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  1. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Yeah. Be a shame to cut into that 95% profit margin on the event to make it run more efficiently.
  2. Ranger123

    Best Match @ State

    Mack that was my understanding. Can’t use the free leg to kick out the opponents legs (which is what I saw). Have to use the hand.
  3. Ranger123

    State finals location

    I’m guessing 6 mats would not be an issue as there would be no seating on the floor. That would slow things down a little, but that could be offset by more efficiently using a bullpen system rather than corralling everyone until the bout sheet gets to the mat.
  4. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Ha ha. The only thing they partner with the coaches on is getting the kids to the event.
  5. Ranger123

    State finals location

    I’ve given up pretending like I’m not old.
  6. Ranger123

    State finals location

    I thought the crowd was good on Friday, but Saturday was very disappointing. I can’t speak to reasons for poor attendance (parking cost, ticket cost, dirty dusty environment, poor event management, etc). Bottom line is this. When we moved from Atherton to Dungeon the event sold itself and the crowd came. Moving to Alltech the event has become more of a formality than a show for the fans and spectators to enjoy. So with that and the less inviting environment, it’s no surprise we have less people coming out. Don’t forget the KHSAA pushed the youth event away that helped build the crowd and energy on Saturday night.
  7. Ranger123


    I saw a number of struggling officials this post season. But that said, We definitely don’t do enough to help these guys develop. It seems the theory is that they will get enough time in and just become great officials. I will also say we have a core group of really good officials. Unfortunately 8 mats at state requires us to use more than that core.
  8. Ranger123

    State finals location

    Was just watching some footage from 1992 back in atherton. I remember a pretty loud crowd in there.
  9. Ranger123


    I think we see too much ncaa wrestling these days where that is definitely 2. But in HS with reaction time I think it was a good no call.
  10. Ranger123


  11. Ranger123

    Prediction Game

    That kid came to wrestle. One of the best performances of the weekend.
  12. Ranger123

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Ha ha ha. Funny but unfortunately all too accurate.
  13. Ranger123

    Best Match @ State

    Agree 100%
  14. Ranger123


    I believe there is some evaluation process currently in place. Not sure how effective or complete it is. I do like the idea of some sort of scratch list. Or at a minimum a list of officials who should always have an asst.
  15. Ranger123

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Glad that Coach Dettwiller organized a crew of coaches to set up the mats. It was the least we could do. But I guess that is par for the course for the KHSAA. Do the minimum required.