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  1. Wrestledad

    super 32

    Good luck to our girls.
  2. Wrestledad

    super 32

  3. Got some Kentucky girls in the new USA preseason rankings out today. Olivia Messerly #20 112 Courtney Pittman #19 138 MaQuoia Bernabe #17 225
  4. Wrestledad

    Team map

    Definitely a lot of opportunities out there.
  5. Wrestledad

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Glad to see this match between Olivia and Ashley. Both of these ladies are top notch. I still think that more great matches between our in state ladies could be scheduled. My opinion.
  6. Wrestledad

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Guys only event?
  7. Wrestledad

    Female Tournaments

    I know this has been asked on another thread but what is the date of girls state?
  8. Wrestledad

    Female Tournaments

    I would like to see a thread where all female or female side by side with boys can be posted. Start posting.
  9. Wrestledad

    Invicta Girls Freestyle

    This has been a good class to attend. To me, there is no better instructor than one that has wrestled the style at the collegiate level. Coach Pledger does an excellent job at teaching offensive and defensive wrestling. Well worth the drive.
  10. I can understand that. We all have drives to make. I make them quit often in the "offseason". Drive to Whitley for camps, drive to Union for camps, drive to Hardin for tournament. I'd drive to Calloway if they had a tournament in the offseason. Hell, I drive to Oklahoma and North Dakota. Point is everyone on here asks if the tournament is a good one or not. I want to see our state grow their numbers and I'm all in.
  11. My thing is I try to support our in state tournaments as much as possible. If I go to Trackwrestling and see 1 person or 30 people registered I register my girls. Without in state support our in state tournaments will never grow. I've already registered my 2 for KWOA as well. When the freestyle tournaments start populating Trackwrestling I'll sign them up for those as well. We have to be the ones to grow them whether your wrestler is male or female.
  12. Wrestledad

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Is February 8 set in stone?
  13. Wrestledad

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    Thank you for sharing, it takes help to find them all.
  14. Wrestledad

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    A lot of these girls have never met so some of the coaches more familiar with the majority need to weigh in on this. Regardless it will sort itself out on February 2. Kentucky should be proud of the girls in this state because we have hammers. Not all have had a chance to do a national event yet, but the ones that I have seen at major nationals represent well.
  15. Wrestledad

    Has a girl won Middle School state before?

    That's a good question. I love the fact that so many firsts are becoming available. It's a good thing for the sport in our state.