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  1. Ranger123


    How about that commitment from the ETC guy. Who is up to the challenge?
  2. Have not heard that. And does “at Union County” mean in school or just working out with them and planning to be there next year?
  3. A little slow coming, but finally posting the summer rankings after removing seniors. This is a ver very preliminary look at next season with no weight adjustments or considering how ms kids moving up may impact lineups. Rankings_22_23_0520.pdf
  4. Not sure how many of you have seen these, but Alex Green has been traveling around the state doing interviews with Ky state championship winners from throughout the years and reviewing their title matches. If you haven’t had a chance go give them a watch. Alex is putting a ton of time and energy into this project. It’s an awesome chance to share some previously “lost” footage with the wrestlers and fans around the state and capture a brief look into the personalities of these men. https://youtube.com/c/AlexGreenDifferentBreed
  5. Ranger123

    2022 State recap

  6. Ranger123

    2022 State recap

    No problem at all. Stat away!!! 1) I am coming around to this format. Last year’s format not so much. This year with top 8 was pretty darn good. 2) what weight was the issue? The 2 and 3 from same SS should not hit in quarters. I hold my tongue on some of the other items.
  7. Ranger123

    KY Freestyle / Greco National Teams info

    A very important component is preparation. As coach mentions our best kids can compete with the best around the country. But we can’t just show up in Fargo and expect to do well. It takes focused training and kids from the power states get it. Spencer didn’t make the world team last year by just putting in mat time, but it also didn’t require spending a ton of money or travel time to big name clubs. Virtually 100% of his freestyle prep was in the barn with myself, Ryan, and Wilder training with his usual teammates. And he made it through one of the deepest weight at the cadet trials. We have good resources in Ky. Take advantage of them. Show up at these clinics and learn.
  8. Ranger123

    Seniors looking to go next level

    I know Thomas More is a university, but they are in fact in Ky and finished 9th. Ha ha ha.
  9. Ranger123

    ETC starting back up

  10. Ranger123

    You Make the Call

    Tired from scoring. Very possible. Something I know for sure that makes this story tougher is the kid was battling through a serious injury just to compete this post season. Instead of recovering from surgery this senior battled for one last shot at making the podium.
  11. Ranger123

    120 finals prayer

    In my mind I think you make a very good point goo. This was a brief, quiet expression of their faith that was not anything out of the ordinary. I would like to think a wrestler of any religion could take a few moments to do something similar without backlash. Now if we introduce any extraordinary actions we likely do get a different response especially if done on the mat. The time to take off shoes or bring items (rug, water) to the mat is a little different. But I would like to think we could be tolerant of that happening off to the side of the mat.
  12. Ranger123

    Not good KHSAA

    I actually have told an official to change a call that went in my wrestlers favor. Now those situations all involved my sons so I didn’t have to worry about parent feedback. But generally that’s not happening.
  13. Ranger123

    Not good KHSAA

    One thing I have made an effort to do recently (the last couple years) and did a LOT this year is point out the positives when I saw an official do really well both personally as well as to the assignors. It’s not kissing their butts. It’s being respectful and balancing out all of the negativity that they receive every single week with at least some positive feedback. It is also a welcome change for those making the post season decisions to hear who is doing well. And what I found is that a lot of the guys who I think did a great job this season get rewarded for their efforts. Respectful communication is the key. I know as coaches we feel like we need to yell and scream at the official to be heard. I’ve done it. Pretty sure I did it to Dennison in the 144 conso semi match this weekend. But we have to realize that doesn’t help anything. When we approach the ref with some level of sanity and ask questions instead of make accusations it generally benefits both parties. Back to Sedoris, he does a great job of communicating what he saw when making his call. Makes it much easier to accept the call I may not agree with and consider what I may not have seem. Case in point 144 3rd place match with Sedoris officiating. Late in the match my kid goes for a headlock and gets taken down as the wrestlers go off the mat. I know I saw the other kids right foot hit out. He calls 2. I question the call and point out that the kids foot was out and he can confirm with the assistant ref who was in position to see it. He calmly said yes it was out but red had one point in and green had one point in. Something I didn’t see or even consider.
  14. Ranger123

    Not good KHSAA

    I will also add that most of the guys on the floor this weekend are very good officials that deserved to be there. Doesn’t mean they were perfect or I didn’t disagree with a call or two. But we have good officials. We just need to support them and get the right guys there.
  15. Ranger123

    Not good KHSAA

    I should add no business at state