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  1. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I know you dont do fb, instagram, or tiktok, but its on moores pages.
  2. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I posted in another thread as well, but yes it was the kywca awards. The company that made them did not update the year, the order was correct. The company is making new plates and they will sent to coaches as soon as we have them.
  3. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    I felt the same way and several around me felt the same way. I also feel regardless of if was technically the right call (everyone will argue if yes or no) there is an "unwritten rule" that you just do not make that call, in that situation. Am I wrong? Thats the kind of call thats talked about 20 years in a negative way regardless of if it was right or wrong.I can think of at least one like this that still get talked about frequently and it was 25 years ago. Ive always said this and most agree, the best officials are the ones that will not decide a tight match.
  4. coachteater

    Post State Thoughts

    Coaches Association is already having the problem corrected. We did not ope the boxes till at state and immediately saw the mistake, at that point it was too late. The company is making new plates and will be sent to coaches asap
  5. coachteater

    Girls wrestling
  6. coachteater

    State 1st round- semistate.

    I was told when they get it fixed, they will release and send an email out. Neither were supposed to be released, it was an accident. And the trackwrestling settings were set right, thats why it was wrong.
  7. coachteater

    State 1st round- semistate.

    Ive spoke with khsaa, its getting fixed. The semi 2 is not supposed to be public yet
  8. coachteater

    Girls qualifying for state or semistate

    Olivia Messerly (Ryle) in 2020 at 106 Amelia Fultz(Madison Southern) in 2020 at 106 Destiny Eldridge(Perry co cent) in 2019 at 113
  9. City 2023 Team Scores.pdf City 2023 Brackets.pdf
  10. coachteater

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    Just to clarify, those options were looked at. What we went with is just what we felt was the best option.
  11. coachteater

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    So I will say that it was my idea to use these brackets. With the numbers and situation, I felt this was the best option. That being said, I never try to make any decision alone or without options. I reached out to several coaches and presented multiple options. Of those options, it was felt this was the best way to procede. From day one with girls wrestling we have had a main goal or building numbers and getting sanctioned. We have built the numbers and barring any unforeseen circumstances, it will be sanctioned at the next boc meeting. We also have pushed to add to the kywca membership and encourage all coaches at all levels to not just join, but participate and engage with coaches and bring ideas to the table to help advance our sport in Kentucky. We have also expanded to two section reps from one. We did this so more coaches felt they had a voice and interact. From a complete coaches contact list, to social media, to clinics, and meetings, we are doing all we can to make sure everyone has a voice. We never want anyone to feel as if they cant present an idea or to feel that things are decided by any one person. Good luck to every wrestler this weekend and every coach. I truly hope that all the amazing things happening with wrestling in Kentucky are not continuously over shadowed by negativity and that the good far outweighs the bad in the overall scheme of it all. Best regards, Scotty Teater
  12. coachteater

    Girls State Predictions

    Brackets are up, who you got! The talent level has really grown over 5 years. This year you'll see girls that could have been state champions a few years ago, but not place this weekend. Future looks very bright for girls wrestling in Kentucky
  13. coachteater

    Girls State Information

    Brackets released
  14. coachteater

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    I missed ryle.
  15. coachteater

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    Based of entries to girls state: Region 1: 9 teams 44 wrestlers Region 2: 10 Teams 25 wrestlers Region 3: 10 Teams 29 wrestlers Region 4: 8 Teams 20 wrestlers Region 5: 8 Teams 18 wrestlers Region 6: 11 teams 38 wrestlers Region 7: 12 Teams 58 wrestlers Region 8: 12 teams 37 wrestlers 1-4 118 wrestlers/37 teams 5-8 151 wrestlers/43 teams Region 1 and 2: 69 wrestlers/19 teams Region 3 and 4: 49 wrestlers/ 18 teams Region 5 and 6: 56 wrestlers/ 19 teams Region 7 and 8: 95 wrestlers/ 24 teams