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  1. Not sure what happened there
  2. Lots of shuffling of lineups and changes in the rankings. Shaping up to have some really good matchups for titles next month and an exciting team race. I do have Union a slight favorite now with Johnson Central and Ryle on their tails. Ryle appeared to be shorthanded in the big dual matchup of the weekend and Union showed how tough they are. Ryle v JC should be a really good dual for the big school dual title. I expanded to top 30 this week. Some weights are solid down that far, others not so much. Also have a couple weights with total chaos in the middle of the rankings with multiple kids who have really really good wins, but not so good losses. Rankings_21_22_0120.pdf
  3. Ha ha ha. Appreciate it guys.
  4. I’m laughing to keep from crying. Ha ha
  5. No but I have some great folks out west who keep me up to speed on what’s happening out there.
  6. Thanks. And that's exactly why I put in the time (that I don't really have). I know the vast majority of folks enjoy and appreciate the work so I continue to do it. Especially when I hear the stories of the kids who get super excited to make it for the first time. And like Coach Harrod mentioned it doesn't really mean anything on the mat, but I know it motivates a lot of kids and coaches from both the positive and negative side.
  7. Like I said, I get tons of questions literally every single day in a tactful manner both public and private. 99% have no issues and are handled just as you suggest. But this guy immediately demands an explanation then when an innocent bystander shares some facts to suggest why the rankings are what they are, he makes it "just like he faced when he beat all the guys ranked above him". So yes, I responded to that. Always have always will. I appreciate feedback. For years, before we had track results, that feedback was the heart and soul of these rankings. But I don't appreciate suggestions that I am against certain teams or people.
  8. Just trying to educate myself here. Understand what the general public says is a "good" ranking. How about this? I'll call you up each moment I'm working on updating these rankings so you can experience the time and effort that goes into it and see how you take it when someone takes a shot at that work.
  9. Valid in what way? Rankwrestlers says #11 and I have him #14. OMG! That is criminally overlooking the kid. I'm pretty sure rankwrestlers can be OFF by a spot or so in the end as well.
  10. Ha Ha! Right. I'm only an alumnus who has been heavily recruited to move back and coach by who knows how many alumni, parents, and administrators. Not to mention the close family and friends I still have involved and participating with the program. And I've also spent time training a couple kids in the starting lineup.
  11. Interesting profile information for someone not who I think you are. Maybe you are using someone else’s account. Who knows. Rankings are about more then just the last day on the mat. FYI Luke has some history that has bolstered his ranking despite missing some time. The kid made the blood round at state at 160 as a young 7th grader. At some point recent results override that history and this week was that point for Luke. No biggie. It happens whether it’s my guy or not.
  12. CB it ain't that simple. If it were anyone could do it.
  13. Having a different opinion is not disrespect. But the way you present it can be. I get multiple questions and disagreements every day on this forum. The vast majority not public because most folks want to show some tact.
  14. Ha Ha. Speaking of strong words, wouldn't miss a beat. Take your shot. And I believe "it's the same thing that happened to me" comment is EXACTLY taking it personally. Just for reference I took a gander back to 2018-19. You were actually ranked #1 early in the season AND LOST. So not seeing the parallel.