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  1. mcx

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Not sure the KHSAA wants to take the tlme to make the finals special. We seem to discuss this every year.
  2. No derogatory statement made here. Just answering a question. The young man seems like a great kid and the accomplishment was outstanding...
  3. I apologize Swain for the lack of clarity...I did not have the specific info in front of me at the time...I was just responding to a question. (The same topic was discussed in February of last year.) The birthday was in November of son's? September of 2005.
  4. He is less than a year younger than my 7th grader.
  5. mcx

    Rankings 1-21-18

    If the athlete in question is currently a 4th grader (the minimum grade allowable for participation in the Middle School state tournament series according to our by-laws), I see no reason to attack Wrestling Mom 4-2 for asking why he was eligible in years past. As a fourth grader who turned 10 years old in November of 2016, he is less than a year younger than my 6th grader...and considering that he won the 3rd grade Adidas/Brute National Championship last year, maybe he repeated an earlier grade or started school late. (And there are a number of legitimate reasons for a child doing so.) With that said, however, it does not explain his participation in the following... 2015 - 75 lbs Middle School State Championship Qualifier as a 1st grader 2016 - 75 lbs Middle School District 8 Champion as a 2nd grader 2017 - 86 lbs Middle School District 8 Runner-Up as a 3rd grader 2018 - 98 lbs Middle School Region 4 3rd place as a 4th grader This is not bad intel nor is it taking the word of a "___- hurt" parent as it is research that comes directly from TrackWrestling.
  6. mcx

    who was impressive at State?

    Wrested at River City two seasons ago and part of last season...then went to Mauer Coughlin. Said to be going to Trinity.
  7. Been looking forward to something like this - cool souvenirs for the wrestlers and their parents if done right. I still have mine from years ago! Will they be like the ones done by the High School?
  8. mcx

    moving to KY

    I think River City gives discounts for more than one kid. Not real sure if their website is up to date with that info pricing.
  9. mcx

    Watching State

    I like their set-up to except for no full wrestle-backs. I am a big fan of them seeding their sectional and letting the kids figure out the rest on the mats.
  10. mcx

    ETC Question

    Does ETC have a Facebook page or website where I can get some information?
  11. mcx

    State Tournament Brackets

    Why do you see support for both brackets?
  12. mcx

    2015 State Duals Info

    I guess when a teams fans act crazy it is because the coach and school can't control their fans. That's ridiculous! Everybody has some overboard fans.
  13. mcx

    2015 State Duals Info

    Crazyhorse you misunderstood me. When I said 8798 wasn't taking up for STX, I meant in their coaching decision with Lampe and Frankrone. Here you said he's trying to protect the teams (STX) image and put a nice spin on the story as an old teammate. Obviously not, he ripped 502 for attacking Krebs injury.