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  1. DocG

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Nice picture !
  2. I doubt Coach Green reads anything on this site, but I wanted to give a special thanks and congratulations to him and Lafayette for a top ten team finish at state. I always believed wrestling was an individual sport, but he taught me that it is absolutely a team sport and the team comes first. Coach Green, Angel and Dusty gave their heart and souls to these kids this year, just as Coach Green has been doing his whole career with high integrity. With few resources given to them and practicing in a glorified shed - after the baseball team finishes their winter conditioning - The coaches worked tirelessly to make these boys great wrestlers on the mat and more importantly shaping them to one day be great men, fathers and husbands. The coaches weren’t afraid to hold the boys accountable if they made poor choices off the mat, so hopefully they won’t make them again. I could not have asked for my son to be surrounded by better coaches, families and kids. No, we won’t set the team points record next year, but almost the whole team is back and I know they will all have a blast again! Thank you Coach Green, Angel, and Dusty. I am not taking anything away from the coach who won coach of the year yesterday, but you all are coach of the year in my book.
  3. Thanks for reigning me in yesterday! You are a straight shooter and a good guy.

    Good luck to Zeke the rest of the season

  4. DocG

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Hmmm, thought this was a thread debating who the best middle school wrestler was. Instead, I am an overzealous parent expecting my son to wrestle in the Olympics and he is apparently barely scraping by in school because I don’t care about his grades ...? Challenger, you are a total fool.
  5. DocG

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Check Track under Brayden’s significant wins REsclara ... the kids and tournaments are all listed there, and he hasn’t lost since States now a year ago. Granted, He has gone to camps to train rather than compete every weekend locally and nationally, mostly Miron’s. It has paid off for him and worked well for our family. No excuses, just pointing out the flaws where wrestlers he has pinned in the first period this season are ranked above him.
  6. DocG

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Any list where a kid who is ranked 20 slots above Brayden, that was majored by Brayden this year 10-0 in their only meeting and Brayden beat common opponents this year, who the other wrestler lost to this year, is a joke. There are at least 4 kids Brayden beat head to head this year ranked above him. Sll depends how many meets you go to that are on track. Stick with Ranger’s and Duke’s rankings and who is at the top of the podium.
  7. DocG

    2018 Middle School State Predictions

    LOL. Brayden is reminded every day at practice during live go’s pretty much any shot on Jo Jo is a bad idea! Good luck to everyone Saturday!
  8. DocG

    Middle School and Youth State

    All I read about is the need for growth in Kentucky, improving against good competition and trying to wrestle more against good competition, and now coaches are holding kids out for a chance against stronger competition. That is kind of sad.
  9. DocG

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    He beat Thomas Deck?!?!
  10. DocG

    Rankings 1-3-18

    Noah’s shoulder? Our thoughts and prayers are with him for a full and speedy recovery.
  11. DocG

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    You can’t blame him for back pedaling, Now that the northern Kentucky mafia has ID’d him, he might be sleeping with the fishes
  12. DocG

    Middle school Weight allowance.

    I guess I am at a loss for why no 2 pound allowance would force kids to cut to “scratch” weight in youth and middle school. Just wrestle the next weight up. I cannot say enough about how Coach Carr Sr. and Jr. have helped my son grow as a wrestler and a person since moving here. I love watching wrestling in Kentucky, but let’s be honest, if you need to cut weight to be competitive in middle school or youth you should be spending your time working on technique rather than than skipping meals and jumping rope to make weight. It will catch up to you in high school and if you wrestle outside the state. Now is the time for these kids to build a foundation, wins will come.