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  1. TigerCoach

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    Noticed this one on another thread: New date for this years Walton-Verona MS Bearcat Brawl. Date: Nov. 16, 2019 If interested in getting in this, contact us at: jaroth@twc.com jason.moore@anthem.com matt_east@ymail.com
  2. We struggled to find Middle School events last season that weren't already full. With the extension to the season, can we post possible tournaments in one spot? Even if you know of out of state tournaments it would be extremely helpful. Attached is a running calendar I will update as events come in. Youth_Middle Tournaments 2019-2020.gdoc
  3. We are looking into replacing our wrestling room mat. Option 1 was trying to have the current mat reconditioned by Resilite (about $3500-$4000). After sending pictures and videos, they said the mat was too old and they wouldn't be able to recondition it. They sent an estimate for a new Resilite mat: $11,000. Another option would be Dollamur or EZflex. Both have similar pricing and product: $6500-$7000. Any thoughts on how well those types of mats hold up to the daily use. Is it worth the extra $4000 of fundraising for a Resilite or will a Dollamur/EZflex hold up?
  4. TigerCoach

    Youth State Duals

    Fix the loophole. Make middle school and youth rules match. End of story.
  5. TigerCoach

    Youth State Duals

    Just kidding. I don’t want to look as desperate as that team. I say we fix the loophole.
  6. TigerCoach

    Youth State Duals

    I have a feeling a proposal will be brought up in the spring meeting to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If not, I’m looking for a couple other Louisville/Oldham teams that want to create a Jugger-Nots team for next Youth State Duals.
  7. TigerCoach


    Any chance we can update the open mat schedule around Kentucky and off season tournaments nearby? I'd like to open up Fern Creek one night a week (looking at Tuesday or Wednesday), but I'd like to see what else is going on. I'd like to have a night for youth and another for middle/high. Anyone else? Tournament of Champions in Ohio is set for 4/21/2018. We are looking at hosting an off-season tournament the week before or after. Anyone know of other tournaments coming up?
  8. TigerCoach

    Youth Tournaments

    There were a few more tournaments last season. Are these all of the options for youth tournaments this year? 12/4 - Oldham County - Taylor Mills 12/11 - Fern Creek - Taylor County 12/18 - Central High - Union County 12/30 - North Oldham 1/8 - Fern Creek - Simon Kenton - Walton Verona 1/15 - KWOA @ Larue Co. 1/22- Regional 2/5 - State
  9. Fern Creek Tournament 1-8 Flyer.doc Fern Creek Tournament 12-11 Flyer.doc
  10. TigerCoach

    Gladiator Dual Results

    I don't have individual match results, but here are the team scores. 2015 Gladiator Dual Results.docx
  11. TigerCoach

    State wrestling all purpose thread.

    Any comments about the eliminations during weigh ins? At least 3 Regional Champs done. A couple had doctor notes.
  12. TigerCoach


