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  1. CoachC

    Top picks for Middle School

    Here are the bylaws relevant to this discussion. They have not changed.
  2. CoachC

    State first round?

    This only applies when vertical pairing is used. It has never applied to line bracketing.
  3. Just for arguments sake try to consider this scenario from an entire cross section of the situation. 1) most of the time arguments like this are based on the assumption of a kid being what you would consider to old for the grade. Not fact. 2) for every kid that is winning matches in this scenario, there is at least 1 that isn't winning many matches at all even against what you would consider younger competitors. 3) some kids are just more athletic, more dedicated, better at learning and applying, more coordinated, better coached...the list goes on. 4) age doesn't directly translate to winning. Just the same as cutting weight or being ranked higher. Something to keep in mind when arguing this is no arguments are going to change your team or individual success. When my oldest son was a freshman high school, we were considering wrestling at college open tournaments starting in his sophomore year. After his freshman year, the NCAA banned competitors that were enrolled in high school or younger from competing in these open events. The reason for this is because a kid that was enrolled in the 8th grade won one of these open tournaments. That is fact. The moral to this story is that all wrestlers are NOT created equal. Some are just better. And age has less to do with it than you are comfortable admitting. Be careful stabbing into the dark. You may not hit what you think you are stabbing at.
  4. Qualification for Fargo will be done through USA national Freestyle and Greco-Roman events as well as regional events. National events will take precident over regional events. Central Regional will take precident over all other regional events. All that is required is participation, but placement takes precident over participation. UWW Cadet & U15 is 4/23 - 4/25 @ Wisconsin Dells UWW Junior is 4/30 - 5/2 @ Coralville, Iowa Central Regional is 5/21 - 5/23 @ Fort Wayne Indiana
  5. CoachC

    Events for 2020-2021

    If it were to become reality, it wouldn't happen in a high school nor on a dirt floor.
  6. CoachC

    Events for 2020-2021

    What team are you with?
  7. CoachC

    Events for 2020-2021

    Small school state duals at Union.
  8. CoachC

    Events for 2020-2021

    If this is popular, I can make it happen.
  9. CoachC

    State on track?

    Just FYI, the NFHS and the KHSAA own all video rights to all post season events.
  10. CoachC

    State news

    If the 3rd place kid at region is the second best kid in the state, with his only loss to the best kid in the state coming before region finals, the seeding at region was done wrong.
  11. You can pre-order here.
  12. CoachC

    State news

    Track wrestling keeps track of all wins and losses recorded in its system, as well as limited other info. Not just season info, all info. Now that flosports has purchased track, I'm sure there will be far more criteria. So track seeds the event based off of total body of work. I the event that 1 region champion who has a huge amount of criteria, and gets seeded 1 but has a loss to the 2 seed another region champion during this season, you simply adjust that. It's not a finality. I will say however far more often then not track has it right.
  13. CoachC

    State news

    Correctly is exactly what you would get. It cuts thru all of the arguing about records, who beat who with no head to head. All of that. How many times has a coach argued that a kids seed should be higher based on a something and 0 record, when in fact half of the kids wins were against the same 5 opponents. Track seeds kids based on all of their wins and losses. Fact. Also, there is really no need to seed semi state. 1vs.4, 2vs.3, 3vs.2, 4vs.1. Bracket set up and ready to wrestle.
  14. CoachC

    State news

    It's not impossible for track to seed these tournaments. The lack of coaches uploading info and results is what leads you to believe it is impossible. But the fact is, they could easily be seeded by track.
  15. CoachC

    State duals

    Tilghman seems to be banged up. Have been missing big hitters for a while now. Under normal circumstances I would agree with that statement. Larue possibly as well. Either way, WV should be at state Duals to determine the answer to that. They are clearly the best team in section 2, outside of mere technicalities. This is a a shame!