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  1. gator1

    What is up with all the spammers?

    It looks like this forum is run on Invision Community software. They have spam filtering, I wonder if it's all been applied here...
  2. gator1


  3. gator1

    State brackets release?

    The 17th is after the tournament…
  4. We already have all 3 of these requirements met for regional seeding the week before states. This isn't anything new. As for ducking, this is a poor reason to avoid seeding. It's an unfortunate byproduct but will only work to the detriment of the teams that duck in the longterm.
  5. So how can we get this changed? It's not too late, and these kids deserved an opportunity for the fairest and most accurate outcome, even if it's a little more work for coaches. I'd also like to see the best state finals possible, not a bunch of lopsided wins. This is just silly. Every sport at every level is looking for a champ in the playoffs, you still seed.
  6. gator1

    2A state duals

    What you see as common sense, I see as ignoring criteria. Meanwhile PT gets rewarded with the easier path to the finals while JC and BC battle it out.
  7. gator1

    Most improved/ best newcomer?

    He disappeared for a few years. Good to see him back.
  8. Does anyone know why they didn’t wrestle in the consi’s today?
  9. I'm curious if there's another way that KY USA could be handling insurance other than forcing all athletes to upgrade to a whole membership? Is there a one time fee, for example? Requiring the whole membership basically triples the cost of this event for most kids, since most will not have the whole membership and likely won't have a need it in the future. If there's no better way, then I understand. I'm just looking to knock down every barrier we can, and I know for many of the kids that I coach that cost is a major deal breaker for them. We train all off season for close to no cost, and I'd like to continue to make it accessible to everyone.
  10. gator1

    Live Feed For Sate?

    They said on the coaches call today that they probably won't be able to live broadcast during school hours because of rules using the schools wifi. They are trying to find a workaround, but it's just more bad news with using an in-session high school for states.
  11. gator1

    Not looking forward to state.

    $80 for a 2-day pass is a lot cheaper than travel, hotels, gate, and concession eating for 2 weekends in a row with semi-state.
  12. gator1

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    Settle down. I asked who decided it and when, and now you've given me a few names. Thanks for that. But I still wonder about the system of decision making. For example, middle school isn't sanctioned, but we have a process in place for these types of decisions to be made, with a board of officers, official votes, etc. Is there something like that for girls wrestling that I just wasn't aware of? OK... In a 32 man bracket, IF you lost in the first or second round without a bye (worst case scenario) and then won 4 in a row, you'd have locked in top-8 in this situation, even if you have to forfeit out due to the 5-match rule. But in the system we're planning to use, you are already locked out of the top-8 as soon as you lost that first match. Even if it was against the #1 seed. So I would prefer we just let wrestle backs happen until they can't. If it were your athlete, would you rather be forced to forfeit out and take 8th place, or would you rather have no chance to wrestle back to the top 8 after losing in the first round? This just reminds me of boys semi-states during COVID, when only top-2 go to states and wrestle-backs were meaningless.
  13. gator1

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    It looks like we limited the field to get to a one day tournament, but then we screwed ourselves by eliminating true wrestle backs. It’s crazy to me that all quarterfinalists get to medal, and anyone that loses early can’t wrestle back. When was this decided, and by who? It puts way too much value in our seeding process, and protecting records. I understand the 5 match rule. But we would never do this to the boys.
  14. gator1

    What Region is Somerset in for Middle school region.

    Do we know what time Region 2 weigh ins will start? I couldn't find a flyer and I need to get a bus request filed.
  15. Anybody know what Regionals and States will cost this year?