    Anyone hear of any?
  13. TigerCoach

    State Duals

    Thank you, PRP.
  14. TigerCoach

    Jefferson County

    106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Austin Cook of St. Xavier 2nd Place - Ansar Kurbanov of Iroquois 3rd Place - Matthew Quintanilla of Southern 4th Place - Mike Klein of Fern Creek 5th Place - Adam Yashinto of Doss 6th Place - Tristin Garcia of Male 1st Place Match Austin Cook (St. Xavier) 20-7, Fr. over Ansar Kurbanov (Iroquois) 20-2, So. (Dec 6-5). 3rd Place Match Matthew Quintanilla (Southern) 8-2, Sr. over Mike Klein (Fern Creek) 27-9, So. (Dec 7-5). 5th Place Match Adam Yashinto (Doss) 20-7, So. over Tristin Garcia (Male) 21-7, 8th. (OT 9-7). 113 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - A.J. Bindner of St. Xavier 2nd Place - Jeff Moreman of Jeffersontown High School 3rd Place - Jordan Lydick of Pleasure Ridge Park 4th Place - Kainen Grimm of Atherton 5th Place - Jordan Sawyer of Fern Creek 6th Place - Derek Ringlen of Doss 1st Place Match A.J. Bindner (St. Xavier) 23-3, So. over Jeff Moreman (Jeffersontown High School) 22-7, Sr. (Fall 2:52). 3rd Place Match Jordan Lydick (Pleasure Ridge Park) 21-9, Sr. over Kainen Grimm (Atherton) 3-2, So. (Dec 6-3). 5th Place Match Jordan Sawyer (Fern Creek) 17-9, Fr. over Derek Ringlen (Doss) 9-12, Fr. (Dec 4-0). 120 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Bobby Poyter of Moore 2nd Place - Michael Beets of St. Xavier 3rd Place - Danten Rice of Trinity HS 4th Place - Cedric Binford of Fern Creek 5th Place - Brandon Sego of Pleasure Ridge Park 6th Place - James Abraca of Jeffersontown High School 1st Place Match Bobby Poyter (Moore ) 20-2, Jr. over Michael Beets (St. Xavier) 21-7, Jr. (Fall 1:30). 3rd Place Match Danten Rice (Trinity HS) 19-8, Jr. over Cedric Binford (Fern Creek) 19-13, Jr. (OT 3-1). 5th Place Match Brandon Sego (Pleasure Ridge Park) 17-3, Sr. over James Abraca (Jeffersontown High School) 21-11, Jr. (Dec 4-0). 126 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Keegan Duncan of Trinity HS 2nd Place - Dallas Miles of St. Xavier 3rd Place - Davon Adams of Central 4th Place - Brett Sailings of Dupont Manual 5th Place - Jack Lucas of Male 6th Place - Dwayne Johnson of Eastern 1st Place Match Keegan Duncan (Trinity HS) 24-6, So. over Dallas Miles (St. Xavier) 9-3, Fr. (Dec 6-0). 3rd Place Match Davon Adams (Central) 16-5, Jr. over Brett Sailings (Dupont Manual) 22-9, Jr. (Dec 8-5). 5th Place Match Jack Lucas (Male) 19-11, 7th. over Dwayne Johnson (Eastern ) 18-13, Fr. (MD 11-1). 132 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Max Korfhage of St. Xavier 2nd Place - Hudson Heidorf of Trinity HS 3rd Place - Jeremy Henehan of Fern Creek 4th Place - Adam Rivera of Moore 5th Place - Jerome Jones of Doss 6th Place - Ethan Arekion of Jeffersontown High School 1st Place Match Max Korfhage (St. Xavier) 27-7, Sr. over Hudson Heidorf (Trinity HS) 16-3, So. (Dec 6-5). 3rd Place Match Jeremy Henehan (Fern Creek) 25-9, So. over Adam Rivera (Moore ) 10-4, Jr. (Dec 11-5). 5th Place Match Jerome Jones (Doss) 17-10, So. over Ethan Arekion (Jeffersontown High School) 27-9, Jr. (Dec 6-1). 138 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ben Barton of Trinity HS 2nd Place - Nathan Thompson of DeSales 3rd Place - Leland Phelps of Male 4th Place - Cameron Bryant of Eastern 5th Place - Nathan Haddad of St. Xavier 6th Place - Tristan Sanders of Fairdale 1st Place Match Ben Barton (Trinity HS) 26-4, So. over Nathan Thompson (DeSales) 18-1, Jr. (Dec 11-5). 3rd Place Match Leland Phelps (Male) 17-7, Jr. over Cameron Bryant (Eastern ) 30-7, Jr. (Dec 3-1). 5th Place Match Nathan Haddad (St. Xavier) 11-7, Jr. over Tristan Sanders (Fairdale) 17-8, Jr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-1)). 145 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ian Kahl of Trinity HS 2nd Place - Riley Hawes of Eastern 3rd Place - Michael Lester of Moore 4th Place - Tyrran Cobble of Central 5th Place - Ben Koby of Dupont Manual 6th Place - Chris Mackin of St. Xavier 1st Place Match Ian Kahl (Trinity HS) 19-1, Sr. over Riley Hawes (Eastern ) 24-4, Jr. (Dec 13-6). 3rd Place Match Michael Lester (Moore ) 8-7, Sr. over Tyrran Cobble (Central) 17-9, So. (Fall 2:45). 5th Place Match Ben Koby (Dupont Manual) 11-8, Sr. over Chris Mackin (St. Xavier) 6-10, Sr. (Fall 3:38). 