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  1. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Lafayette's 5 star is Dec 21st
  2. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

  3. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Jessamine co Clash- Dec 7th Battle in the burg( Whitley Co) Jan 4th
  4. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Coach Founder told me Dec 7th
  5. coachteater

    State finals location

    So I thought for fun I would look up California State, its held in Bakersfield. Some teams in northern California are over 600 miles away. 10- 11 hr drive. Holy cow! Just a little perspective Texas is in Cypress(outside Houston). If you had a team in El paso, your looking at over 700 miles!
  6. coachteater

    State finals location

    Enough seating, but floor is not big enough for the mats. Google it and you can see from the pics. Its not much bigger then the basketball court itself
  7. coachteater

    State finals location

    There are Coaches on the advisory committee and they talk with Mike Barren. I will say the Khsaa is hard to work with, but they have taken some suggestions and made things better. After the 4 mat thing a few years ago, they listened. They moved quarters to friday night to provide time for the medal rounds first, then a one mat final. They have also worked with the KYWCA and allowed us to provide bracket boards and a secondary award to go with their tiny medals. So while it is not ideal, perfect, or what we all wish it should be, it could and has been worse. Just know plenty of coaches out there try hard to get to make everyones feeling known and are trying everything they can to improve it. I know Coach Upchurch, Detwiler, Davis, and Founder all have and continue to work with khsaa to make improvements.
  8. coachteater

    State finals location

    As of now khsaa is not sanctioning it, but talking with Mike Barren, they are monitoring the numbers. Mr. Barren told me that they are not just tracking numbers, but also reporting them nationally. He said that woth the growth we had this year they will have to take a "hard look" at it over the next year or two. Just my opinion, but if we see the same growth over the next 2 years, we will be sanctioned in 3 or 4 years. Again, thats just the feeling i have.
  9. coachteater

    State finals location

    Move wrestling to a spring sport and move state out doors! Boom, problem solved! Lol
  10. Fyi- you can see the wrestlers by going to registration link and clicking wrestler matrix. *if you just go to the event page and click wrestlers, they dont show
  11. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Talked to Croydon coach yesterday, his tournament is moving back. Its usually first week of January same as mine, hes moving it to 2nd weekend same as me
  12. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

  13. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    No. Regionals are Feb 14/15th next year State is Feb 21/22
  14. coachteater

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    I will be shifting all my events to stay on same schedule with State. I think this would work best for most. @ Tates Creek High School Dec 21- Commodore duals Jan 11- Tates Creek Invitational Feb 8- Girls State Championship
  15. Im bringing some both days as well, like to see who will be there. I know they dont release them because they think if numbers are low, people wont come, but it works both ways.