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  1. Eat at Joe's

    State photos

    This guy had some great shots at the tournament and he's posted to facebook - He had some of my son which were provided gratis. Our team had a photographer there but I don't know that he posted them online anywhere to look at.
  2. Eat at Joe's

    State Finals Video

    Or - Shouldn't any school be able to come in and do this?
  3. Eat at Joe's

    State Finals Video

    I didn't have any issues when I did it. It was the commercial photography license and that allowed for video. I did the 2017 videos after the 2016 finals weren't recorded. I don't know who did 2018 and I only filmed one from the stands this year.
  4. Eat at Joe's

    State Finals Video

    If we want wrestling videos recorded, just hire a media company to come in and record them and they can post/give them away freely. There's little to no editing involved. Could the coaches association make that happen as well and do a to raise the money? Along these lines, I reached out David Rearic @ DR Productions and he said he would be interested. If that gets going, count me in as a donor. In the 5 years I have seen the state tournament, I don't think the state has ever released a full match video. I would expect them not to do it.
  5. Eat at Joe's

    State Finals Video

    Here's a link to 182. And that does really suck. I just looked on the YT channel and there are all sorts of sports, but they couldn't bother with wrestling.
  6. Eat at Joe's

    U15 Team USA

    That's freakin awesome! Congrats to her!
  7. Eat at Joe's

    U15 Team USA

    There is also a live stream on this page - Any updates on success?
  8. Eat at Joe's


    Well, not stupid.. You used the word masochist correctly.
  9. Eat at Joe's

    USA Nationals and UWW World Team Trials

    That's incredible work, congrats to them!
  10. Eat at Joe's

    2019 Ranger Report

    @Ranger123 Will you be releasing the write up or is it on to next season? Thanks!
  11. Eat at Joe's

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    Looks like the blue team is off to a great start.
  12. Eat at Joe's

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Looks like 3 3rds and 2 7ths Little 7th Ervin 3rd Ervin 3rd Deck 3rd Wheeler 7th
  13. Eat at Joe's

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach
  14. Eat at Joe's

    2019 Ranger Report

    @Ranger123 Hopefully not bothering, but definitely interested in the year end report. Thanks!
  15. Eat at Joe's

    Conference Championships