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  1. IWIN

    Upset alert at state

    I made that exact same comment to my son on our way home from the State Tournament the other night.
  2. IWIN

    dominic lampe

    This is extremely disappointing. Dominic seems like a great kid. Comes from a great family. The punishment seems rather extreme. I would bet the majority of high school students have tobacco of some sort with them at school. Was this search of his bag legal? What if it was in his vehicle? Would the same rules apply? Could they search that as well? Rules are rules, but this sounds ridiculous to me. Just out of curiosity, is he 18? If so, I bet you have a foot to stand on. This really sucks.
  3. IWIN

    Camps Closer to Home

    CWA always does camps as well. Can't argue with the Carr results!!
  4. IWIN

    Missouri Border Wars March 17.

    Hey Chris, any idea who Austin will face at Dapper Dan?
  5. IWIN

    Missouri Border Wars March 17.

    Just another place for ATM to kick some butt. Congrats Austin!
  6. IWIN

    Landon Young

    Congrats Landon. Go CATS!!
  7. IWIN

    region predicitions

    Three wrestlers have the ability to make a 36 point swing. 3 more pins (+18 points) for team "A" and 3 less pins (-18 points) for team "B"
  8. IWIN

    Who is the best HS wrestling Coach in the state of KY?

    CUTiger184, if you keep doing what your doing, you will be in the KY wrestling HOF!! You are doing an excellent job at HC! I've been a fan of yours for as long as you have been wrestling. Now as a Coach, you are continuing your success. Congrats on this past weekend. Keep the momentum going the next few weeks.
  9. ^^^^^ Now that's funny stuff!!!
  10. IWIN

    Middle Schhol State

    Absolutely agree KY-79. We all just need to remember that what is a small amount for some may be a little tougher for others. Can't wait for this weekend, it's going to be a great time. Good luck to all.
  11. IWIN

    Middle Schhol State

    You know that I understand that Ranger. I have no problem with the price. I love the awards, medals, etc. And I understand that "shame" was probably a poor choice of words. But for someone to insinuate that someone else couldn't afford to go and shouldn't come to State because of a financial situation, that pisses me off. I'm not a bleeding heart liberal by any means, but I firmly believe that wrestling is one of the last blue collar sports, and if someone is having a rough time and needs assistance to come support their son/daughter, we as a wrestling family should help out in any way possible. I'm not in any way saying that this was what purpleandgold was implying, but I can be sympathetic to the gripe. To make a snooty comment like zaniac did was completely uncalled for. Good luck to all this weekend, even whoever you are supporting zaniac. If anyone is having any funding problems this weekend, feel free to PM me and I will help as much as I can in any way possible.
  12. IWIN

    Middle Schhol State

    Cute. I would get into a battle of wits with you, but it would be like shooting fish in a barrel...too easy. Go to bed, get some rest, and try again tomorrow.
  13. IWIN

    Middle Schhol State

    ^^^^^Classy zaniac. SMH. I don't believe that they said that they can't afford it, simply disagree with the price. If your going to have a crappy attitude, stay home.
  14. All though I wish I couldn't, I've got to add my boy Tevon Clay to this list. He placed 5th, 3rd, and Runner Up. Heck of a career though. Ended with over 200 in season HS varsity wins.