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  1. Just dismiss that talk as dumb dumbs who just like to hear themselves ramble on.
  2. One of the best preseason events in the country. A very good opportunity to put the off season work to the test. Always great competition. Impossible to find a better tournament this close to home.
  3. Yeah that’s what I have in my spreadsheet. Not sure what happened in the upload file. Will fix it for the next update.
  4. Ranger123

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    I’m sure there can be a lot of arguments made for slight adjustments. Typical local travel patterns, rivalries or regional affiliation with other sports, team/competitor balance, opportunities for expected growth, etc. I also wonder if girls alignment plays a role or consideration.
  5. Ranger123

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    Goo, focus on the realignment situation. You have a good historical perspective and have looked at a lot of geographical issues with post season sites. Put together the perfect region alignment for us.
  6. Ranger123

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    Boys don’t have to suffer for girls to succeed and for growth to occur. I agree we have a lot of potential with girls in Ky. And not just numbers; we have some really talented girls around the state. But it won’t be good for girls to bury boys programs.
  7. Ranger123

    KHSAA State Tournament Survey

    That is good to hear. Maybe, just maybe we can get things headed back in a positive direction.
  8. Ranger123

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Thanks a lot to everyone who supported our family along the way and were up early to cheer Spencer on. It was an awesome experience in so many ways, wrestler/coach, father/son, wrestling fan. With all the training Spencer made huge improvements on the mat and prepared well for the event, but it turns out The World is really darn good at this freestyle stuff ha ha. But Joe B hit the nail on the head, this was a huge step in preparing for a run at an NCAA AA finish. And it was unreal to walk through that tunnel as wrestler and coach representing the USA. Yep, we are definitely a very blessed family. Thanks again to all of the Ky wrestling family who have helped on the mat, with donations, or simply praying for us.
  9. Ranger123

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Coach Russell is correct. Monday morning 5:30 eastern will be the start time for 55kg. Should get the draws here Sunday afternoon. You can watch the action on flo http://share.flosports.tv/aff_c?offer_id=406&aff_id=1388 I’ve also been posting a few brief clips of our action so far on my Instagram @ranger123_moore
  10. Ranger123


    Very sad. Fargo is one of if not the most recruited wrestling event in the country. Not to mention just an amazing experience for all involved. My 3 trips with Ryan were awesome and some great memories I will always remember. Spending a full week as a team is just a different level experience.
  11. Ranger123

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our family in this tremendous opportunity and allowing Spencer to focus on training this summer to prepare for a great showing in Budapest. A more personal thank you will come after we return. Less than a week until we leave!
  12. He told me himself that he is moving to VA.
  13. Yep. Gonna be a heated battle.
  14. Been holding onto these for a while so I finally decided to just get them posted. Huge note here is all I did was update for state results and remove seniors. I did add back in a few kids who were injured late in the year, but have not adjusted for kids taking advantage of the repeat year. This is just to set an initial bar. There will be a LOT of adjustments for MS kids coming in, repeats, and massive weight changes. More of that will come as we get into the fall. Big item of note, after seeing Union be so dominant over the last decade, I really see Ryle as the favorite heading into the 2021-22 season. A lot to happen between now and February, but sitting here in July, they look tough to beat. Rankings_21_22_0704.pdf
  15. Ranger123

    Any Freestyle or Greco-Roman camps?

    Have one at WAlton Verona tomorrow and sunday