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  1. Bluesdad

    Looking to coach

    Wished you lived in eastern Ky. Lawrence County HS is looking for a head coach for next season.
  2. Bluesdad

    Pairings? When should they release?

    Good point, I totally over looked that one somehow. Should be a great state tournament. P.S. great videos by the way.
  3. Bluesdad

    Pairings? When should they release?

    Niko Bussell will have a tough match in the second round with Devin Johnson. Johnson lost to Smith 2nd ranked kid 1-0 at regions.
  4. Bluesdad

    Large School State Dual Pools

    Congrats to Ryle and Union. Sounds like It was a great day of wrestling.
  5. Bluesdad


    They wrestled in Summerville Wv at the nation Guard Duals. JC won the tourney.
  6. Bluesdad

    Growth in numbers 2018 vs 2019

    It looks like region 8 was a -4 this year. 2018 - 118 2019 - 114 If I counted correctly.
  7. Bluesdad

    Regional Weekend!!!

    Region 8 had some really great finals matches. 106 was decided on a reversal with 3 seconds left in the match 126 a takedown in the final seconds aswell. 132 went to the final ride out. 138 was a barn burner that went to the final seconds. 182 was a great match that went to OT. Byron Pierce from JC was the MOW
  8. Bluesdad

    Regional Weekend!!!

    On a side note JC put on a great regional. Having matches all day on the big screen in the gym was pretty awesome. Having the kids pictures and names and weight classes put up on a huge screen along with their finals match not only in the center of the gym but also going on the big screen was pretty great. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Congrats and good luck to everyone that qualified for state. Should be a great weekend.
  9. Bluesdad

    Odd Year State

    Blue Fletcher wrestled in Paducah last year. Maybe not with Johnson County but we’ve traveled out there.
  10. Frazier and Giompalo has only wrestled once this year to my knowledge. Giampola pinned Frazier at State Duals.
  11. Rider from McCraken Co is the real deal. The kid is fun to watch.
  12. Cowan is a top 5 kid for sure!
  13. Bluesdad


    Johnson Central’s football coach is very much on board with promoting wrestling to his football players
  14. Thomas vs Moore did not happen again. Thomas bumped to 113 and beat Peace. Foster over Gibson Duke over Mayer in OT. This is what I was told. So if I got any of it wrong my apologies.
  15. Bluesdad


    We keep it as close to our vest’s as long as we could I guess lol.