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  1. coachteater

    Weight Class Changes

    Depending on the line up, coaches dont always know whos wrestling at what weight to start the dual, so hard to do this. You know many coaches move line ups around
  2. coachteater

    Weight Class Changes

    I will play the devils advocate a bit. Im not opposed to the walking out to get your hand raised for a forfeit. Although its disappointing for my kid not to get a match, I use it as a teaching tool and build them up with it. I am proud that they were there for their team, they made weight and were in a position to wrestle if needed, and by those things they earned our team points. Many times those points can be the difference in a team win as well. So while in general I hate to see forfeits, they can be turned into positives.
  3. coachteater

    Family dynasty

    Jr's nephew is wrestling for Frederick Douglass, Maurice Murphy. Be interesting to see how he does. Think he was a freshman this year.
  4. coachteater

    Weight Class Changes

    Ive seen they are talking bout changes. The changes come from nfhs. They are saying there are too many forfeits and teams are having to hard a time filling teams, thats main reason for the chsnge. I havent seen any official word from khsaa on it yet
  5. coachteater

    2020 State Date

    Saw this today and kinda laughed, but felt bad at same time. Here is Anderson co high school graduation. They dont even get the dirt covered up, so guess we got at least we got that.
  6. coachteater

    2020 State Date

    Girls state will be Feb 1st now. Hopefully I can work my gym out, but if not we will find somewhere to do it
  7. coachteater

    2020 State Date

    Yes, because many schools have scheduled gyms and now cant change dates. I scheduled girls state Feb 8th, but now it needs to be Feb 1st, our basketball team has the gym, so fighting to get it. If you keep all tournaments in line how they were, many have moved tournaments to adjust to state, now they need to move them back. Ok if gym isnt taken, but for me its a huge problem.
  8. coachteater

    2020 State Date

    Now that its officially out there, here is info for state. This is going to mess alot of stuff up being many already have gyms reserved. I myself may lose both my events, but working to figure it out. To say the least, im not happy with this
  9. coachteater

    Great Crossing High School

    Congratulations and best of luck to new Great Crossing Head Coach Sam Murdock
  10. Looking for teams for 2 tournaments. Both 16 man bracket double elimination tournaments. December 7th- Jessamine County Clash @ East Jessamine January 4th- Battle in the 'Burg @ Whitley County If interested, please email me at
  11. KYWCA State Duals will be held January 25th 2020 at Lindsey Wilson. In the spring meeting it was decided by the KYWCA that Lindsey Wilson would be the best place to host the event. Coach Ruff does an amazing job and we cant thank him enough for hosting. With the schedule moving by s week this year, it would have been in line with state to have it Feb 1st, but unfortunately Lindsey Wilson has a basketball game. So for this reason it was voted on to have it moved to Jan 25th. While we know this may create some schedule conflicts, it was felt that it was best for the state duals. Hopefully next year everything falls back in line. Section duals are to be completed by Jan 18th, so there will be 1 week between them this year.
  12. coachteater

    Great Crossing High School

    Its my understanding that they will make the announcement next Tuesday night. They are having a meet the coaches event
  13. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Lafayette's 5 star is Dec 21st
  14. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

  15. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Jessamine co Clash- Dec 7th Battle in the burg( Whitley Co) Jan 4th