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  1. Cool Wrestling Mom

    I like beans and cornbread

  2. Cool Wrestling Mom

    I like beans and cornbread

    Beans is good for heart. @She Beast
  3. Cool Wrestling Mom

    Pound for Pound best middle school wrestler?

    There are so many good wrestlers out there, of course ny favorite are the Woodford wrestlers, Courtney Pittman, Jayssen Hansen of River City, Nolan Banfield, Lauren Walton, Luke Chapman of Carr. I like Zane Drury also of Anderson. Oh and Jacob Grandstaff of Walton- Verona.
  4. Cool Wrestling Mom

    Middle School Ranking 1-22-17

    On the 98 lbs ranking, i am shock that Tristan Moore from Union & Gage Fowler from Christian County didnt qualify for state. Both awesome wrestlers. My daughter wrestled both a few times and she lost everytime.
  5. Cool Wrestling Mom

    Woodford County

    I am glad that you like the food that we fixed.
  6. My daughter wrestles for Anderson County and is having a very good year. She is 20-10 for the year. She normally wrestles 113 but has been wrestling 121. We are new, as this is only our second year in wrestling. I am very proud of my daughter and enjoy seeing other females in the sport. Even in our second year, I am glad to see more females than last year. I feel that parents of females are on a different tier, as our girls have to prove themselves against, what might be an uneven platform, males that at times are twice their size. I am hoping to connect with other parents of females in the wrestling "art".

    1. Lexi's mom

      Lexi's mom

      I completely agree with you on that . My daughter is in her third year of wrestling & she absolutely loves it , as do we . She's in the 98 lb weight class & just took 1st place @ districts last weekend . Love seeing more girls getting involved 

    2. Wrestledad


      My wife and I have seen her several times this year. She has a passion for it. Seems like she really enjoys being out there. This sport is good in so many ways for both males and females. Hope to see her out there again.

  7. Cool Wrestling Mom

    Middle School Rankings 2015/16 - DECEMBER 15

    My baby placed 6th on that tournament, proud of her.
  8. Cool Wrestling Mom

    Middle School Rankings 2015/16 - DECEMBER 15

    Is there an updated rankings after the Battle of the brave tournament?