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  1. tja

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Anyone care to update this???
  2. tja

    Raney’s at the US Open

    I know I personally enjoy supporting two Kentucky boys rep the state well. I hope the rumors that have floated around about why they were disqualified aren't true but either way foul or no foul I'm going to continue to root for em.
  3. tja

    New Union Co HOF members

    Just go ahead and add the twins also! lol
  4. tja

    Fargo Champs!!!

    Way to represent!
  5. tja


    Congrats Jayden on becoming Kentucky's second FARGO National Champ! His brother takes 5th and has the upset of the tournament! Lauren becomes Kentuckys first Female finalist taking second! Overall I don't think Kentucky has ever had as many wins at FARGO as they did this weekend way to represent!
  6. tja

    KHSAA Photos
  7. tja

  8. tja

    College Signings

    Any updates?
  9. tja

    New programs

    If the schools mentioned really have healthy wrestling programs on the way man that is awesome!
  10. tja

    Biggest Upset at State

    Charlie McKune pinning his way to the finals ran into a buzzsaw in Deck but still an impressive performance none the less by the freshman. 18th ranked Keaton Elliott over 4th ranked Gavin Andreoni and #2 ranked Seth Lutes in the 5th place match.
  11. tja

    Toughest weight classes at state

    Oh speak of the devil lol
  12. tja

    Toughest weight classes at state

    Remember the guy who got on here and argued 106 shouldn't even be a weight class LOL. Fun times.
  13. tja

    Region 1

    Just wanted to say as a guy who hasn't been able to be as active in the sport the last 2 years Region one wrestling is looking great. Improvement and good kids all over the place!
  14. tja

    State Updates

    Andreoni and Yost both forfeiting out ? Injuries ?