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  1. Very solid lineup. I wish Madison central was at full strength for this.
  2. Ranger123

    Missing from rosters

    Vogeler is at Midway. Had his grade wrong last year.
  3. Ranger123

    Rankings #2

    Exactly. That’s why I always ask the whiners to show me they can do better. Everyone always thinks there is some conspiracy against their kid.
  4. I wanted to get a final preseason set of rankings out prior to events kicking off, but there were too many fat tests still outstanding. So I waiting a week to publish a final "preseason" ranking. I guess it is still the same as no real results have been accounted for in these rankings. A couple notes heading into live action: - yes, Region 1 is darn tough this year - I am predicting Union County will set the state scoring record (if their lineup is as projected) - in the team rankings spots #4-#7 are essentially a dead heat at this point - yes, only a handful of kids ranked at 106 right now; way too much uncertainty with a lot of kids moving up Rankings_19_20_1129.pdf
  5. Ranger123

    Rankings #2

    Parents RELAX! I’ll state this for Mr Brown. If you think you can do better go right ahead. There are seldom enough hours in the day for a volunteer to catch every single match from every event. Send a private message and I’m sure he will note them and fix it going forward.
  6. Yeah. Wanted to post late last week, but still a LOT of outstanding body fat tests. Hoping most get posted this week and I will put out a Thanksgiving rankings update.
  7. Ranger123

    Olympic team

    I believe it is already sold out
  8. Ranger123

    Great coaching examples

    This weekend was Bearcat Brawl bonanza. Saturday for the highly competitive MS tournament and Sunday for youth. After a very long day of working tables and concessions our HS wrestlers volunteered their Sunday to officiate the youth event. I won’t speak to how well they did as officials, because if they are half as tired as us coaches are I’m sure they made some mistakes. But that isn’t what I want to point out here. I want to focus on the youth coaches in attendance Sunday. We tend to hear horror stories of overzealous coaches and parents who go crazy at youth tournaments. Our kids experienced quite the opposite. I’m sure there were a couple cases where a call (possibly a bad call) resulted in a kid losing a match. It happens every week at all levels and refs are ripped to shreds. But what I consistently heard from the coaches and what our HS wrestlers told me was that the coaches thanked them for volunteering and told them what a great job they were doing. So rather than rake them across the coals, these coaches were supportive and actually praising the kids. I won’t try to name them all because I know I will miss many of them. But I will just say thank you to the coaches in attendance at the Youth Bearcat Brawl. Your positive attitude and willingness to pat these kids on the back is greatly appreciated. If this approach could be replicated at higher levels we would very likely have a greater number and better officials on the mat every weekend.
  9. Ranger123

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Yes. D1 College wrestling is brutal. And most of the kids endure numerous injuries through their career. With that the NCAA is providing medical redshirts very frequently.
  10. Ranger123

    Louisville Male HS New Head Coach

    Best of luck to Sean. I’m sure he will do a great job.
  11. Ranger123

    Jv wrestler in rankings?

    As a general rule no, because one of the goals is to predict state placement and team finishes and including more than 1 kid per team would skew that.
  12. Ranger123

    super 32

    Very much appreciated. It was nice to share all the texts I received from folks all across the state who were following along.
  13. Ranger123

    super 32

    I really wish you could bring back 50 medals from events like this to share with all those who play key roles. I think about Ryan who just went through the grind of his first college year. Since our club doesn’t make any money he spent his entire summer coaching our kids essentially for free to help them get better. There are a number of kids who showed up night in and night out and took tail kicking after tail kicking and many nights pushed past their limits if only to help Spencer. But they kept coming back. And if Spencer needed a partner for an extra workout there were kids who would be there without question.
  14. Ranger123

    super 32

    Actually, not sure how you read it that way, but it goes the opposite and that is part of my point. We will have very few #1 kids as we only have a few kids all in on wrestling. There are more kids at my barn from other schools than from WV. I understand not everyone can or wants to devote all their time and energy to this sport. But I guarantee a lot will be acting like they want it come February.