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  1. gameface

    Post State Thoughts

    That’s pretty impressive. Congratulations to Nicky G on another State Championship!! Awesome young man. Hard to believe that Nick and Jude were the same size as Cole and Spencer. LOL
  2. gameface

    Post State Thoughts

    Lol “Newborn Pony”. Jude just hadn’t grown in to his body yet. Seeing his brothers you just knew it was a matter of time he’d be a monster!!! Jude was always a great kid and competitor. And the signature Pink Head Gear was awesome!! Thank you for the kind words about Cole. It’s been fun being his Dad/Coach. He’s been blessed to wrestle so many great kids in Kentucky that are now all State Champions!
  3. gameface

    Post State Thoughts

    Add another state champ from Campbell County 2022, Jonah Bowers and Brayden Brown is at Legacy in Ohio. That’s at least 12-13 state titles in that bracket.
  4. gameface

    Post State Thoughts

    Great Throwback picture!! Thank you for sharing. I believe several of those kids were in Elementary school at the time too. Just on the podium alone is at least 9 state HS titles. Does anyone know who the kid In 4th place is. Obviously tough as nails, placed higher than my kid on the podium
  5. gameface

    Brooks Black- Union County.

    Agreed 100%. He’s a huge asset for Union County and continue to help build their dynasty.
  6. gameface

    Fargo Champs!!!

    The rest of the wrestling world are getting a view of what we’ve seen the last couple years. These 2 are something special!! Also how about a shout out to their corner guy. Brooks is the real deal!!
  7. gameface

    Middle school state > high school

    2022 KHSAA podium!!!
  8. gameface

    Middle school state > high school

    Congratulations to all the placers at the Kentucky Middle School Championships. The podium is a nice touch!!
  9. JAMES EARL HARDIN /Kentucky School of the Blind 1964,65,66,67 (MOW 1965,1966) ROBBIE CLARKSTON / Conner 1978,79,80,81 /Runner up in 1977 (c/o MOW 1981 with Robert Ervin) JOE CARR JR. /Woodford County 1993,95,96,97 /Runner up in 1994 (MOW 1997) ISSAC KNABLE /St. Xavier 1999,2000,01,02 (MOW 2001,2002) HARRISON COURTNEY /Woodford County 2006,07,08,09 /8th in 2004 3rd in 2005 (MOW 2008) JOHN FAHY /Trinity 2009,10,11,12 (MOW 2012) BROCK ERVIN /Union County 2010,11,12,13,14 (MOW 2014) AUSTIN MYERS /Campbell County 2012,13,14,15 (MOW 2015) BRYCE SHEFFER /Union County 2014,15,16,17 COLE THOMAS /Ryle 2019,2020,21,22 /3rd in 2018 (MOW 2022)
  10. gameface

    All time Goats

    Does anyone have the list and years of the 4x State Champions in order? I had the pleasure of standing there listening to Mike Bandcamper and John Roth, on the state floor, trying to count them and recall the years that it occurred. Mike and John counted 7,including Cole Thomas. I thought I had heard 9 somewhere. What I do know is that Bryce Sheffer was an inspiration for Cole Thomas his whole middle school and high school career. Bryce certainly set the bar at a level that few will ever obtain. What a great legacy he has left this wrestling community with. I am excited for Cole Thomas to be mentioned among names like Carr, Knable, Fahy, Meyers and Clarkston in the record books. It’s been an incredible journey for sure he has blessed our family with.
  11. gameface

    Full Teams and State Qualifiers

    I believe Ryle and Union have 13 advancing to Semi State and Johnson Central have 14. Ryle has an alternate at 5th if anything opens up.
  12. gameface

    Super 32

    We missed being there. I spent both days watching it wishing we were there scrapping!!
  13. gameface

    Super 32

    Without going in to each of their individual private family matters, all I can say is, all the wrestlers were wanting to go, but for reasons outside their control, they didn’t/couldn’t go.
  14. gameface

    Super 32

    Unfortunately Ryle won’t be attending. Good luck to all the Kentucky kids wrestling this weekend.