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  1. Wky

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    Has a kid ever pinned every opponent he’s faced in a season?
  2. Wky

    2018 132# class

    Bryce 4x john hernadez 2x finalist ( lost to Boston/Bryce) jorge 2x state champ Aj 2x finalist won 1 roberts state champ smith state champ , not sure if he made finals more than once clayton Hanson state finalist , injuries side lined him .
  3. Wky

    2018 132# class

    Hernandez was a 2 x finalist , the st x kid lost Roberts in the finals . Only one in that group of 8 never made finals
  4. Wky

    State recap

    Not every round but Bryce Sheffer beat 4th , 3rd ,2nd place guys as Freshmen . 4th mason smith by pin 3rd Jorge Vega returning state champ 11-1 2nd Hernandez returning state finalist 13-3
  5. Wky

    State Draw

    Random draw is out
  6. Wky

    FLO Rankings

    Definetly increases the odds !
  7. Wky

    KY love from FloWrestling

    Very few years we get all the kids to go that should go , and are eligible .
  8. Wky

    2017 Ranger Report

    Both got MOW for it , I would bet the bank Trent would of got it had he beat Bryce .
  9. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    Always stirring smh
  10. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    33-11 8th 45-6 freshman 61-2 soph 47-2 maybe missing few duals 50-0 This should be accurate outside of a few missing junior year
  11. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    Hasn't lost any this yr . Lost 2 last yr in 2015/2016 season
  12. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    That's this yr , I think he was looking for last yr record .
  13. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    Looks like 6 matches missing from Harrison 10 way and 5 missing from castle duals . 4 off union county duals . Only 2 losses . 51-2
  14. Wky

    Bryce Sheffer

    52-2 should be real close