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  1. Also: 12U Uriah Rainey/72 - 2nd Kaygen Roberts/117 - Champ 13U Andrew Clayton/115 - 2nd Ethan Masters/125 - 2nd Judah Carey/135 - 2nd 15U Mason Damis/110 - Champ Micah Thompson/120 - Champ Alex Whitt/130 - 3rd Luke Knight/140 - 3rd HS Cruz Reynolds/130 - 4th Abbigayle Oliver/130(f) - 3rd
  2. Anyone know if this is still happening? I was going to register my son, but it looks like only a handful of kids are registered right now. Maybe more kids are registered and it's just not showing up on the entry list?
  3. gator1

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    For the record, I was there the first session with my son and it was a great experience. I'll be encouraging all our off-season wrestlers to attend in June. I hope other coaches will as well.
  4. gator1

    2022 State recap

    I grew up wrestling in PA and the biggest difference I see between KY and PA is numbers. More youth, more middle school, more high school. JV squads with real wrestle offs that pushed the starters to work harder. Individual tournaments that you could be proud of to come in 3rd place, and you definitely wouldn't place if you didn't put in the work. Also way less travel and more competitions because every school had a team. I believe if you increase the numbers, the competitive spirit will take care of the rest. Idk, I could be totally wrong. But that's my theory.
  5. gator1

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    The population center of KY is Willisburg, KY in Washington County, which is 47 minutes north of Campbellsville. It's 71 minutes from Louisville. Louisville is the most populated city, it's not the population center. center of population of,in the city of Willisburg. For reference, it is 371 miles to drive from Paducah Tilghman HS to Johnson Central HS. That's two big wrestling schools, and if you placed the tournament directly in the center they would each have to travel 185 miles. Campbellsville isn't perfect, but it is pretty close to that center.
  6. gator1

    2022 State recap

    Good catch. That takes us to 16.1% and I could have missed others too.
  7. gator1

    2022 State recap

    This is an interesting question, so I checked... It's 14.3% 106 - Micah Thompson (8th -> 6th) 120 - Hunter Luttrell (7th -> 7th) 138 - Nicholas Armentano (7th -> 7th) 150 - Aiden Zinser (8th -> 8th) 150 - Mason Kellett (7th -> 7th) 157 - Brandon Burchett (7th -> 6th) 165 - Jack James (7th -> 8th) 285 - Kaleb Kiely (8th -> 3rd) That's 8 out of 56 kids that finished 7th or 8th at semi states, who then went on to place in the final round. That's actually a fairly high percentage when you consider that these guys all started with terrible draws against the top 2 guys from the other semi-state.
  8. gator1

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    It's a big state, where would you like to have it? The geographical center of KY is Marion County, which is immediately adjacent to Taylor County, where it was hosted. The population center of KY is a bit further North, closer to where it was to be originally held. Unfortunately that fell through. Union Co and Paducah showed up with pretty big squads and they travelled as far as anyone in NKY I think.
  9. gator1

    2022 State recap

    I like that this post stayed positive, and I don't want to take away from that. But at the same time I just want to reiterate your 1st item - which is that no one wants the semi-state format. I want, and I think the kids deserve, a real state tournament with 32 man brackets, and it should be in an arena. Yes, two semi-states was far better than 4. Yes, GRC did a good job and it's a fine venue as far as high schools go. But let's be real, Union County literally took up half the seats all by themselves. If another school showed up like Union (I wish!) then our venue couldn't handle it. I know my family was squeezed in like sardines in our little section. Many people were in seats that couldn't even see the mats because of the standing area in front of the bleachers. That's obviously not ideal for casual spectating. I just feel that if we don't fight for getting the old format back, then we can kiss it good bye forever. Other than that, I agree with everything you said!
  10. For middle school I see Micah Thompson and Owen Lamer also brought home shields. Results are posted here.
  11. Guessing it was participation. When I looked yesterday they didn't have a single 14u registered at any weight. Kinda tough when a lot of kids just finished states last week.
  12. gator1

