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  1. Checkmate

    Who’s Who!!!!

    I think Joseph Lampe looks alot older this year ,and looked really good this weekend. Lane Kiser put on about 10 pounds of muscle and looks solid this year . Lincoln Potts is Looking faster and stronger too! Puberty and Testosterone what a combo! (Lauren Walton is still a beast !!)
  2. Checkmate

    Region map

    Nice ,thanks!!!
  3. Checkmate

    Region map

    Hey all ,is there high school regional map ,or a list somewhere to find out which region each school is in ? Thanks
  4. Checkmate

    Rankings #2

    Thanks for doing the rankings again ! There is nothing like seeing your name on these lists . Motivation to move up and to stay on top !!!!
  5. Checkmate

    2019.20 Too Early Pre-Season Rankings

    You guys are on it!! Thanks for getting one out so early ,a little pre-season motivation!
  6. Checkmate

    Odd Year State

    Is this one open to middle school wrestlers ? Or just K-5 I have one that is 2005 / 7 th grader
  7. Lane Kiser Andrew Turango Nolan Yost
  8. Checkmate

    Middle school state - MOW ?

    Thanks and congrats to all of the new state champs !!!!
  9. Checkmate

    Middle school state - MOW ?

    Does anyone know who won most outstanding wrestlers?
  10. Checkmate

    Rankings 1-19-19

    Top 20 !! Nice work Mike , the kids will definitely appreciate this ! How about your state champion predictions ? That’s bound to start some just kidding ,I wouldn’t do that to ya !
  11. Checkmate

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    Thanks to all of the coaches for explaining the process . I know all of the parents really appreciate what you do for our kids and that you go to bat for them each time . I hope that we can keep Kentucky numbers growing and catch up to those guys across the river !!
  12. Checkmate

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    I wish we could create some new tournaments that would let these boys ,and girls see each other more throughout the year .Asking teams to travel 3 hours each weekend is tough,and in the winter sometimes impossible , but maybe 1 or 2 big ones each year that would be worth the trip for everyone! That would make for a lot better discussion ,and possibly help with seeding come State. As for the brackets ,it’s hard to watch the three best kids in any bracket fight for one spot in the finals ,but everyone pretty much agrees that the best wrestler should win no matter what . A true second place match would be nice ,but I still live in the real world good luck to all !!
  13. I’m looking at the brackets and I can’t understand how they landed where they did .
  14. Checkmate

    Schools by Region

    Thanks J
  15. Checkmate

    Schools by Region

    Where can I find a list of which middle school is in what region ? I know there are 5 Regions this year and was curious to find out who got moved . thanks y’all