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  1. Yeah because the old region 6, is now region 5. Old region 7 is mostly region 6. Woodford and the Oldhams in region 4. A total mixarooni.
  2. What's the big deal him not being ranked 1st? Makes absolutely no difference in the final outcome. Unless your losing a bet on the pre-season rankings.
  3. He may be the stud you think he is but:::: Wrestling your brother is no comparison. He knows him like the back of his hand. Much like an old guy like me wrestling my son. He will never beat me because I know what he is going to do before he does, even now that he is in his 20's.
  4. And yes your 106 days are waaaaaaaay behind you. LOL
  5. grappler-of-old

    Regions and States

    Ok I'm just an old fart who has been around way to long and wrestled on rocks. But in most sports the younger the participants the shorter the season. High school sports usually last longer than Middle school sports, Middle school sports have a longer season than Youth. To get the most out of what we have everyone must work together. As wrestlerref stated Tenn. and Ind. have little to no organization and the schedules are erratic. Gator1 advice of having a condensed season with more available tournaments would probably result in more attendance at tournaments/events. Maybe a mid January championship season would help with the referee problem. If the official season can end at this time it allows the middle school kids participating in high school to still participate in the high school season and post season. You can still have a few youth/middle school events after the championship season for those diehard wrestlers. The problem with having vested coaches for middle school is that many of those not considered vested are coaches doing double/triple duty (coaching Youth/middle and high school.) With the technology we have today we should be able to get ALL coaches feedback through electronic means. Even a blog such as this can help with ideas. I'm sure a private blog could be set up for middle school coaches only somewhere. (That way you can keep me and my cockamamie ideas out). **Disclaimer** These are the thoughts of GOO nothing more and nothing less. You can take them or leave them. In the world scheme of things they mean little or nothing. GOO out.
  6. grappler-of-old

    Regions and States

    it's just a matter of perspective. With programs that have good support from the school and community (parents) This type of stuff is not a big deal. With programs that do not have good support from either the school or community (parents). Or programs trying to built, this type of stuff is a huge deal. I've been on both sides of this. When you have good support from the community its easy to promote fall practices and tournaments. When your trying to build a program this is like climbing Mt. Everest without the community support. That is why I liked the idea. The official season can be complete, but those that want to continue can still hold practice and compete. It's a win/win situation. Those building programs can still build and have more practice and established programs can continue on as normal under the high school umbrella.
  7. grappler-of-old

    Regions and States

    So that it is a school sponsored event. Then the school can hold practice, use buses and uniforms and pay for tournaments.
  8. grappler-of-old

    Regions and States

    That is an interesting idea. Not sure when fall middle school sports end. If you can coincide the ending of middle school fall sports with the beginning of middle school wrestling that could work. Those that are on the boarder of other states can still compete in those events it would just be after the Ky middle school post season. I can see this helping. It would allow the middle school coaches to practice with the high school team with the middle school kids who still want to compete. It also allows the middle school coach to help those new freshman now with the high school team. I really se no negative to this, only positives. 8th grade kids can get an early taste of high school practice and go to high school events to either watch or participate. Panther I think you should work more closely with the middle school brass. See it this is a possibility. I really like this idea if it can work. Starting middle school before thanksgiving and ending in the middle of March is an extremely long and expensive season for middle school teams.
  9. grappler-of-old

    New weights!!! Who are the favorites?

    Wow that was a homer pick. lol. Even left out the returning MVW who won it with one hand.
  10. grappler-of-old

    Semi state

    If you did this without adding classes it would kill the smaller teams, not necessarily small schools, but they are often the smaller teams.
  11. grappler-of-old

    Semi state

    I glanced at WY just out of curiosity. They accomplish this by allowing 2 participant per school per weight class.
  12. grappler-of-old

    Semi state

    Maybe some regions have more but I know region 2 small school (NKY) would only have 7 schools and the participants (using 2020 numbers) would have been 66 in the whole touney. Averaging a little over 5 a bracket. * That is using state dual alignment which only have 6 regions. I believe you need at least 10 schools with an average participation of 90 to legitimatize a split.
  13. grappler-of-old

    Semi state

    I think ultimately most would be OK with a split. But at this point there would only be about 50-60 schools in each division. I don't think that is enough schools to need a second division. if we could reach 150 schools participating then we could look at the possibility. Heck we already had a region in the last couple of years that could not fill an 8 bracket at region.
  14. grappler-of-old

    Semi state

    My hope is that this is still just temporary. (I know it's a slim hope). If this is temporary then we will again return to the 32 man bracket NOT AT A HIGH SCHOOL GYM. At the very least it is allowing teams to claim wrestling qualifying for the state tourney. This is much more important than the top school once again getting another banner/trophy/award. I was not a believer at first but this technique has caused wrestling to grow in both competitors and teams. Smaller teams can have a little success to spark more interest in the sport at their school. The only other way to possibly reach this is to have a separate small school and large school state tourney. (Which I believe no one wants.)