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  1. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I believe you’ve missed the fact that it’s the only facility suitable for the number of kids that we serve, given the time restraints of trying to find this kind of venue in a short timeframe. For instance NKU has a program coming up and we really wanted to go there, bad news was that there arena is booked for 4 years in the window of time we need. There is no argument that the location is out there, but it’s a venue and it’s sponsored. Not to mention that it is located in region 4 which is the largest in the state if you want to use your Charleston South Carolina argument. I stand by my previous post, it beats canceling. We need to pull together and make the best of what we have, division only hurts kids and the sport.
  2. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I would call that a fair assumption but what is more important here is the understanding that we as a whole need to make the most of the situation because it beats the alternative. Like I said before, it beats canceling.
  3. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    The simple truth about The Pikeville Expo Center as the host for the State Tournament. When it was discovered that we no longer had Broadbent as a venue(spring meeting) board members began the search for a venue that lasted 2-3 weeks with no venue anywhere in Lexington, Louisville, northern Ky. Or anywhere else in Ky that was big enough to host the number of kids that we traditionally serve or was available for any of the dates that we needed. Expo Center had offered up the site fully sponsored. These places don’t stay available long so a decision had to be made fairly quick. After two more weeks of searching it was cancel the tournament or host in Pikeville. Is it the best venue location? No it is not. But it was a better option than canceling. That is the simple truth.
  4. Also, let’s not forget the biggest concern here. This topic was hijacked by someone and it took a left turn. Kids are on here, you don’t say derogatory things about kids, you don’t even say things that can be misunderstood as derogatory especially about a respectful young man and this one in particular is just that.
  5. Well mcx I feel like your post was from the Riddler. You were asked how old he is and your reply leaves a clear possibility. You have no idea how old he really is. What’s your 7th graders DOB? I guess I’m going to be forced into using what little bit of 5th grade math I can remember.
  6. Louden Swain

    2019 Youth State Weigh-Ins

    Saturday evening weigh-in will be at Hilton Garden Inn, Louisville AirPort 2735 Crittenden Dr Louisville ky 40209
  7. Louden Swain

    Youth Region 4

  8. Louden Swain

    placed vs ranked

    You tell em challenger!!! Especially in Johnson County, I would underestimate that little school team on every level. All jokes aside congratulations to all Kentucky wrestlers no matter if your western,northern, central or Eastern for a Great weekend. People can hate on Eastern Ky all they want, but generally you won’t get hate back cause we were raised better. Just like dropping a big Ole dirty word and Mom finding out. For the record, you could never get used to the taste of Ivory soap. (Thanks Mom) Eagles forever, forever Eagles
  9. Louden Swain

    placed vs ranked

    Don’t let that eastern Kentucky bunch with that giant yellow bus with that discreet flashing beacon on top trick you into thinking they are traveling to West Virginia, Ohio or Tennessee. I happen to know that they are all Soviet trained Russian spies/ wrestlers left here from Hillary’s probe into the Trump campaign. Really, the accent tells on em if you listen close. They are hiding in plain sight.. wake up America!!
  10. Louden Swain

    Are USA Wrestling cards (insurance) really necessary?

    I believe to say( we fall under USA wrestling) is not entirely accurate. USA wrestling is for insurance purposes. School teams already have insurance through the school. Club teams however do not as they are not affiliated with a school system, so yes clubs need insurance. In my opinion it’s a redundant cost on an already strained budget across the entire state. Would you purchase two insurance policy’s on your home?
  11. On the MS ranking the 152lb #9 and #16 both from JC should be flipped

    1. Chris Duke

      Chris Duke

      Only top ten ranked.  I know Dorton isn't the point scorer but it looked like he had a better regional tournament so I gave him the nod.  He didn't get to wrestle for placement because of the way Matney does it.  

    2. Louden Swain

      Louden Swain

      Just trying to be helpful, and fair to the price kid. BTW the decision to forfeit to the scorer was mine...

    3. Chris Duke

      Chris Duke

      Coach you are 100% right.  I will change those boys around when I get home.

  12. Louden Swain

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Or maybe you just had bad intel...Hmmm?
  13. Louden Swain

    Rankings 1-21-18

    Dalton Matney @98 from JC is in 4th grade.
  14. Louden Swain

    Middle School and Youth State

    That’s what friends are for.... How about this, I bet that we will see more alternates wrestling in the State Tournament this year than the last three years combined and youth state numbers will be down 25% due to the fact that they have deemed so many kids ineligible. If that ain’t growth, what is????
  15. Louden Swain

    Middle School and Youth State

    I have been told otherwise. I have asked the question if you have a kid that finishes fourth at middle school region but decides to wrestle youth state he/she can opt out of middle school state giving their position to the alternate and wrestle youth state. Response was yes they can.