They are going for what 5 titles each in middle school?
  4. ukpridewrestler11


    I see you Dee!
  5. ukpridewrestler11

    Expand Regions

    Jayden Raney who will be in 8th grade is screwed by past criteria. Almost certain to be at 106 this year, was not on the varsity team due to his size and no lower weight class. He won't have previous regional champ or placement, but assuredly will be one of the top, if not the top kid at 106. Union will be in Ryle's position if it is a normal season, wrestling out of state for almost the entire season. So this kid might go into regions with a few losses to out of state kids and end up with a 3 or 4 seed at regionals due to past criteria and his record.
  6. ukpridewrestler11

    Who’s the first to request a repeat year?

    I had heard this a few weeks ago now confirmed.
  7. ukpridewrestler11

    Boro Brawl Nationals April 10/11

    Charlie and Brody McKune
  8. ukpridewrestler11

    Brackets are out

    I think what got him the second time was he took his singlet off while still on the mat
  9. ukpridewrestler11

    Brackets are out

    Yeah the fact they didn't do that last week and did do it this week makes absolutely no sense. It should have been done at both tournaments. SMH
  10. ukpridewrestler11

    Prediction game.

  11. ukpridewrestler11

    Prediction game.

    I had TKC winning.
  12. ukpridewrestler11

    Brackets are out

    Let the kids wrestle. But also, isn’t there a mandatory quarantine? Sticky situation.
  13. ukpridewrestler11

    Brackets are out

    Whoa. Hate to hear that. Are they going to roll up seeds?
  14. ukpridewrestler11

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    He had 8 tech falls and 2 decisions last year.