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  1. coachteater

    KYWCA Fall Coaches Clinic

    We are proud to announce we will be having Blake Maurer of Maurer Coughlin wrestling club as a guest clinician this year.
  2. coachteater

    KYWCA Fall Coaches Clinic

    Today is the cut off to guarantee a clinic shirt, get registered today!
  3. coachteater

    KYWCA Fall Coaches Clinic

    Its that time of year again! Join us for our annual fall coaches clinic! Registration- Itinerary- Coach Spates Bio- 2023 KYWCA Clinic flyer (5)-1.pdf
  4. From all the coaches of the Kywca and myself, we are truly saddened by the passing of Mr. Mark Shumate. Mark was a long time wrestling official, president of the officials association, khsaa rules interpreter, and most importantly a friend to so many in the wrestling community. Personally I cant thank Mark enough for treating me so good as a coach coming up. He would listen, explain, and occasionally understand my side. He was a friend in wrestling and life, I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with him in those gyms over the years. Please have his family, friends, and the wrestling community in your thoughts and prayers. Scotty Teater Kywca President
  5. coachteater

    Dual meets- 6 matches?

    With the addition of the 6 match rule, do people want to see 6 duals in a day? Personally I think use it for tournaments when needed, stick to 5 for dual events. Thoughts?
  6. coachteater

    Centre Pkwy Classic

    12 teams already confirmed, make sure to get with me asap. This has been an amazing tournament the last couple years and great way to kick off the season
  7. Great opportunity in Lexington, you can have kids register at link below
  8. coachteater

    Coaches Contact List

    So I had changed phones and somehow deleted out the email list that was updated last year. Fortunately I had one saved the was around half way correct. After around 4 hours Ive finally got it updated to my knowledge. Please shoot me mistakes, changes, or missing info. Sorry it took a while to get it back up. Good luck to everyone this year.
  9. coachteater

    Centre Pkwy Classic

    The 3rd annual Centre Pkwy Classic will be Nov 25th. This event is an all girls tournament and we look forward to being a huge event. Coaches, please get with me if you want your team to attend.
  10. Coaches, Unfortunately due to Fayette Co schools hosting an event at Tates Creek on Jan 6th this year, I will not be able to have TCI. With the way scheduling is, I felt it best to not reschedule the date, but to just take this year off. I worked hard to have an excellent tournament over the years and very disappointed, but look to be back better than every next year. Scotty Teater
  11. coachteater

    Commodore Duals- Dec 16th

    Looking to add teams and grow our duals. In the past Ive ran 6 team round robin, but looking to expand. Email me at if interested
  12. coachteater

    2023-2024 state tourney

    From what I was told, they wanted to give girls their time to shine independently from the boys. I can see both sides and I went to several girls and coaches and asked which they preferred, it was pretty much 50/50. 16 girls for state. Number of regions and date to be wrestled is undetermined yet. They will be having an end of year meeting to discuss that and other things such as possibly seeding region champions. That would be big step in right direction
  13. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I know you dont do fb, instagram, or tiktok, but its on moores pages.
  14. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I posted in another thread as well, but yes it was the kywca awards. The company that made them did not update the year, the order was correct. The company is making new plates and they will sent to coaches as soon as we have them.
  15. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I felt the same way and several around me felt the same way. I also feel regardless of if was technically the right call (everyone will argue if yes or no) there is an "unwritten rule" that you just do not make that call, in that situation. Am I wrong? Thats the kind of call thats talked about 20 years in a negative way regardless of if it was right or wrong.I can think of at least one like this that still get talked about frequently and it was 25 years ago. Ive always said this and most agree, the best officials are the ones that will not decide a tight match.