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  1. Louden Swain

    Youth State-issue

    I Agree with you 100% on a birth certificate being the only deciding document for proof of age. I’m my previous comment I believe I came across misunderstood (my fault) when I stated that I personally didn’t want to see a birth certificate. I was trying to come across from the stand point of (at the scale if no challenge were issued)In the case of a situation where age is challenged, like the one mentioned, I absolutely want to see that document and only that document. In every youth tournament I have been associated with the challenge process is simple, if age is challenged it is the responsibility of the opposing coach to provide proof of age and only a birth certificate will do. I hope this clears up where I stand on proof of age requirements.
  2. Louden Swain

    Youth State-issue

    If by no, you really mean no as in no skin checks and nails. I would like to politely correct you. I know of a couple hundred that were on the day of. Reason being I was that guy doing so. I would also like to add that birth certificates are never looked at until a child’s age is challenged by an opposing coach. They have personal identifying information on them and I personally don’t want to see it unless necessary
  3. Louden Swain

    My guess 130-Hwt

    OK... Who had Johnson Central picked with 5 finalist and 3 champs ? If so ,you are the best prognosticator !!!
  4. Louden Swain

    Middle School State Champions

    Congratulations ,Johnson Central, who beat its closest opponent Union County by 50 points.
  5. The Louisville Arena charged us $10,000 plus charged each person $10 to park last year. The city of Pikeville and East Ky is paying a much nicer Expo Center Arena bill for us in full. Thus they are donating 10K plus free parking to Youth Wrestling. Also I am told we might be looking at record numbers in the youth division this year.
  6. Louden Swain

    Large School State Dual Pools

    How about Johnson Central MS defeating Union County 48-32 for the State Dual Championship Put that group with the almost all freshman /Sophmore group that Johnson Central wrestled in the State Duals should make for an interesting 2021 State Duals
  7. Louden Swain

    Section 4 Duals

    These are un official scores. I was in and out watching 2 tournaments at the same time.
  8. Louden Swain

    Section 4 Duals

    Johnson Central 76 Tates Creek 6 Johnson Central 81 Dunbar 0 Johnson Central 72 Montgomery Co 3 Johnson Central 78 Henry Clay 3 Johnson Central 69 Madison Central 12
  9. Louden Swain

    State Duals 2020

    Also, I believe JC already has a common football opponent with Union County. Madisonville North Hopkins
  10. Louden Swain

    State Duals 2020

    OK.....Just got this word from Johnson Central. JC has 3 football games open this upcoming season and will pay all expenses { travel and hotel } for Union Co to travel to Johnson Central. JC will return the home game the following season to Union. They will trade home wrestling matches in the reverse home and away order. A few years ago JC lost a state place winner that transferred to Union Co. Many things were rumored such as jobs and a place to live. Neither Coach Matney or I believe all this actually occurred but it cooled a very close relationship with Union County. I think he absolutely likes Robert Ervin. And is still very close to the Walls family. BTW the JC HS wrestling team takes on Parkersburg South and Point Plesant HS tomorrow after having wrestled Grundy Va twice already.. If you know anything about wrestling that tells you JC is not afraid to wrestle anyone
  11. Louden Swain

    State Duals 2020

    First thing you need to recognize here is the fact that JC doesn’t wrestle year round like some teams mentioned. We wrestle and our boys play football and they’re good at it, real good at it. So we don’t step on a mat until the second week of December which by my math gives union a pretty hefty head start on the season wouldn’t you agree considering playoff results? I’ve heard from a Great source and by great source I mean you can bet on it, JC will wrestle anyone in Kentucky if that team would also play us in a football game. Stay humble but act quick as the schedule will fill up fast. Stay humble.
  12. Louden Swain

    2020 KY Middle School Region 4 Regional Tournament

    Martin County cancelled
  13. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I believe you’ve missed the fact that it’s the only facility suitable for the number of kids that we serve, given the time restraints of trying to find this kind of venue in a short timeframe. For instance NKU has a program coming up and we really wanted to go there, bad news was that there arena is booked for 4 years in the window of time we need. There is no argument that the location is out there, but it’s a venue and it’s sponsored. Not to mention that it is located in region 4 which is the largest in the state if you want to use your Charleston South Carolina argument. I stand by my previous post, it beats canceling. We need to pull together and make the best of what we have, division only hurts kids and the sport.
  14. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I would call that a fair assumption but what is more important here is the understanding that we as a whole need to make the most of the situation because it beats the alternative. Like I said before, it beats canceling.
  15. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    The simple truth about The Pikeville Expo Center as the host for the State Tournament. When it was discovered that we no longer had Broadbent as a venue(spring meeting) board members began the search for a venue that lasted 2-3 weeks with no venue anywhere in Lexington, Louisville, northern Ky. Or anywhere else in Ky that was big enough to host the number of kids that we traditionally serve or was available for any of the dates that we needed. Expo Center had offered up the site fully sponsored. These places don’t stay available long so a decision had to be made fairly quick. After two more weeks of searching it was cancel the tournament or host in Pikeville. Is it the best venue location? No it is not. But it was a better option than canceling. That is the simple truth.