152 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Justin Lampe of St. Xavier 2nd Place - Trey Norton of Fairdale 3rd Place - Bryce Hoffman of Fern Creek 4th Place - Christian Salas of Central 5th Place - Marcus Churn of Doss 6th Place - Joseph Montgomery of Western 1st Place Match Justin Lampe (St. Xavier) 28-1, Sr. over Trey Norton (Fairdale) 22-3, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:50 (21-6)). 3rd Place Match Bryce Hoffman (Fern Creek) 29-9, Jr. over Christian Salas (Central) 20-8, Sr. (Dec 8-2). 5th Place Match Marcus Churn (Doss) 18-8, Jr. over Joseph Montgomery (Western) 17-8, Sr. (Fall 3:42). 160 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Dominic Lampe of St. Xavier 2nd Place - Ruben Rojas of Moore 3rd Place - Zach Harris of Dupont Manual 4th Place - Timmy Kellam of Pleasure Ridge Park 5th Place - Josh Garner of DeSales 6th Place - Zach Prather of Male 1st Place Match Dominic Lampe (St. Xavier) 24-3, Jr. over Ruben Rojas (Moore ) 13-6, Jr. (Fall 2:41). 3rd Place Match Zach Harris (Dupont Manual) 22-9, Jr. over Timmy Kellam (Pleasure Ridge Park) 26-6, Sr. (Fall 2:46). 5th Place Match Josh Garner (DeSales) 21-10, Jr. over Zach Prather (Male) 6-8, Jr. (Dec 11-5). 170 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Lucas Miozza of Trinity HS 2nd Place - Calieb Ray of St. Xavier 3rd Place - Joshua Case of Eastern 4th Place - Thomas Ray of Doss 5th Place - Jonathan Ryan of Dupont Manual 6th Place - Devin Gulley of Atherton 1st Place Match Lucas Miozza (Trinity HS) 27-4, Jr. over Calieb Ray (St. Xavier) 14-6, Jr. (Dec 7-2). 3rd Place Match Joshua Case (Eastern ) 26-3, Sr. over Thomas Ray (Doss) 19-6, Jr. (Dec 3-0). 5th Place Match Jonathan Ryan (Dupont Manual) 17-18, Jr. over Devin Gulley (Atherton) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 4:11). 182 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Mikey Smith of Moore 2nd Place - Tyler Frankrone of Trinity HS 3rd Place - Kohl Dodd of Fern Creek 4th Place - Aaron Conway of Holy Cross 5th Place - Luke Esterle of St. Xavier 6th Place - Bilal Mamedov of Iroquois 1st Place Match Mikey Smith (Moore ) 23-3, Jr. over Tyler Frankrone (Trinity HS) 11-2, So. (Dec 5-2). 3rd Place Match Kohl Dodd (Fern Creek) 28-5, Jr. over Aaron Conway (Holy Cross) 18-6, Sr. (For.). 5th Place Match Luke Esterle (St. Xavier) 14-11, Sr. over Bilal Mamedov (Iroquois) 21-4, So. (Fall 1:34). 195 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jordon Graham of Southern 2nd Place - Marco Ruiz of Moore 3rd Place - Justin Nichols of Fern Creek 4th Place - Chris Beets of St. Xavier 5th Place - Austin Weird of Fairdale 6th Place - Jacob Sweeden of Male 1st Place Match Jordon Graham (Southern) 6-1, Sr. over Marco Ruiz (Moore ) 7-4, Jr. (Dec 11-4). 3rd Place Match Justin Nichols (Fern Creek) 20-7, Sr. over Chris Beets (St. Xavier) 11-16, So. (Dec 5-1). 5th Place Match Austin Weird (Fairdale) 16-6, Jr. over Jacob Sweeden (Male) 12-4, Jr. (For.). 220 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - landon Corolla of Trinity HS 2nd Place - Garrett Chandler of Male 3rd Place - Trey Watts of Moore 4th Place - Nick Skaggs of Fern Creek 5th Place - Joseph Green of St. Xavier 6th Place - Erik Decker of Southern 1st Place Match landon Corolla (Trinity HS) 25-5, Jr. over Garrett Chandler (Male) 29-3, So. (Fall 0:35). 3rd Place Match Trey Watts (Moore ) 15-4, Sr. over Nick Skaggs (Fern Creek) 29-7, Jr. (For.). 5th Place Match Joseph Green (St. Xavier) 22-11, Jr. over Erik Decker (Southern) 6-4, Jr. (Dec 9-5). 285 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kermit Gibbs of Fern Creek 2nd Place - Sam Lawrence of Pleasure Ridge Park 3rd Place - Hayden Vinegar of Dupont Manual 4th Place - Daylon Whaley of Moore 5th Place - Daniel Sheridan of St. Xavier 6th Place - Jeremy Fow of Male 1st Place Match Kermit Gibbs (Fern Creek) 31-5, Sr. over Sam Lawrence (Pleasure Ridge Park) 25-3, Sr. (Fall 4:49). 3rd Place Match Hayden Vinegar (Dupont Manual) 26-5, Jr. over Daylon Whaley (Moore ) 14-9, Sr. (Dec 7-1). 5th Place Match Daniel Sheridan (St. Xavier) 12-17, Jr. over Jeremy Fow (Male) 19-9, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
  15. TigerCoach

    Track Wrestling

    I ran the Gladiator Tournament on Track. It was pretty simple. There is a "To-Do List" that walks you through the setup and running. I worked with McCoy on a tournament using the software. They seem similar to me.