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  1. grappler-of-old

    Girls weights information

    I think what you are missing here is that your two examples are higher level Athletes. I stress ATHLETES. This is high school our main objective is to get kids in extra-curricular activities, to enhance their high school experience, and have another adult watching their academics. For many kids this will be the first sport they have ever participated in. I'm good with whatever we do, we are not going to bring the house down regardless if these 2 girls wrestle for me or not. You know me, I'm just here to get whatever kids I can get out, and to have them compete at the highest level they can achieve. If we never win a tournament but have kids working hard to compete, I'm good with that.
  2. grappler-of-old

    Girls weights information

    Didn't know that. I was happy to see the 285 maybe we just grow them big here. I got 2 girls over 250. One wasn't going to come out until I told her the max wt.
  3. grappler-of-old

    Girls weights information

    My guess would be the reason for the boys wt. classes is because of the maximum wt class of 235. That is keeping a few possible girls from wrestling. Seems kind of low to me also.
  4. After reading the e-mail sent by Angolia to all coaches I extrapolated this. Girls can wrestle in both the Boys (or as he states Co-ed) season and the Girls season. Am I reading this correctly.
  5. grappler-of-old

    Wrestling officials still needed

    I think the real question is why did we lose 33 officials for last year. I know some have retired or just hung it up after so many years but not 33 of them.
  6. grappler-of-old

    Girls weights information

    If we start using trackwrestling for girls will we need to buy a second subscription for girls only?
  7. grappler-of-old

    Dual openings Jan 10th and Jan 24th

    Holmes is still looking for a 3rd team for January 24th.
  8. grappler-of-old

    Womens coach contact list

    Has there been any discussion about the women's regional tournament? Also: I'm sure I am not the only one still waiting to find out if I will have enough to have a team or not. Can we get a list of Women only tournaments up. If I end up with enough to travel I will need to quickly get a schedule together.
  9. We had a team back out of our senior night on Jan 24th. (Boone County will be here we are looking for a 3rd) We also had a schedule conflict on our Jan 10th Tri. (Mason County will be here, we are looking for a 3rd team) If interested e-mail
  10. grappler-of-old

    Super 32

    I am surprised there are not more attending. However I have always argued the cost. Many families cannot justify spending part of the families vacation money on only one of their kids. I definatly could not justify it for GOO JR. We in Ky still don't have that many wrestling fanatic families.
  11. grappler-of-old

    Super 32

    We say this every year. It's tough to get these kids out at the verge of the football post season.
  12. grappler-of-old

    Officials needed for 2023-24 Season!

    Patrick can you send me the link for this payscale. I need to send it to my AD.
  13. C'mon Ranger its not like you have anything else to do. You will just be sitting in the Ranger Cave waiting for results anyway. Actually I think it would be a good idea if someone else took on this venture. That way each can keep an accurate account of each season.
  14. grappler-of-old

    Dual meets- 6 matches?

    I personally believe the opposite. Having 6 duals in a day allows for some of the smaller teams to get together to dual. Most of the time you don't run into a problem because of forfeits but now in that off chance that everyone has a Hwt you don't have to set one out. I worry about the tournament aspect. I don't want to see a trend to larger tournaments. We have a problem with already having to spend most of the day on Saturdays in a gym. And if we have a few mega tournaments on every saturday then it reduces the number of tournament on any given weekend. I would much rather see several tournaments spread throughout the state on every weekend instead of a few huge tournaments in the wrestling hot spots.
  15. grappler-of-old

    Wrestling official Mark Shumate passes

    Mark was a great official, a great representative for wrestling and most importantly a downright great person. He is what every official should strive for. As mentioned by Scotty, he would take the time to listen and explain why he made his call, all without judging the coach or wrestler. I would spend time after a match or tourney talking to Mark about rules, calls made or just wrestling itself. He would always be willing to listen and explain or even learn some things himself to make himself a better representative for Ky wrestling. Mark will be missed greatly by all.