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  1. Bluesdad

    2017 ms 86lb bracket.

    I’m not sure when it changed either but Blue wrestled in middle school state in both 2nd and 3rd grade. As for Dalton he’s stayed back once not sure which grade but he’s a legal middle schooler with the way the rules are laid out.
  2. I know a kid who placed high (let’s say anywhere from 1-5) that said he’s going to take advantage of his supplemental year. Well the kid and his father both said a couple weeks ago if the bill past he was going to take advantage of it. I think we’ll see more than some people think who take advantage of it, especially in my neck of the woods.
  3. Bluesdad

    Prediction game.

    Thanks my friend...done.
  4. Bluesdad

    Prediction game.

    With Giannone out I’ll go Nance at 160.
  5. Bluesdad

    Prediction game.

    14-Thomas 126 13-Duke 170 12-Little 182 11-Rodriguez 195 10-Herron 138 9-Moore 120 8-Cowan 145 7-Carr 152 6-Thornton 132 5-Williams 113 4-Smith 285 3-Nance 160 2-Tucker 106 1-Christian 220
  6. Bluesdad


    Both weren’t DQ’d just the kid that was on bottom that had a elbow pounded into the back of his head. He retaliated and for that he was DQ’d. The other kid won the bracket.
  7. Bluesdad


    If anyone knows anything about a certain referee and that semi-state sight today they could probably put 2 and 2 together and figure out why it was deleted lol.
  8. Bluesdad

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    I bet Region 8 won’t be out until the morning of. They never are for some reason.
  9. Bluesdad

    Nick Giompalo

    As bad as it pains me, no he isn’t. He’s decided to focus on baseball and academics. I really miss him being on the mats.
  10. Bluesdad

    Nick Giompalo

    He’s that big, he had to cut to get to 170. Blue and Nick workout a ton together and we’re around the same weight before Nick headed to Florida and cut. Great job Nick big things ahead for ya for sure young man.
  11. Bluesdad

    New faces

    Hearing Martin County got a big transfer. Looking like one can always go back home.
  12. Bluesdad

    Looking to coach

    Wished you lived in eastern Ky. Lawrence County HS is looking for a head coach for next season.
  13. Bluesdad

    Pairings? When should they release?

    Good point, I totally over looked that one somehow. Should be a great state tournament. P.S. great videos by the way.
  14. Bluesdad

    Pairings? When should they release?

    Niko Bussell will have a tough match in the second round with Devin Johnson. Johnson lost to Smith 2nd ranked kid 1-0 at regions.
  15. Bluesdad

    Large School State Dual Pools

    Congrats to Ryle and Union. Sounds like It was a great day of wrestling.