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  1. TommyD3498

    How many wrestle YEAR around?

    I think most of your top kids does some wrestling year round. Although our program does not go year round most of our best wrestlers do it on their own. I think a lot of it has to do with the kid and the maturity level. You don't want to burn a kid out forcing them to focus on one sport or practicing them to death. They may grow to hate it. I think it depends on the kid if it's a good idea to go hard with year round training. But to be competitive I think there has to be some off season work put in. Just my 2 cents.
  2. TommyD3498

    2018 youth state wrestling tournament

    I hope not this years venue was horrible. To many parents down in the mat area during the youth tournament. Then on top of that the concession ran out of over priced food. I would like to see it back at at the horse park or a different venue.
  3. TommyD3498

    Distance for district

    Montgomery County to Wayne county. About two hours for us. Some of the other schools had to drive even farther then us.
  4. TommyD3498

    Distance for district

    Yes our team has too as well.