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  1. Wrestledad

    Girls Wrestling

    Question need maybe answer please.
  2. Wrestledad

    Ladies Tournaments

    What question you may need?
  3. Wrestledad

    Ladies Tournaments

    This moderator seeker sure is hitting a lot of different threads.
  4. Wrestledad

    Ladies Tournaments

    A question that has been asked on numerous social media and messaging groups, "Where can I find a ladies tournament for my wrestler in Kentucky this year". If you are having a tournament or know of one could you share this info please. There are some outside of this forum and coaching circles looking for tournaments. Thanks.
  5. Wrestledad


    Definitely have some good representation, sad that our numbers are so small.
  6. Wrestledad

    3 Annual KYWCA Girls State

    It was a great tournament. The competition level is rising for sure. Congratulations to all.
  7. Wrestledad

    Anderson County Ladies on Sunday

    Still looking for wrestlers.
  8. Wrestledad

    Preseason Girl's Rankings October 3rd 2020

    Looks good. A lot of talented ladies in our state. A name to keep in mind would be Courtney Pittman at 138. She'll be returning for her senior year after sitting out last year.
  9. Wrestledad

    3/14 KWOA Spring Tournament

    This is a great after season tournament in state. Been going for the last 3 or 4 years.
  10. Wrestledad

    Regional rankings ?

    At this time it would be hard to rank girls. The end of year tournament is the only way to go for them right now. There are so many negatives. Coaches not buying in, not enough in state support, people doing there own thing. However, there are a lot of positives. Kentucky has hammers in the ladies rankings. Ryle, Woodford, CWA, Anderson, Cooper, Simon Kenton, Harrison, Central, Moore, and several others that have girls that consistently represent well. These ladies should be the reason we embrace and support in state growth. Without supporting in state efforts, Kentucky will be left behind. Thanks to all that support and help grow our girls in state. When you go to that tournament that only has 20 wrestlers registered and "boom" the day of, 40 show up. The next year people remember and "boom" 60 show up. That's how it goes.
  11. Wrestledad

    Female Wrestling

    Understandable to see this. However, it's great seeing the strides that have been taken in the last couple of years. With continued support and growth it will continue to get better. There are a lot of good people behind the scenes pushing for our girls. I have attended 4 in state girls tournaments this year and the only grumbling I've seen has been from a handful of coaches and parents. Each one the girls were just excited that they had something that was theirs.
  12. Wrestledad

    Female Wrestling

    As of today, from what I see on Track, there are 214 total female wrestlers registered for high school. Some are are still being assessed. Here is a rough breakdown by grade: 7th-14 8th-19 9th-64 10th-42 11th-46 12th-26 3 that are not designated in a weight.
  13. Wrestledad

    Girls Wrestling

    Coach, I saw, but have yet to read, an article the other day saying that there may not be enough girls to fill the spots that are opening up on college campuses. I'm assuming that is talking about the growth at the college level.
  14. Wrestledad

    Girls Wrestling

    That's awesome. For coaches who are learning, look to other states and see what they are doing. One big thing I noticed in Woodford is some coaches weren't requiring their girls to wrestle the guys. This will be a big winner for numbers. I also understand that some want to wrestle the guys. Mine have been wrestling for about six years now and when the high school transition is made the injuries and severity of them increases. My opinion. Build it!