    Middle school state > high school

    LOL. In that case just wait 2 years and 5 months and he won't be a kid anymore.
  13. I thought in the seeding meeting, it was discussed that the goal would be that no one one should be able to be eliminated by losing to the same person twice prior to the medal rounds. But in looking at it, these brackets definitely will see this happening. Just as an example... Under each bracket, the loser of bout 19 and the loser of bout 33 will potentially wrestle in the blood round. But most likely, the winner of bout 19 will be the loser of bout 33, causing the same two wrestlers to wrestle twice before medal rounds. I would have expected that the loser of 33 should drop to the bottom? I thought this was pretty standard - that each round you swap top and bottom for the consis. This way you can't just get eliminated if you have a poor matchup against a single wrestler. This same issue exists in each of the 4 quadrants of each bracket. Anyways, I'm not losing any sleep over this. But this seemed like a mistake last year, and I see we're using the same template again this year.
  14. gator1

    Spencer Moore

    I was hoping he'd get an NCAA bid after coming so close to an automatic qualifier at his conference tournament. No doubt he'll be there next year if he stays healthy and keeps improving.
  15. gator1

    Summer Practices

    Who's running the practice?
  16. gator1

    State final predictions

    If that were the case, then he would have been ineligible last year when he repeated. So hopefully that's not what happened.
  17. gator1

    Braggin Rights 2022' Midwest Throwdown

    I've got a couple of guys that would love to compete for the MS team if we sent one.
  18. gator1

    State Seeding Meeting

    When is the seeding meeting? Has info been sent yet? Also, what is the official seeding criteria? It would be best to make sure that's clear before the meeting to avoid long arguments.
  19. gator1

    State Seeding Meeting

    Thanks, I sent you a DM.
  20. gator1

    State Seeding Meeting

    As I said, I've been coaching for years and I've been invited in the past. I have 3 regional champs that need to be seeded, yet didn't get the email. It was forwarded to me and I definitiely was not on the distribution list. I'd love to find out where they keep this list of coaches and where/how we can update it.
  21. gator1

    State Seeding Meeting

    It's tonight at 8. Although I have been a middle school coach for years, I have multiple regional champs that need to be seeded, and I am on every wrestling email distribution list that I am aware of, somehow I did not receive this information. Luckily someone noticed and sent it to me. If someone from KYWC can please tell me what distribution list was used and how middle school coaches can make sure they're on it, that would be greatly appreciated.
  22. gator1

    State Seeding Meeting

    That's why I was asking. What you listed makes sense, but it's a little different than the bylaws. Tier I: Head to head matches in the current season Tier II: Common opponents in the current season Tier III: Placement at common tournaments in the current season (at the seeding weight class) Tier IV: Placement in the MS State Tournament in the prior season Tier V: Vote by Coaches of seeded wrestlers with ties to broken by of Board Members My main question is regarding tier IV. Whether placement means just that they placed, or do we necessarily have to go with the higher placement even when they were in different weight classes. Because taking 2nd in a weaker weight class the year before might not be more impressive than taking 4th in a tougher weight class the prior year. So would this go to a Tier V vote? Because the bylaws don't explain this any further.
  23. gator1

    Region 2 Tournament

    In a season that has gone on far too long and had many difficulties this year, I want to take a second to say that the guys at Elkhorn did a great job hosting the Region 2 tournament this year. The gym was a little small and having 3 mats slowed things down, but that was out of their control. I know they tried to get us into the larger high school gym but couldn't because of other sports. I really liked the idea to have the separate auditorium set up for kids to relax between matches with the lights dimmed. They also went out of their way to make the finals feel special. The announcer on the microphone was a real pro, the smoke machine was super cool for these guys, and we even had a podium (what would KHSAA think!?!). They even brought in a bat to fly around the gym and entertain us during the consi semis! Great job.
  24. Have any seeding meetings been scheduled yet? I haven't seen anything for Region 2. I'm wondering how the other regions are looking, or if it's just us that seem to be well behind schedule.
  25. gator1

