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  1. gameface

    State finals location

    We’ve all been doing this for several years and I enjoy reading all the comments from people all over the state that have the same love and passion for this sport as I do. However, name one time, anyone on the committee has commented or taking part in a discussion with this group or the coaches association to find out what the wrestling community really wants and how it can be accomplished. We all know that Mike Barren runs the KHSAA wrestling and Julian Tackett runs all of KHSAA. And we know that there is a wrestling committee. But talking with one of the coaches on the committee, he stated nothing was changing unless those 2 in charge want it to change. So let’s talk about how do we get the mindset changed. What about a spring meeting for Q&A in Frankfurt with the coaches on the committee and heads of KHSAA? Or a advocate for the wrestling community that can come back and discuss what can and can’t be done for this sport with us. What do they do for Basketball and Football differently than they do for wrestling? Lastly, When the coaches are told that the mats are being left on the floor in their current location for the finals match. How closed minded is that. It took the coaches just doing 10 minutes worth of work to break down the floor and five these athletes and fans a finals mat. The wrestlers are doing their part. We seen exciting matches and the talent level continues to grow.
  2. Off season tournaments need to invest in better awards and actually post the pictures of what they are when they post the event flier. If you watch the NuWay tournaments, everyone goes for the awards. This creates more numbers and better competition. Also Spatola has put together nice awards, belts in the past and now shields. Kids want trophies and big awards. Parents want trophies and big award. Little 1/2 dollar medals with generic print does not create excitement when they can cross the river to Ohio, Indiana or West Virginia and get huge awards and loaded brackets for just a couple $$ more at the entry fee. People in this sport don’t mind spending the money if they see the value!!
  3. They need to open up registration and wrestlers list to public. We have twice went to events where there was a 3 man round robin combining 2 weight classes. You won’t get commitments from coaches until they can see the list and connect with other teams and talk them into bringing more kids/better competition. Look what happened with the FS/Greco State last year. The secrets cost them competitors. IMO
  4. gameface

    NHSCA Nationals in Virginia Beach

    We will have a few going from Ryle.
  5. gameface

    State finals location

    Broadbent has worked well for our middle school and youth but as some have stated, it has little to no concessions, the parking and the entry is horrible for the fans, access to the stands are from the competition floor only. Even with security, it is a logistic headache. No place for staging or warm up mats unless it’s out on the floor similar to horse park. Freedom Hall seems like the best option as long as parking and re entry is worked out to allow people to come and go freely. Plenty of hotels. Main highways from every part of the state leading in and out, and hotel and restaurants everywhere for the teams and fans.
  6. gameface

    Prediction Game

    That looks like a smart pick next year at one of the top of list. He is a beast. You guys need to bottle up some of that air and soil down in Union County and sell it!!
  7. gameface

    Streaming finals

    I’d say contacting Julien Tackett or Mike Barron directly. If they offer it televised or streamed for Basketball, then that should used by the wrestling association to ask for transparency and equality. Just like Girls State Wrestling, I’m sure they will pick it up this year, since they didn’t last month and the association put it on, if they’re not wanting issues with title 9 lawsuits from parents with girls.
  8. gameface

    Prediction Game

    Chris Duke, now that the dust has settled in the horse park, who is the champion and who picked the most winners? Looked like Dr. Baker or LCalum had a lot of winners!
  9. gameface

    Streaming finals

    And the KHSAA took it one step further the wrong direction by banning teams the use of mat boss on the floor, in the corner with one of the 2 coaches, Teams use it to keep score and video our own matches for wrestlers/coaches to critique a match. It was told to us that it was their right to not allow anything like this on the floor and that’s the only explanation needed.
  10. gameface

    2019 state tournament firsts

    It was said that they weren’t even going to roll up the mats(like they didn’t last year) and have just one finals mat due to lack of help. So the coaches took it upon themselves, in Suits and all, to break down the floor to create the best finals environment that you can have on a dirt floor in Kentucky. These kids and parents, that put so much time in, deserve more from our KHSAA orginazation than the bare minimum. I’m sure Kentucky basketball isn’t treated this way. There’s no doubt if you’d just turn it over to the coaches association with people like the Ervin’s in charge, this would be a show that we all would be praising!!
  11. gameface

    Best Match @ State

    I can only speak to the Thomas side of the mat and say it was the most heart stopping roller coaster of a match I’ve been in. But with these 2, they’ve wrestled 6 times head to head this year and every match is like a 106 college match where they both respect each other’s talents. Hats off to them both for putting on a great finals match and for giving both Dad/Coaches something to be very proud of.
  12. gameface

    MS Regions/Youth Regions

    Unlike Facebook, the majority of people on here have a true love for the sport and the kids that participate in it. I’ve been involved with Kentucky wrestling for the last 10-11 years and I can tell you there are some incredible people from around the state on this site just passing along their opinions and some great ideas. The keyboard warriors on social media do it more for division of our country and hatred. Everyone on here have the same goals to better the support and for the love of these athletes. But I appreciate your comment and wish you the best this post season for your wrestler.
  13. gameface

    MS Regions/Youth Regions

    I agree 100% that we are on the right track of bringing quality and quantity up by using this method. Some parts of the state barely have enough kids to fill the top 4 MS Regional Qualifiers. So if we remove those opportunities, then we also remove those numbers from the MS State. Look it doesn’t hurt anyone, having these “border line” wrestlers competing on both levels. They are still kids! Until we have the numbers of participants and quality coaches and programs around the state like Ohio, PA and States like these, we have to quit comparing Kentucky to these States. If you follow the success of the programs/ regions around the state, you see that it’s driven by the coaches and parents involved in the youth, MS and HS. Look at McCraddle sorry “McCracken”. You can name the coaches and parents involved in building quality and quantity. They have there own barge company, private jets to bring in rock star college wrestlers to teach there 300+ youth that live in the county, how to run a cradle from any position on the mat. Union County, fill in the blank for the first name and put Ervin behind it!! They have coaches/parents like Jon Carr that will pack kids in a van and drive them all over the country buiding quality. (I was hoping they’d adopt Cole “Ervin”) Christian County brings Dee Leavell on and this teams on fire!! This guy is having bake sales and t shirt sales to raise money for his team to have better gear and traveling money to be the best!! Issac Knable with St X and the followers they have. He even built a factory across the River from Louisville that produces these little hammers and the quanity/quality is showing!!Johnson Central looks like a Football Team turned wrestlers!! Maybe because the head coach is one and the same!!! And then there’s the “Northern Kentucky” Mafia”. A bunch of Hall of Fame Old Head Coaches with Dads that build barns and wood sheds to train in. Move mats in trailers to whatever location they can find when school is closed to train. Recruits 1/2 the football team while being a water boy for your sons team. Get jobs with the school systems so you can recruit the basketball kids that are cut from team. Have 5 programs from NKY bringing down over 1/3 of the total participants of the youth state. That is quanity in search of quality!!!! Guys this has been a favorite topic of mine for 11 years now. We have to just keep doing our best in our own home towns. Getting the kids out. Finding great Moms and Dads that love wrestling and build your biggest youth program. Then get them to buy into the dream of staying together through the MS and HS grind to chase a championship. The associations job should always be to support every program trying to accomplish this goal. Then we will have the quanity with the quality!! Best of luck to each of your kids in post season! Enjoy the moment with them because it passes too fast!
  14. gameface

    Tates Creek Invitational- Jan 5th

    Thanks guys
  15. gameface

    Tates Creek Invitational- Jan 5th

    Scotty, is there results per weight class available? Great job on running a solid tournament. I know you put your heart into it!!