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  1. tja

    State Updates

    Andreoni and Yost both forfeiting out ? Injuries ?
  2. tja


    No Zeke for SEM? Injured? Lost the wrestle off? Sick?
  3. tja


    That's what I got out of that also lol
  4. tja


    Is Zeke wrestling at Fargo this year ?
  5. Lindsey I think ? Am I right ?
  6. tja

    State recap

    What was he ejected for ?
  7. tja


    Can we get a thread started for off season tournaments camps and open mats ?
  8. tja

    Khsaa Live ?

    There was a person who recorded and posted the finals on YouTube last year any idea if they are doing it again ?
  9. tja

    State recap

    Facts don't matter to this guy... Annnnd it's a well known.. *insert response about how he or his kids are gods gift to Kentucky wrestling*
  10. tja

    2018 Ranger Report

    Wut.... lol
  11. tja

    4 seed over 1 seed possibilities

    He has to bring it...
  12. tja

    Quarterfinals Matchups

    To beat a horse long dead it is depressing the tournament isn't seeded