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  1. coachteater


    If anyone wants extra matches, just let myself know and I will get them, and I will talk to refs. Ive had several out of state guys ask, and Ive told them its open. I will add it to the website out of state can come. Ive tried different things and open to suggestions. I had a mini clinic once several kids participated but didnt really help numbers. I could do that again. Played music to try to help the atmosphere. We have had it Louisville, frankfort, Richmond and Lexington, all produced similar numbers. I think that football starting hurts numbers, those kids are all practicing. For younger kids, many are in baseball and softball. Fargo is also near it. But bgsg wants all the competitions to fall around that time in july. Im open to suggestions and if anyone would like to talk about taking it over, we can do that as well.
  2. coachteater


    Ive ran it at least the last 10 years and have always let anyone get exhibition matches if they wanted. I went to madison system to get people more matches and be able to try to pool kids together to get better matches. I dont know every kid, but I spend a good 4-6 hrs the night before making pools that get the best and most matchups for wrestlers. I try to make this a fun event and get people matches. This isnt a huge event with fancy trophies and hundreds of kids. I do this all as a volunteer just so we can get kids matches locally. The refs do it at a much discounted rate, and Madison Central is hosting to help make a little money for their team. Sometimes there simply are no other kids close in size or age to wrestle, and seversl times thats happened, Ive refunded money cause I felt bad. That doesnt happen at other tournaments, youre just out of luck. Hopefully we have a great turnout and everyone has a fun day and gets matches in. I can tell you that myself and Madison Central staff will do all we can to make it a great event.
  3. coachteater

    Bluegrass State Games

    PLEASE SHARE! Bluegrass State Games is back! Info at registration link below. July 23rd at at Madison Central high school. Register online at the link below. Coaches that would like to host remote weigh ins, please contact me. Scotty Teater 859-797-2105
  4. PLEASE SHARE! Bluegrass State Games is back! Info at registration link below. July 23rd at at Madison Central high school. Register online at the link below. Coaches that would like to host remote weigh ins, please contact me. Scotty Teater 859-797-2105
  5. coachteater

    Bluegrass State Games

    I will get with guy from bgsg and get it updated. Madison system for all. I try to get everyone as many matches as possible, so that works out well.
  6. coachteater

    Open Jobs

    Bardstown City Schools is looking for a head wrestling coach and assistants. This is a tremendous opportunity. Fairly new program (will be entering 9th varsity season), with an established middle school program and new elementary school program feeding. Have almost entire weight class varsity team retuning, along with a burgeoning girls program. New wrestling mats on the way. Due to construction of a new district school, likely a dedicated wrestling-only practice facility within one year. Dedicated parent base that did a great volunteer job for the Region 2 tournmanent this year. Contact Athletic Director David Clark, ph: 331-8824; email:
  7. coachteater

    Open Jobs

    Lawrence County high school is looking for a wrestling coach with open teaching positions available. Anyone interested can call the school direct or call Josh Diamond 606-483-0645
  8. coachteater

    Bluegrass State Games

    Bgsg is ran by an organization called Bluegrass sports commission. They are a none profit based in Lexington that help promote sports in Kentucky and run the Kentucky state sports hall of fame. All the info is at While I think it could definitely be bigger and better if an outside group ran it, they havent gone that way. It may be to cost down, im not sure. Thats one good thing about bgsg, its like $30, plus close to home. Hopefully we have a good turn out this year after covid had hurt it the last few years
  9. coachteater

    Bluegrass State Games

    When it was in Louisville, we had around the same numbers. I will start advertising harder this month. Ive found if you do it too early, people will just forget about it. And as far as advertising it, I blast all the social media sites, post here, email coaches, and reach out to as many coaches possible through text and calls. The largest was many years ago when coach McCoy ran it, with around 150-180 wrestlers. In recent years its been 120-130. I feel like the main reason it doesnt grow is because of the push for kids to travel and wrestle in big national events. 15-20 years ago those events were harder to find and fewer and far between. Now a days there are 2 or 3 events a weekend that are "nationals" and you can become an "all American ". Kids and parents see bgsg as not worth their time now. That being said, info will be out everywhere and we will still do our best to get everyone a good amount of mat time. I appreciate Madison Central hosting, they do a great job.
  10. Congratulations to all the NWCA Coach of the year recipients! Boys Head Coach- Tim Ruschell(Ryle) Boys asst staff- Ryle high school Girls Head Coach- Josh Ashbrook(Harrison Co) Girls asst staff- Madison Southern HS
  11. coachteater

    Bluegrass State Games

    July 23rd at Madison Central
  12. coachteater

    FCA Women Camp 2022

    **Due to unforseen circumstances we are cancelling our female camp and allowing females to register and attend our June 10-12 camp.** To register go here
  13. coachteater

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    Ive tried hard but I have kids doing spring football,boys and girls track, Boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, softball, and we have prom this weekend. That pretty much takes out my whole roster.
  14. coachteater

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    4/28/22 1:00pm
  15. Wrestling coaches, lets talk. So I constantly hear coaches complaining about recruiting and getting kids. I hear every year about lossing kids. Its always asked how do I deal with parents, with kids, how can I build my program to be a like so and so who wins. I constantly hear these questions and hear we need to do more and do better to make Kentucky wresting better. That being said, your coaches association is bringing in a top level high school coach to lead a training for FREE, providing lunch and is at a d1 college with wresting, yet we cant get coaches to come. Theres around 300 hs coaches in Kentucky and right now only around 20 have registered for the ceo leadership academy. We ask our kids to step up and wrestle off season, to go to tournaments, go to camps, lift, and condition, but what are are you doing to to better yourself for your wrestlers, your program, and wresting as a whole in Kentucky? Its frustrating to get called out as a low end wresting state, but when we try to help improve that, no one wants to participate. Love it or hate it, there is my 2 cents, take it for what its worth. I will continue to try everything I can to improve Kentucky wresting and provide opportunities for coaches to be successful. Scotty Teater KYWCA President