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  1. Ryle has their fair share, but Walton, Campbell, and SK have a bunch as well. Check out Alex Green's youtube channel to get a first hand view and meet many of them.
  2. WOW! I knew it had been a long streak, but would not have guessed over 50 years. Now that I am turning 50 I know that is a long, long time.
  3. Well, the final rankings were really set on Friday in Lexington. But I will post a state follow up in the next couple weeks. I would like to take time and really dig into it and round up all my stats from the old 32 man brackets. As far as rankings without seniors, it will likely be a couple months before move on to next season.
  4. Ranger123

    2024 Ranger Report

    I know I know. It's 9:00 not 8:00. Everyone give Coach Jason Russell a big hug and thank you for having a few exhibition matches and extending the dual that delayed me. Ha Ha. Just kidding. Coach Russell is the best. But you should give him a hug. And maybe Randy Evans too just for the fun of it. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. And safe travels. 2024 Ranger Report.pdf
  5. So close but have to run to practice and senior night back to back. Look for it about 8:00 if all goes well.
  6. yep. finishing touches as I close out some work stuff, run practice, go to college senior night, and get ready for the weekend.
  7. Just didn't have any immediate thoughts
  8. Final set of rankings heading into state. As expected there were a number of surprises over region weekend, upsets and weight changes and kids out, but there seemed to be a lot more movement that usual. A few random thoughts to go along with this update before the state report comes out on Wednesday. - 106 could be a very interesting weight with any of the top 5 winning it - 113 losing Birk has really opened the weight up - 120 great match between Evans and Blevins at region, will we get a rematch on Friday night or someone spoil that party - 138 looks like a flashback to 2022 with a Whorton-Meyer rematch; hope we see a little more action this time around - 150 still have Brown at #1 (going 2-1 against Wojcicki), but this might be the tightest group at the top of any weight - 157 Harris is the clear favorite, but this group is fairly tight at the top as well - 190 Kiser-Virzi has to be one of the best rivalries in Ky wrestling in a while - 285 please no stall controversy this year - Team dynamics changed a lot of the last week. A little more separation between Union and PT, then PT and Ryle. While the pack is not quite as tight, 3-7 could fairly easily change order with a couple wins here and there. Rankings_23_24_0212.pdf
  9. Yes, there will be one last set of rankings (today), then a final report leading up to state.
  10. Good question. He is definitely on the radar as the bottom 10 or so of 175 is a mess with crazy results. I did miss that win over Davidson (Chr Co) and a couple unranked losses sort of outweighed the Daviess co win.
  11. Gotcha. Yeah, that's why I sort of wanted to wait for region entries, but our coaches meeting isn't until Thursday, so oh well. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. what wins do #6-#9 have (aside from beating each other) that would suggest they should move ahead of him?
  13. Well, it definitely took a lot longer than anticipated. And I wanted to spend some time looking at region brackets that have already been posted to make weight adjustments, but decided against it. It is what it is. I'm sure some kids will make weight adjustments going into the post season, but we will figure that out over the weekend. There will be a number of weight classes that are very deep at certain regionals this weekend. That will set up some interesting early round matchups at the horse park. It also just occurred to me that the guys will have a quick turnaround (so will I for the report, ugh). Saturday to Thursday and a 2 day weigh in could create a road block for those not managing weight well. Team race continues to develop. No change at the top with Union in the commanding lead. I think Paducah Tilghman has a slight edge for the runner-up spot, although coming out of the same region as Union doesn't help in the draws. I have Great Crossing and Ryle just behind PT, but ahead of the pack chasing a trophy. Interesting enough, teams 5-8 (Trinity, OC, JC, and Boyle) are in a virtual dead heat. Rankings_23_24_0207.pdf
  14. Ha Ha. It is what it is. I'll catch up on sleep when I'm dead.
  15. Unfortunately will probably end up being tomorrow. WAY too busy weekend. Girls region and 2 days of gymnastics.