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  1. gameface

    super 32

    Both of the Messerly girls will also be at super 32 from Ryle.
  2. gameface

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Shaping up to be a great day of wrestling!! Thanks Brandon for getting together the Track broadcast!! Now get back out there in that lanai of yours or on Ewa’s boat!! That’s enough work for the day!!!! :-)
  3. gameface

    Super 32

    Cole Thomas, Carter Messerly, Rusty Craddock, Madison Messerly and Olivia Messerly all from Ryle. Spencer Moore from Walton Verona and Lauren Walton from Carr wrestling academy. Are the only names that I had seen signed up.
  4. gameface

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    I might be able to Facebook live it while doing the announcing. Let me look into it!!
  5. I’d say they are all very humbled young men. I bet each one went back to work yesterday or today trying to get better. I know mine did.
  6. He had a great tournament also!! Four different Kentucky kids one match away either on the championship side or the constellation side
  7. I wanted to congratulate the 5 wrestlers that placed at IHPO this year. Also wanted to give a shout out to some amazing coaches that took time to go with these wrestlers and support them. Coaches Joe Burroughs No-Ox, Randy Wheeler and Corey Mullins with NLW, Jason Moore KY Extreme, Issac Knable Invicta, Jarvis Elam with Union County, Joe Carr Sr. And Jr. with CWA and Darren Thomas with Ryle Wrestling. There were so many great matches wrestled by Kentucky wrestlers. At one point we had 2 wrestlers competing to get to the Semi Finals Jake Insko vs Zac Cowen. Thomas Hoppes and Issac Thorton had a good run that finished them at the quarter finals. Many others like Seth Lutes had a solid tournament. Top 4 places and received early entry honors into the Super 32. Spencer Moore Walton-Verona 109 lbs Champion Cole Thomas Ryle 116 lbs Champion Jake Insko Union County 141 lbs 4th Dalton Russelburg Union County 173 lbs Runner-Up Levid Rodriguez Johnson Central 223 lbs 4th
  8. gameface

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    This is only done for the middle school. The youth we focus on more participation and quality metals for them. Unlike the OAC Where are you need to qualify for state and youth, Kentucky is open to any participants that Weighs in for regionals. Our numbers have never exceeded 1200 youth in one year. That number is comparable to what Cincinnati has alone. Our numbers have never exceeded 1200 youth in one year. That number is comparable to what Cincinnati has alone
  9. gameface

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    100% agreed. We all love this sport so much that we would love to see it grow and these kids receive the same recognition as other neighboring states. But our numbers are what they are for the moment so we should focus on quality wherever it’s at. No reason at all with a free venue we can’t have large cardboard brackets, singlets for finals, large medals, spot lights, music and excitement!!! As far as the youth state, put a large thoroughbred trophy out there like any Way does with the Eagle trophy and they will drive the distance to win. Parents want value and something to show for it. Also I’ve always believed that we should find a way to financially support the champions to be able to travel and represent Kentucky on the National Dual Teams. With a free venue maybe this could help!!
  10. gameface

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I have to disagree with you here Bulldog ole buddy. This is exactly where all the people that love this sport can come and give their insight. It’s just that, an insight or opinion, thought or feeling. This exact forum is where we came to the realization we needed to start with 3 different divisions for youth to allow small, middle and big schools all have a chance to win team championships. Matt Lee and I had the pleasure to start that years ago and it seems to be a success. Same thing with the 16 man brackets and the weight classes vs 10% rule. Everyone on this sight loves this sport and Kentucky wrestling specifically. The previous admin did a great job with a lot of things for this sport just like the admins before them. We all did it for the same pay!!! The same as your collecting now!! It’s for the love of these kids and sport!!
  11. gameface

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    This would be a statement that Ranger or Dutch could field better in detail but I remember 2013-2018 my son qualifying those years and their being brackets , finalist gear and huge medals that John Roth, Jason and Brandon designed. My son has one of those brackets on his wall and the gear and 4 MS medals to show for it. The only girl I can recall was Miracle at 92 lbs back when we were in Montgomery county in 2014-15 and she was a beast!! BUT I do agree that the last couple years the awards have changed and the excitement towards the finals were lack luster. Not fitting for kids that work hard all year for 4:30 of spotlight!!
  12. gameface

    New Program- Need of Mats

    I sent a message to you on your profile. Ryle has a couple mats. Contact Coach Tim Ruschell with the number I provided.
  13. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Rusty Craddock from Ryle will also be signing up. Hopi g to have a couple more
  14. gameface

    Match day at Madison Central

    Thanks to Madison Central for hosting this event today. We had some great quality matches. Looking forward to this season!
  15. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Glad we are able to go this year. Hopefully we can sign 3-4 more up from Ryle. Everyone else plays football or across Country.