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  1. mommaswatching

    State recap

    Has anyone compiled Region by region placers?
  2. mommaswatching

    State Finals

    Any place would be better than Alltech. Definitely lost the fun, spontaneous celebration if we can get that back awesome. Louisville is more centrally located
  3. No matter what the kids deserve to know that being in the State Finals is a special moment and are given the respect other Winter Sports are.
  4. There can NEVER be anything like that in All-Tech. It is a facility for Horses, not people. Wasn't there a kid last year that could not compete at State due to Horse Allergies. Correct me if I am wrong but they do use spotlights on the Horses? We had pageantry at Frankfort, tried to continue some traditions at All-Tech but those got Knifed. It seems instead of adding to the finals more things keep getting taken away. Only thing constant is the DIRT in the stands and air.
  5. Woodford County is only about 20 miles from the Horse Park. Those kids could come over Friday right after school, sleep in their own beds and get up at a normal time on Saturday. They did not start their travels already an hour behind like the Western part of the State. Also not all towns have nice 4 lane or more roads, and many parents do not want their inexperienced kids driving that far. Considering to make it by first match on Saturday some kids would have had to have left at 430 a.m. c.s.t. And I know that there are parents that did not want their kids traveling home after finals were over. Maybe one of the reasons Rupp has been out is that yes UK Men's Basketball is priority. Yet maybe if Our State Finals could rotate between other big (DIRTLESS) arenas, say Louisville Convention Center, WKU Arena. That way maybe more kids and schools could come when the travel distance is more manageable. Just an idea.
  6. I agree with Wrist Control, 8798, and Wky. It has been a complete letdown when it switched to the Barn. The Dungeon had this similar feeling, lighting, introductions, one mat and cheering NOT muffled by dirt. 385 were you referring to the way the finals were held or to this match?
  7. mommaswatching

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    Have you thought about contacting the Media and telling them about it. Hey they would not like the bad press.
  8. mommaswatching


    With Elementary State changing Venues I guess they thought milking the HS fans more will make up the deficit for this dust filled unhealthy atmosphere. Great to know who the advisory members are, but how Much does the KHSAA value the Advisory Members input? I know I am going to get slammed, but there is not a single female on this board, nor a delegate representing the fans. What is best for the kids , yeah right. Also there was not a Conflict of dates with the Farm Machinery Show this year or next.
  9. mommaswatching

    Predictions for State

    Any discussion? Go
  10. mommaswatching

    Question of the day: Conflict of Events?

    Lexington the city is fine but the Horse Park, so many issues with that place.
  11. The suggestion of Louisville as a venue for State has always been nixed by the Farm Machinery Show being the same date. This year it is being held Feb. 10th to the 13th. Next year it will be held Feb. 15th to the 18th. Any feedback???
  12. mommaswatching

    NHSCA Senior All-Americans

    Who is thinking of competing this year?
  13. mommaswatching

    Uniform change?

    With all the budget cuts happening in education if this does pass it should be an option ,not a requirement. Also for teams that can afford to purchase fight shorts and shirts, both should be allowed If the shorts and shirt are similar in color to the team singlets.
  14. mommaswatching

    Where was ?????!

    Will be an interesting year as to who gets the RS
  15. mommaswatching

    Projections for next seasons Most Competitive Weight Classes

    Just asking if this could help a child who is a late bloomer if it is an actual documented help for those kids to excel and possibly help with college prospects.