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school with most individual state champions

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As many of you know I have been trying to compile the state tourney records for years now.  I have full brackets back to 1971 and partial brackets back to the first state tourney in 1964.  I kind of got away from it in the last 5-10 years, because they now have all the brackets on line.  


However I have re-uped my efforts and have compiled most of the state placers and all of the state champions from 1964 to 2008.


The top 20 in state champions are as follows from 1964-2008.


1.  Wood Co.----------55

2.  Hopkinsville-------33

3.  Fern Creek--------32

3.  North Hardin------32

5.  Union Co.---------28

6.  Christian Co.-----21

7.  Conner------------19

7.  Simon Kenton---19

9.  St. X----------------18

9.  Trinity--------------18

11. Henry Clay-------17

11. Sheldon Clark---17

13. Eastern-----------17

13. Fort Campbell---16

15. Campbell Co.----16

16 Ky Sc. of the Blind-12

16. Waggener----------12

18. Boone Co.----------11

18. Newport Cath.-----11

20.  Seneca-------------10


As you can see this will change when I finally add 2009-2014 into the list.


It takes a while because I compile all the qualifiers and where they placed and some other statistics. 

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Is this individual championships or number of wrestlers who were state champions? For example, Ian Horn won it three times, would he be counted once or three times?

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Yes Ian would count for 3 times not just 1. 


Only till 2008 because that is as far as I have caught up on my statistics. 


I am not only tallying up state champions put placers and qualifiers for every school since 1964.  


I stopped tallying in about 2000.  I hit a dead end in finding past brackets and I gave the info I had to the state so they could use it.  I have gotten more info in the last year so I started updating.  When I get to 2014 or 15 I will post a new top 20.  


If anyone has brackets or even partial brackets from 1964 to 1970 please PM me.  I haven't spoken to Julian in a few years about the stats but i'm 90% sure they don't have the info either.  Even if you only have your teams qualifiers for some of those years it would be helpful.  


sorry for any gramatical errors.  I just got off work and its 12:30 at night. 

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Thank you mama;  


It's not a thankless job.  I take it as a hobby.  I like statistical things and history, so this qualifies as both.  


I still have not gotten any farther.  I packed my info up bc we were thinking about moving.  Didn't happen and now I have to dig it all out again.  Maybe after the season I can get back at it and really find out.  


Also remember I could be off a little.  I have not double or triple checked my records.  

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OK I finished entering all the information that I have.  I have the totals for each school.  


A little background first. 

The 1st state tournament was in 1964.  Aherns Trade were champions with St. Joseph runner up.  (neither of these schools exist as high schools any more)


1964 i only have the state champions.  (Only 4 teams had state champions that year Ahrens Trade, KSB, North Hardin and St. Joseph)

1965 i have last names of all participants and placements

1966 I have the schools that sent participants but missing most of the names. I do have the names of all the placers for this year. 

1967 same as 1966.

1968 I only have the names of the placers of each wt. class.  ( I am missing all other participants) 

1969 same as 1968

1970 I only have the names of the top 3 placers in each wt. class (I am missing the 4th placer and all other participants)

1971 to present I have complete brackets.  ( I am missing some first names, but hopefully I will get them as I progress)


********Just a note.  I have not double checked my addition or information YET ******************* So I may be off a little. 

Here is what you wanted to know. 

Top 10 


1 Woodford County------60

2 Union County-----------48

3 Fern Creek--------------35

4 North Hardin------------34

4 Trinity--------------------34

6 Hopkinsville------------33

7 Campbell County------27

8 Saint Xavier-------------24

9 Simon Kenton----------23

10 Christian County----21

10 Henry Clay-----------21




The next 10 

12 Conner-------------19

13 Eastern-------------18

13 Sheldon Clark-----18

15 Fort Campbell-----16

15 Ryle------------------16

17 KY School of the Blind---12

17 Waggener----------12

19 Boone County-----11

19 Newport Catholic--11


Just because everyone likes the top 25

21 Larue County---------10

21 Oldham County------10

21 Seneca----------------10

24 Ahrens Trade--------9

24 Danville----------------9

24 Scott-------------------9

24 Wayne County-------9


Just a little fun fact.   There are 65 teams that have at least 1 state champion. 

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