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  1. Checkmate

    NFHS Rule changes

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Checkmate

    2023 Ranger Report

    Incredible depth Ranger!!! I definitely have a few more matches that I will looking forward to now. thanks for another fantastic season for doing the boys rankings !!
  3. I hope everyone knows I was joking!! I don’t know how he keeps up with 10!
  4. Thanks for keeping the rankings going Ranger! I’ve said it before ,wether your #1 or #21 it is so much motivation for the boys and so much fun for the parents. just relax and try to enjoy the season. With that being said next week can you expand it to the the top 50?
  5. Lane had some hand surgery. He will be back for the regular season but will have to miss super 32 and the all star classic unfortunately. good luck to Strayer and Burchett ,we will be there to watch all of the action! Can’t wait for the All Star classic!! thanks to Ranger and everyone else for making this happen!!!!
  6. Checkmate

    Super 32

    Going to shoot for 182
  7. Checkmate

    Super 32

    Lane Kiser is going ,he had 101 in his bracket last year!! I didn’t know early registration had opened up yet ,thanks for letting me know.
  8. It’s Kentucky’s version of who’s #1 ! Thanks to everyone for putting this on!!
  9. Let us know who else won, great job Ky!
  10. Congrats to Jude Powell ,Austin Silvia . And Lane Kiser for representing Ky at the Spatola Classic in Ohio and bringing home the shield this weekend!!! Tough tournament with 32 man brackets ! congrats guys!!!
  11. Checkmate

    All time Goats

    I would give my vote to Knable !! he is still rolling with these boys and putting out state champions year after year ! invicta wrestling academy has been the best thing that ever happened for Ky wrestling (even though it’s in Indiana) !
  12. In my opinion the best way for your wrestlers to climb the ranks is to go against the best teams in the state ,sometimes you have go looking for trouble ! go across the state,or go out of state and find the top guys.if you start winning some of those big matches then trust me Ranger will notice. Parents tell your coaches and coaches tell your AD that you want to see the top kids. the only way to rank up is by head to head matchups .you can’t hide behind local wins and forfeits .we had a 33-1 kid in our region who barely got 4th ,my point is records mean nothing you have to seek out the best competition.
  13. Checkmate

    Semi state seeding

    Good luck my friend !! Thanks for giving us something to talk about and keeping the wrestlers motivated