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  1. Im working on it. The lady that I worked with left Bluegrass sports commission, so Im trying to contact new person.
  2. coachteater

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Correct, I will totally own I misread that comment. My apologies
  3. coachteater

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Thank you for responding, i Apologize for missing your point which i totally agree the boc needs to listen to the association. I should have not quoted your statement, it was just last one before i replied, i should have made mine on its own. I will say there are ones out there that seem to have the feeling myself or the association is not trying, this is totally untrue. Thanks for your support and I have nothing but respect for you and your team.
  4. coachteater

    State Tournament Follow Up

    On behalf of the coaches association and a number of coaches on it, we spent countless hours trying to do everything we could to help make this year the best we could. I dont know what power you think the association has, but when dealing with khsaa it is minimal. Sure youth and ms can be done however, its not ran by the khsaa. If state was ran by the coaches association, it would be much different. So dont go throwing myself and our association members under the bus. You guys have no idea the time, effort, and battles we went through this year. I personally have done everything I can to help communication and to go to khsaa on behave wrestling. Coach Founder, Ashbrook, Dettwiller, Ervin....they all were involved deeply and will tell you the same thing. If its a personal thing and you dont like me or the job I do, feel free to call me or talk to me in person. Not one person has come to me personally, only comments about "leadership " on here. As far as the kywca, everyone on there has worked their butt off to make wrestling better and did EVERYTHING they could this year, if you doubt that, you are simple misinformed or making assumptions. It was a frustrating year for everyone, but blaming the people who worked the hardest is disheartening. Scotty Teater 859-797-2105
  5. coachteater

    FCA 2021

    5 days in and half full, get registered so you dont miss out!
  6. coachteater

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    Doesn't this also tie them with Woodford Co for most titles?
  7. coachteater

    State Tournament Follow Up

    I heard they sent a link out to coaches to vote. Then award will be mailed.
  8. coachteater

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    Trinity (whitesville) ?
  9. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    I just want to recognize 3 guys that deserve it, because they too will not get their recognition in person at state. Every year we honor our Hall of Fame class before the finals. This year we inducted Coach Joe Carr Sr., Coach Chris McCoy, and Coach Tim Ruschell. These men have given much of their life to wrestling and to developing kids into adults. While I know they are all humble beyond words and it doesn't bother them, I hate they miss be honored in front of everyone like our Hall of Fame members of the past. Thank you again for all you contributions to Kentucky Wrestling.
  10. coachteater

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    Chance Orr of Paducah Tilghman was 2nd in 2016 at 220.
  11. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    Yes. This is from trackwrestling
  12. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    So heres where we are at. Awards will be given at the school, but not totally sure the process. Likely handed out at as you leave. There will be same awards as usual. We can not put a podium on school grounds, but we can have an offsite location and we are currently trying to secure that. Weigh in will go very fast, 8 scales and officials. This will allow kids time to warm up before start, and I believe the time between entry and weigh in, they can get on mats to start stretching as well 8-830. 9 is official start time they must set, but we could/likely will start a little later. Thats not guaranteed, but depending on how things go. Kywca and khsaa are in constant communication and Mr. Barren is working with us with in the limits he has. Just know we are trying and are voices are being heard. Best of luck to all and I will give updates as soon as I know any
  13. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    Also its my understanding that medals will be given out onsite, but no podium.
  14. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    It was definitely something they got approved, and after the first year it had to be modified to khsaa's liking by doing plaques. I 1000% agree with warm ups and thats why as soon as I seen the post, I emailed khsaa at 6:30am. Apparently I wasn't the first to call either. I expressed the same feelings, asked about possibly starting weigh in earlier or pushing wrestling back. They disagree and thats were we are.
  15. coachteater

    No podium or awards

    Yes, the supplemental medals and bracket boards are one thing we got allowed by khsaa, they did not want this for a long time. Also moving a round to Friday night was a suggestion that got done. 90% of the time we get nothing, but there have been a few things. But its not from a lack of trying.