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  1. grappler-of-old

    Michigan wearing masks

    That's a throwback to my day's you know when Fred Flintstone was a state runner up. LOL
  2. grappler-of-old

    Rules clarification

    Must clean mats after every dual. (Not match). Guidelines for individual tournaments is not clear yet. State KHSAA definition of a match is one team vs another.(Or what we commonly call a dual) Definition of an individual match by KHSAA is a bout. (or what we commonly call a match) LOL kind of like translating French to English LOL
  3. grappler-of-old

    Rules clarification

    What about the cleaning of mates after each match. That is dual not individual correct.
  4. We many times forget that the educational part comes 1st and the extra curricular comes second. It has been great to watch this young man grow up, I just hope we get to see the completion of his final high school season this year.
  5. OK did I miss a year somewhere? You have Spencer listed as a senior.
  6. grappler-of-old


    The team you wrestle must reside in a county that touches Ky. Which ultimately means you probably wont be able to wrestle in out of state tourneys. There will probably be a team in the tourney that resides in a county that does not touch KY.
  7. grappler-of-old

    State guidelines

    Two things stand out to me. 1. ) ➢ Spacing between mats must be 10 feet (REQUIRED) That is going to be hard especially at region. How many schools can fit 3 mats in a gym with 10 feet between them? 2. Rule 6-1 Regular matches in dual meets or tournament competition shall require a 30-second separation of wrestlers between periods. Not sure I understand why this is being implemented. Just adds time to the event.
  8. grappler-of-old

    December 19th

    Nah Ind. touches Ky a little. LOL But would love to be able to travel to Missouri and Tenn to wrestle some.
  9. grappler-of-old

    December 19th

    That would be 6 counties Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Scioto, and Lawrence.
  10. grappler-of-old

    December 19th

    Does that mean the school must be contiguous or the school competing at. (can you wrestle a team from Dayton ohio if it is at a cincy school?)
  11. grappler-of-old

    December 19th

    Do we know the stipulations on travel yet?
  12. grappler-of-old


    Guess we will do what we can to have a season though. Might have to get in touch with alum to get kids to events. Lets get one battle done at a time. Lets get a season 1st then fight the next battle. We may need to get together as a wrestling community to get it done but I have confidence in the Ky wrestling community to get it done if we are allowed to have a season. Battle 1: Get a season Battle 2: Get events scheduled Battle 3; Get wrestlers to events Battle 4: Win the war by having a post season.
  13. grappler-of-old


    I love to travel and get away from the local schools. School don't like it though. LOL
  14. grappler-of-old


    I was not saying grant I was counting scott co. And Grant is the only one in between. But like I said I will take whatever I can get. Don't know how to accomplish the no car pool thing though. Just might be the death stab for Newport who is hanging by a thread.
  15. grappler-of-old


    Great Idea. Only problem is going down I75 (to Lex) the closest team is Grant Co. and then Scott Co. Which is 1 hour from the southern most team Walton Verona Going down I71 to (Lou) the closest team is Oldham Co 1 hour from Walton Verona southern most team in Nky. Walton is 30 to 45 minutes from the rest of Nky. Harrison Co. is the closest team to Campbell Co. and Simon Kenton (down US 27) outside the district (1 hour drive) It will limit who Nky can wrestle but if we get to wrestle I will take it. Just means more travel than normal. Which is contradictory to what they want. Wrestling has so many pockets of teams with few in between the pockets. I know other areas will have the same problem. (Owensboro/Union) Closer to Ind/Ill. Wayne, Whitley, McCreary Closer to Tenn. Ect. Ect.