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  1. grappler-of-old


    With the increase in teams on all levels High/Middle/Youth, we have diluted the referee pool. Those graduates that would have become refs are now becoming middle and youth coaches. In the not so distant past (20 years ago) we had a shortage of coaches. There were head coaches that had never wrestled before. Coaches need to encourage their soon to be Youth and Middle school coaches to officiate for a few years. This will help in two ways. 1. Some may actually continue to officiate for several years 2. If they become coaches they will have a better understanding of the rules and what officials experience on the mat.
  2. grappler-of-old

    State finals location

    I just learned about this last month. I already know of 2 coaches that will not return next year because of the longer season.
  3. grappler-of-old

    Random draw

    In the 39 state tourneys that I have seen, I have learned that no matter how you place the brackets there will always be flaws. Can you seed the state tourney? Of Course you can, but it still will not be correct. How do you compare a Western Kentucky team that spends most of the season in Missouri or Tenn. with a Northern Kentucky team that spends most of its season in Indiana or Ohio. I know that the middle school is doing it but even this year there were arguments on how the seeds worked out. The only seeding that I would be OK with is the way some have mentioned about other states. Taking the champions from each region and placing them in accordance to their placement in last years state tourney. That way there is no opinion or bias involved in the seeding. If you make the seeding to complicated like the regional seeds it is almost impossible to accomplish. I believe in the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid) GOO OUT
  4. grappler-of-old


    Everyone comes from somewhere so I don't believe that bias occurs all that to often. In some cases I believe just the opposite happens. My one question is why is Tom Hardy blackballed? The man has been doing it for 40 years and still moves better than most. Compared to some of the officiating I saw this weekend, he would have been an improvement.
  5. grappler-of-old

    State Updates

    Woodford sets themselves up for the boo's. They like to be the hated team. I was told by some Woodford grads years ago that if they are hated then thats good because they are good. Ya take the good with the bad.
  6. grappler-of-old

    2018 132# class

    Man Ranger you trying to put me to work. I knew I should have just stayed off here today and rested.
  7. grappler-of-old

    Full Teams

    Depends on what you call a full team. If you mean all 14 wt. classes then region 6 only had 1 (Ryle) I believe you can consider a team full if they have 10 or 11 wt. classes full. It is difficult for any team to fill 14 wt. classes unless you have 30+ kids on your high school team. At the regional tourney if you are a team trying to win the tourney and you have a kid that will not win a match it is better to keep him out of the tourney so you don't give up extra points in a pin.
  8. grappler-of-old

    State brackets

    I see 12 for Woodford
  9. grappler-of-old

    State brackets

    Actually all records are updated on track just by entering them into track. As a casual spectator you cannot see them. If you have access to them as a coach then you can look at any team look under "matches" and us the pull down of "print matches" and under "individual season record" select "season record form". As a casual spectator you can look under "matches" and us the pull down of "print matches". You can then see their matches but does not accumulate their record.
  10. Would the sequel to Groundhogs day, just be the same movie repeated?
  11. grappler-of-old

    Region brackets put out yet?

    You have youth state on Sunday. Some coaches would have trouble with that day. I don't really see the problem with getting the bracket out the day of. After wresting on Saturday it gives the coaches time to put the results in track, put their lineup-seed criteria and head to head in track. It changes nothing waiting until the day of before they are released, that way you know the brackets are accurate. Everyone knows what teams are in each region so it doesn't matter who is wrestling who in the 1st round. Most want to see the blood and final rounds anyway.
  12. grappler-of-old

    Youth State Duals

    Seems to me this all goes back to school teams being held hostage to USA wrestling. Forcing school teams Middle and Youth to get a USA card when it is not necessary. Create school teams they will be covered by the schools insurance and go from there. Then there will be no club teams dominating the younger leagues.
  13. grappler-of-old

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    For years there has been argument about seeding both the high school and middle school state tournaments. The middle school powers that be decided to take on this task. Now that it is in effect there are complaining about the seeding. This has been my point for years. There is no way that it can be done accurately and fairly. There are always people who think that mistakes were made or whatever. Its close to impossible to accurately seed the state tourney, not enough wrestling across the state for it to be done. This is why I am glad the high school has not tried to accomplish this impossible task. At least in a random draw there can be no claims of bias. I do have one question however. How is it that a #1 and a #2 from the same region are on the same side of the bracket. This has happened at 113 for region 5. I see this and there are people out there who think that the Ryle girl could win it all yet she is on the same side of the bracket with the one who defeated her at region. I thought the one thing for certain was that the 1 and 2 from the same region would be separated just in case they are the best 2 in the wt. class.
  14. grappler-of-old

    Missed school extra pound?

    I am not a huge fan of losing wt. at the middle school level. As mentioned earlier by not allowing GOO jr. to drop weight. The main reason I think the (Fat test) should be done at the middle school level is that it will help the coaches of these teams. Liability will be almost nil if you have a body fat test that is sanctioned by the national federation used to determine minimal wt. class. Puts the responsibility on the parents/wrestler along with the coach.
  15. grappler-of-old

    Missed school extra pound?

    In theory Gabe this is great but in practice almost impossible to accomplish. The reason the Youth tourney is a managed chaos is because of this exact reason. Because youth has no wt classes is why a weight management procedure is not needed. But at the middle school level it is a must. Getting teams to a tournament with no wt. classes is chaotic at best. There would be no set schedule no set medals and awards. What you are suggesting is like telling a football team you can't play your 200lb lineman because the other team does not have anyone that size. Rules are set up to help manage and control the running of teams and tournaments. Rule changes occur to help improve these situations that pop up and there is some uniformity. In the end whatever the rules are is what will be abide by. Middle school wrestling is just that the middle. Youth is totally about getting kids interested in wrestling where middle school is getting them ready for high school. My discussion may seem like I am in favor of wt allowance for snow, where in actuality I am not. I am just explaining why it is there and understand why it is there.