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  1. Zeus

    3 All-State Brothers

    Two that immediately come to mind are the Wilkinsons from Henry Clay and the Andreonis from Woodford. Patrick Wilkinson (285) 6th in 1996 RIP- John Paul Wilkinson (189) 2nd & 3rd in 1999 & 2000 Josh Wilkinson (140 & 160) 2nd & 3rd in 1999 & 2001- was injured in 2000. I'm not sure about the exact placements and years of Max, Wyatt and Gavin Andreoni. I know Max was finally a state champ his senior year, think Gavin just graduated in 2022 or so, and Wyatt was between them.
  2. Zeus

    Not looking forward to state.

    If semi-state is permanent, then EKU could hold it with six mats (I've long heard the problem here was fitting 8). Plenty of logistics and centrally located. Personally, I think the KHSAA is going to sanction girls wrestling, get some data on its state championships, then make a decision, possibly holding both at the same time, or back to back.
  3. Zeus

    Not looking forward to state.

    Freedom Hall in Louisville is the answer if it can hold 8 mats, which I think it can. It has enough seating/parking/hotels, has no horse park dust, is a legit arena, and is east/west centrally located. This didn't occur before due to conflict with the National Farm Machinery Show. However, semi-state pushed the final state tournament back a week and the show's dates have stayed the same. The KHSAA should simply return to the previous format (32-man bracket, 2-day tournament, regions the week before), and just end the season on the 4th weekend of February like it does now. These are the other events happening at the Expo Center this weekend. The USA Gymnastics Winter Cup changes places every year. The only issue I can see is maybe the gun show, but it's in one/some of those rooms while the tournament would obviously be in the arena; the Expo Center is a huge complex. Just an idea that would minimize logistics and, I think, would check all the boxes. I imagine it is much cheaper than the Yum Center or Rupp Arena also.
  4. Zeus

    Coaches dual

    He's not a high school coach, but Joe Carr Jr at his namesake academy still has it. Even in his mid-40s I think he could take basically all of the young coaches, of all sizes.
  5. Is this tournament still on? If so, where can I find the updated flier referred to?
  6. I have argued vehemently with Chris Myers online, but have also met him in person. I have to say that he really was a different person than those who only knew him online. I hope he Rests In Peace.
  7. Hey guys, I know our state tournament is here, but there's an elite national event happening simultaneously. Like NCAAs, wrestlers must qualify for the Olympic Team Trials (OTT), and reaching this weekend is their final shot to do so. FloWrestling is showing both days live. Copied below are mostly NCAA champs/AAs, and others I recognized. CHECK OUT 65kg & 84 kg! 57 kg - Darian Cruz, New York Athletic Club (Lehigh) Champ 57 kg - Zane Richards, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Ilinois) 57 kg - Frank Perrelli, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Cornell) 57 kg - Jack Mueller, New York City RTC (Virginia) 65 kg - Dean Heil, Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club (Okla St) 2x Champ 65 kg - Luke Pletcher, Pittsburgh Wrestling Club (Ohio St) 65 kg - Pat Lugo, Hawkeye Wrestling Club (Iowa) 65 kg - Ethan Lizak, Pennsylvania RTC (Minnesota) 65 kg - SEAN FAUSZ, CENTRAL REGIONAL TRAINING CENTER (CAMPBELL CO HIGH SCHOOL) 65 kg - Evan Henderson, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (UNC) 74 kg - Dan Vallimont, New York Athletic Club (Penn St) Champ 74 kg - Ryan Deakin, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Northwestern) 74 kg - Tyler Berger, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club (Nebraska) 74 kg - Alec Pantaleo, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Michigan) 74 kg - Chance Marsteller, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Lock Haven) 86 kg - Gabe Dean, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (Cornell) 2x Champ 86 kg - MARK HALL, TITAN MERCURY WRESTLING CLUB (RYLE HIGH SCHOOL) Champ 86 kg - Drew Foster, Panther Wrestling Club RTC (Okla St) Champ
  8. Hey guys, I've recently moved into a new house and created a workout room, complete with a 17x17 mat and wall padding. I'm going to put in a takedown machine to get myself as realistic solo workout as possible, and plan on mixing in various strikes, MMA style. I used Adam in my college room and think it would be better for punching because it's thicker, but am not sure if it's worth the $1300 more than the S&S, which I've never seen in person. Has anyone used both, and have any thoughts in contrasting the two?
  9. Zeus

    FS/GR instruction

    I recommend the Carr Wrestling Academy. They mostly do folkstyle because that's what the clientele prefers, but they are open to FS and GR if there is enough interest. I know my son will be getting some private lessons soon if we have to.
  10. Zeus

    Takeaways from state

    I wonder if Deck would have wrestled his regional finals match if the state tournament was seeded?
  11. Some years a master schedule is a pinned topic on here, most years not, but I have always found them useful. Can we get one going for this year? When and where are teams competing this year?
  12. Zeus

    State finals location

    I like the idea of EKU's Alumni Coliseum. It's centrally located with lots of parking, but the capacity is only 6,500. How many people normally attend the state tournament?
  13. Zeus

    State finals location

    Move it back a week and change to Freedom Hall. It's a little smaller than Alltech Arena overall but I'd bet seats about the same.
  14. Zeus

    Large School State Duals

    I can hear you saying "Terrible. Terrible. Tuuuuuuurrible." in my head hahaha