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  1. Eat at Joe's

    2019 Finals Video

    I have 182, is the a weight you were looking for? Might be good to reach out to the coaches for each team. Happy to post a link if it is of interest.
  2. Eat at Joe's

    Home work out?????

    After seeing the impact of the advice from Coach Knable at Invicta Wrestling on TikTok, we're working on tucking our pants into our socks.
  3. Any Louisville area weigh in?
  4. Eat at Joe's

    Takeaways from state

    One more thought for the cameras next year, can we set up a "Mat" to be a camera on the medal presentation? Seems like there would be enough time/spare equipment on the second day when going from 8 to 6 mats. Whether Track or a YouTube live stream is used for that part, it would be great. Please don't make it FaceBook as there are some who don't use it, like me
  5. Eat at Joe's

    Team Trophy Awards?

    I don't have the history to back this up concretely, but I believe the small school award is a coaches association award which was designed to recognize the small schools performances in light of not having access to a pool of participants which a larger school would. Obviously, in the past several years, a small school has been cleaning up quite well.
  6. Eat at Joe's

    MOW ?

    yeah, but it's subjective. You're entitled to your opinion and the voting coaches, theirs. Since I am not one of those, I was adding some facts into the process as to why some might have voted for him.
  7. Eat at Joe's

    MOW ?

    That was Deck's 3rd state title. 2018 - 113 2019 - 126 2020 - 132 seems legit to me.
  8. Eat at Joe's

    Takeaways from state

    Next year, maybe they can put the dashboard up on the Jumbotron instead of a team score list.
  9. Eat at Joe's

    Takeaways from state

    Page 50 of the program has the answer. Longest Woodford streak seems to be 3.
  10. That's too bad. I thought they opened the scales early for this reason. A 32 oz beverage would have solved that problem.
  11. Eat at Joe's

    Was State Seeded this year?

    Not seeded. Random draw pairings based on region placement
  12. Eat at Joe's

    2020 State Predictions

    Revised package. 2020 KHSAA State Wrestling Brackets.pdf
  13. Eat at Joe's

    2020 State Predictions

    Brackets attached Let's get it on! 2020 KHSAA State Wrestling Brackets.pdf
  14. Eat at Joe's

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    PPV purchased! Thanks for getting this set up.