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  1. gameface

    Match day at Madison Central

    Thanks to Madison Central for hosting this event today. We had some great quality matches. Looking forward to this season!
  2. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Glad we are able to go this year. Hopefully we can sign 3-4 more up from Ryle. Everyone else plays football or across Country.
  3. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Also I see Hunter Issacs WV and Mathew Meyers INVICTA signed up also
  4. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Added Cole Thomas today.
  5. gameface

    Surprises for next year

    Isham Peace with Walton Verona has moved out of state. He will be greatly missed by all of us in Northern Kentucky. A great wrestler and a even better young man off the mat. Look forward to seeing him as a State Champ in South Carolina next year. Also I seen my good buddy Blue Fletcher is with Lawrence County Bulldogs and Kolby Koepp has transferred to Paducah Tillman. Raneys and Jenkins have sent their boys to Union County. A lot of toolboxes in the state getting new hammers!!! Good luck to all these young men at their new homes.
  6. gameface

    State Finals Video

    We need to have the Coaches association formally request to use track mat-side/video . If they deny it, ask them to provide an equal coverage that they provided Football and Basketball. If they chose not to, then maybe we see what options are out there that defines prejudice or discrimination against wrestling. Title 9 is just right around the corner with all the success female wrestlers are having in other states and the lack of support by the KHSAA. I’m sure the females wrestling not getting the support they deserve would be an interesting topic in a legal field for some of these parents looking for scholarships in the future. Lack of coverage could hurt these athletes in pursuing college scholarships.
  7. gameface

    State Finals Video

    Agreed 100%. There’s a financial winfall for KHSAA with no ownership to it. They could let A college media program do it and sell a connection/coverage fee to cover costs. The girls and boys basketball has great coverage during the games, post and pre game. Not to mention the video they put together for the finals. The had it edited within hours and up on Rupps big screen for the finals!
  8. gameface

    State Finals Video

    what’s it going to take to get coverage for HS State?
  9. gameface

    U15 Team USA

    OLIVIA MESSERLY U15 50kg World Champion!!! Incredible work!
  10. gameface

    U15 Team USA

    It’s now officially Tuesday!! Olivia wrestles at 4 am this morning. Her Mom is going to try and Facebook live it under AddiLivMesserly. Go get It Liv!!!
  11. gameface

    Peoples real names

    Brandon “Dutch” Cornett dubbed my son Cole Thomas “Gameface” back when he was 5 and when Dutch and Mason Smith were with the Darkside RAIDERS!!! I figured I’d make that my forum name because I appreciated his friendship and outlook on my son. I am Darren Thomas with the Ryle Raider program.
  12. Congratulations to so many of the Kentucky girls that represented Kentucky in Texas!! Olivia Messerly is the 15U Champion at 50Kg. Lauren walton takes 3rd in the same bracket!! Addison Messerly, Olivia Messerly and Lauren Walton all won their brackets on Saturday and became All Americans. Great job girls!
  13. gameface

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Where did you see this or hear this. Nothing in their site or yappi.
  14. gameface

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    Haha!! I’m glad to hand it off. It was a awesome trip the last 2 years and I enjoyed the friendships I made all over the State. Just don’t blow up your wife’s SUV and have to buy her a new one to get home!!
  15. gameface

    Middle School Nationals 04/05 - 04/07

    How is this list looking for the Dual teams. I’m courious how many came down from Northern Kentucky to wrestle off?