    KFWC Bylaws

    It's become abundantly clear that the KFWC is running out of control. Rules are being changed, teams are being realigned without votes, fees are increasing without approval, state flyers are released late and with bad and conflicting information, and the board has gone radio silent. I probably would too, if I found myself in this much chaos. I'd also like to say that my criticism is out of concern for the health and development of KY wrestling. I see talented hardworking kids putting in just as much work as surrounding states, and I want them to have just as high an experience as those in OH, IN, PA and other states. And these states take their youth and middle school wrestling very seriously. We have bylaws written as a guideline to keep us in check, help us maintain consistency from year to year and board to board, to avoid making old mistakes (and new), and to guide future generations through amendments. But none of that is happening now. In my time working with KFWC, I've never seen things so bad. I'd like to raise my concerns here, and I'd like to encourage our president or other board members to speak up and give us confidence that this organization hasn't lost all credibility. If the bylaws are not suitable, then they should be amended. They should not be ignored. Here is a list of bylaws that I see being ignored to the detriment of Kentucky Wrestling. ______________________________________________________________ Bylaw 1.C Every team must electronically sign the KFWC Bylaw acknowledgement form by December 17 th of the current season. But according to President Mondell Hunter in an email on 2/9/22 at 8:08 AM, he states: "We will not require you to sign the by laws like the previous years. We just need the coaches cards verified." Explanation: There isn't one. I'm curious if the reason we're not signing the bylaws anymore is because we're not actually following them? __________________________________________________________ Bylaw 3, 3.A: The KFWC will hold two statewide meetings annually. The meetings shall be held on the 3rd Sunday in April & the 3rd Sunday in September each year. Meeting site shall be located centrally within the state of Kentucky at a public location adequate in size. The time and specific location of meetings shall be announced on KFWC website ( at a minimum of 30 days in advance. The KFWC president shall send out email notification to all member teams 1 month in advance, provided a valid email address is on file with the KFWC. All proposals will be approved at the Spring coaches meeting. Proposals that are accepted by more than 50% of teams present will be voted on at the fall coaches meeting. Teams will have the ability to vote by assigning a proxy (another member coach who will be present during the meeting) in writing prior to the meeting. All proxy designations must be submitted to the KFWC’s email ( ) with the assigned proxy coach copied on the correspondence 7 days prior to the state-wide meetings. All proposals must get more than 50% of the vote to be accepted. KFWC officers will receive 1 additional vote in the event of a tie. KFWC officers will post meeting notes and voting results to the Committee’s website. Member teams are responsible to keep current with information posted on the KFWC website During the Fall meeting, a small minority of coaches voted 13-12 to move the middle school season (in violation of Bylaw MS-10 and with no amendment). It was not originally proposed in the Spring meeting as required. Nor was the meeting published on the website listed above, nor was it scheduled 30 days in advance. It was advertised by email only, and sent out with a few days notice. And then anyone pushing back on the decision was told they should have been at this meeting that was not properly advertised. _____________________________________________________________ Bylaw MS-10 As the KFWC season ends 2 weeks prior than KHSAA season, the first organized practice shall not occur prior to October 1. Of course, the season does NOT end 2 weeks prior to KHSAA anymore. It now ends over a month later than it used to, but the first organized practice was not pushed back. Nor were the first competitions. I suggest we either remove this from the bylaws, or follow it. _____________________________________________________________ Bylaw MS-17.A Each participating team will receive 2 free coach’s passes that will allow them access to the competition floor area. Teams will be allowed to request for 2 additional coaches passes should they have more than 8 wrestlers competing. All Coach’s passes must be for approved coaches with valid USA Coaches Cards. In the meeting minutes from 12/5, this was changed. Then when challenged, in an email from Kelly Castle on 2/28, we are told to ignore the flyer, ignore the 12/5 meeting minutes, but instead plan to follow the bylaws. Sounds good. Can we plan to follow the bylaws everywhere else also? _______________________________________________________________ Bylaw Y-7.C Entry Fees are $16 per wrestler, no team maximum' This is being ignored. No amendment was made to the bylaws, but the price changed anyways. I suggest we follow the bylaws, or amend them to remove the restriction.