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  1. Ranger123

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    Big thanks to Coach Parks for doing a tremendous job organizing Team Ky this year and to all the coaches who contributed time and energy to help prepare these kids for a great competition. This young group competed very very well giving the team champion IN Gold their toughest battle of the event. Unfortunately that dual on Saturday morning took a toll on us and we ended up 4th. But that is nothing to be disappointed about as these young men had a great weekend. I really enjoyed coaching and hanging out with the guys and wrestlers this weekend. Also had the pleasure to meet a few more parents of these good young men as well. So many positives to being a part of these teams.
  2. Ranger123

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Good one
  3. Awesome room today at KY Extreme! Watching 4-5 man groups including Gilbert/Moore/Peace/Thornton/Kinley and Beane/TDeck/Lutes/Cowan plus GDeck and Ryan Moore We saw a number of those matchups a month ago in Lexington in the quarters and semis. Great when the best kids in the state get together to help each other improve and continue to jump levels. Great wrestlers and even better kids off the mat. Anyone else interested in joining us just message me.
  4. Ranger123

    National Collegiate Open

    Yes, thanks Nikeman for following and cheering them on from afar. I’ve heard from a number of fans around the state this year and it is great to hear as a proud father and also fan of Ky wrestling. This first year has been quite fun. Definitely some ups and downs making the transition to college and especially the grind of D1. Can’t wait to see what the next few years hold.
  5. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Is NKU that much less central than Corbin or Murray?
  6. Ranger123

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    It was held at John Hardin HS in Elizabethrown for a number of years and moved to Moore HS in Louisville this past fall.
  7. Ranger123

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    I don’t know about great. We essentially do this with the all star meet to kick off the season and generally get 100 people to show.
  8. Ranger123

    Best Match @ State

    To close the loop on my earlier comment I have since been made aware of the official who was on the whistle for the Deck-Bates match and have a pretty good idea of what he did and did not see. In high level matches like this so many actions happen in the blink of an eye and depending on your viewpoint at that split second you may see things differently. Heck even when you go back and look at pics and video from different angles you sometimes see different things. Trust me. I’ve done exactly that more than a few times over the last 10 days. And while I disagreed with the call in OT during my kids match (hence a trip to the scorers table to discuss), if my kid is blessed enough to make a return trip to the state finals in the next few seasons I would put Jason Sedoris on my short list of officials who I would want on the mat during that match. Back to the match at hand and the official involved and I say the same thing. He is a very very good official who would also be on that short list for me. While you may not agree with the call made or not made on the mat, trust me in this, he made the call that he felt was correct in that split second he had to make a decision and based on what he actually saw (not what he thought he saw or thought might have happened). I think this has been said before, but these guys really want to do a good job. And watching Josh officiate hundreds of matches, he does just that.
  9. Ranger123

    2019 Ranger Report

    Definitely. Got it started. Just need to get it to Dutch to add some color commentary. Maybe we will finish it off next weekend as we watch our boys scrap at the National collegiate open.
  10. Ranger123

    Best Match @ State

    Agree this should not be about attacking a kid or his coaches. Great kid and coaches. No reason to question their character at all. But it would be nice to get an explanation of what the officials saw that was different from the spectators.
  11. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Nothing within walking distance at Alltech either so that’s a wash. The Newport/Covington/Florence area has more than enough hotels for this event.
  12. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Yeah. Be a shame to cut into that 95% profit margin on the event to make it run more efficiently.
  13. Ranger123

    Best Match @ State

    Mack that was my understanding. Can’t use the free leg to kick out the opponents legs (which is what I saw). Have to use the hand.
  14. Ranger123

    State finals location

    I’m guessing 6 mats would not be an issue as there would be no seating on the floor. That would slow things down a little, but that could be offset by more efficiently using a bullpen system rather than corralling everyone until the bout sheet gets to the mat.
  15. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Ha ha. The only thing they partner with the coaches on is getting the kids to the event.