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  1. Ranger123

    Region 2 rankings by weight

    He wasn't able to go down until after Christmas (so up at 132 the first month + of the season).
  2. Just as an FYI, even the dual rankings on here don't take into account actual dual results. I have a formula that uses individual rankings to calculate a projected dual meet score based on everyone being in the lineup and healthy and no weight bumps.
  3. Dual results have virtually no impact on the individual team rankings. The team rankings are based on projected state tournament scoring.
  4. He wrestled 126 this weekend so 126 as far as I know
  5. Ranger123

    State Duals

    2 things. As I was posting rankings I realized I think I had the date wrong on the Trinity dual event. It may have been Jan 21 as well. Either way I think it could work. But yes. Using a Saturday for the qualifier is nonsense. We could easily use weeknights in December and beginning of January to knock out those matchups.
  6. A lot of excitement and movement in the rankings since the last update. I don't think I can recall anywhere near this much chaos in the 20+ years I've been doing this. As soon as I think I've found the weight that is the biggest disaster I shortly find another with an even bigger mess. Last night I literally was looking at a 9-10 way mess of kids who all beat each other. CRAZY. Add to that 3 new #1s this week and tons of shakeups in the placer spots. - On the team side, Union continues to extend their projected lead. They showed their dominance at state duals. That semis win over Larue (a really good team) was scary. - It will be interesting to see how the team dynamics play out with Region 1 being SO tough and Semi-state 1-4 being much deeper than 5-8. I don't think it affects Union a ton, but may impact the other trophy teams. - At 113 we have the wonderful A beat B beat C beat A at the top of the rankings for spots 1-3. I gave the nod to the returning state runner-up for now. - New #1 at 132 as Trumble beats Reeves at the Dragon (also a battle of teams who are struggling to keep track up to date) - New #1 at 215 as Silva beats Price in a dual on 1/21 and then Price beats Adams at state duals - Wrestler of the week is Lane Kiser the new #1 at 190. Deciding he didn't like that weight cut all the way down to 175 and moves back to a more comfortable 190 and pins #1 Virzi and gets 2 wins over #3 Mettling. - Question: What is the deal with all of the forfeits entered on track. I know we often have inexperienced computer operators, but there are dozens and dozens of match results listed as a forfeit between 2 kids. Makes it really hard to know if a match actually happened or not. Rankings_22_23_0203.pdf
  7. Ranger123

    State Duals

    Good points GOO. Maybe let's go with 2nd week of Jan and 4th week. Most teams already have a placeholder for state duals for the last week of the month. The Dragon is a firmly established great in state event. Let's not mess with that. So 2nd week becomes Divisional state duals weekend. Trinity already held a tough dual event that appeared to be open for a number of the top teams.
  8. Ranger123

    State Duals

    I could get on board with that. Then 3 divisions top 4 from each creates a second 12 team event. That could be a fire event where every round has excitement. 3rd and 4th weekends of January.
  9. Ranger123

    Coaches dual

    I'm only thinking about competitor safety. You can't question safety issues.
  10. Late tonight or early tomorrow. A LOT of movement.
  11. Ranger123

    Girls Rankings 1/27/23

    There we go GOO. Good thinking.
  12. Ranger123

    State Duals

    I am at one of the smaller schools that sponsor wrestling in the state. And while I agree there are things to be gained by having divisions, everyone has to agree there is a line. To say Ohio has 3 divisions as an discussion point for why we should have 3 begs the response for total number of schools participating at which point there is no comparison. Being at one of the smallest schools, I am not in favor of creating more divisions just so I can qualify and bring a trophy back to the school. I thought the 1A state duals were great. Mostly because we got the opportunity to face off with Union. If Union decided to "move up" to 2A or 3A it would have been a different story.
  13. Ranger123

    State Duals

  14. Ranger123

    Coaches dual

    Maybe 3 divisions. Might need one for seniors whose bodies are beat to death.
  15. Ranger123

    State Duals!!

    Yes, Boyle is very tough. WV beat them early in the year but they were shorthanded.