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  1. Very good day of wrestling. Great Crossing did a great job hosting and running the event (as usual) and a solid turnout from across the state.
  2. Ranger123

    off-season tournament schedule

    Nice fairly central location for FS/GR state. Let's get a big crowd down to Great Crossing for that event.
  3. Ranger123

    2023 Ranger Report

    yes, at some point over the next week or so.
  4. Ranger123

    Post State Thoughts

    Good stuff there GOO. Sort of surprised at the balance between semi-states, but with only a 16 man bracket (8-8 split) it almost forces a certain level of balance. I think the finalist and champ numbers confirm SS1 was clearly stronger at the top this year. And region 1 is TOUGH right now.
  5. Ranger123

    Post State Thoughts

    Love those throwback photos from youth/ms. Awesome stuff! I’ve seen some absolutely ridiculous podium pics from the old “young” days.
  6. Ranger123

    Not looking forward to state.

    Absolutely awesome experience at the Dungeon.
  7. Ranger123

    2023 Ranger Report

    Too late for any peer review or editing. Maybe tomorrow I will get a few minutes to re-read it and make some corrections. Maybe not. Oh well. Ranger Report 2023.pdf
  8. Oh yeah. I haven't been to a state tournament on adequate sleep in over a decade. Why start now?
  9. There a few teams that I feel like have some great coaches and great kids. But this weekend it really stood out in an overcrowded gym in a highly competitive environment. Not unexpected, but very noteworthy.
  10. That class (2026) in general is looking very tough across a lot of weights.
  11. Couple things. He did have a great run late in the year and it is terrible what it sounds like happened to him, but these rankings won't do anything to fix that. It does bring up a good consideration though as to my process. In general when a kid isn't in a post season bracket I remove them, but when kids simply don't advance I let them fall wherever they fall in the rankings. That isn't exactly consistent and I should give it some thought. I also treat seniors differently knowing they won't be back, but I don't want to skew where the younger guys are in the rankings as I prepare for next season.
  12. Oh they do. But you can't just ignore the current trend. All of these forfeits make it really hard as well. I know some kids are banged up, but it makes it really hard to reflect what is happening in the results.
  13. It's more of a momentum thing. Lost most recent to Phillips and his loss to East pulls him down. Brown had a great semi-state with a couple top 10 wins.
  14. Final rankings of the year heading into State Final round. This is not a list of who is left or a prediction of finish (doesn't consider the bracket). Over the next few days I will be working on the write-up and predictions. Only comments I will add from the weekend... - Semi-state in a HS gym (even large gyms) is painful; a great, competitive event with some awesome matches, but not a fun experience - Johnson Central has a great team with great kids beyond wrestling Rankings_22_23_0220.pdf
  15. Noted. Thanks for clarifying that.