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  1. gameface

    Super 32

    We missed being there. I spent both days watching it wishing we were there scrapping!!
  2. gameface

    Super 32

    Without going in to each of their individual private family matters, all I can say is, all the wrestlers were wanting to go, but for reasons outside their control, they didn’t/couldn’t go.
  3. gameface

    Super 32

    Unfortunately Ryle won’t be attending. Good luck to all the Kentucky kids wrestling this weekend.
  4. gameface

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    The Ryle Wrestling family would like to send our deepest sympathy and prayers to Coach Matneys family and the Johnson Central community. Our hearts are broken over the news of his passing and we pray that God holds you close.
  5. gameface

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Prayers for Coach Matney, his family and the Johnson Central family’s. He’s a huge man of faith and has blessed so many. Pray that God will heal him to allow him to finish his work at JC.
  6. gameface

    Coming back or moving on?

    I seen Ian Hughes was settled into his college dorm and ready to master the next chapter of his life!!!
  7. I just wanted to say best of luck to Payne Carr as he starts his new journey at Naval Academy. Jon, Joni, Jace and Payne have been a big part of Kentucky/USA Wrestling for our state and I think it’s pretty awesome that this young man has made the commitment to serve this country and continue to wrestle at the next level. Thank you to the Carr’s for his service!!!
  8. Amazing commuter camp this week at Ryle High School. The University of Tennessee Chattanooga wrestling program is running a camp in Northern Kentucky June 21st-23rd. No pre-registration required. Cost is $150 and made out to Gray Wrestling. Any questions feel free to reach out to Tim Ruschell at 859-760-4977. Many State champs, placers from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Florida will be attending.
  9. gameface

    State Tournament Follow Up

    It’s all good Scotty. Just wanted to make sure you knew that it was nothing about you or any coaches. Literally a deaf ear is just that. Unless they have a personal attachment to this sport (which none of their kids wrestle) they will never know who their poor decisions negatively affect. I will leave you with this, I LOVED the safety minds in charge of controlling the grouping together at the Day 2 Semi-State/Medal rounds. (like the “podium chairs”) atleast 6 feet apart to help control Covid after they forced all the wrestlers (minus the 106 lbs) into the small gym to warm up on one mat. 8 wrestlers on the 4 mats in the main gym and 108 wrestlers on the one mat in the small gym!! LMAO!!!
  10. gameface

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Scotty you need to read this in the context that it was written, from a friend and coach. Simply put, regardless of what efforts everyone in the wrestling community has put in the past or present towards making Kentucky wrestling better, we will never get it accomplished until we get through to the members on the Board of Control and they make the changes for us. They don’t see it from the wrestling communities perspective. That’s all I meant from that statement. PS- I have your number on speed dial from the years past coaching together at FCA.
  11. gameface

    State Tournament Follow Up

    This is the only site/opportunity that all who love Kentucky wresting can come together and work towards common goals for our sport. As Ranger and Goo has said, we came together to move mats, have youth and MS face offs, better awards, national level training with each other across the state and we can go on from there. Bottom line is that all our border states had their championships. We were told that this was for Covid protocol and safety then turn around the following week and do the complete opposite. Until we have leadership from the Coaches association and community leaders get through to the KHSAA regional Board members , we will never see change for the best.
  12. gameface

    MOW ?

    I’ve seen a few try Ranger’s strategy LOL. I think that’s when he started to use the Assassin to pin them with a little more “love” on the hold. My pick is for the one handed wrestler pinning the 2X State Champion in 31 seconds over the rest of the field and the 3X State Champion!!
  13. gameface

    State Tournament Follow Up

    No MOW’s and the team championship trophies were in a box and told to grab at the door and head outside. No team pictures allowed on the mat or floor!!
  14. gameface

    Brackets are out

    The KHSAA framework of the post season structured that if a wrestler doesn’t weigh in, weigh’s in and doesn’t wrestle or any other reason, the forfeit is scored like a pin and advancement points for the 1 seed. As you said, there’s a likely chance the 1 seed is going to get bonus points for their team in that match if the wrestler showed up and wrestled. Sad to see this happen to 2 great kids. I wonder what happens to others in that bracket that wrestled them that day if they did get contact tracing at the Semi State 4 event.
  15. gameface

    No podium or awards