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  1. CoachC

    Middle School Schedule
  2. CoachC

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    Please share this with any and everyone that can't be at the horse park next week. Please remember those folks that are in the military and aren't able to make it. I truly hope that everyone that can't be there gets to watch their child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. wrestle this weekend!! Let the KHSAA know how much our sport really means to us!!
  3. CoachC

    Large School State Dual Pools

    This match has been fixed in trackwrestling. It was verified that that match took place at 120.
  4. Here is our response. The requirements for all dual teams are listed on this website. These were approved by Ranger123, at last year's meeting, and in emails prior to them being posted. Once the qualifier was complete, there were 5 kids that filed paperwork showing interest in being on the team. Of those 5 only 2 paid deposits. After that there was no paperwork filled in form of petition or otherwise with the state. I continued to communicate with Ranger about the schoolboy dual team. He sent a list of people that had shown interest. Still no paperwork or deposits from anyone. This went on for 2 weeks. I last communicated with Ranger on Sunday April 22nd. This is the communication to him, and I quote. "We will take deposits until the end of the tournament this Saturday at Oldham Co. The entry fees to these tournaments are not refundable. We also have to reserve rooms before we enter, and order gear for those who don't have it. If we don't have deposits, we won't be taking a team" His response was, and I quote. "I will see what I can do this week" Of all the kids on the list that were interested in being in the dual team, only 1 was at the tournament in Oldham Co. This deadline was put in place due to the fact that there was a non-refundable $1500.00 entry fee due by May 1st. Not only that, but ALL wrestlers are required to wear matching singlets. And these singlets are personalized. This was also at Rangers request. You can see from my communication with Ranger that there are a lot of things that have to be paid for. What is not mentioned in that communication, is that we also have to pay for an official to be there or pay a $500.00 penalty for each style. And with no expression of interest by simply filling a petition for a spot, with a deposit. It's not wise to spend all of this money to make this happen on a team that only exists in theory We fund these teams very heavily. And absolutely want them to participate. Just not to the extent that we are willing to sacrifice loosing several thousand dollars.
  5. Breakfast will be available at the tournament.
  6. The KY/USA Freestyle & Greco State Tournament will be this Saturday May 19th. THIS TOURNAMENT IS OPEN TO ALL IN STATE WRESTLERS WITH A FULL USA MEMBERSHIP!! The tournament will be held at Taylor Co. Highschool. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to access the football stadium. I and KY/USA Wrestling sincerely apologize for this. The tournament will be live on trackcast. This tournament is a requirement for all national teams. Register on track here:
  7. CoachC

    Daviess Co. Freestyle & Greco-Roman

    The head coach for Kentucky Wesleyn, Coach Freije will be at this tournament. He will give a clinic to all wrestlers that are registered for the tournament. This will be an excellent opportunity to get in front of and talk to one of our college coaches in a tournament setting.
  8. CoachC

    Daviess Co. Freestyle & Greco-Roman

    Last chance to get your second event in before state tournament, to qualify thru the state for Fargo. Come out and wrestle some freestyle & greco.
  9. CoachC

    Daviess Co. Freestyle & Greco-Roman

    Last regular season event. Come out and try the Olympic styles.
  10. CoachC

    IMAR Clinic This weekend!!!!

    Register here.
  11. CoachC

    IMAR Clinic This weekend!!!!

    This is a great clinic leading up to State Tournament, regional tournaments, and national tournaments. IMAR Dominated the US Open in Las Vegas this past weekend!!
  12. Saturday May 12th. Last regular season tournament left for Fargo registration. Here are the flier, Fargo requirements, & link to register. Daviess Co. Freestyle 2018 (1).docx Qualification Requirements for USMC Cadet (1).docx
  13. Isaiah just won the US Open dominantly. This is a very inexpensive and wonderful opportunity to get training from one of the best around.
  14. CoachC

    History Being Made Kentucky

    The requirements are Cadet or Junior age groups. Cadet is Birth year 2002-2003,& Junior is born after 9-31-1998 & enrolled in 9th-12th grade. Both of these age groups are eligable.
  15. CoachC

    History Being Made Kentucky

    Unfortunatly Lauren Walton isn't eligible.