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  1. coachteater

    Centre Pkwy Classic 2021

    Centre Pkwy Classic 11/27/21 Tates Creek high School MOW- 120 Ava Sweet- Taylor Co CENTRE PKWY CLASSIC 2021 BRACKETS.pdf CENTRE PKWY CLASSIC 2021 TEAM SCORES.pdf
  2. coachteater

    Openings for girls event Saturday

    This is for 7th-12th high school team girls
  3. Tates Creek is hosting an all girls event this Saturday. We had a couple teams drop, so we could take more if anyone is interested. Contact A
  4. coachteater

    Weight Assessment

    Example: John Doe shows up to wrestle on Saturday. John Doe's minimum weight (per the opc)is 132.4 John Doe weighs in at 131.8 John Doe is only eligible to wrestle 138, he can not wrestle 132. And this will be on the printed weigh in sheet. Coach will still put in the 131.8 after the tournament and track wrestling will recalculate for the next week.
  5. coachteater

    5 star classic

    Lafayette is still looking for a few more schools for the Five Star Classic to be held at on December 18. Contact coach Green at if interested.
  6. coachteater

    UPike adding wrestling!

    I believe uk went through 1983
  7. coachteater

    UPike adding wrestling!

    Nku has had a hand full of guys wrestling as a club team for the last several years. Not sure where they stand now or why it hasnt gained more traction for a full out program
  8. coachteater

    Master Email list

    Jeffersontown has been placed in region 4
  9. coachteater

    Rules clarification???

    Correct. I spoke with the rules interpreter,Mark Shumate and it is an option, not mandatory. So 2-2-2, unless for some reason you prefer 1-2-2
  10. coachteater

    track wrestling

    I emailed you. Hopefully it helps
  11. coachteater

    Section alignment

    Bath is coming (they have a coach and i have talked to him personally) Corbin coming ( board passed and hiring coach) Jtown coming (i personally talked to khsaa, they are deciding on region) Ksb is listed in khsaa alignment Holy cross and Lynn camp I will remove. Takes time for khsaa to update stuff. Apparently from what im told, the ad updates the individual school directory
  12. coachteater

    Section alignment

    Here is updated link to sectional alignment
  13. coachteater

    Semi state

    Region 1- Caldwell Co Region 2- Bardstown Region 3- Undecided Region 4- S. Oldham Region 5- Simon Kenton Region 6- Bryan Station Region 7- Mccreary Cent. Region 8- Montgomery Co
  14. coachteater

    Master Email list

    Looks like Jeffersontown is back! Great news for Louisville area. I talked to Khsaa today and they are looking at which region to add them to. When i know I let everyone know. Also, I did a ton of updates on the contact list. Hope it helps.